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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EST

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headline stories this hour a former yemeni president is killed by rebel fighters close to the country's capital as fighting in the war ravaged country intensifies the united nations is now calling on all sides to hostilities. also it's d. day for team russia is the international olympic committee to give its verdict on whether the country can compete that twenty eight winter games but moscow is still questioning the validity of the investigation being used to. being. presented standoff between the u.s. government and the intelligence community the f.b.i. and justice department are given ultimatums by republicans to details of key
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investigations. every year tuning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow on to r.t. international i mean o'neill good of your company we begin in yemen the country's former president ali abdullah saleh has been killed close to the capital some the fighting there intensifies the escalation has led the united nations to call for an end to the conflict. we find the events unfolding there to be deeply disturbing with ground clashes and airstrikes having dramatically escalated in sana and surrounding governor it's our humanitarian colleagues are receiving desperate calls for help by trapped families but are unable to reach those who have been injured we
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renew our call on all warring parties for an immediate cessation of hostilities in sana salah was reportedly killed by which he rebels he fled the yemeni capital please be aware that the footage you are about to show you is extremely graphic it purportedly shows the former president's body. well until recently sellers allies had been fighting alongside the rebels against the current president however on saturday he made a public break from the shia opposition fighters no that was seen as a betrayal by the who tease a local journalist in some gave us his view that the felt. was this urgent to return back to the domination of saudi arabia has a good many yemenis to pressure the. saudi to the killing go for thousands of civilians and also it's a devastating impact over its blockade of the country. such
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a decision that the. saudi arabia to offer did you. choose with. such news also had been welcomed by the yemenis. ali abdullah saleh led yemen from nineteen ninety until twenty twelve and was the country's first president that was after playing a key role in the merger between north yemen he was our state from power during the arab spring uprising well since twenty twelve yemen has been riven by civil war and military intervention by the saudi led coalition has triggered a major humanitarian crisis and the u.n. has also said the saudi led coalition's strikes have been stepped up one hundred twenty five people are believed to have been killed two hundred thirty injured in the country since friday alone the organization cannot confirm the safety of its
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own stuff and at the moment political analyst omar in a shabby told us he believes the saudi led coalition could retaliate for sellers killing after the ex leader said he was ready for a new page in relations with riyadh. it's not the first time he switches sides this shift has been part of his political career it's not the first time that he changed his political position and his alliances this time was a drastic failure the people of yemen after so many years of saudi bombardment i don't think they're ready to see and talk with this as if nothing happened there was a statement by the saudis actually where they threatened to bomb the night or there's going to be more bloodshed this failure in this conspiracy perhaps will push the saudis for more aggression more destruction and that's very unfortunate for the yemeni people. so another headline stories this hour the fate of team the
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upcoming winter olympics in south korea is to be decided later on tuesday the international olympic committee is due to meet in less than switzerland to assess the findings of two commissions into alleged state sponsored doping in russia the i.o.c. is considering a number of options for russia's our fleets the most severe would be a blanket ban on the entire eighteen another is for the committee to pass responsibility onto the sporting federations like the i.o.c. did in twenty sixteen before the summer games and real it also could allow russian athletes to compete but as neutral so that would mean russia's flag a national anthem would be missing from the games we spoke to the president of the european olympic committees he say's a blanket ban would be the wrong move. i think that if you see where the bat the fall it takes would be. i do not think that we need to use force or
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any of that as the suit of called water that is but as of are all one and the side but you should be able to work in even on the condition of but i think that you should examine the facts. to go on little my point of view should punish old those who may go play golf as is but not but legation proven go up because this is and you should allow that but dissipation of all the clean sport this. will the two commissions that will effectively determine russia's fate for the twenty eight games hold separate rules first of all there is the wall commission which is looking into individual athletes cases and allegations that positive samples were swapped for clean ones another is this the schmidt commission investigating the nature of doping violations on the participation of government
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officials in it now they were both established last year after a canadian lawyer published its reports on his team on alleged state sponsored doping in russia. damning mclaren reports on alleged state sponsored doping in russia has led to many athletes being stripped of their medals and others prevented from taking part in major events including the olympics however a few things in the report just don't add up before we break them down it's worth noting that the international olympic committee itself was not satisfied with the evidence in a letter to richard mclaren the i.o.c. ostrom more conclusive proof the document was covered with the phrase how to demonstrate that almost every athlete's name moreover it was admitted by wada but in many cases the evidence provided may not be sufficient to bring successful cases
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of dr richard mclaren's findings were issued into pogs they claim that over a thousand russian athletes were involved in a state sponsored doping program let's meet the riposte star witness. the former head of a moscow anti doping lab he's facing charges over destroying test samples. and the e-mails presented as proof of state involvement come from his own computer. russian sports officials deny the allegations but did richard mclaren consider to get their side of the story i'd made a decision that with fifty seven days to do my work i didn't have the time and they didn't seem to have the interest so i didn't do that that came after the first part of the report issued in july twenty sixth. the second came six months later so the investigative team did eventually meet with some russian officials but not by. the sports minister at the time of the alleged undercover doping scheme. would
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kick. the central allegation of mclaren's report is that positive year in samples were systematically swapped for clean ones on top of that it describes how salts. next cafe granules added to clean samples to make the match dirty ones and trick the testers. that information came courtesy of. another question this raises how do you swap the samples of a high security which is swiss manufacturer guarantees can't be tampered with richard mclaren doesn't have an answer on how the russians did it he just says it can be done and that's enough have seen it i've seen it done and i have inspected it and it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know that it can be done but despite all the questions and doubts over mclaren's evidence russian athletes are being punished on an unprecedented scale i have that we will be able to see some evidence for what they are being punished and
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that is not because then i would be terribly afraid of giving samples. or we got reaction from some other police or received based on the maclaurin report . with up until now nothing was going on that isn't all athletes were in good physical condition and that is why they showed great results and this whole thing is just made up by a single person. who are disappointed by this new. training. lympics couldn't explain to us why they banned us for life from the games this is just. evidence for it our sport is all about skill and techniques and not taken some. this is the first we've heard of any of this but nothing will explain they just said there was crashes and selling in the samples i believe this move is politically motivated and is being done through the school for
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the whole russian team from the olympic games and well just twenty four hours before the pivotal i.o.c. meeting in switzerland an interview with a key figure in the doping scandal was released a trickle has been looking at that for us as the investigation continues the man who was behind all the end to work in accusations in the first place the former head of moscow's anti-doping laborde three grigori watching call of keeps coming up with more things to blame the russians for just to remind you mr raja in call of is wanted over criminal charges in russia after he fled the country in disgrace he is called that was sold by the western media and the i.o.c. calls him a credible witness well ahead of the international olympic committee's verdict a video interview with mr watching called surface and the russian media where one
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of the things that he's talking about is apparently his motivation. they. just didn't need. but you know whether. it's the minister. is going to seeing this. and that is this is. what mr rotten cover is referring to the documentary film he's talking about the curse film which brought up the russian doping scandal and he was one of the main contributors to a but it looks like from what he said that there are always folks that are ready to offer plenty of cash for what the doctor says or what he allegedly has how this affects his motivation you can decide for yourself but let's move on and listen to
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another bit of that interview sunni shia are going to. be going to. east. you know. there is. actually. so once again in a nutshell grigori watching just refer to his all lab as one of the two almighty laborde it is allegedly capable of cheating both ways to clear the russian team of positive doping tests or to destroy the russian sport and entirely for a few years so you might as well bear all that in mind when you listen to the
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international olympic committee delivering its verdict on wednesday evening when you hear words like credible witness trusted evidence the international olympic committee stands by all that evidence but remember that mr raja of said it out loud that he received a whole lot of money for that evidence but we will be following the meeting in los on through today on our correspondent at the i.o.c. headquarters will be keeping us posted on not final decision for the athletes. u.s. republicans could hold the f.b.i. under partment of justice in contempt of congress both agencies have been given all tomatoes to provide key details from two investigations into u.s. russia collusion and hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state the deadline which was until the end of monday has not passed and it would seem the intelligence community hasn't
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complied with the the months artie's killer bump and can explain more. house intelligence committee has made clear that it wants answers we've heard from devon noone is the chair of the house intelligence committee saying that if the department of justice and the f.b.i. did not come forward and provide the information that they are requesting they could be facing charges of contempt and taken to court now at this point the intel committee the house intelligence committee wants information about what happened regarding the firing of an f.b.i. agent peter struck who was investigating donald trump there are rumors that he was fired because he had a clear bias against the president and was supporting hillary clinton now they've given december fourth monday as the deadline for when they are demanding that the f.b.i. comply and provide this information we have heard devon newness the chair of the house intelligence committee describing frustration with the department of justice
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and the f.b.i. saying they're stonewalling and holding back the investigation not providing the information that is needed by hiding from congress i'm from the american people documented political bias by a good investigator for both the russian collusion probe. investigation the f.b.i. and the do you engage in a willful attempt to thwart constitutional oversight responsibility now donald trump is spoken up on twitter he's spoken out against the f.b.i. said that their behavior is disgraceful that the reputation of the federal bureau of investigation is in tatters he's definitely spoken up and quite critical of the f.b.i. now at this point the f.b.i. has not provided the information requested by the congressional committee so we're waiting to see will they be taken to court will they be hit with the contempt charges as was threatened. ok let's cross live to be us joined jennifer breeden the foreign policy attorney on funder of breeden law international to discuss this
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further welcome to the program jennifer so there we have it the deadline has come and gone and it seems the agencies haven't complied it will be intelligence committee go through with their threats. it's very possible that they could you know they're they're stonewalling these they're still all in these facts and they're going to continue to do that you know back after nine eleven we had this wall of separation between the intelligence community and the department of justice and congress and so by by withholding this information by withholding what it is that congress wants to see they want to see how many people that are politically biased against presidencia and pro in favor of hillary clinton have taken part in some of these quote special investigation or independent counsels and if the intelligence community refuses to hand over this information i mean it's going to show that this wall is still remains between the congress who is the voice of the people of the united states and between the intelligence community and the department of justice does the intelligence committee actually have the power to
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punish the agencies for compliance that were. oh yes well i mean this is one of those things so in the united states we have these you know these balances balance of powers a separation of powers between the legislative the judicial and the executive branches and so right now this is basically a this is basically a fight now between the legislative branch and the executive branch and because of that it's called the checks and balances system which means that there is some measure of authority over certain things there's a measure of authority from the legislative to the executive from the executive to the judicial but it just depends very very narrow and this so would be a very minuscule punishment but it would be something indeed because congressional reports from the intelligence congressional committee that is trying to get this information could certainly put a hamper on what is happening right now and this will become immediately public record just to get your thoughts on why this is happening what circumstances curd there be for the department of justice the f.b.i.
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to disclose the information. because frankly it's an embarrassment and embarrassment to not only to the parliament of justice but the f.b.i. because if this is just we're talking about just one guy this peter struck but i mean there could be more people and so this would be an embarrassment to show that for all this time for all the hours and hours and months of c.n.n. coverage of a quote russia collusion which but there's still been no evidence between donald trump himself and russia and any kind of election collusion so if you're the look at all of this coverage and this stuff the stories that have surfaced would d.o.j. reports and then find out that it's all been started two of these investigations as hillary clinton's e-mails being kind of ignored by james comey but also this trump russia investigation it's all been started by somebody that hated donald trump and love hillary clinton that's not only embarrassing but it really puts everything at risk that the d.o.j. in the f.b.i. claim they want to do just as an end of investigative body and trying to be independent it just really puts puts it all in jeopardy and it makes that not only
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the american people but the rest of the world say what kind of justice department is using these people who you should have vetted who you should have known are so politically motivated so politically biased what you can actually look at the laws . to this which it really comes out is that the intelligence committee were only allowed to speak to two witnesses the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. only allowed that is that enough. if course it's not enough because you're talking about this this does this person peter struck his actually he was caught having multiple phone conversations with a mistress of his who is also a lion so there are multiple not only ethical violations but legal violations here which probably cross the deaths in paths of many people not only within the department of justice but within the f.b.i. i mean we're talking thousands of people and both of these branches and so having two people here is certainly not enough they have to furnish more people and i know that the congressional committee on intelligence is going to continue to subpoena
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witnesses and they do have a duty to bring more people forward that have probably seen this and have knowledge of this evidence here take this hour thank you very much jennifer braden foreign policy attorney funder of braden law international. american presidents have had to deal with some of the because they also have to solve some smaller more the mystic issues too. when we went to morrow we are going to.
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of. our sort of. start over. nice. those areas brother one by god it's. the water from the film gervase. britain's independent press watchdog plans to stump twenty five hundred of the country's newspapers and websites with its own special seal of approval it would be to show that a dean's the publications repeatable they are not producing fake or misleading news
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but. i strongly believe that i.p.s. so membership helps our publishers distinguish themselves from the unregulated thereby demonstrating that they choose to hold themselves accountable to higher standards. well some of the publications that aren't planning to give its stamp of approval to have pretty dubious reporting records the daily mail for instance back in twenty sixteen had to publish a retraction after releasing an article suggesting donald trump's wife was working for an escort service and the sun newspaper has also had to admit to publishing factually inaccurate articles in the post one story it run which drew controversy claim that one in five british muslims sympathize with islamic state that was found to be false by regulators stating the article was significantly misleading political activist george barda sees these examples are just the tip of the iceberg . it's very much for grabs in so many ways what what is the truth these days now
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what i would say from my point of view is that there is still a role for. media organizations that have some kind of framework around them some kind of. behind them that can do it to proper investigations and you know reveal important things daily telegraph for instance which is signed up to this self-regulation body is responsible in my opinion for enormous amounts of fake news over the last few years and about climate change and many other things that are hugely important issues with this ridiculous situation where. newspapers like the sun the daily mail etc that many of us in the progressive side of spent decades critiquing and essentially trying to expose the manipulations of holding themselves up with this nice new kind of brand about press freedom and responsibility as the truth. attendees at a church gathering in the u.s.
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city of detroit accuse the democratic party of double standards especially when it comes to race the outrage was triggered by allegations of sexual misconduct against the house of representatives longest serving member of the group are demanding jew process in the case of democrat john conyers denies the accusations put forward by his former aides in washington there have been calls for the veteran congressman to resign but some believe that's just done to his age and his race. but we got to tell you it is democrat republican black why don't you indonesian everybody should be treated with the same system by the same route by the same measure by the saying passed this is america and it's time that america realized that we must treat people equally and i do believe in profit that he isn't there. you know why didn't you speak. about something and i do believe.
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well some democrats have been accused of turning a blind guy over similar allegations against another party member senator al franken especially as he already admitted to one case of assault while mr conyers who is known as late eighty's is being viewed as someone ready to step down anyway he became prominent in u.s. politics back when lyndon b. johnson was president in the sixty's i don't think that senator franken with and with roy moore there is two different things but i also have to accept an apology i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish them well how ever congressman conyers should resign media commentator john griffin says the u.s. public is more concerned about serious crime not allegations against politicians. political reality is becoming a lot like reality television to be quite honest so much focus has been paid to
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scandals cause it's so easy to distract people from what matters with accusations in many cases baseless and unproven this is really pandering to the lowest common denominator we're talking about issues that clearly don't matter to the people that actually are pushing them like let's let's look at the people who are pushing the sexual harassment controversy with roy moore these are folks that can be heard on any other day defending actual rape us in actual kind of files ok so when we look at that then we really have we really can have a clear understanding that this is not really about that it's about the policies that these individuals want to prevent from becoming law let's talk about those policies let's talk about our policy disagreements and let's stop throwing mud because it's really a waste of the people's time. get us where we leave for our news for now if you'd like to know more r.t. delta com always coverdell c owner and often our son stay with our team.
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ah. time is getting into. recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and members of
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the commission. like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going off on sunday oh maybe. john. kerry should be the only palestinians who gets the most hopeful is to resume counterparts i don't think some of those who. wish to believe that it is. i know it is unfair to this lady of the muscle that you have i don't know if you compete in the doesn't seem to do more in the middle so lost her temper presumably. by max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know america is becoming one big ghetto with heroin eric nodding out everywhere across every socio economic plane of
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existence every group stacey well the thing you're trying to bring up is the fact that if you tune into the news where you go to look for an analysis of what is happening in your economy what is happening in your culture your politics to understand the world around you. it's all russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia in the meantime i think russia is like five or six thousand miles it thousand miles from here well if you count the whole country it's like thousands and thousands of miles across russia but right here in this country i saw this image it's a video. of these clerks at a gas station shop.


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