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tv   News  RT  November 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:29pm EST

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the spanish prime minister rejects media claims of kremlin meddling in catalonia independence referendum. he was forced to register as a foreign agent in america under pressure from the. u.s. homeland security admits it has no evidence again. that despite the russian software from government computers over cyber spying claims. news headlines from around the world twenty four seven live from moscow this is our to international and welcome to the program spain's prime minister has said there
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is no evidence the russian government interfered in independence referendum that despite allegations in the media and looks into the story. as if we haven't seen enough attempts recently to try to drag russia and certain events unraveling in the west lately we've seen attempts to try to implicate russian activity even in the catchline crisis despite this year's long standoff between barcelona and madrid really newspaper headlines from around the world have seen galore excitement about potential russian meddling yet again for instance a big spanish newspaper el pais certainly seem to have dedicated lots of attention to russia despite this being obviously a national crisis we've seen also this week in brussels some spanish officials trying to talk to their e.u. partners on this topic discuss the possibility of russia have been carried out some kind of decent destabilisation activity when it comes to the cattle are
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a friend him and the events that are rivaled afterwards however we have seen high ranking officials such as the high representative of the you for foreign affairs federica marini as well as nato secretary general even not comment on these issues following those meetings and of course the spanish prime minister himself marianna raho i said that there is no proof i have no data which can be used as evidence on the involvement of the russian government nothing well we've heard similar message come from the spanish foreign minister as well so now with these high profile comments being made by spanish politicians hopefully this topic will have exhausted itself and speed will be able to move forward in actually solving the biggest crisis to touch this nation in a generation now meanwhile britain's prime minister has joined the bandwagon she focused heavily on russia in a twenty minute speech mentioning the country is many times. which one would
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imagine to be more important in the u.k. came up just once. chief among those today of course is russia but it is russia's actions russia's illegal annexation of crimea so i have a very simple message for russia because we know that a strong and prosperous russia russia has the reach and the responsibility russia can russia does not just secure the best possible brics it. comes on the back of a tough week domestically so reason may continues to be hounded by m p's over those bricks at negotiations which have so far failed to make any headway for the u.k. at least so much in fact that the e.u.'s chief negotiator says he won't rule out a no deal scenario that could potentially mean brics the talks could collapse entirely and pressure is also building on may with rumors that forty members of parliament are preparing a letter of no confidence that number is just eight short of the total needed to
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force a new leadership election within our very own conservative party discussed to reason may's predicament with political commentator adrian yelland he says the focus on russia is there to distract attention from issues surrounding that. people talk about more debt but she chose instead to focus on the issues with russia you haven't got much you need that frankly looks like the european union and you care both preparing for a no deal on threats it's what we could see you know that you can crashing out of the european union and european economic area on the deal which will massively impact the economy and i think that. britain is in a place where it itself is quite at least a part of and i think that you know talking about russia at this moment in time perhaps is a useful deflection for the prime minister to do to deploy. now after facing months of pressure from washington r.t.
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america has not been forced to register as a foreign agent in the united states in about franco looks into what the consequences could be for the channel. just think about it r.t. america is now officially a foreign agent in the us eighty years after far came into being our us branch registered under the foreign agents registration act which dates back to the times before the second world war back then the purpose was to make sure that no minds of u.s. citizens are influenced by organizations funded by nazi germany whatever was the purpose of the u.s. department of justice in the twenty first century they said at deadline for r.t. america r.t. america chose to meet that deadline because nobody wants to be in trouble with u.s. law enforcement so let's just take a look at some of the things that our u.s. branch could now be obliged to do all the time for example that is attaching a public disclaimer to every piece of information that gets sent out or filing
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a copy or a version of it to the u.s. department of justice within forty eight hours of transmission and i'll tell you that it will take a long time to adjust to the still reality and even to figure out whether it is possible in the first place does that mean that every tweet that gets posted by america requires a disclaimer does our channel in the u.s. now have to send all its tweets to the u.s. department of justice many experts have argued that in the twenty first century with the current social media output which is normal for all news organizations it is simply impossible although this cracked out on r.t. america has been ignored largely by those who you would expect to speak on the issues with freedom of speech and didn't go completely unnoticed take the committee to protect journalists that's a new york based ngo they were very critical of the ultimatum said by the u.s.
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department of justice and here's bits of their statement compelling to register under far as a bad idea we're on comfortable. with governments deciding what constitutes journalism or propaganda and you may well argue that the us authorities are applying double standards here take china is. america that is operating in the us without any issues then the us version of al-jazeera was there for a few years all perfectly fine and i won't be lying if i say that here at r.t. we are waiting for more critical reaction both from individuals and geos when it comes to russia's retaliation it is still work in progress to lawmakers are working on it but we just heard. the russian foreign minister once again say that steps and response will be taken. measures mean adequate measures you may come up with difference to the president already sent our reaction will be swift and strong so
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let's be patient the question now is which media outlets will be affected by this retaliation previously russian official said that it could be american based media or media organizations that are directly funded by the us government think voice of america or the lifes of c.n.n. the video channel that is operating in russia called current time and also radio free europe slash radio liberty dow here's something important in order for these news outlets to become foreign agents in this country russia's own legislation requires amendments and currently the m.p.'s are sorting this out we also heard from the vice speaker for the duma he says that according to the drafted amendment news agencies will not be touched but if a news organization is not a news agency but it's from any other country not only the u.s. or if it gets funding from abroad it may find itself on the list of foreign agents
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in russia. now the pressure on our team began after u.s. intelligence claimed our channel was an instrument for meddling and manipulation in america back in september the justice department demanded to be registered as a foreign agent tech giants then began blocking the adverts on google you tube and twitter they did that of course out of the testimony in congress and also despite having no previous problems with r.t. lists we've spoken to believe the measures against the channel i'm out to a deflection tactic and a willingness to acknowledge the mystic problems we've also discussed the case with the former u.k. member of parliament george galloway and virginia state senator richard black. well i think that it makes a mockery of brief speech in the united states we go around lecturing the world about how they need to have the freedom of the press and freedom of speech and yet here we are are cracking down on free speech i think it's important to remember
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that the objective of doing this to r.t. news is not to block information from going to russian citizens it is to block the truth from reaching the american public in the united states so it absolutely makes a mockery of free speech well it's dark and dangerous path and we don't know how follow the path will not go. as branding of journalists as agents and that's very dangerous of course for the safety of journalists in many hotspots and difficult parts of the world the more difficult they try to make it the more popular r.t. is becoming people where as a kind of badge maybe i should jaya i'm a photon it just might become trendy it might well backfire on the witch on doors
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the the people who are doing the best to destroy the veni freedom of speech and expression they claim to stand for. now in similar news a two month u.s. probe into the russian software kaskaskia lab has failed the least so far to produce any evidence of cyber spying has been security officials in its mind for testified to congress on a recent decision to ban kaspersky anti-virus software from the u.s. government computer. are you aware of any breaches to our national security that have been pursued by the cat's brewski products so we're still working through the process to identify for that phrase several times a day working through the process that you have sufficient going to answer so it's not conclusive at this time you don't know whether or not systems have been breached by cares brewski products you heard we do not currently have evidence that conclusive evidence that they have been breached. the us department of homeland
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security ordered federal civilian agencies to identify cast perske software on their computers and remove it on the grounds of an alleged cyber espionage threat after the company was accused of leaking classified information to russian secret services their risk that the russian government by their action i'd sewn or in collaboration with conspiracy could capitalize on access provided by kaspersky products to compromise federal information and information systems directly implicates u.s. national security. has denied those allegations in a statement the moscow based company said it has never helped any government with cyber espionage efforts it went on to say that kaspersky lab was a cyber security firm with no devolvement in politics and when another twist of the story last week wiki leaks revealed that the cia had created a hostile program that it would take its software according to wiki leaks it
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implants a virus on the user's computer and sends back information directly to the cia the defense and foreign affairs analyst gregory copely gave us his take on those allegations against the law. they're making these judgments and taking these actions based on more or less histeria rather than on detail the evidence is no question that the allegations were prompted by an anti russian is syria in the us media and in the left wing circles of the us political machinery this is. a rabid it's a logical view within the media and leftist circles in the united states that russia must be to blame for something so they'll keep making these allegations so they'll keep making this because it does distract from other issues which which they should perhaps be thing more attention to in the united states political say. to stay tuned to arab people in yemen have been voicing their anger over
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a saudi led blockade we'll have that story and more still to come in just a couple of minutes. before selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle they don't. talk to try to tell you something gossiping template or style or. advertising. right there. on the heart that your heart will want. it's the cradle of jazz. this is america where we are. told this jazz feel. the city of climatic contrast to fears
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of alligators on the loose the poverty and crime of the years by the least members of my close. of street racing. each of the night this is new orleans is. the best place in the world. welcome back to r.t. international the us the fence secretary james mattis has said america will not withdraw from syria even after the total defeat of islamic state this one comes ahead of a un backed peace talks on the future of the war torn country and while syria continues to insist that washington's intervention is a legal matter claims it's justified the u.n. so the isis basically we can go after isis and we're there to take them out but
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that doesn't mean we just walk away and let isis to put it back around now the united nations charter recognizes only two justification is for the use of military force in a foreign country let's take a look what they are the first is having the permission of the u.n. security council the second is self-defense now in response to matters comments the syrian government has again said it sees america's presence on its territory as hostile. the presence of american forces in syria without syrian government consent is aggression and a violation of syrian sovereignty and the u.n. charter strong words there from the syrian government we spoke to military analyst kemal he told us the u.s. presence in the country has no legal basis. in terms of american intervention in syria it needs legitimate backing by the syrian government it does not have so so as far as international law goes into clear violation i think also it's
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a reflection of u.s. frustration. less locked out of the syrian war they don't have much influence over the end game and by staying in they want to be some kind of spoiler or at least some kind of minor player towards the war in syria i think syria can complain to the united nations they're within their rights they will have a legal charter as well so this is a this is an international game going on the syrian government's illegitimate government as recognized by the u.n. they are within their right to complain and indeed take us to court over this. now crowds have been marching through the streets of yemen's capital denouncing the saudi led blockade of the city last week riyadh and its allies shut down all land and sea access to yemen saudi warplanes have been bombing the country since march twenty fifteen supposedly to support the yemeni government against rebels other was already claimed thousands of lives much of the country's in ruins on monday saudi
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arabia agreed to ease the blockade under pressure from the united nations and human rights groups. on human rights watch dismissed that pledge they've said it's a cruel fiction the group explained at the ports that riyadh will reopen are not enough to provide essential supplies of food and medicine saudi arabia on the other hand says it will continue with the partial blockade and that it confident there is no flow of weapons from iran going to the who the rebels are the conflict in yemen is widely of course seen as a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran through the middle east superpowers jacqueline bouvier looks at whether the current cold war between the region's most powerful countries could lead to full scale war. the rivalry between middle east powerhouses saudi arabia and iran is nothing new yet it's becoming ever more tense with fears growing of a full blown war a missile launched by yemeni rebels directed it earlier this month has already got the saudis talking about direct aggression and war the coalition's commom considers
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this a blatant active military aggression by the iranian regime and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the kingdom of saudi arabia jordan you know the mites in position of the public people more powerful than you have been able to do anything against the iranian people you're not strong enough to do that's where we look in the region conflicts can often be boiled down to saudi arabia and iran countering each other by proxy the saudi military campaign against the who is the rebels in yemen backed by iran saudi backing of sunni rebel groups in syria while iran's supports the assad government both of those conflicts are exactly panning out well for saudi arabia so how would they fare in a direct conflict with iran let's break it down with. looking at a global military strength rating the two countries aren't far apart on the list with iran at twenty first and saudi arabia taking the twenty fourth position. and all riyadh's aviation outstrips terrence iran wins out when it comes to tanks
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and naval assets by a long run. it's probably no surprise that the saudi kingdom has a massive defense budget coming in at over fifty six billion dorf in the islamic republic's six billion and change. but when it comes to male power iran has significantly more citizens fit for service and the event of war you have a very rash ruler in saudi arabia i'm talking about the crown prince. you know he's just about ready to do. it so if you look at what happened with the lebanese prime minister it was basically forced to resign. and that gives you just an indicator of the how far will have not been solomon is willing to go but i personally would be very very surprised if saudi arabia lost the war on iraq i would completely rule out iran launching a war on saudi arabia or if saudi arabia had. guarantees or chance of
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winning i think it would go ahead with the war but i think saudi arabia believes it doesn't have a chance of winning and winning a war against iran the rhetoric might be at a boiling point at the moment but there's still no sign either side is ready for open conflict. now another u.s. news the army's widening its recruitment fall by allowing people with a record of mental health problems to enlist in the armed forces kayla more pron as the story. mental health issues no longer rule you out of serving in the american army at this point according to documents acquired by usa today if you have a history of depression drug and alcohol abuse bipolar disorder or even a self mutilation you can apply for a waiver and join the u.s. military the decision was primarily creased availability of medical records and other dates which is now more readily available these records of the army officials to better document applicant medical histories what's more important if you look at
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the reasons that the army is having trouble recruiting new soldiers the number of waivers for marijuana use have increased as well chief of staff mark milley says that the army should be between five hundred forty thousand and five hundred fifty thousand but at this point it's only four hundred seventy six thousand active duty personnel people just aren't signing up many of today's youth. are. not inclined to want to leave their family and friends don't want to leave their relatives family and friends they opposed them joining the military service it was kind of sad to find out for me being a prior soldier that the american public when we did the research they thought of the army as the lower left hand quadrant and we joined the army because we had nothing else to do lowering the standards of recruitment makes sense but it does present some problems in two thousand and five the standards were lowered for similar reasons and as a result the level of basic education among troops dramatically decreased by two
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thousand and seven about thirty percent of america's fighting men and women did not have a high school diploma in two thousand and twelve the standards and restrictions went up but now once again there's a shortage of people in uniform so once again the rules are changing one of the standards have been changing adjusted we have relaxed the standards too much in my opinion we have recruited very heavily in the volunteers were what i would call the lower middle class and the lower. only. or not well you know there is a volunteer a very. very expensive to. educate to dream and sean incursion in. the united states boasts of having the most powerful military in the world but if you look at how far they're willing to go in lowering the standards of who can be recruited it seems there are fewer americans that want to be part of it. york.
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now over to the u.k. were a schoolteacher has been suspended after simply praising his students joshua sutcliffe congressionally that is math class by saying well done girls but that upset one people who identify as male the teacher insists he apologized immediately and says the whole thing was an act that the student in question. came in did very well and then i said well then girls started really well and i was met with a fierce rebuttal. and i sincerely apologize. i then found out six weeks later that i was. that transpired to be to not being able to teach my monkey i think bullied really for you know for who i am within the score many people coming along to the bible club and in
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a professional setting. we incidents a very big talking point in the u.k. right now as to whether the school is highlighting a sensitive issue that needs careful handling or the whole thing's just being overblown it was not intentional he hadn't meant to cause offense so i think that his suspension is disproportionate i think that the school showed that he made a mistake which of course he doesn't recognize pulled the girls girls because he thought it was a class of girls made an honest mistake actually being the end of the matter this whole transgender agenda he's getting much much too much influence who thinks they are trapped in the wrong body they should be treated with respect of people in the u.k. i'm sure will agree with me. i kind of course keep up with the war news at all to call moral social media mobile app as well we'll have more programs right now on i'll be back in half an hour with more headlines from around the world.
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greetings and salutations. many years from now when fingers are pressed to keep pads historians writing the real version of history not the not the lie agreed upon version historians will have an interesting time hammering out just what was the relationship between the united states and isis was isis the ultimate muslim terrorist bad guys to the united states valiant fighters were truth justice and the american way or were they a frankenstein monster of sorts created out of the ashes of the united states imperial invasion and toppling of the country of iraq soon together and giving given regular lightning bolts of money and guns by deep state mad doctors in the pentagon and intelligence communities well the waters just got
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a whole lot murkier for those authors of future history books thanks to a new investigation by the b.b.c. that doesn't covered some rather startling admission is coming out of the war torn syrian city of raka according to the b.b.c. they've uncovered details of a secret deal that led hundreds of islamic state fighters and their families escaped from rock under the gaze of the u.s. and british led coalition and kurdish led forces who control the city under the auspices of ending the battle for iraq and saving civilian and coalition fighter fighters lives local officials are reported to a brokered a deal that arranged for some two hundred fifty isis fighters and more than three thousand of their family members to leave rock in a massive convoy that some estimate to have been six to seven kilometers long using fifty trucks thirteen buses and more than one hundred of the along mixed islamic states vehicles and despite promises to the contrary this caravan of saddam
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included foreign born i used spot to. hers you know the kind with that high probability to return to their homelands and potentially commit acts of terrorism. so let's dive into the murky waters of tomorrow's history of isis today as we start watching the hawks. streak it looks like. this would be the last of the bottom six weeks of. the day like you and i i got. to get.
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