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yeah. football fans with their hands in anticipation after the draw for the twenty eighteen feet the world cup in russia deliver some tantalizing fixtures. in our takes the mission on martyrdom gets mixed reactions as it displays the likes of martin luther king jr alongside the perpetrators of deadly terrorist attacks. and america might soon expand its bombing map with reportedly approving the use of u.s. drones on its territory. a warm welcome you want to r.t. international with me mickey. now the thirty two teams in the football's two
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thousand and eighteen world cup found out their rivals in the group stage for next summer after the draw ceremony was held at the kremlin and here's how the group's look the opening game will be between russia and saudi arabia at moscow's magnificent refurbished stadium while champions germany are in group f. alongside mexico sweden and south korea neil harvey and r.t. co-host go goalkeeping legend peter schmeichel take a closer look at the highlights of the draw at the kremlin palace. welcome to the last two decades of moscow it might look like a winter wonderland uses not just the foot start it was a blizzard earlier but we didn't notice michael alongside me because of all the excitement of the draw was fantastic. will do a bit more specifically in a few moments before the loss to see did it go smoothly were there any of the highlights of the draw.
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but she russia and they are still going to keep flying to france. to get you know. to weigh. all eyes on you saudi arabia. and then i think game against saudi arabia also in that group egypt and europe was that true for me brazil switzerland costa rica and serbia making the stalls done cullimore we saw threatening my friends he was
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covering things from much closer proximity and we call on the recall because you can see you know which actually at the moment but chance to take a big breath we've been here working the room as nice i saw him you know so the quota for is are over and argentina have the upper hand. no no this is. the main thing is we just have to keep training. during your group your first thoughts feelings well being that. however you want to you want to explain it will be difficult to find some words i spent twenty one years in england in the british game but i think it. is a really good opportunity to see two generations with a lot of a lot of quality of ability to see how we have up in the world cup on one level we can give.
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france england may be getting not the favorite because you have to choose on the view i think spain using your brain moment have to because brazil is playing really well we know germany would be very game germany is general they are always there they believe they are not winning the cup they are in the second place between the if semifinals they are always fighting. when i. was stuck so to speak to bring this morning. obviously you've talked plenty about the big names the favorites the belgians the english and all that but let's talk about the teams which can be considered as dark horses and one of those teams maybe costa rica which as we now know has been drawn together with the likes of switzerland cost brazil and. and now i have here the play former costa rican national team player former west ham united and manchester city player the one shop we thank you so much for joining us hello so brazil again for costa rica your your
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team actually did very well in brazil yeah excited are you. the last world cup to be honest i mean when i when i saw brasil you know in the in the same group. you know very bad memories because. well the first time that we would play against brazil was nineteen ninety. and then two thousand and two we play against brazil and the score was you know five forty two to wrestle but now. they're very strong as always. we're looking forward to you know to the great challenge and switzerland we have a common friend who. i mean. for costa rica over the phone it in the. last work you know we were with why we leave. and still we we want to you talk to group right here any chance of this happening you know and.
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host nations russian the host nation russia is expecting more than half a million visiting fans to come and support their teams in the championship of the three and a half million applies for tickets when the first batch went on sale ahead of the troll and supporters from all over the world got the chance to test run the world cup the news that this summer's confederations cup. we would so much from mexico russia we thought maybe the like going to be bad we would want to match it completely obvious they were still played really friendly
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russian people were so friendly friendly just to be amazed it was a beautiful day out there and we were come back from work not. going to be any. way of making friends with. the governments of nisha has given washington punishment to use drones and anti terror operations in the country as according to multiple sources on he goes on up has been taking a look at the issue. drones one of america's best loved warfare tactics is reportedly coming to africa's west coast. a potential new pin on the u.s. bombing map as washington pushes ahead with its anti extremist campaign on the continent a leaked memo outlines the units and bolts of the deal between the pentagon a new jet calling for arming of the surveillance drones operating from a local base also an additional troops deployment this operation supports the long
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term strategic partnership between the dieties states in nigeria as well as the ongoing if it to counter violent extremism throughout the region all in the name of the war on terror since nine eleven the pentagon has been hell bent on dropping bombs from on afghanistan yemen pakistan somalia the line up goes on really but for civilians in those countries a distant buzz up in the sky can be a death warrant in fact the u.s. drones have slaughtered some one and a half thousand civilians according to an estimate by the bureau of investigative journalism and the figure shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to anyone who's seen what has been among the drones targets.
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the same unit which would be in charge of new drone operations is standing accused of killing ten civilians in somalia this summer something the u.s. africa command has denied now that the u.s. is apparently planning to open a new front in its drone war this could also mean more work for the pentagon's p.r. machine you've done of our. in october the death of four u.s. soldiers in an ambush in the genre revealed america's military presence in the country something even senior u.s. politicians seemed unaware of american troops were deployed under the a bomb the administration to help uneasy area and forces finds local terrorist cells african affairs analyst lawrence freeman says that west african countries come under a lot of pressure from their western allies probably worse than a thousand troops in the year and this will now give the increase that over
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a thousand is the first time armed drones will be flying so this is a big problem for the men and for west africa and for all the africa. is now allowing united states to carry out these kinds of military attacks. you will not work it's not going to be successful without a larger strategic picture and the african countries now are being pressured by the west to metropolis creation to allow these armed drones in other new theory build up and i'm sure it's going to court the many many internal problems and it will not solve the problem of terrorism. about an art exhibition devoted to the concept of martyrdom has sparked controversy by featuring terrorists alongside the likes of socrates and martin luther king jr those behind the show say they want people to
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think about what martyrdom really means peter all about how small. an exhibition called martyrs museum has just opened in the german capital alongside socrates and martin luther king jr it places that flew planes into the world trade center the attackers of the butter theater the suicide bomber that killed forty people on the moscow metro saying that they are all examples of people that gave their lives for the. they believed it it's all part of a festival of knowle the new european oh it's just the brainchild of today both the organizes and the artists themselves refused to either give us an interview or to allow me to film the exhibition they did send this e-mail. what do the people of bilin think about must mood or is being venerated in this way is it right to put these people on display in this type of exhibition here in the know from you
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know life is just a reference i think that people would have differing perspectives obviously lumping different groups of people together is always a complicated subject because they come from different backgrounds i don't know i don't think so why. just be at two different types of people and it's not the same move we agree with even perspective on more news is not for us to decide because it is a pretty much us you know exhibition is about is about moving the psychology behind most of them will charge people to do certain things it's not a problem as long as the exhibition focuses on the differentiation of martyrdom that could potentially lead to murder or curses martyrdom that that you know the civil rights for example like that's just basic human rights the motto or. die only for themselves or believe yeah yeah in what they have believed and the other
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murder because they count i'm not that person are many other persons i don't think that's but you can put the pieces together they all tests had previously explained to the media that the idea was to try and put yourself in the mindset of somebody who's willing to die for what they believed in even if that belief was horrific to you a sensory experience using lights and sounds to try to explain the old adage of one man's terrorist being another man's freedom fighter. the point is to present a complex view on the world of marx's and we understand that everyone has a different perspective but it's the personal perspective that matters in this exhibition but for some it's impossible to see the artistic intention beyond the reality of an exhibition that places mass murderers alongside civil rights champions peter all of r.t.
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berlin. in one of the german city of hannover there have been fierce clashes between riot police and anti a.f.d. party protesters the activists who are trying to disrupt a congress of the party known for its anti immigration rhetoric. i. suppose they have i think i think they are and what happened was the comments were used against the protesters as they staged assisted find of the a.f.d. congress venue despite freezing temperatures in the city several people were injured the a.f.p. or alternative for germany is a right leaning posse mostly known for its harsh stance on immigration the party
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won seats in the german parliament for the first time following september's elections. the former u.s. national security advisor michael flynn house pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. over his links to the then russian ambassador to the us with more on that it's often a short break. with more make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one person. in the middle of the room sick. delete.
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the dissolution of the israeli state is jewish and give all kind of taken my opinion thought of that up citizen self as it is a jewish state for the jewish. it isn't it said there was kinetic state this is how it goes is that i likes usually to equal it says does a lot of riyadh come to these when it is they are talking about the economy but when democracy they want only compared to without a word. of. a comeback donald trump's given his first comments following the news that his former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. the president once again said that the no clues in between his camp and.
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what has been shown. serious joke religion says that absolutely with absolutely no proof to show we're very happy. flame pleaded guilty on friday to lying to the f.b.i. about conversation he conversations he had a year ago with russia's then passed it to the u.s. the x. advisor has also agreed to fully cooperate with the so-called russia investigation with him all his caliber weapon. we have michael flynn pleading guilty to charges of making false statements to federal agents at this point he's facing a sentence of between zero and six months in jail as well as a possible fine of up to nine thousand five hundred dollars now of course the mainstream media is in an uproar there's talk about the rush investigation all kinds of things are being made in the press this is being treated as a very big story let's recall how michael flynn stepped down as national security
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adviser when he was serving in the trumpet ministration mr flynn misled vice president pence and now it appears that he's pled guilty to misleading federal agents now at this point you know the white house has come forward and said look this charge doesn't implicate anyone other than michael flynn the full statements involved mirror the full statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea all the charge implicates any one of the mr frewen we've had several indictments at this point individuals who misled federal officials made false statements are now facing criminal charges but as of yet the collusion story isn't really materializing quote findings when phil flynn contacted the russian ambassador asking to didn't a zero defeat a vote on a u.n. resolution involving israel they also allegedly discussed their response to the
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sanctions imposed by the obama administration michael flynn also said he consulted senior trump transition officials at those contacts. flynn's conversations with the russian envoy potentially violate the centuries old logan act it prohibits americans from negotiating with foreign governments over existing disputes with the us however since the act was passed and not a single person has ever been successfully prosecuted under the rules political commentator steve malzberg believes trump is unlikely to be badly damaged by the latest development. he lied to the f.b.i. why he chose to lie about these meetings with i don't know what he did and he pleaded guilty for now they're saying always going to tell everything about trial and coercion or what to tell what not of this world waits to kowloon kulula this is all president elect trump asking for or someone on his staff saying hey reach out
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to foreign countries by the way the great and the mccarthy former federal prosecutor writes today it's commonplace for an incoming national security advisor to go to foreign countries and talk to his counterparts or reach them on the phone in anticipation of a new administration there's nothing here that's that's that going to get trump or or course you're in trouble. essentially american republic of honduras has imposed a nationwide curfew and civil unrest and the allegations of ballot stuffing in the wake of its presidential election.
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the government has suspended citizens freedom of movement to help the police and army deal with the situation unrest arrested off the opposition alleged fraud in the presidential election votes count one protester is confirmed dead and some twenty have been injured in the clashes tensions spilled off to both main condit's claimed victory in sunday's vote opposition candidate salvador and now israel has rejected the final ballot count which gave the lead to current president one orlando. questions were raised when he suddenly shot into the lead late into the count. waterborne yemen is facing a new epidemic hundreds of diptheria cases have been registered in the last three
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months and twenty deaths recorded the world health organization is calling for millions of vaccine doses to be sent to the country after the saudi led military intervention in the country and its recent blockade yemen is already suffering the world's worst cholera epidemic in modern history the blockades been partially lifted however many humanitarian organizations still say that's not enough the red cross has been buying its own and the urgency filter power pumps for drinking water a coordinator for the group go to r.t. . this is it was made because it was really gotten stronger. because water is really essential as anybody else is going on and if there is new fuel burn the bonding is not working there is no water due here comes on top of one of our there are current issues colorado's one of them we are currently noticing. actually in the case is if water station they don't have fuel if solar system is
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not also working properly then this will solve to a little risk for the colorado comeback if it is actually impacts in that needs to be repeated it's not only one hot five years old need to be vaccinated as soon as possible that's why it's important but all commercial shipments need to resume to enter again to get. the saudi led coalition launched its bombing campaign in twenty fifteen in a bid to prevent hoofy opposition fighters from seizing power this thursday the e.u. adopted a resolution condemning roll crimes committed in yemen and proposing an embargo on arms sales to saudi arabia the resolution criticizes the e.u. members selling arms to the saudis as well however the motion is non-binding according to the u.n. yemen's now suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis.
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the each. way. i say point five magnitude earthquake has been detected in north korea close to where the country recently conducted a nuclear test that's according to south korea's weather agency it's the fourth
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tremor since the test raising phase the area suffering so cool the tired mountain syndrome with the ground becoming unstable meanwhile japan and the united states have called a u.n. security council meeting off north korea conducted a ballistic missile test on thursday and the south korean parliament's adopted a resolution on saturday calling on pyongyang to stop provoking tensions six u.s. fighter jets have now arrived in seoul for upcoming joint address while the made all the nuclear rhetoric hawaii has begun testing its emergency sirens for the first time since the cold war. its history i feel a little. it like it is out of mind and i have no idea how much supposed to like
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find a bomb shelter am i supposed to go to the bank to get a job but. i'm not very sure. regarding the new one alarm system i wonder what good it's going to do i remember when i did fifty years when i had to put my head under a desk in the elementary school and ten minutes warning what good does i do you get ridiculous. thank you for chasing aussie international my colleague neil harvey will be with you at the top of the hour with all the latest.
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but. nobody's. looking. at it. like that. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i'm not a abraham lincoln or no no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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on the. journey for. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill for all of the commission to do it loving you i can millions of these in my capacity is going to go for study hall meeting. no charge no doubt a tough job or they should the only palestinians you gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there is some of those ruined or under the oak vision the only could give us. and the earth is all of your knowledge the heart of this lady of the mythology how i know if you continue muslims you know do more almost lost her don't piss off.
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dr eric jennings from santa ram is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. by the way this man with no clothes isn't don't or jennings he's a member of the indigenous zoe tribe who's helping the don't of put together a personal archive. this is dr jennings people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yacht some flying aircraft a little like models dr strange but with a full set of working fingers. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands
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are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor. and. the. center m. in the north of brazil it was founded as an amazon jungle bought it first exported spices then cocoa later rubber before turning to cocoa again today it specializes in gold book sides and soy the latter is now a major reason behind the deforestation of the amazon. for these reasons santorum has become a symbol of economic conquest and environmental destruction locals even compose ballads about it. no.


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