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today for team russia is the international olympic committee prepares to give it its own whether the country can compete at the twenty eighteen winter games as moscow questions the political nature of the investigation into doping offensives also to come former president of georgia of course is chaos in the ukrainian capital after he threatens to jump off the roof gets arrested and then is free from the police car by piece of course is. an germany's foreign minister here at the u.s. sanctions on russia saying good in solidarity with washington has been stretched to the.
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hello good evening welcome you watching r.t. international where it's just gone nine o'clock here in the russian capital now and the next thirty minutes russian olympians will find out if they'll be banned from the upcoming winter games the head of the international olympic committee is to to hold a press conference and does follow a lengthy investigation by the i.o.c. into alleged state sponsored doping by russia however months before today's decision there has been intense pressure for a total ban on same russia although russia denies there was any state led scheme to do battle heats and says the actions of the i.o.c. have been politically motivated well joining me live now from the icy headquarters is and see it yorker and asked him not long to go now isn't it just about thirty minutes or so before russia will learn its fate is it fair though that the overall expectation is perhaps a blanket ban is in the offing here. well i'm. there are several options that are
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reportedly being considered by the i.o.c. board behind closed doors they've been holding meetings all throughout the day today considering several reports and several inquiries related to this topic and indeed we are expecting a final decision of the i.o.c. to be announced behind these walls in a press conference room where the president of the international olympic committee is going to announce what that decision is going to be specifically how the future of russia and its affluence is going to shape up in the coming up winter olympic games in south korea just in february really just two months to go so all eyes are on find out how and what capacity if at all russia is going to be competing in those winter olympic games now some of the options that are being reportedly considered are one as you mentioned a complete ban although this would be something that would be seen as quite scandalous to some extent because this is really the most extreme measure of the international olympic committee could make in this regard specifically of course
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given that so many outlets have been preparing for these games that are going to be happening within just over sixty days now another option that's being talked about which is being discussed as the more likely one is about on russia so to speak but allowing certain athletes to partake of the olympic games under a neutral flags this means no russian flag no russian no russian uniforms and this is something that's been causing quite a sort of lots of discussion of course back in russia because it refuses to accept this is a possibility with some saying that to avoid caught would be a possibility because it's important for athletes to be able to have their national anthem played and so forth so all of these are seen as the most kind of likely two options and we're going to be learning what exactly is going to happen within the next half an hour we do know that the option of allowing some athletes to compete under a neutral flag is one that's been supported by as many as thirty seven world anti-doping . agencies of certain kind. is including the west so it is being speculated that
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this could be the most likely outcome still not favored by russia whatsoever russia has called this in the miscible it's described this whole situation as one that's being politicized and really saying that the situation that's been leveling when it comes to so many issues of attempts to try to accuse russia in many different ways that what course we've seen in recent months and even years that this is just another reflection of that but of course we will know the specifics within the next half hour and we'll bring you all of those details as soon as we get them sure ok we'll come back she then thanks and to say there was one situation a first at the i.o.c. headquarters in switzerland. well the doping scandal was triggered back in twenty fifteen by the so-called mclaren report published by a canadian lawyer however the document meant to prove widespread and state backed doping violations is still being questioned over supporting evidence the damning mclaren report on alleged state sponsored doping in russia has led to many athletes
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being stripped of their medals and others prevented from taking part in major events including the olympics however a few things in the report just don't add up before we break them down it's worth noting that the international olympic committee itself was not satisfied with the evidence in a letter to richard mclaren the i.o.c. asked for more conclusive proof the document was covered with the phrase how to demonstrate next almost every athlete's name moreover it was admitted by water but in many cases the evidence provided may not be sufficient to bring successful cases dr richard mclaren's findings were issued in two parts they claim that over a thousand russian athletes were involved in a state sponsored doping program let's meet the report's star witness. the former head of a moscow anti doping lab he's facing charges over destroying test samples and the
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e-mails presented as proof of state involvement come from his own computer. russian sports officials deny the allegations but did richard mclaren consider to get their side of the story i made a decision that for fifty seven days to do my work i didn't have the time and they didn't seem to have the interest so i didn't do that that came after the first part of the report issued in july twenty sixth. the second came six months later so the investigative team did eventually meet with some russian officials but not batali much co the sports minister at the time of the alleged undercover doping scheme. the central allegation of mclaren's report is that positive urine samples were systematically swapped for clean ones on top of that it describes how salt ness café granules were added to clean samples to make the match dirty ones and trick
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the testers that information came courtesy of or a chunk of. another question this raises how do you swap the samples of the high security parts of which is swiss manufacture it guarantees can't be tampered with richard mclaren doesn't have an answer on how the russians did it he just says it can be done and that's enough seen it i've seen it done and i'll be inspected and it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know that they can be done but despite all the questions and doubts over mclaren's evidence russian athletes are being punished on an unprecedented scale i have that we will be able to see some evidence for what they are being punished and that is not that there are some marks on the bottles because then i would be terribly afraid of giving samples. while russia did that really with a number of strong measures after the world anti-doping agency laid out a road map to reform the structure of the countries and he drags agency and allowed
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international experts to take control of its tests and it also made. are you paying a criminal offense punishable with a jail sentence a lot of it's only currently imposed by a handful of european countries despite this last month wada still found the russian agency to be non-compliant risotto met eighty united twenty criteria but says it couldn't make the final two as it denies any government run diapering program ever existed sports lawyer nation but only thinks that russia's diving scandal is highly politicized i. trust in the way i.o.c. is dealing with these issues and i seek they will. make a fair decision that means no collective sanctions against the russian at blitz i think there is a political fight against russia going on worldwide not only this board but in all
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areas and we only can hope that i.o.c. does not fall into this trap of waldo by alleging new evidences out showing them to the world and i seen all this made clear that it is a political attempt of vodka and that is the bad thing because war is an institution that should protect clean athletes and what they are trying to do is the opposite. or so far twenty five russian athletes have been banned from the olympics after the commission examining their cases presented its findings many of them have been stripped of their medals toppling russia from the top of the sochi twenty fourteen medals table trying to travel to the host country of the next winter olympics to find out how people there feel about russia potentially missing the games south korea first bid to become the whole of winter olympics almost
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sixteen years ago in two thousand and eight young chang lost to russia's saw cheap but south koreans hung in there and eventually did manage to make their dream come true. but at the had over ceremony and saw it she who would have thought that russia a winter sports powerhouse could end up missing out on the games in four years no washing in korea in two months what the locals missed them. have you heard about the russian doping scandal no i haven't heard. i don't know about is this a repeat here. i have never done the last any sport but i. heard to use some medicine. and her face i don't know the history of each kind of.
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what do you think the winter olympics would be like without russia. it's a little bit boring a little bit boring. strongest country. but i. feel people. just like. you international soccer game spain the you know and it's not really a game when the biggest player is not there without completely right. i think it's been fairly obvious who haven't they. it's his world this isn't the people not the winter olympics but the russia. that the whole country gets so if you google stuff i mean we have a triangle in the south korean capital which is looking forward to the country's first winter olympics that could happen without team russia well a decision about that will be known in about an hour or sorry about half an hour's time we will be live to the i.o.c. headquarters in switzerland for that announcement. now the former georgia
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president trainee an opposition politician mikhail saakashvili has caused chaos today in the ukrainian capital kiev in the span of a few hours he did manage to climb on to the roof of an apartment block threatening to jump after police his home he was then removed and arrested by security services before being freed from custody by a crowd of his supporters. what happened barely an hour earlier when he was removed by the security service a few days ago his political movement held a major rally in kiev demanding the impeachment of ukraine's president poroshenko r.t. correspondent medina corps jennifer has been following events. the georgian politician made quite a scene this tuesday morning in the center of the ukrainian capital and. was.
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charges assisting criminals and concealing their criminal activities before that happened the politician confined himself to the roof of the building reported these threats ning to jump off a roof in protest low in forstmann to officials who broke the door of his apartment and searched the flat for avid ends of course such a move attracted hundreds of his soup orders that gathered outside the building and really was seen shouting to the crowds while emergency services were arriving to the scene carrying a ladder and all that was even transmitted to life on ukrainian t.v. now police used tear gas against the protesters pretty interesting facts are taking place in ukraine these days when former best friend of the current president is
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really embroiled in the country's politics because our country is known for his quite a turbulent political career he was a georgian president for nine years till two thousand and thirteen back in two thousand and eight he was practically on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he was filmed for the b.b.c. news report chewing his own tiny he left his native country of georgia he was charged with corruption and abuse of power as well as other multiple criminal charges in two thousand and fifteen saakashvili gave up his georgian citizenship as he accepted it all for to become the governor of the i desk region well that didn't last for a long and he resigned back in november twenty sixth scene and the following year the president of ukraine petro poroshenko personally room. moved his citizenship well that happened when he held saakashvili was not in ukraine so he tried to get
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back to the country and he tried to cross the border at this september and his supporters practically carried him across the police line at the polish border so while he held saakashvili is appealing this decision in court right now he remains to be a politician was no valid citizenship well martin mccauley a russian analyst and historian does believe it is difficult to take zach is fairly seriously given his political legacy really mikel circus really is like a community changes every day he changes opinions and so on and his political career has been absolutely astonishing is because of the communists in georgia who came to the top as a democrat from the opposing problems of corruption and so on he then became president. and he was a darling of the west. thought he was
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a great guy georgia they were talking about georgia becoming a member of nato and so on and then came his very foolish attack in two thousand and eight the war with russia which was really his nemesis the records warned him not to do it but he was ahead is very headstrong as he takes his old opinion exulted congress moves on. he played his cards badly. he was forced to leave georgia. as president moved into ukraine it watching our international still to come for you this hour more warnings in europe about the families of ice or fighters returning home we'll have a look at that in detail just after the break.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full of feel the show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of a party america is going to say we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the night i'm president of the world bank oh ok. seriously send us an e-mail.
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but again the german foreign minister slammed u.s. sanctions on russia saying berlin solidarity with washington has been stretched to the limit. that germany must make its decisions independent of america's will. in all cases germany cannot afford to wait for a decision from washington act on them we must define our position ourselves and if necessary make it clear to our allies where the borders of our solidarity are stretched to the limit mr gabriele was speaking at a forum about the the future of german foreign policy and where we saw german germany's role going forward in the world he was talking about u.s. imposed sanctions on russia and in particular he brought up red lines regarding the energy russia's energy sector and that energy of course that gets provided here to
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germany i can tell you from a domestic point of view and if somebody who pays german energy bills they are rocketing up at the moment cross the country so a particularly big issue here for germany he said that. the claims of by washington wanting to perhaps cut off russian gas to german markets was one of these red lines he wouldn't accept that at all especially when it did seem that the u.s. were also trying to put forward their own alternatives to taking russian gas in terms of that calm and increased price but when you look at the language used by. he talked about the relationship between the u.s. and the other side of the atlantic being weakened that it was beginning to crumble these type of words would have been unthinkable pre trump when they were talking about that transatlantic relationship but it does seem that the words coming from the foreign minister reflect well the public view here in germany a new poll that being put out suggests that donald trump is the biggest foreign
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policy problem that germans perceive in the world the only thing that was was more pressing for germans was the refugee crisis but around twenty percent of them said that donald trump was their biggest fear that's much higher than north korea all russia so or sobering words from the german foreign minister talking about the relationship between his country and the united states in the deterioration in that relationship that he sees. now with islamic state being eliminated as a military power in syria increasing numbers of beisel fighters wives and children are returning to europe and germany domestic intelligence chief believes they didn't pose as much of a threat is the militants themselves there are children who have been brainwashed and highly radicalized schools and i still held areas it's a problem for us because many of these kids and teenagers can sometimes be dangerous women returning to germany from islamic state have become so radicalized
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and identify so deeply with isel ideology that by all accounts they must also be identified as jihadists we have to keep them in our sights well earlier we got reaction to this on how the returning should be dealt with. i wouldn't say that necessarily people have been brainwashed some of the the wives of isis fighters probably have been more ideologically committed to the caliphate than even some of the men there are certainly those who have been duped or who are simply following husbands or lovers who may not be very much committed and kind of were foolish enough to isis and diverse all a terrorist group have declared war on us and i submit to absolute clear they are planting sleepers around the whole of europe who will be called upon to rise up and blow up innocent citizens we need to take this seriously but quite strong reports coming out of isis that they've been training child soldiers children look
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can come back alone without their parents of their parents are culpable enough to fly without with isis then come back up to the age of say sixteen something like that if that's it seems in the best interest of the child but the parents who have chosen to go and join our enemy who is trying to destroy all civilization should not be allowed back into this country should put be put on a no fly list i'm not allowed back in what i would like to see is criminal justice rendered fairly and according to the proper standards we've seen that there are a lot of examples of people who are not very committed they've gone there for a variety of reasons and they're quite. disengaged in this in the dissolution that internet models they've taken an adult choice that they're over eighteen whatever their motivations all with his ideological or whatever they've chosen that decision in full knowledge of the facts and the information they've taken the choice they've been into the need to live with the consequences that does directly play very much
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into the hands of the whole salafi jihadists ideology and it's a very racist and sexist one it's a very aggressive type of ideology that has to be condemned wouldn't it be better and this is what was done after the second world war is to say listen we have to didn't deal with the. matt says i'm not just base continuing the war for every you know draconian approaches if you resort to that kind of thing you're basically legitimised the same thing from from isis all through the war of course it becomes more complicated and so on but we are in a mine nine hundred forty three forty four situation that once we have defeated the isis ideology then of course we can look at the issues we can look at the individuals and so on but at the moment we are at war. russia's justice ministry has announced that it's placing us media outlets free radio europe and voice of america on a foreign agents list the decision does come in response to similar measures taken against r.t.
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in america so america reports. well the russian justice ministry has registered two media outlets and seven of its smaller subsidiaries as foreign agents which include voice of america radio free europe as well as present time but the decision is only a mere response to r.t. america's head company being forced to register as a foreign agent in the u.s. while other state funded outlets like b.b.c. alters the euro c.c.t.v. and france twenty four somehow didn't fall under the same category while under russia's measure the outlets will have to mark their content as produced on behalf of washington disclose their finances and provide reports to russian lawmakers but when it comes to washington's response when our team erica was forced to register as a foreign agent we were told that it wouldn't inhibit our ability to report however just last week the u.s. government revoked r t america's capitol hill press credentials so as a response to that move russian lawmakers will be voting on legislation to block foreign journalists access to parliament so tit for tat measures indeed however is also worth mentioning that russian lawmaker also said that moscow may review the
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decision if washington halts the crackdown on russian media so that of course all remains to be seen. what do you think you'll tell people about your personality is in the u.s. to say they can determine almost everything about you even your political allegiances and all of that from just looking at google maps can be explained. scientists have been poring over google street view images eager to know what cars are and what neighborhoods why because apparently that's how you can reveal troves of demographic information about the area including race income and most importantly political persuasion sounds like blatant generalizing based on stereotypes but it turns out it's actually backed by statistics stanford researchers took over fifteen million images in two hundred cities from google street view and compare the results of the presidential voting data it appears that if a street has a greater concentration of pickup trucks people there are more likely to swing to
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the republican party whereas those streets filled with trusty sedans are probably casting ballots for the democrats using easily obtainable visual data we can learn so much about our communities on par with some information the tigs billions of dollars to obtain via census surveys you know what your car is saying about you behind your back but it doesn't stop there apparently certain food choices also give away your political leanings one study concluded that hamburgers and mozzarella sticks appeal to republican taste buds while veggie burgers burritos and avocado salad are democratic foods and heaven forbid we leave out man's best friend apparently poodles and yorkshire terriers are the perfect companions for the democrats leaving boxers and border collies for the republicans that's also not a joke but an actual study well there are usually grains of truth in stereotypes this may just be pushing the limit how much science is there in political science or even economics it's not really hard science so yeah this study is getting a lot of attention it shouldn't you really don't need to do this type of study to
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conclude that there's a high likelihood somebody who owns a prius my be a democrat or somebody who owns a pickup truck might be a republican it's really i think give them an over kill it seems to be to be really embarrassing piece of in quotes scholarship or fake scholarship. hour any minute now we are expecting the head of the i.o.c. to announce whether russia will be banned from the upcoming winter olympics will be back with more on that plus other news too just after the break. a or us was. a if there was
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true or. was iraq that. big wealth concentration the bureaucratic concentration is sapping the economic vitality from this entrepreneurial nation called america and the machinations and the costs associated there way of keeping the prison population a place are draining money away from all aspects of society and you've got the problems that you would normally associate with a ghetto like people nodding out of the middle of the day in the middle of the street. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south in taking your last wrong turn. to caught up to us we all knew it would i
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tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest piece things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each fret. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question or arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters. it's consumed with this. speech mystery no one to take. that mainstream media has met its maker. again you with r.t. now the u.k. and the you have failed to reach
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a long way to degree meant on breaks it they suddenly replaced a planned news conference where they were supposed to announce a deal with a short message saying it is tough to negotiate it is understood that this happened after the democratic unionist party political party in northern ireland forced its strong objections to the deal its against a concession which could have seen northern ireland remain in the customs area effectively creating a border between the province and the rest of the u.k. . we have been very clear in northern ireland mostly the european union on the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. the democratic unionist party made an agreement of confidence and support with may's conservative party in the summer it agreed to support the prime minister's party in key votes member.


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