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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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artie's top stories the former president george of course is chaos in the ukrainian capital after he threatens to jump off a roof gets arrested and is then freed from a police car by his supporters. it's d.-day for team russia as the international olympic committee prepares to give its verdict on whether the country can compete at the twenty eighteen winter games as moscow questions the political nature of the investigation into doping offenses. and germany's foreign minister slams u.s. sanctions on russia saying burn in solidarity with washington has been stretched to the limits.
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here at r.t. h.q. in moscow tuesday afternoon at six here in the russian capital our top story this hour the former georgian president ukrainian opposition politician really has caused chaos today in the ukrainian capital kiev in the space of a few hours he managed to climb onto the roof of an apartment block threatening to jump off after police searched his home he was then removed and arrested by security services before then being freed from custody by a crowd of his supporters. the old iggy. who hears about a few i was earlier than that when he was removed by security service offices a few days ago his political movement held a major rally again demanding the impeachment of ukraine's president poroshenko altie correspondent dina culture has been following events. the georgian politician made quite a scene this tuesday morning in the center of the ukrainian capital now mikhail
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saakashvili a was arrested for charges assisting criminals and concealing their criminal activities before that happened the politician confined himself to the roof of the building reported these threats ning to jump off a roof in protest law enforcement officials broke the door of his apartment and thirst the flat or so of course such a move attracted hundreds so he soon orders that gathered outside of the building and was seen shouting into the crowds while emergency services were arriving to the scene carrying a ladder and all that was even transmitted wife on ukrainian t.v. now police used tear gas against the first asters really interesting sad story taking place in ukraine these days when former best friend of the current president
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is ready and broiled in the country's politics because our country is known for his quite a turbulent political career he was a georgian president for nine years till two thousand and thirteen back in two thousand and eight he was practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he was filmed for the b.b.c. news report chewing his own tiny he left his native country of georgia he was charged to woo. with corruption and abuse of power as well as other multiple criminal charges in two thousand and fifteen saakashvili gave up his georgian citizenship as he accepted it all for to become the governor of the i desk region well that didn't last for a long and he resigned back in november twenty sixth scene and the following year the president of ukraine petro poroshenko personally removed his citizenship well that happened when he was not in ukraine so he tried to get back to the country and
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he tried to cross the border this and his supporters practically carried him across the police line at the polish border so while. it is appealing this decision in court right now he remains to be a politician with no valid citizenship. well i discussed all that with martin mccauley he's a russia analyst and historian and he believes that it's difficult to take saakashvili seriously given his political legacy. is really really is like a community changes every day he changes opinions and so on and his political solution has been absolutely astonishing is because of the communists in georgia he came to the top as a democrat some of the opposing forces of corruption and so on he then became president. and he was a darling of the west. thought that he was
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a great guy georgia they were talking about georgia becoming a member of nato and so on and then came his very foolish attack in two thousand and eight the war with russia which was really his nemesis the americans warned him not to do it but he was behaved very headstrong as he takes his oldest million exalted cultural so on. he played his cards badly and he was forced to leave georgia sectors as president moved into ukraine. the face of russia at the upcoming winter olympics in south korea will be decided in a matter of hours now the international olympic committee is meeting as we speak in switzerland sports officials they're assessing the findings of two commissions with one of them investigating alleged state sponsored doping in russia and the i.o.c. is considering a number of punitive measures against russian athletes the most severe would be a blanket ban on team russia another possibility would be for the committee to pass
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responsibility on to the relevant sporting federations the third option would be to allow athletes to compete but as neutrals meaning russians flag and national anthem would be absent from the games. even months before the decision there had been intense pressure for a total ban on team russia and doping officials and even athletes from other nations are demanding a full suspension of the country however russia denies any systematic nature to the doping violations calling the unprecedented actions already taken by the i.o.c. as politically motivated the doping scandal was triggered back in twenty fifteen by the mclaren report published by a canadian lawyer however the document meant to prove widespread and state backed doping violations is still being questioned over its supporting evidence. the damning mclaren reports on alleged state sponsored doping in russia has led to many athletes being stripped of their meadows and others prevented from taking part in major events including the olympics however
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a few things in the report just don't add up before we break them down it's worth noting that the international olympic committee itself was not satisfied with the evidence in a letter to richard mclaren the i.o.c. ostrom more conclusive proof the document was covered with the phrase how to demonstrate almost every athlete's name moreover it was admitted by wada but in many cases the evidence provided may not be sufficient to bring successful cases dr richard mclaren's findings were issued into pogs they claim that over one thousand russian athletes were involved in a state sponsored doping program let's meet the report's star witness. the former head of a moscow anti doping lab he's facing charges over destroying test samples and the e-mails presented as proof of state involvement come from his own computer. russian sports officials deny the allegations but did richard mclaren consider to get their
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side of the story i'd made a decision that with fifty seven days to do my work i didn't have the time and they didn't seem to have the interest so i didn't do that that came after the first part of the reports issued in july twenty sixth. the second came six months later so the investigative team did eventually meet with some russian officials but not by. the sports minister at the time of the alleged undercover doping scheme. like. the central allegation of mclaren's report is that positive year in samples was systematically swapped for clean ones on top of that it describes how so. cafe granules added to clean samples to make the match dirty ones and trick the testers. that information came courtesy of. another question this raises how do you swap the samples of
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a high security part two which is swiss manufacturer guarantees can't be tampered with richard mclaren doesn't have an answer on how the russians did it he just says it can be done and that's enough seen it i've seen it done and i'll be inspected if it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know that it can be done but despite all the questions and doubts over mclaren's evidence russian athletes are being punished on an unprecedented scale i hope that we will be able to see some evidence for what they are being punished and it is not that there are some marks on the bottles because then i would be terribly afraid of giving samples. russia acted swiftly with a number of strong measures after the world anti-doping agency laid out a road map and reform the structure of the country's anti drugs agency and allowed international experts to take control of its tests it also made doping a criminal offense punishable with a jail sentence a law that only currently imposed by a handful of european countries despite this last month was still found the russian
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agency to be noncompliant with saddam at eighteen out of twenty criteria saying it couldn't meet the final two because it denies any government run doping program ever existed sports lawyer lucien vallone thinks russia's doping scandals being highly politicized. in a way to see he's dealing with these issues and i sync they will make a fair decision that means no collective sanctions against the russian i think there is a political fight against russia going on board wide not only in sport but in all areas and we only can hope that i.o.c. does not fall into these threats of wada by alleging new evidence is without showing them to the world and i think all this made clear that it is
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a political attempt of vada and that is the bad thing because war is an institution that should protect clean athletes and what they are trying to do is the opposite and so far twenty five russian athletes have been banned from the olympics after the commission examining their cases presented its findings many of them will be stripped of their medals toppling russia from the top of the sochi twenty fourteen medal table trying to travel to the host country for next winter olympics to find out how locals there feel about russia potentially missing the games. south korea first bid to become the home of winter olympics almost sixteen years ago in two thousand and eight lost to russia's tsotsi but south korea hung in there and eventually did manage to make their dream come true. but at the had over ceremony and saw it she who would have thought that russia a winter sports powerhouse could end up missing out on the games in four years.
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m. korea in two months with the locals. have you heard about the russian don't. know i haven't heard. i don't know about is this a repeat yeah yeah i've never heard this on anything but i. heard he used the medicine. and her face i don't know that each kind of you will see. what do you think the winter olympics would be like without russia. to bring a little bit or so the strongest country. by. people everybody is like. you international soccer game
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spain the you know and it's not really a game when the biggest player is not there and we don't even see right there. i think it's unfair. that just well this is on the for the winter olympics but you know russia. than a whole country that's so few political stuff. in the south korean capital which is looking forward to the country's first winter olympics that could happen without team russia well it will become a lot clearer when that decision is known and a few hours from now we're keeping close watch on the i.o.c. headquarters for when it is announced will be live in listen to what fate awaits russians winter olympians. the german foreign minister has slammed u.s. sanctions on russia saying berlin solidarity with washington has been stretched to the limit so more gabriel added the germany must make its own decisions independent of america's will. and i don't fit in in all cases germany cannot afford to wait
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for a decision from washington act on them we must define our position ourselves and if necessary make it clear to our allies where the borders of our solidarity are stretched to the limit mr gabriele was speaking at a forum about the the future of german foreign policy and where we saw german germany's role going forward in the world he was talking about u.s. imposed sanctions on russia and in particular he brought up red lines regarding the energy russia's energy sector and that energy of course that gets provided here to germany i can tell you from a domestic point of view him as somebody who pays german energy bills they are rocketing up at the moment cross the country so a particularly big issue here for germany he said that. the claims of by washington wanting to perhaps cut off russian gas to german markets was one of these red lines he wouldn't accept that at all especially when it did seem that the u.s.
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were also trying to put forward their own alternatives to taking russian gas in terms of that cold and increased price but when you look at the language used by. he talked about the relationship between the u.s. and the other side of the atlantic being weakened that it was beginning to crumble these type of words would have been unthinkable pre trump when they were talking about that transatlantic relationship but it does seem that the words coming from the foreign minister reflect well the public view here in germany a new poll that being put out suggests that donald trump is the biggest foreign policy problem that germans perceive in the world the only thing that was was more pressing for germans was the refugee crisis but around twenty percent of them said that donald trump was their biggest fear that's much higher than north korea all russia so or sobering words from the german foreign minister talking about the relationship between his country and the united states in the deterioration in that
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relationship that he sees. peter all of the reporting now in the way more warnings in europe about returning families to faisel fight. with this manufacture been sentenced to public will. when the ruling close is protect them so. when the final larry you're a. new middle of the room sick. to be relieved to. see wealth concentration the bureaucratic concentration is sapping the economic
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vitality from this entrepreneurial nation called america and the machinations and the costs associated their way of keeping this huge prison population in place are draining money away from all aspects of society and you've got the problems that you would normally associate with the ghetto like people nodding out in the middle of the day in the middle of the street. hello again with islamic state being eliminated as a military power in syria increasing numbers of i still find his wives and children on now returning to europe and germany's domestic intelligence chief believes they pose as much of a threat as the militants themselves. there are children who have been brainwashed in highly radicalized schools and i still held areas it's a problem for us because many of these kids and teenagers can sometimes be
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dangerous women returning to germany from islamic state have become so radicalized and identify so deeply with eisel ideology that by all accounts they must also be identified as jihadists we have to keep them in our sights i was joined by a couple of guests earlier to ask how they thought when tourney's it should be handled. it wouldn't say that necessarily people have been brainwashed some of the the wives of isis fighters probably have been more ideologically committed to the caliphate than even some of the men there are certainly those who have been duped or who are simply following husbands or lovers who may not be very much committed and kind of were foolish enough to isis and burrs all a terrorist group have declared war on us and i submit to absolute clear they are planting sleepers around the whole of europe who in due course will be called upon to rise up and blow up all innocent citizens we need to take this seriously but
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quite strong reports coming out of isis that they've been training child soldiers children look can come back alone without their parents of their parents are culpable enough to fly without with isis then come back up to the age of say sixteen something like that if that's it seems in the best interest of the child but the parents who have chosen to go and join our enemy who is trying to destroy all civilization should not be allowed back into this country but should put be put on a no fly list i'm not allowed back and what i would like to see is criminal justice rendered fairly and according to the proper standards we've seen that there are a lot of examples of people who are not very committed they've gone there for a variety of reasons and they're quite. disengaged in this in the dissolution models they've taken an adult choice of their over a team whatever their motivations all with his ideological what about they've chosen that decision in full knowledge of the facts and the information they've taken the choice they've been into the need to live with the consequences that does
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directly play very much into the hands of the whole salafi jihadists ideology and it's a very racist and sexist one it's a very aggressive type of ideology that has to be condemned wouldn't it be better and this is what was done after the second world war is to say this and we have to didn't deal with the. the nazi ism not just base continuing the war for every you know draconian approaches if you resort to that kind of thing you have basically legitimised the same thing from from isis all through the war of course it becomes more complicated and so on but we are in a nine hundred forty three forty four situation that once we have defeated the isis ideology then of course we can look at the issues we can look at the individuals and so on but at the moment we are at war. russia's justice ministry has announced that it's placing us media outlets radio free europe and voice of america on a foreign agents list the decision comes in response to similar measures taken
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against r.t. in america so american has the details. well the russian justice ministry has registered two media outlets and seven of its smaller subsidiaries as foreign agents which include voice of america radio free europe as well as present time but the decision is only a mere response to r.t. america's head company being forced to register as a foreign agent in the u.s. while other state funded outlets like b.b.c. all just zero c.c.t.v. and france twenty four somehow didn't fall under the same category while under russia's measure the outlets will have to mark their content as produced on behalf of washington disclose their finances and provide reports to russian lawmakers but when it comes to washington's response when our team was forced to register as a foreign agent we were told that it wouldn't inhibit our ability to report however just last week the u.s. government revoked r t america's capitol hill press credentials so as a response to that move russian lawmakers will be voting on legislation to block foreign journalists access to parliament so tit for tat measures indeed however is
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also worth mentioning that russian lawmaker also said that moscow may review the decision if washington halts the crackdown on russian media so that of course all remains to be seen. by me for now what do you think you'll call told people about your personality researchers in the united states say they can determine almost everything about you even your political allegiance is an old by just using google maps jacqueline berger explained. scientists have been poring over google street view images eager to know what cars are and what neighborhoods why because apparently that's how you can reveal troves of demographic information about the area including race income and most importantly political persuasion sounds like blatant generalizing based on stereotypes but it turns out it's actually backed by statistics stanford researchers took over fifty million images in two hundred cities from google street view and compare the results of the presidential voting data it appears that if a street has a greater concentration of pickup trucks people there are more likely to swing to
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the republican party whereas those streets filled with trusty sedans are probably casting ballots for the democrats using easily obtainable visual data we can learn so much about our communities on par with some information that takes billions of dollars to obtain via census surveys by you know what your car is saying about you behind your back but it doesn't stop there apparently certain food choices also give away your political leanings one study concluded that hamburgers and mozzarella sticks appeal to republican taste buds while veggie burgers burritos and other kind of salads are democratic foods and heaven forbid we leave out man's best friend apparently poodles in yorkshire terriers are the perfect companions for the democrats leaving boxers and border collies for the republicans that's also not a joke but an actual study well there are usually grains of truth in syria types this may just be pushing the limit how much science is there in political science or even economics it's not really hard science so yeah this study is getting a lot of attention it shouldn't be you really don't need to do this type of study
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to conclude that there's a high likelihood somebody who owns a prius my be a democrat or somebody who owns a pickup truck might be a republican it's really i think give them an over kill it seems to be to be really in a paris in piece of in quotes scholarship or fake scholarship. or i guess you could just ask people what they think. that's it from a for the news for now i'll be back in just about half an hour we go next to international well the. coach showed. me what.
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i know i say. something. i. know. they call me a useful idiot i mean useful idiot you called me a useful idiot useful idiot useful idiots go expressing my opinions on t.v. there's two things missed doing it behind his report is a simple strategy we attack persons instead of talking about the org what's next why stop you'll ban me from getting this close to the white house i'm with the group code pink why not ban the color pink one or stretch me on the right i should
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be sent to the town one because i'm a traitor and break me on the wheel but i've been a long time with this sort of nonsense you don't scare me want to scare us and i'll continue to voice my opinion i'll continue to speak out i'm in good company i'm in good company you going to be you want to do this because we're free thinkers. it's a. wonder when they hit it big a car the city due to. it blew and you had nothing the multiple chances. just a rogue reserve in your eyes following them in the mall you meant to make
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a friend with a foot on the cliff is a moment up on the yes i will get on that one in the us and if you think it's the end. of. a set up. a thought that. reading's the style you take. so today show host matt lauer and mr prairie home companion himself garrison keillor are now the next two major media figures to fall in the vitally needed in law overdue purging of major us institutions at the hands of the me too movement but while the corporate news media reacts and dissects and holds back tears of shock over the latest to dragon slaying of the sexual
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harassment alter of just as there is another group of victims that have been conspicuously absent from all the television news coverage since bravely coming forward and telling their stories of harassment and assault they are the over two hundred women who work under the very large umbrella of national security here in the united states who jointly signed and published a letter on november twenty eighth declaring that they too have been victims to various forms of sexual harassment assault and abuse well on the job working to protect the united states of america in their letter to and in their letter entitled me to nat sec the women state that quote this is not just a problem in hollywood silicon valley newsrooms or congress it is everywhere these abuses are born of imbalances of power in environments that permit such practices while silencing and shaming their survivors one of the co-authors of the letter retired ambassador nina hachigian stated assault and harassment are just as much as
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a problem for women working the night shift cleaning offices as it is for diplomats . you know from the navy's tailhook scandal in one nine hundred ninety one to the marines united social media scandal last spring i think it's about time the national security state and the military industrial complex that feeds it finally be forced to answer for its sexually abusive past and present so that we can better protect the future of women and service of our country now let's start watching the hawks. what would you do the. real that would be a lie as in the bottom. line with the like you not i got. the.
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lyrics or. the watch and the heart so you say well that and i'm happy to wallace to tell both of the national security state. has got a lot of harassment and abuse of women working there are you shocked by these claims no periods are very again and again and again as i am every day it just builds up and i have to talk about it or wall go crazy but this is one of those things that just infuriates me this this is what puts us at risk this is the kind of stuff this is the exact same kind of garbage that put us at risk and are on our nation's military at risk and kept good people from being in the military when we decided the don't ask don't tell was the problem and we do all this we pushed things to the side there was many rape and sexual harassment problem as you said since tailhook i was a teenager in the ninety's and i have to tell you watching the tailhook scandal is why i was like i'm not going anywhere near the military or foreign service because i'm an.


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