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people that have to report to the kremlin how do you see this summit persuading people to do trade with russia and have a room here says that perspective well until the first saw everything what is said is just the exact reflection of the fake news about the russian the british media. i always telling my friends in britain that you know of course you understand what the press is writing but they have to listen to the companies like b.p. shell us resenting those who are doing the real business in russia in the expanding this business what is interesting is for example there is a reading doing business in the world four years ago russia was the seed place of one hundred twenty now it's on the thirty five you see you see the difference the britain i think if the memory serves me is the seven so basically where they have your grocery where playing yeah of course essentially big
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multinationals which each of them have gone to russia all backgrounds arguably what about as enemies possibly thinking of competing in in the russian trade market or trying to work deals you know oh he writes ok here i think there was any i think i think the right people i mean those who are members of the r.b.c. see this is russian british ship of commerce they know the realities and of course they're coming especially in the area of the high tech they know the benefits but of course the need i mean the business the british business news the political signals from the government in order not to distort the picture but to give the clear picture the right picture or what's happening go away seem to have a big bill to pay for breaks it is it too late for britain some of the speakers here saying that italy germany france beating beating us to it when it comes to new deals never late never late and i'll tell you why because you know or. one m.p.
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he asked the minister of economy of the poor lament what are the losses of britain due to the different western sanctions his own calculations it's between ten and he thousand billion pounds each year so this is the price of the policy of the west and the britain so and this analogy that i gave edward your hearing from that head but again small businesses people watching this c.e.o.'s are going to think i'm going to trade with russia there are sanctions there's no opportunities here in russia to do business exact words yes exactly what is all this forum is about you know look at how many people came here more than one thousand all of them are interested in the in the in the in the real russia because you know what they have from the press is the distorted vision and they want to know the truth no as johns a million folks do david davis normally thornberry and known from corbin's bench
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they just don't like you or they frightened to be around her just they do their visit with the brags that store it but so we had we had the prince michael of kent who is the patron of the russian british jumble of commerce we had the. if you in peace who are really heavily involved in the russian british relations and they wanted to send the messages to be to the people who go here so basically it's who heard the messages but what is most important is that we have the bridge of business here those who are really doing this is not just a big one like a street seneca they just sign the new group with it others down but this is also the small business we see this context here which is tourism a appeared to be saying you're a dangerous country a rogue country that is destroying elections all around the world and certainly
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that's going to inspire business confidence is a well you know. britain is the country of the polluted areas and if you if you look at the figures you will find that the the economic trade drew this year something work around twenty percent it means war which in britain rush it means what the business is ready to do their business and to certain extent they don't listen the politicians the british politicians and of course we're very supportive on that because you know we're showing the real russia and that russia is very close to the hearts of those who are planning to make money but people are even accusing russia of mass casualties in syria they his rusher of assassinations of of the banning nature nation media is this really a context where of course not to announce you know you why because you know like you know the how the mr trump invented you know this sort of fake news that's exactly about the british press you know always telling my friends you know just
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give me the facts. and we're happy to consider you know but not a single fact was presented you with the stories about the russian boards you know all the things you know even the references to the research of certain institutes in the university or some for the cia and then there's another i'm talking about the universities in the u.k. all of them you know all that reports were fake fake news because you know we send the request to this in universities and ask them whether it's true there are references to their reports and they wrote us aware of that story but everything what was said you know in times and some other some other newspapers this is absolutely doesn't reflect the reality so why do you think british media one to destroy the reputation of your country that's a good question and i'll tell you i'm asking. that question now to the british killed colleagues you know i don't i don't have the answer certain extent some
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people explain this that the british just to following the american policy and we have some difficulties who the relations in the united states and so they're basically following to certain extent to certain extend that maybe it's true. but i think that you know the britain should have its own strategy in this world because you know it's the quality of life the economy the health of the economy this will be the most important things for the british people and russia is a great market the economy is growing now it's around two and a half percent next year it will be even higher you know we're there the the gate to the eurasian union is around two million people market and we're off course we're beginning to the brics which is emerging economies you know and of course latest forecasts here are the growth has legs for five years will be less than two percent here in britain how important is britain as
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a trading partner given the rise of the bricks and and the. well i don't think really was very important porton because you know every country you know the culture the business will be the job they want to explore the opportunities if they can make make money here definitely they will do this for example if you take there are a lot of what you need is for example the nucleus here because we're the best in the world you know to build a nuclear power stations you know britain are refusing to cooperate with us you know on the political motives so that's another but you know just so basically for us that's a good marketing wrinkly point is it is controversial and therefore they're following the i just going to say that was one of the reasons myriad reasons why people of britain suspicious his words of britain's line was to get rid of assad in syria and get again mr macro or president trump they're all saying the geneva talks are the only legitimate form for peace talks and there is russia going on about talks in
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a stern and everything seems to be taking place away from the sphere of influence of nato nations that's always a good way to take them to well you know just always telling my friends that there is all the possibilities to be on the right side of the history and join us on this initiatives and join us on the settlement and the will be happy to see this. you know in the future and that's it would be very good opportunity you know to discuss all this things between the boris johnson and lover of because johnson is coming to moscow at the end of december and we're going to talk not only on the balance will the relations which is quite frozen but also to be different the world will the first especially ukraine because you know the positions are different and of course is syria but we are going to talk about yemen because you know we don't see quite active role britain there and of course libya and that was the result of the aggression from the united kingdom france and the time and now the country is in
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ruins so all these questions are on our agenda and the. the the talks between the johnson would be very helpful you know for the british side to understand you know what is open isha you know and what we can do together to thank you. after the break here of the russian british business for seventeen of the q.e. two friends in london how terrified should british small to medium sized businesses be imposed breaks it deals with russian partners given say russian federation straight teeth into a bid for economic. that's undercutting about what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself
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around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put the money on your car immediately after you get done half of all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as well as compromise you know a motor car and. one of the risks of pay donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. if i was lying when i. was over two years old he will go over to get the money using the drug and who runs the blood business. welcome back we're still of the russian british business forum twenty seventeen of
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the queen elizabeth the second center in westminster and join. we know as the chair of the board of directors of the russian british chambers of commerce roger welling's thanks so much for coming to our makeshift studio surprised by the number of people here given that drazen may is often warning this country that it russia is a rogue state i think it's a good turners and i think the people here are the only a lot about russian business and the opportunities for british business in russia i think both governments. are encouraging trade between the two countries subject of course to the legal requirements of the sanctions regimes but i think if you if you talk to the british embassy in moscow they're keen to increase british business in russia and russia is keen to increase business here there's garage near the city of london the in terror libel or interest rate was fraudulent but what about corruption in russia the corruption something that. you don't have to get into
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anywhere if you don't want to it's up to you with your integrity as a businessman not to go in areas where you're going to do where you can be subject to corruption and my own experience is that it's quite quite possible in the russian environment you business without getting into the those difficult areas and as you say it exists pretty much everywhere in every dimension and i'm focusing on a semi business not the big shell oil in there because of this world whether it be a supply chain investment the ones making with the russian company whether it be a trade partnership whether beer export arrangement how can we possibly gulf wouldn't of the future given that resume could put sanctions on on the next day i think at the political level what i would hope for is that we make progress and i think that involves setting up dialogue where mutual respect between both parties exists and i think it's incumbent on both the british government and the russian government to establish that effective dialogue is not only important for from the
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point of view of international security it's also. important as an umbrella for business generally because you can bet your life that if a british board is sitting discussing whether it wants to do business in russia and if it's likely to get some bad press or some bad political comment and it's not going to do it it's an easy way not to do it and there are a lot of opportunities being missed which you know de facto the french the germans italians just don't seem to be missing even though britain is at the moment the war and so is relayed around us and russia is service per service provider yes but there are all sorts of other industries that we could we could get ourselves involved in but then is it too late because some russian business people i've been talking to here are saying you know we've already good looking towards the eurasian the land where obviously e.u. now the britons leaving it let alone that look. it's never too late if you have
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a good offering and a good proposal for a counter party in whichever country you're dealing with what i would worry about is that russian business does depend a lot on on relationships and whether the people inherently trust you and i think it's not only builds up over time and it's both directions you're rushing kind of parties have to trust you and you have to trust them and that develops over over a period of time so it does take time to install out what opportunities ironically arise because of sanctions against russia well extraordinary of course you know when sanctions were first introduced i thought this is not the way to deal with this issue because it hinders the development of the russian middle class if you like your news that. indices advance of. detail democracy advance democracy but actually what's happened is that i think. in a rather like a large family that's criticized from outside if you put sanctions that are right
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and everybody within russia pulls together so diverse if it. increasing modernization is increasing the infrastructure is being built more quickly that might otherwise have been also got a lot to do that a lower all price of course doesn't give you that budget headroom. to relax but you know that relaxation is not necessarily a good thing if you want to build if you want to make economy economic progress quickly because the political climate given the kind of statements coming from tourism a little in the in folks and others learn on labor has been generally thornberry mean that they appeared to be considering russia something akin to apartheid is it ethical to even do business with russia given the as far as the government here seems to be saying the human rights abuses on a colossal scale and only by russia that doesn't have the world you know when i talk to members of the british government they are pretty clear that they want to increase trade and investment with russia provided sanctions aren't sanctions
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aren't infringe the legal requirements of sanctions aren't in french i guess is there some political posturing going on here but i don't know i'm not party to the way our senior politicians think although the moves they're trying to make to set a position it's always all right for the big multinationals but you can understand though that in as and we as in the as a way to think that i mean human rights and the arabia don't matter but the likes i think they all this he will with most i mean i just challenge your comment about multinationals because i think multinationals you know it is incumbent upon our best not to nationals to behave ethically and their boards of directors hopefully will ensure that they do. in terms of estimate a very debatable that i would hope as a businessman that and it you know a board member of major russian comedian european major british companies behave ethically. and i think there's increasing pressure for them to and that's part of the job of the board to make sure that happens but not in my decision as i was
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saying russia hack the catalonia break that the general election. could jump in the way to as these are the accusations in madrid the only what can we believe these days i mean i think. he there are accusations all over the place to read we need proof for all of these things to all governments to this i just don't know what you want to thank you pleasure there was plenty of optimism of the russian british forum twenty seventeen even if british brags of politicians like liam fox david davis and boris johnson usually so keen to talk about international trade deals with no way to be seen going into bars aberlour of the russian federation's trade representative to britain that was a political issue not so much a business one given all the arguable russophobia in their britain how can you say that russia and britain are only threshold of a new era of trade in economic relations after brics called statistics shows us that this yeah there has been a significant progress in by little trade during the first nine months of this year
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the trade to know of between our two countries increased by twenty five percent and we surpassed their level of nine billion he was dollars it means that by the end of the they will be at least twelve billion or bilateral to know. their action export is increasing and the british export russia also increasing their means and increasing the mom and for british equipment for industrial goods and all saw the increasing demand for. consumer goods. this opens new opportunities for both countries and that's why we're talking about . a new era the start of the new era as we see it and there's so there are really
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two tracks to this there's brevan this are in parliament to resume saying you're an evil country destroying democracy around the. that underneath that there are businesses seem to have these political statements not new for the business. society and for the business community actually the business circles of both countries get. used to these hostile. territory. they see their real benefit or mutual cooperation they are more pragmatic than the politics ok but you talk about increasing a british russian trade your biggest trade put there is the european union not a isolated britain outside the old forms of course when you look to future trade as we look towards if there's a choice if there has to be a choice do with the european union or britain i don't think you. have to choose between europe and britain or we hope for developed economic cooperation
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not only with europe but the whole of the world but they'll be new tariffs when britain leaves the european union we don't know where they'll be or not because the exact conditions of britain leaving the e.u. are not clear by not so if we're. talking about the w.t. all conditions that will be the equal conditions as with all other countries so i think there are those brics that situation will open new york but unities but not close them but what about british opportunities because at the moment it's russia selling to britain much more in twenty seventeen rather than the other way around it's not good for you. yet there is a significant rise of british exports to russia it means that opportunities are increasing even for british business in such not actually very favorable conditions
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. ok you are there rush you're the trade representative of the russian federation and a lot of talk about trade a citizen a t. fin tech you're right if you're running out here and in nato we're going to look kindly on the fact that you want more trade rational august or this no big deal in the second to little they call them yes everybody use afraid of russian hackers but actually that is the strong point of the russian economy and mathematics id technology is there is this fears of where we can cooperate and not be the enemy maybe you could perhaps agree then with the international trade secretary here liam fox he said i can agree as many trade agreements as i like but if british business doesn't want to export then that doesn't do us any good if other warmer seeming to blame british businesses for not thinking of expanding their horizons when it comes to new business investment opportunities this artistic so this year shows. the
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picture very differently the bilateral cooperation is expanding including british export the russian and just finally when you see a british businessperson not the big multinationals say i would like to do a deal i found some person to do some business with in russia in the russian federation but i'm frightened of that investment because new sanctions could be by other major resumes government or by the absolutely or you have you say to them yes you're absolutely right and we have real cases when the people are seizing the negotiations because of this this is the effect of media and we confiscate it more as ever more thank you thank you russia. well u.k. prime minister tourism a was no way to be seen at this year's russian british business forum a don't think it was because she was under five or a multi-billion euro sell out of
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a brick said or her government's redactions to parliament or her war of tweets with trump she couldn't be there. she was off to saudi arabia to word facilitate and challenge arms deals arguing threatening tens of millions in yemen with color i've been asked to reply on behalf of my right on will find the prime minister who supports in the middle east furthering our interests in a region that's fundamental to our national security and prosperity yes the defacto u.k. deputy prime minister going to be under an extreme pornography investigation was replace injuries in may the dispatch box on a best buy claims the pm was aiding while challenging the destruction of the poorest country in the middle east the german foreign secretary only thornberry recently in tel aviv defending israel it wasn't yemen on their mind though nor pornography apparently in the sense actually looks rather cryptic. turds at my last line of questioning but he does need to worry i really am not going there israel sympathiser thornberry didn't go there as in the extreme born investigation services to defect to
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a saudi ally israel prevented her from questions about the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and the first secretary of state tell the house how much money the u.k. government has received from sales from sony a d.v.r. since the war with yemen began the u.k. first secretary didn't know and i don't have the figures to hand but i do. the honorable gentleman to recognize the fact first of all that our defense industry as it is extremely important a creator of jobs and prosperity in scotland as well as in other parts of the country and that britain has a rigorous and robust arms sales policy in place as tested in court the s.n.p. wasn't convinced the u.k. government has received four point six billion pounds and cigar so the idea being a sense of what and you haven't begun a war which has created a devastating humanitarian crisis children in yemen is no one in the brink of famine and unicef has said that one hundred fifty thousand children will die by the
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end of this year doesn't that far psychiatrically. the best thing that the prime minister can do with the beatings to do is follow the example of the now the woods and suspended license is what arms sales are decided to any of the well from his perspective britain is going to go on killing children tourism a says she has un security council backing though and that's it for the show we're back on monday with someone who certainly has a view on the world's greatest humanitarian crisis the award winning journalist and all the john hill jack will be talking about his groundbreaking films to be shown at a retrospective at the british library this month till then people judged by social media will feel money forty eight yesterday to the u.s. execution squad in chicago shot and killed a black panther revolutionaries fred hampton the mob clock us authorities would eventually settle for millions of dollars to black panther survivors under.
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this footage is unique because there's a tribal lands on normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's this is personal don't. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that. know. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening almost all. hours so says going to busy doing nothing is going to do the population because he's going to people from momma's on .
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the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for. some unknown reason its local residents have found victim to sleep. troll this move. or do was just daniel to chile. that would use if you chance to how do you think your patient. would seem with a concern that sent but also initiating a sort of but i'm also going on with the question are still it all peaceful superthin you want to go back at them had to put in the shipment of sweet. smell to granny grass from where did you do what we have i do agree. that though it's the wolf there's. this with all. the what mrs. possum might hear in there did you have both styles there of the guts. and who will lead to the first bullet in the teeth.
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there is no center in the united states political discourse it's all center right ever since the clinton people came into power the center right has become the right and there is no peace party that exists in my country and i don't see any evidence of it except this third party that is so criticized the green party. whenever you play russian product you're not just getting excellent quality. political system this will.
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look suspicious. football fans rub their hands in anticipation after the draw for the twenty eight thousand feet the world cup in russia deliver some tantalizing fixtures. of early in our take sufficient on martyrdom gets mixed reactions after it displays the likes of martin luther king jr alongside the perpetrators of deadly terrorist attacks. and america might soon expand its bombing mouth with reports of near praising the use of u.s. drones on its territory.


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