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graphic and disturbing video emerges showing the body of the former yemen president ali abdullah saleh he's understood from being killed by who the fight is after an alliance between them collapsed last week also to come this hour the president marty contradicts the french you can't have an airstrike in northern mali in october saying bombardments killed soldiers not jihadists and another faction in the major us media outlets over coverage of the scandal surrounding the white house anti from alleged collusion with russia.
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hello welcome you're watching r.t. international this monday evening where it's just turned ten o'clock here in moscow now we begin in yemen where former president. has been killed in fighting in the capital sana'a a video has been released showing his body there please be aware that the footage we are about to show you is extremely graphic and upsetting to see earlier duelist salary was at the helm of yemen from nine hundred ninety until twenty twelve and was deposed during the arab spring of unrest the internal conflict that ensued afterwards saw him team up with the who the rebels against president had the however salai made a public break from the shia rebel fighters in a speech on saturday salaries former allies did see this move is a betrayal a move to drive forces loyal to him out of the capital sana'a the rebels say the politician was killed while he was trying to flee the city in fact the car you can see here is believed to be the one he was trying to escape in the shia militants
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claim that santa is now under their control with pro salai militias defeated a local journalist in the yemeni capital believes that there's a been a clear divide among yemenis over salaries dealings with the saudis. this latest decision to turn back to the domination of saudi arabia has angered many yemenis pressuring the saudi was there to the killing of thousands of civilians and also it's a devastating impact of its blockade will be imposed of the country. such a decision. for. saudi arabia to offer their new. releases with. such news also have been welcomed by some of the yemenis for the u.n. says it cannot confirm the safety of its staff in santa the moment and there's fear there will be more instability and violence in the country security and political
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analyst. believes that the saudi led coalition could soon retaliate heavily for the death of the politician it's not the first time he switches sides this shift has been part of his political career it's not the first time that he changed changed his political position and his alliances now this time was a drastic failure the people of yemen after so many years of saudi bombardment i don't think they're ready to sit and talk with the saudis as if nothing happened there was a statement by the saudis actually where they threatened to bomb some arcanite or there's going to be more bloodshed this failure in this conspiracy perhaps will push the saudis for more aggression more destruction and that's very unfortunate for the yemeni people. to mali in west africa now where the country's president has confirmed that mali and soldiers were killed in
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a french airstrike in october the french army yearly said that their operation targeted forces that had deserted to join an islamist group although it is now believed those soldiers had been taken hostage by the jihadists. the hostages and the should be ambiguity about that between french friends and one of those stories where the truth is really hard to be established but what we know for sure so far is that at the end of the toper the french military stationed in africa is part of the anti terrorist operation but hunt carried out a strike targeting the northern part of mali the country's troubled region suffering a lot in the last five years and currently from islamist violence according to the french commanders fifteen jihadist were killed in the attack including who they believe were former mollen soldiers who joined the ranks of the islamists but what is surprising in this situation is the reaction of mali's president despite the
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death of the country's soldiers that could have been killed by mistake and could be considered as collateral damage his reaction is very moderate it's regrettable unfortunate happen in these types of operations we should. not look for breeds exist why is he doing that it's really hard to say he may have his that his own reasons and we know that mali has been helped a lot by friends to fight against islamist groups in the northern part of the country but again this is one of those stories where the accounts could be different from sides involved and it's really hard to establish where is the truth . if griffin often with that report we're joined now by he's a political analyst to talk about this could even. the president said that you know we can't make excuses and people should admit what happened but at the same time i can't help but feel he's holding back
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a bit is being careful with his words isn't it. well i think he has to be careful definitely trances has got five thousand men soldiers over there at the beginning don't forget that it was the mali and interim government which invited the french soldiers over there and france for historical request article reasons has a lot of power in mali today so i think he is holding back it is however quite surprising that he's going public with such a statement and saying that france so should acknowledged that it is responsible for such an attack this is rare in such a situation that they may insinuate that france is actually lying on this situation so i definitely think there's a this is an agenda between. and and the french government today something is probably going is being discussed right now don't forget that twenty eight thousand is going to be a new year a lot of elections in mali local regional and presidential elections so this may have to be to do with something between negotiating between france and political
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parties today and in my own is it a surprise that france hasn't. commented on this. yes it is because i think they're quite surprised you probably do see that the current president has as a knowledge and they don't want this to come to the surface it you know if it is true and as the president as you know he has said of course this can happen in such operations i think that now they're reviewing what the best political statement would be it is not easy to say exactly what happened in that on that night of the twenty third twenty fourth of october there have been meetings already between the government malley and the french ministry and value and apparently it had been said at that time that it was not these would discourage have been maybe a french military having done this it wasn't explicit he said like that but he was insinuating at that time that nobody spoke about it and i was coming back early december i think francis quite surprised and it's going to think about how to react
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not to react but how would you react to this particular statement and do you think that this might severely affect relations between france and molly was this something they'll work through all the work through the work through i think there's no doubt about this this this cannot jeopardize it all france's bar con operations there i think as i said a couple seconds ago minutes ago that this if you're saying this at this moment is that he has something that's negotiate with or the french government so this it's all about this this the french military will say there that france has too many interests in mali today whether it be a new reign here whether it be the six thousand french people living there or the economic interests and of course it's fighting specially against the jihadists and so this will not jeopardize it all the relationship between well in france but this is just a little. bit of a real blow in the cheek of france to try to get something or try to negotiate
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something now between mali and france i can a kind of a thanks be time to not we'll leave it that was at an academy political you know nice thank you. now a top us political reporter working for a.b.c. news has been suspended without pay after making false claims about potential collusion between team trump and moscow he stated that former national security advisor michael flynn was directed by trump to make contact with russia before the election took place but flynn is not believed to the stablished dialogue until after the vote trumps former aide has been making the headlines since friday when he pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with the then russian ambassador to the u.s. in became the first former white house official to be charged in the so-called russia investigation but invader now explains fake news is masking what the probe into alleged collusion is actually uncovered. after almost
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a year of investigations into whether team trump and big bad russia were in on it together the only concrete things to come out of those inquiries is a couple charges of making false statements and a shocking revelation that we knew a year ago this building doesn't see anything necessarily. you know you know appropriate about. members of the incoming administration and foreign officials that are what's on tree right now and again this is an ongoing we have no. you know no comment during no problem with them doing such on their own the obama administration saw no issue in michael flynn's conversations with the then russian ambassador because it was par for the course but that didn't stop the media running wild over his guilty plea for in fact checking to the wind like a.b.c.'s award winning chief investigative correspondent brian ross who won't be on the air for the next four weeks because of his false reporting on flint he's prepared to testify we have told by a confidante against president trump against members of from family and others in
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the white house is prepared to testify the president as a candidate donald rather ordered him directly to make contact with the russians which contradicts all the government has said this point that bombshell report sent shock waves across the nation even taking the u.s. stock market only to be proved fake in reality michael flynn was asked to contact the russians only after trump had already won the election which makes a world of difference you can't sway a vote that's already played out a.b.c. issued an apology about how they deeply regret the serious error saying they had not fully vetted ross the story well maybe they should have known better given his history of producing fake news back in two thousand and one ross made the explosive claim that saddam hussein may have been responsible for anthrax attacks in the u.s. citing only anonymous sources the white house personally shot down that story and what they refer to as concocted claims one news agency describe ross as quote having produced more high level haphazard reporting than perhaps any other reporter
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. although to be fair he's far from alone when it comes to reporting especially when it comes to stories on russia. will dispute that he ever assured the president that he was not under any kind of investigation. the march the thirtieth of. april eleventh as well told him we're not investigating personally that was true. corrections clarifications and apologies are all well and good but more often than not once the fake story is out of the bag the retraction does little to put it back
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at. me while the f.b.i. has been threatened with legal action after it was accused of hiding information from lawmakers the u.s. house intelligence committee says the agency needs to explain why it dropped a key agent in the so-called russia investigation from new york is. well the u.s. lawmakers on the house intelligence committee want information from the f.b.i. and if they don't get it there could be criminal charges for contempt now at this point what the committee wants to find out is why top f.b.i. investigator who was looking into trump in the allegations of russian collusion and such they want to know why he was fired now reports seem to indicate that he was fired for an anti trump an anti republican bias that can committee has set monday as the day that they want to know they want testimony and they want answers from
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the f.b.i. this is devon noone is the chair of the house intelligence committee explaining their frustration. by hiding from congress i'm from the american people documented political bias by a key head investigator for both the russian collusion probe the clinton investigation the f.b.i. and the do you engage in a willful attempt to thwart congress's constitutional oversight responsibility so if information is not provided with monday being the deadline it appears that legal action could be taken against the department of justice and the f.b.i. now republicans are pointing to peter strock and his possible bias as proof that the investigation into russia and donald trump may be politically motivated from the beginning so now in his usual style donald trump got on twitter and he spoke up and was highly critical of the f.b.i. he said that the reputation of the f.b.i.
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is in tatters and he said that it's tainted he called the f.b.i. dishonest now the house and house intelligence committee says that they want answers from the department of justice about why this topic agent was fired they want answers they want information and if they don't get it this will be going to court. in other news a senior white house adviser says the president has not yet decided on why that are recognized to receive them as the capital of israel speculation has been rife he might make a decision this week president's going to make his decision and and he hasn't made his decision he's still looking at a lot of different facts and that when he makes his decision. he'll be the one to want to tell your nominee. well jerusalem is a holy city for muslims christians and jews and it's been a key area of dispute in the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians to israeli government claims jerusalem as its capital though most of the international
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community doesn't recognize it as such however if the u.s. were to recognize it it would likely inflame tensions in the middle east well trump's initiative to move his country's embassy to jerusalem which he outlined on the presidential campaign trail has been condemned by the arab league countries their secretary general does warn that the proposal would fuel extremism and lead to violence there was similar sentiment from the jordan's foreign affairs minister to he warned here of a negative outcome for the whole of the arab and muslim world jordan has already called an emergency meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation and the arab league on the potential consequences of trump's decision journalist a media activist tab things that the u.s. doesn't understand how sensitive the issue is. not a single country because they understand that this is a sensitive issue and they don't want to kind of heard we tamper with something
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that sensitive so i think the u.s. is playing with fire is the u.s. doesn't understand the jerusalem is not a palestinian issue alone it is an arab issue it's in the muslim issue and it's an issue of real consequence and sensitivity to millions in over a billion and a grenade here and it's going to blow up we're going to lob in everybody's face. by tomorrow we should know russia's fate for the upcoming winter olympics in south korea and whether it will be hit by a blanket the international olympic committee is due to meet in the sand in switzerland to discuss the findings of two commissions into alleged sponsored dipping in russia well just ahead of that meeting an interview with a key figure in the doping scandal has been released. takes up the story. this further act in law as long it could still be anything has got plenty of options from a blanket ban of the entire russian team to giving an option to the sporting federations
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the international ones to decide on specific disciplines and and a vigil athletes when it comes to making decisions on either the young chang twenty eighteen the limbic hopefuls or saatchi champions or both so far the i.o.c. has been sticking to an individual approach in all cases are being looked at separately which does give hope to the russian athletes however as the investigation continues the man who was behind all the end to work in accusations and the first place the former head of moscow's anti-doping laborde three grigori watching call of keeps coming up with more things to blame the russians for just to remind you mr rob is wanted over criminal charges in russia after he fled the country and disgrace he is called a whistleblower by the western media and the i.o.c. calls him a credible witness well ahead of the international olympic committee's verdict
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a video interview with mr watching called surface and the russian media where one of the things that he's talking about is apparently his motivation. the minister. is that a seeing this. is this is. what mr rotten cover is referring to the documentary film he's talking about the curse film which brought up the russian doping scandal and he was one of the main contributors to it but it looks like from what he said that there are always folks that are ready to offer plenty of cash for what the
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doctor says or what he allegedly has how this affects his motivation you can decide for yourself but let's move on and listen to another bit of that interview sunni shia are going to. be going to. east. you know. there is even. if you actually knew. this school. so once again in a nutshell grigori watching just refer to his all lab as one of the two almighty board theories it is allegedly capable of cheating both ways to clear the russian team of positive doping tests or to destroy the russian sport and entirely for
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a few years so you might as well bear all that in mind when you listen to the international olympic committee delivering its verdict on wednesday evening when you hear words like credible witness trusted evidence the international olympic committee stands by all that evidence but remember that mr raja inc of said it out loud that he received a whole lot of money for that evidence. now activists broke into an apple store in paris on saturday demanding the company pay a thirty billion euro it fine. on the. wall the. protesters were seen holding banners saying we will stop when apple pays and pay your taxes they
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occupied the store for several hours and only left and they were assured a meeting of the company's management team similar demonstrations took place across france a year ago a new rule that island had applied preferential rules to apple allowing it a lower tax rate than other companies registered their european commission ordered apple to pay thirteen bows but the company has a paper with the decision a spokesperson for the activists in france says they will continue to protest until the tax bill is paid we know very well that up all these great to be done to gain you know discreetly taxation but we are not british stocks so. we do go on and we know very well the couple is going to try to move to change the strategy . now russian bus manufacturer has produced a cutting edge new electric vehicle that's generating interest around the world we call france santiago went to visit their factory to find out what sets it apart
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from the rest. work the trolls a trolley bus number one and sally bus productions putting out power of a hundred thousand trolley buses since one thousand to fifty one elderly as nine hundred seventy began executables in an electric bus with a dynamic short system is an optimal solution for cities that already have over one ring the special features of these vehicles include lithium ion batteries the level of vehicle to run twenty to fifty kilometers without the need for additional charge the battery capacity can be selected by the customer is a more comfortable public transport vehicle equipped lube range of speeches such as climate control insulated blazing fire range visibility windshields make seating both the driver and passengers it's a super modern bus where you are exporting to right now and what are the plans for the future. twenty fourteen to twenty seven saying we're experiencing electric buses to argentina right now we have a few interesting projects with the european bank reconstruction and development
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and we're also in negotiations with a number of countries in southeast asia so we have three plans. to doing that probably. by the survey on a study a strong by service has its own story like in court about how we found the trolls and made it all our needs it has a high quality machine is it offer solutions such as for special needs passengers they have thought through everything the seat layout very spacious is it to use excessive billing a lot of things that make people's rights more comfortable presidents couldn't wait to have the new look to go online and now they're asking for more so we have already planned another tip and i hope will continue the partnership with chelsea now it's time for you to. get the truck like whole.
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thing. oh so. i never drove a bus or yelling something that takes off almost as fast as a rock except the fact electro bus weighs fourteen tons so i could do it so can you have a cigar brush or the frets juggle. thanks being with us tonight so i'm back with more news in just over half and.
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michael flynn emits lying to the f.b.i. the reaction of russia gators and the liberal media is jubilation but why when submission in fact deflates the now popular conspiracy theory. i'm after a time they were going underground on the day defacto catalan president called double faces a belgian court to defend the right of his people to break up spain coming over the
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show from the millions of bodies that lie in ashes of endless imperial wars around the world to the world of journalists on the ever developing electronic battlefield we speak george winning journalist and filmmaker john pilger about using his documentaries to smash mainstream media silence all this and more coming up on today's going underground well no one said it would be easy but today u.k. prime minister tourism a meets with the president of the european commission. those who support that are a very loose coalition of those left behind by rampant neo liberal economic policies stemming from successive u.k. governments and idealistic utopian free marketeers those against it include the failed and bailed out city of london financial institutions and what is nebulously called the establishment those who've done relatively well as inequality has soared and of course there is the young educated by british school curricula that is arguably privileged identity politics over the last five decades such of them rex it appears isolationist and anti travel has for britain is arguable colonial rule
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of the united states its attempt to intervene in the brics and referendum was clear and i believe the u.k. strengthens both our collective security and prosperity through the e.u. . in the twenty first century the nations that make their presence felt on the world stage aren't the nations that go it alone the british people didn't vote the way washington wanted it to and whichever way our british viewers voted one thing is next guest has been one of the few thorns in the sunlight of mainstream narratives some of which ultimately appeared to have failed to persuade the british people to vote to remain in the european union his name is john pilger the award winning author and filmmaker who revealed to the world not only the horrors of nato wars but the deliberately hidden abuse of power by nato governments a retrospective of his entire film work is now being held at the british library where gulmarg to change a third of the world within decades of writing there the british library festival celebrates the acquisition of six decades of print film and radio from john pilger you can go and see some of the films and watch john pilger talk at the british
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library on the ninth and tenth of december he joins me now john thanks for coming back on what's your reaction to this other ration of your work in the british library well i'm armed absolutely delighted the british library is is a wonderful institution. and i went to an exhibition the year or two about propaganda. and i thought it was really splendid. so to be included in the iraq.


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