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tv   News  RT  December 2, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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donald trump insists those no collusion between his camp and moscow after his former aide pleads guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about contacting the russian ambassador. in arctic submission on martyrdom gets mixed reactions as it displays the likes of martin luther king jr alongside terrorists. welcome it just took past midnight here in russian capital my name is lee harvey this is not international. the government has given washington permission to use drones in anti terrorism operations in the country and this is according to multiple sources down of takes a closer look drones one of america's best loved warfare tactics reportedly coming
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to africa's west coast. a potential new pin on the u.s. bombing map as washington pushes ahead with its extremist campaign on the continent a leaked memo outlines the units and bolts of the deal between the pentagon and the share calling for arming of the surveillance drones operating from a local base also an additional troops deployment. this operation supports the long term strategic partnership between the dieties states in nigeria as well as the ongoing effort to counter violent extremism throughout the region all in the name of the war on terror since nine eleven the pentagon has been hell bent on dropping bombs from huey's on afghanistan yemen pakistan somalia the line up goes on really but for civilians in those countries a distant buzz up in the sky can be a death warrant in fact a u.s.
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drones have slaughtered some one and a half thousand civilians according to an estimate by the bureau of investigative journalism and the figure shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to anyone who's seen what has been among the drones targets. the same unit which would be in charge of newsier drone operations is standing accused of killing ten civilians in somalia this summer something the u.s. africa command has denied now that the u.s. is apparently planning to open a new front in its drone war this could also mean more work for the pentagon's p.r. machine. done of r t. in october the in an ambush in
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asia revealed america's military presence in the country was something that even senior u.s. politician of american troops were deployed under the obama administration to help me share in forces to fight local terrorism cells african affairs analyst lawrence freeman says that west african countries come under pressure from their western allies was and this is the first time now that armed drones will be flying so this is a big problem for the new year government and for west africa and for all of africa. is now allowing the united states to carry out these kinds of military attacks this to argue will not work it's not going to be successful without a larger strategic picture and the african countries now are being pressured by the west in the trump ministration to allow these armed drones and other military build up and i'm sure it's going to cause the many many internal problems and it will not
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solve the problem of terrorism. that have been fierce clashes in the german city of kind of a crowd of racism activists tried to disrupt the congress of the own turns for germany party which is known for its and immigration policies. to his. police fired water cannon on the crowd as they staged a sit in outside of the congress several people were injured and generally party known as safety has risen to prominence since the start of the migrant try sister party one c. . it's in parliament for the first time that tempers elections. and staying with
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germany a berlin arctic submission devoted to the idea of martyrdom has sparked controversy by featuring terrorists alongside the likes of socrates a martin luther king jr and his peter oliver explains. an exhibition called maltese museum has just opened in the german capital alongside socrates and mostly sicking jr it places those that flew planes into the world trade center at the attack is of the but cyclone theater the suicide bomber that killed forty people on the moscow metro saying that they are all examples of people that gave their lives for what they believed in it's all part of a festival of knowle the new european oh it is the brainchild of today both the organizes and the artists themselves refused to either give us an interview or to allow me to film the exhibition they did send this e-mail. what do the people of
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bilin think about must militarists being venerated in this way is it right to put these people on display in this type of exhibition here and they're not from you know like it's just a reference i think that people would have differing perspectives obviously lumping different groups of people together is always a complicated subject because they come from different backgrounds i don't know i don't think so why. just be at two different types of people and it's not the same when we agree with even perspective or not is is not for us to decide because react is i pretty much us the exhibition is about is about moving the psychology behind most of them or towards people who do certain things it's not a problem as long as the exhibition focuses on the differentiation of martyrdom that could potentially lead to murder curses martyrdom that that you know the civil rights for example like that's just basic human rights the motto or. die only for
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themselves. believe yeah yeah in what they have believed and now on that murder because they count i'm not that person are many other persons i don't think that. but you could piece together the artists had previously explained to the media that the ideal was to try and put yourself in the mindset of somebody who's willing to die for what they believed in even if that belief was horrific to you a sensory experience using lights and sounds to try and explain the old adage of one man's terrorist being another man's freedom fighter. the point is to present a complex view on the world of marx's and we understand that everyone has a different perspective but it's the personal perspective that matters in this exhibition but for some it's impossible to see the artistic intention beyond the
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reality of an exhibition that places must murderers alongside civil rights champions peter all of our. own trump has given his first comments following the news his former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. the president once again said there be no collusion between his camp and moscow thank. god what has been shown. that absolutely with absolutely no clue so we're very happy. flynn pleaded guilty on friday to lying to the f.b.i. about conversations he had a year ago with russia's then ambassador to the us former adviser also agreed to fully cooperate with the so-called russian investigation trump also wrecked it on twitter saying that flynn was fired for making the same misleading statements to
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the vice president but he added his ex advisors actions during the transition didn't violate the law to explain all his kelly morgan. we have michael flynn pleading guilty to charges of making false statements to federal agents at this point he's facing a sentence of between zero and six months in jail as well as a possible fine of up to nine thousand five hundred dollars now of course the mainstream media is in an uproar others talk about the rush investigation all kinds of things are being made in the press this is being treated as a very big story let's recall how michael flynn stepped down as national security advisor when he was serving in the trumpet ministration mr flynn misled vice president pence and now it appears that he's pled guilty to misleading federal agents now at this point you know the white house has come forward and said look
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this charge doesn't implicate anyone other than michael flynn the full statements involved mirror the full statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr frewen we've had several indictments at this point individuals who misled federal officials made false statements are now facing criminal charges but as of yet the collusion story isn't really materializing. filings reveal that flynn contacted the russian ambassador asking to didn't defeat a vote on a u.n. resolution involving israel they also allegedly discussed the response to sanctions imposed by the obama administration michael flynn also said he can so trump transition officials over those contacts. russian envoy reac denied that he ever discussed sanctions with flynt. i mean. i was instructed not to discuss the
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sanctions and i assure you there are follow those instructions we also go over this issue because from the beginning we have considered it illegal to undergrads someone and share our flints conversations with potentially violate the centuries old logan act this prohibits americans from negotiating with foreign governments over existing disputes with the united states since the act was passed not a single person ever actually been successfully prosecuted under its rules political commentator steve malzberg believes that trump is unlikely to be badly damaged by this latest development. he lied to the f.b.i. why he chose to lie about these meetings that with. i don't know what he did and he pleaded guilty for it now they're saying always going to tell everything about trial and coercion or what the hell why not have this relates to kowloon coulouris this is all president elect trump asking or or someone on his staff saying hey reach out to foreign countries by the way the great and the mccarthy former federal
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prosecutor writes today it's commonplace for an incoming national security adviser to go to foreign countries and talk to his counterparts or reach them on the phone in anticipation of a new administration there's nothing here that's that's going to get trump or or course you're in trouble. the central american nation of honduras is imposed a nationwide could if you mean civil unrest following the recent presidential election.
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well the government has suspended its citizens freedom of movement police and army to deal with the situation the rest erupted after the opposition has alleged fraud in the election vote count at least one protester was killed twenty others have been injured in clashes. tensions spilled over half to both of them i encountered this kind of victory in sunday's vote opposition candidate salvador not that i has rejected the final counts which gave the lead to current president one or london on this one questions were raised with him on this suddenly surged into the lead late on in the count. can't spring a guest now christian man said to me here whose political activist joins me on the line christian people are protesting against what they call suspicious delays in
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the vote count do you go along with that do you think we're talking about possible election fraud here well it seems like it is i mean we're looking at a president in the case of hernandez was trying to prolong his time in power now if it is true that he did win the elections i would hope for the sake of the micro see and four hundred that he comes a with results soon enough so that people can understand and know who their president and who the new president will be if the government continues to delay any of the electoral college in the country to do so do they the results then i think we're going to have a huge turmoil down there and hopefully it doesn't lead to more bloodshed we have learned this is some protesters that have been killed in the streets so i think we have to come down and offer the people often do as a result that satisfies only the people but also the region as well you say there could be further unrest if there's a delay in the results coming through but what if they simply don't like the result
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when it comes to could could things escalate in that situation. well the see this is the problem with these governments especially in america it seems like these leaders have not learned the lesson i think that if they want to know to to hang on to power this is another way to do it there's other you know mechanisms to continue in power and i think that and i think that by not accepting the results or by telling people that they have won when the in fact they have not a problem by manipulating the information they need for the population to think that there is some kind of manipulation going on of the truth as i've been told and now if the results are giving whether it is in favor of salvador or in favor of hernandez nobody is going to be satisfied so the government in a way has. been prudent has led to this unrest and if things continue to be this way i think within the see more and more turmoil in wonder as which is terrible for that specific democracy especially because we have to remember that in duress is
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now fighting a drug war and it's not a good time for that country to have another issue and some political turmoil which can lead to more disaster in the country feel action is something that causing some issues. i have been in colombia as you remember they allow the constitutional reform to allow the person to have an immediate reelection bid and dad lead to a lot of problems and also lead to colombia having bad precise constitutional reform taking away from from the constitution because it just didn't work some of these countries in latin america they're not used to having a reelection process there are none mature enough in terms of the democratic process and by allowing the sitting president to have a chance to go for reelection immediately it leads to having and i was saying excessive amount of power money and influence over the results of the election which could be in favor of all to the opposition candidate now and that being said we also have to remember that the opposition candidate is a candidate has been supported by former president who had
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a lot of political ties with charlie so we don't know really if this deal a in the results is because they're trying to avoid a. appointee to come into power i mean there's probably another reason to to to suspect that this might be one of the reasons why the government is trying to manipulate and not allow the results to be to be learnin in the right way and christine the government as i understand has given the army in the police more powers to try to contain the unrest is that perhaps something that is going to backfire. well i really hope that by giving them more power they're not trying to suppress the population and leading to the people who might be protesting and they have the right to go in the streets and protest to die or to be victims of violence or brutal attacks by the by the forces so i hold that if they have more power is to contain the protests and not to go ahead and attack these
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people in a miserable way like we have seen in minnesota where protesters go on the street and they end up being killed. and doesn't feel the chief of staff has praised as just interested how important would have been and is victory being a fool the u.s. how woods today in this result well i think the u.s. might be interested in that as i explained before they might want to have hernandez stay in power he has been there he might be considered an ally and i don't thing the administration might be interested in having salvador who is indeed more inclined to support these revolutionary ideas of the twenty first century that are represented by them in a smaller government and that in a way have been involved in honduras for a while so i think washington might be interesting keeping hernandez but it doesn't mean that because washington is interested in keeping hernandez that hernandez is going to violate the constitution or not tell the people the results that in fact
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happens again in the last election so if he lost he has to accept that he lost if you won he won but i hope he's not using the electoral college to manipulate the results so that salvador can that when in fact i mean i've always been supportive of democracy and of. their want we have to accept we won but it doesn't mean that we're going to go against the democratic principles and if you think it is christine my guess the christian man said it might hear political activist now you have been is facing a deadly new at the demi would bring you the full story after this break.
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protocol it's more than just money it's more than just revolutionary it's. all that sucking and every asset class announcer the history of humanity into one glorious. who knows where.
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a comeback war torn yemen is on the brink of a new epidemic hundreds of diptheria cases have been registered in the last three months and twenty deaths have been recorded the world health organization is calling for millions of vaccine doses to be sent to the country after the sandy led military intervention there and its recent blockade yemen has already been suffering the world's worst color denecke in its modern history look aid is being lifted humanitarian organizations say that's not enough the red cross has been buying its own emergency fuel to power pumps for drinking water cooled and for the group to auntie fuel. this is an was made because it was really got the straw trick because water is really essential as anybody else and if there is no fuel then the pumping is not working then there is no water did get arms on top of of other current issues cholera is one of them we are currently noticing.
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it it really is actually in there and the cases if water station they don't have fuel if so which system is not also working properly then this onslaught still a risk for the color are to come back if it is actually impacts in that needs to be repeated it's not only one shot or five years old need to be vaccinated as soon as possible that's why it's important that all commercial shipments need to resume and to enter again to get. the saudi led coalition launched its bombing campaign in two thousand and fifteen in the bid to prevent toothy opposition fighters from seizing power on thursday the e.u. adopted a resolution condemning war crimes committed in yemen and proposing an embargo on arms sales to saudi arabia the resolution criticizes e.u. members selling arms to the saudis as well but the motion is non-binding according to the u.n.
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yemen is now suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis. poland has launched an investigation into an almost twenty year old video of naked people
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playing a game of tag in a nazi death camp jewish activists have been demanding an official probe have to establish the video had been filmed in the state of concentration camp at the time no comment or word of criticism was heard from polish official sources regarding the video now the from the prime minister's office nor from any official government representative extensive research recently revealed that the site where the video was filmed is the gas chamber at the studio of concentration camp and that it is this discovery which prompted the demand for clarification's from the polish leaders and the administration of the stooge of concentration camp site. the video was filmed by a polish artist back in one thousand nine hundred nine twenty fifteen it was displayed at crackups museum of contemporary art as part of an exhibition about auschwitz in the film the naked men and women of varying ages chase each other in the gas chamber or the videos come in for a barrage of criticism museum's director says people are simply misunderstanding
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the sense of it but under pressure the film was removed from the museum website sixty five thousand people died in the state of concentration camp many of them starved or froze to death others were gassed the count was liberated by the soviet army at the end of world war two political commentator of a door askin thinks that some in poland are trying to rewrite history in our days we see in paul on the constant attempts to rewrite the history of second world war and there is a very strong feeling also in the israel of the it's becoming more and more cheap i mean maybe the time i have to stop to destroy all these sites of former concentration camps there's nothing holding them up this long as they exist of course a humiliation cannot be just be tolerated by any one of us. thirty two teams of football's two thousand eight hundred world cup of found out their
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rivals in the group stage of next that's after the draw ceremony was held at the kremlin here's how the group's look the opening game will be between russia and saudi arabia will be held at moscow's magnificently refurbished luzhniki stadium well champions germany group earth alongside mexico sweden and south korea and the two favorites portugal and spain they were pitted against each other in group b. and there are also some unexpected much is to look forward to in their first world cup appearance iceland will be taking on argentina. we caught up with some of the bandages taking teams into that tournament and got their take on the challenge that lies ahead. when we got a group of players their. country of eleven million to produce the sort of football is something to be proud of the biggest job we have to be able to see the players working hard for each other but enjoying the responsibility of been seen as one of the best generations of belgian football has ever had we have because belgium who
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we know everything about them so. i think that game will capture everybody's imagination at home we feel an exciting thing a team that are only going to get better but we are a team some experience of those big matches we have to keep oh you mean to you know we are very proud to be qualified for the world go we know it will be very difficult. but we are not going to do all good just to stay on the beach and to say you can go straight to the next round you know if you give them something we will have to make the best decisions we can during the tournament starts in the game against portugal there's no such thing as a good or bad opponents who have to have a victory against the teams you've been drawn against the match against portugal will be a great event of the. nation russia is expecting more than half a million visiting fans to come support teams at the championship over three and a half million applying for tickets on the first batch went on sale ahead of the draw and supporters from right around the world they got the chance to test out
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some of the world news at this summer's confederations cup. we went to the much of mexico russia we thought maybe the like going to have to be one completely opposite they were still place friendly russian people are so friendly friendly just to be. there and we would come back from work. and. i think.
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finally french president emanuel macro on has met in paris with the iraqi kurdistan prime minister to discuss the recent kurdish referendum and the importance of national dialogue in iraq but hopes of presenting a way forward at a joint press conference hit a few hurdles. yeah . within the myth you. see it with a touch of the. addiction frontier in. most cases with dead people because he had you on street to put it in public you.
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from it's a perfectly understands english a bit but i think it would be strange to have here the person speaking in english for making this press conference figure but i'm pretty sure is that paris could organize a translation for the prime minister.


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