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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last to turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one different. to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump colluded with russia to win the presidential election though we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party they did they colluded. phil platt three hundred kilometers from new orleans far away from tourists jazz
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and mardi gras the small town is the gateway to state prisons in a city of seven thousand seven hundred arrests in two years a very large number of federal authorities investigate through this man. john came back to sampson. closer but. you know again. i'll come go pay it back by now. he's looking for witnesses. he was born here everyone knows him a. former soldier decries arbitrary arrests in a city where no one talks without him would be lost talking to residents would be impossible especially with a camera gone in the woods called the woods most of the hangout not out right now
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but this late on deceived this is where they all be hanging out. to see the drug error. then one body you the most the target african-american. with under their own heart and not. in the same boat as log out of your man ya know that's why i got to know. the people there really is a fake us man good one john. many relaying silence to for fear of reprisals. they don't. they don't. communicate always aggressive.
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press and try to search. for. any one of them as it is about. this that they won't do that lone they don't give a damn if you didn't show the nut. low if you can beat a good beating. there's a good line of. god to a. car with no. one to two thousand ford and about a. course or just the courthouse. status some people leaders from saying then your parish. they come in pairs like coming back in time
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because they have jim crow mentality. that the african american is less of a man especially the male is less of a man. to change the. federal investigation is the. whole interview requests. the sheriff isn't interested in any questions. twice as high as the us average ten times. which makes it a world record. the sixty four sheriffs manages his own prison. and they are elected by fervent supporters. they don't owe any explanation to anyone. for every prisoner the state pays twenty four dollars a day. the sheriff used that money as they see fit. we leave to
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meet one of these powerful men next stop the forced parish one hundred thousand residents in cajun country. illegally good work this morning the sheriff's asking about any new come as. and we have no one to process this morning right how many have you process so far. it's ok and how many have left the process just two more are they warrants or arrests arrests. and so person comes here and the booking officer takes over that points to start booking anyone this morning. doesn't get a minute. ok. step off for me question back on this want to go.
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into the rest i'll visit lusted for two hours and in that time twelve people but incarcerated every cell is occupied it take out one hour. every day our jail is beyond full we have a capacity of two hundred forty three beds that we can house here in this facility and at any given day we have between seventy five and one hundred twenty five inmates that are in other jails across the state of louisiana. i'm sure we don't want her around town. it's in the. walker corridor in the old now in jail the only way the correctional officer has access to it was in washington perimeter next. to the system has one twisted detail the funding is based on occupation. the sheriff's compete to collect the most state every prisoner
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means cash. the uniqueness of the sheriff in the louisiana is that we are a separate constitutional unit of local government we are a ton of most from the state and we were autonomy from other branches of government we have our own budget we are able to raise our own funds weekend by police purchased property we can keep self generated revenue the next biggest area our responsibilities of running the jail the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job that there is that's elected i love it so much of a dinner for twenty five years. it's the best job in the weld but it requires the sheriff to constantly find new clients. it was stored here with a bigger targets was warning or through force. alan evans expertise in
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a resting multiple people. twenty years of patrol duty and was she to perish he knows the district well. you know some days we only rest but some days will return of toil you know just don't arceo. you know it just becomes a go when the weather gets better like being with us bertie you know saudi. use we're going to risk more people. i think it was. fourteen people right up here in this intersection i rolled out to move the street fighting one on their way round them all up we took into the taken to jail. passed by the most other wrist a person must say oh we gave them a lawful order to. disperse and they wouldn't aspires and we just started arresting
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people and finally everybody took off the way. we ended up with fourteen of. alan sets a personal arrest record a council housing area where rent is low. well these folks down here they won't. they won't tell you the only way that you would go somebody so you can do it they go and think that. they're what they call a sneak. to him and people out. in them when you come in here we use we bring several officers that were coming to work so the. first better reported or here's this a lot of disturbances. people. years with drug related they are going over the droves. the suspects and then taken to which it's a prison. and. they were not here.
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and when they get there they're rented to the sheriff. you don't want to go make a tour go see what it's like around the sale of the well don't warms like this is it with your it. and it will show you around a bit ok. one thousand one hundred fifty prisoners are living in very basic conditions this is the way all of are set up here you know it's always whole who likes to fifty in each one. and they do have an hour a day for the race. back to south beach don't go anywhere i mean they are very here twenty four seventh's. jay russell has just begun his second term as sheriff he knows prison regulations
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well he wrote them in his absence only one person can make decisions prison warden pat johnson. but usually there's someone out here with that guy but if not he can sit right here and he can watch the whole. all for. when there's only four cameras and you know him so he's got to get out and he knows what's going on at all times just from sitting here. there are many cameras and only one god monitoring two hundred prisoners. beds and laid out closely there is no privity. will. never want to remand prisoners sleep beside convicted felons. russell is full of ideas about how to reduce costs. where people would go visit him between glass talk all these you know but over time technology has taken over that
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now we just do it oh my guess is you'll be he'll be the tate and i don't know what comes in it will we don't have to search for many more all saturdays and sundays and it's cost effective not to realize that may and how we're doing all right which saves a lot of money and loan. the maximum profit at any cost the sheriff will stop at nothing teaching the prisoners are put to work in here. you know they're getting about forty percent off what they're making but yet they're paying for their incarceration ok so it's a huge deal with those moneys like to see it do go back in the public say they go to law enforcement they go to our equipment or card. salaries things of that nature so they're basically paying us to put them back in the good if they if they occur if they re a real thing at. least all three should at least be problems here couple two or three by their soul when did to remodel took all the walls out so you just
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got one clear little fault with it i'm going to pay. the sheriff maintains a relationship with every prisoner. no more you give back or no officer our family has a family and often for. twenty eight days and you marry twenty year. lockup twenty . three to get home it's a. new look into the. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to
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stand out of the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. and you go there. you may be a terrorist it can be. all that has been happening to you the thought of on and. on. but also. the ship. it was suggested. and a fairly strong. study done by
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a well respected scientists. do chemicals that the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer. known to them in the. this is a they do not believe that is is true by independent scientists. and station for my time as was the others why is that the meat lobby. doing if you want to learn more you'll get a. floodgate. this is big business against health. and. all. these other most profitable inmates they are awaiting release to work outside the prison but they were. just. who are they
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and where they need to be in the media is ok we have. we take them to a higher percentage of their salaries for the state for their baby further. transportation for meals for all. they go back to into the park to go to the chairs so it's very profitable and that was a ok. these hundred eighty two million. net profit us about a million dollars a year ok profit and once everything's paid for everything. the sheriff doesn't want to lose out on this lucrative business. deserves a chance yeah absolutely you be sure you know stayed out for ambition you know not a. crazy man and then. obviously like.
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many louisiana residents have been to prison. all day all day for two and a half yes frank was in custody for a robbery he was involved in a shoot anyone on the street even in front of their own house is under suspicion really really they all run the risk of being checked yeah and they go to wants. you know they don't get no respect. he's talking about the police who patrol the area at walking pace. that love. to have coffee from video of people in the street.
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that would be seen at a cost isn't really your people in the street so yes there were shooting new video . you got shot of mccartney. i was picked up. and then laid all released and picked up again. from. i was here. toward a half year and i. was there at the store and i didn't see nobody. came in the stall you see with. my lawyer the. two distinctive features she said no so or so you lego or mark pointed on the puts it on the p.c. that he didn't see anything as we had ever made a full monsieur and he went to the store earlier today and then later. when i
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have years later i was released. two and a half years in custody made the twenty six year old father of five writes rap songs. about life for louisiana prisoners. bring. it conditionally were. showers dollar. to mush very cold showers. you know. out there and there are so many innocent people because nobody paid attention. you know like. no you know voice one big unknown. to me is a chain of command you know stars which were law enforcement is it did take was.
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from there you know they all worked together and i mean of of nobody from now sarka come in and see what's going on. to get away with. this or that. franks is not an exceptional story. louisiana was late to abolish slavery but african-americans still had to fight for their rights. a cute guy the toll cute guy here. it was me and one nine hundred sixty three it was me. fifty four years ago. with me. i was one of them who led to demonstrations and it was met by people who would guns in and all of the stuff that people had in the middle sixty's to stop african-american kids from demonstrating from seeking now dance civil rights.
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after years of political activity calvin johnson became the first black judge in louisiana. he's often dealt with sheriffs. or words i can use to describe what i feel about that. but then you would have to cut those words out of this interview. because leave three in did the way to keep people in slavery was to use the justice system and they fix laws such that the newly freed people form misleads would be put back in jail and then be forced to go back on the plantations and work is not dead they are . a mean people of a people or it's it's that they are as much a a for lack of
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a better word victim of the system as the people who are in the jails of victims of the system because we are a poor state and we have used all kinds of means always to to foot the sales so the sheriff in those places. all using that as a means to fund. the sheriff's self and his and was needs to operate with he's using it for that purpose and the louisiana law the third time he did one of those things i just described you could go to jail for life. i would not do. that. but steve exemplifies the absurdity of the system in two thousand and seven he was arrested for driving under the influence in prison he learned that he was
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a chevy positive. you want to spend the money zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero officer because i was only inmate those want to go to the hospital. they feel like i would then important . yet when i was almost dead they they sent me if they would say me the hospital sooner. then that. the infection. they would zouma. would probably wouldn't even be in there my spinal fluid build up my spine got up from my brain cavity pushed my brain up and was pushing forward on the trying to push my face. as i reminded it was about to pop out of sockets. optic nerve on the backside and permanently damaged. i was in the hospital in they tell me that i was
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a job. told him they must have somebody else's records confused with. because i'm not positive and they said yes you ought. to be there for everything. no there is no. laugh and. only. steve returns to present but his treatments didn't begin until months later thanks to social workers like darren stanley prisoners can hope for medical care as a source we're going to figure out how to get that medication since you know blister pack. has a they will do a chevy medication in a blister pack. according to the sheriff's twenty four dollars per prisoner per day isn't enough to pay for hiv treatment louisiana was very odd compared to the other states it was very clear that we had
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a very big problem with our parish and city jails providing h.l.v. medication treatment to the inmates it was crystal clear you consider the calls of medication i could imagine there's a lot of h.l.v. piles of inmates there are not getting treatment. the old prison of new orleans is finally in the past it was one of the was in the united states. the new prisoner looks like an office building. even inside it's very different. than our idea of our condition hypertension leading to slaughter a kidney disease you know every have been exposed to. any venereal transmitted diseases. from our. health questionnaire is a brand new concept in louisiana prisons. the prison is proud of it but the
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procedure is still in its trial phase. it's not the sheriff but a prison spokesman who receives us. well the budget has changed it used to be based on what we call a per d.m. meaning that we would receive. a certain amount from the city which supplies our budgie for the state when we had stayed in maids of so many dollars per inmate. that system we no longer use we receive a budget just like many other agencies too and so we must operate within that budget to. take care of all of our operations here under the ost system there was an incentive to have more inmates because the more you have the more money you get. outdated and inhumane.
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an unambiguous indictment of the state's other prisons. with its new system new orleans wants to set a positive example but with a creative president in a state with established traditions independent parishes and old awful sheriffs. for over a year we have heard nonstop but somehow in some way trump world colluded with russia to win the presidential election so we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party they did they colluded. under margaret thatcher there was a transition away from public housing and government assisted government
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underwritten public housing and they sold off all the council estates as they're known people bought into the units across the country and they became the land owning the land owning neoliberal gentrification under the current government in the u.k. it's another socialist scheme of government underwriting property but not for the poor people they do it for the rich people. are going to hold it oh. give me no it's this sunday i'm not to run then shal. be theo i. just i'm just.
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you know used in the school for this i'm going to times not want something to go much part of the a lot of the behind of the out. she just the car she did the militia recovery will be. looking to move into it is the food out of this going to show this not to be but i mean. look you. get to live it up with what. i. i.
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i. i was. in the latest attack on russian media. coming up the senate set to vote whether madrid will take. the region as the. value in the coming years under the constant threat of the.


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