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of testimonies and correspondence status something that his team was trying to gather for several months he went on to speak about different levels of responsibility by the russian side during the saatchi winter olympic games according to mr smith the ultimate responsibility for the failure of the anti-doping system that's what he called would basically happen during soft g twenty for teeing lies on the mill ministry of sport in this case but mr smith also said that russia's national and big committee shares that responsibility the ultimate conclusion by his team was that manipulations with tobin test samples did take place and the responsible parties and once again that is the russian ministry of boards and russia's national olympic committee must be sanctioned after this the president thomas barr took the floor what he said
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was that the sanctions that were issued by the international olympic committee executive board were proportionate and at the same time the committee tried to protect the rights of individual athletes thus came the decision and of course it has several points and i just want to go through the main ones that i have right here that statement was of course published on the website of the international olympic committee number one is the decision to suspend the russian olympic committee with immediate effect something that is most important for the actual athletes is that they will be invited under strict conditions that is going to be announced a little later to the olympic winter games in pyung chang twenty eight ing these. invited athletes will participate under the name. a limb pick our feet from russia
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and they will compete with a uniform bearing this name under the olympic flag the olympic athlete i'm sorry will be played in any ceremony what's more what's very important in this case also is that the former russian sports minister will not be able to be present at any olympic competitions any more as official from russia so these are the key decisions key points of the sanctions one thing i notice is a phrase we become accustomed to state sponsored that wasn't mentioned was it they were essentially talking about the responsibility lies with the russian sports ministry and also with the russian olympic committee to transparency we heard some russian journalists bring this up to. what was the reaction when they get the accusation was you making a lot of allegations that where is the evidence what was the reaction to that question well in this particular case many questions in russia were raised about
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the transparency and about the access that the. russian side got to these investigations and this is something we also heard from the russian journalists during the press conference when mr smith was asked questions about the particular ways to open the door sample bottles said yes i want to refer you to some of the actual friends your reports that are available online but when it comes to the specific experience when it comes to the descriptions maybe pictures videos of ways to do it the russian side is always concerned that they don't see this and as it turns out for now the reason for a lifetime bans of individual athletes and now this whole decision to basically bad team russia from competing only allowed to compete under the international olympic flag only based on scratches and salt sure i will no doubt a lot of people will go to. the i.c.
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website to see exactly what was in that report well thanks a lot with trying to there with the the details of what was discussed at that press conference well before today's decision twenty five russian athletes had already been banned from dissipating in the games by the commission which examined their cases many of the men had been stripped of their medals topping russia from the top of the sochi twenty fourteen medals table and the move also shattered the athlete's dreams and ambitions. of the store use a little more as we go towards those marble things probably was to appear to be just plain are only now believes close the record is going to be. almost. took my mum could put the news most to your. list of do it just reasonably just really should sit on the. board from. me and i
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want to shoot of that is to choose to shoot anybody just. a good good national boy in there which sickly chariot that was all right but the last thing even though i'm going to warn you up so you can join in more of your truth is stored. to be mirrored pushchairs tingles of the law up to new leadership in your work if she really would he or she watched what would be a good. morning. thing if you did that just. to say of what did you. watch and if you did. what we spoke to our poor brain here's a sports lawyer who successfully defended a russian athlete right to compete in rio twenty six states and he believes that clean athletes don't deserve collective punishment. it's very unfortunate. it's like from russia who are clean. who have not had the opportunity to compete like
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everyone else my overall hope is that somehow everyone can move on from all this because there are a lot of athletes that just wake up every day who are from russia who i've represented and i know others who are not who are just trying to compete who are innocent and clean athletes and they're caught up in all this. ok well our correspondent and. the press conference which just concluded a few minutes ago to see still waiting for an official russian response but i was just wondering if you were able to see any of the russian delegates to gauge any reaction from them while this was taking place. well andrew this press conference where the final decision of the international olympic committee was just and now it has just dropped off minutes ago and we are in fact expecting some kind of official reaction certainly to come from russia clearly this decision that has been announced here today is extremely unfortunate for many of the russian athletes as
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well as of course for the russian olympic community clearly this is something that is going to be still seen as very unfortunate for those athletes who will be able to attend the winter olympic games in twenty i mean clearly we have seen this results where russia has been suspended clean athletes individually and in teams will still be able to attend however they will not be able to hear the russian anthem they will not be able to carry the flags and of course this is something that's always a huge symbolic and inspiring. element of the olympic games for any competing so certainly this is something that is going to be quite upsetting and of course we have to understand that this was not only. implemented by the international olympic committee or do they have also said that those sanctions include suspending or not accredited any official from the russian ministry of. boards for the winter olympic games coming up that the minister of sport that was
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at the time of the saatchi olympics in twenty fourteen will be not participating in all future olympic games the suspension of the russian olympic committee president aleksander. i.o.c. members as well as one of the sanctions as well as a hefty fine for russia that is now going to be asked to pay a total sum of fifteen million u.s. dollars to reimburse the costs that were incurred by the international olympic committee during these investigations that had been carried out one of them the main one that was discussed here today the schmidt investigation that looked into the state sponsored process so certainly lots of measures here the question arises why is it that those police who are clean despite being able to partake are still not going to be doing it under the russian flag is the question because this is could be easily seen of course something that's still some kind of collective punishment for so we have to keep in mind that there has been talk in russia that if this kind of measure would be taken then there could be
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a boycott taking place we're going to have to see if that happens clearly this is something that's going to be very upsetting to russian athletes heading to the games this winter ok thanks and say that was and there will be russian sports officials alexander's you cough the chief of the russian olympic committee of kenya medvedev or world figure skating champion and also battalion of the head of the independent national commission speaking at the moment let's hear what they have to say to an important decision regarding the prospects of participation in the winter olympics for the russian national team. this is a controversial decision. there are upsides and downsides to it speaking of. the international community has. made it all clean russian athletes. both in individual and in group competitions it has
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allowed them to compete in the winter olympics. but they will be competing under the tagline the olympic athletes from russia. speaking of the negative. downsides of today's decision. russian athletes. are requested to compete in the olympics under the olympic flag and him. however this only will be in effect until the final day of the olympics and if by the final day of the lympics the suspension. is removed is lifted then the russian national team will be able to dissipate in the final say money under the russian national flag just as all other national
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teams but. it is still unclear the details of this decision will be finalized in the future and i believe that. our athletic community and not only our athletic community will have to discuss this decision i think that it will be. will be discussed during the next meeting of the russian olympic committee involving the but is it but the representatives of all the russian sporting federations the athletes and will be taking decisions regarding the participation of our athletes in the winter olympics in. that's as far as today's decision is concerned i heard a media report today alleging that we did not give. we were not given a chance to speak at the meeting of the you see executive board today but that's
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not true all three of us who were present at the meeting had a chance to speak and to convey our position to them what are the requirements for the russian national team of three installments rice to be compete again. no preconditions no terms. were put forth apart from covering the costs of the deliberations of the commission and establishing a new anti doping structure within the i.o.c. namely the international testing agency it was that you. did to the two types of costs the russian olympic committee has been requested to compensate if they want to then picks in pune chung will go without any any violations then this is
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a pension of the russian olympic committee will be ended on the upside of today's decision is that all the investigations and all the sanctions and all the doping related sanctions and all the doping related investigations against russian athletes will be. will be stopped and will be ended don't you think that look likes blackmailers just play and the real clear well there are three clear points in the schmitz poort so first allowed to support what. we are not being. limited we had the opportunity to militarize was reported all three of us had that opportunity and that is very big report more than thirty pages so it includes the key conclusions the conclusions. because now that they. do not say that the mclaren report that you
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are one hundred percent correct because we have some certain information which contradicts. it does not say that it is this data which. acting upon the instruction of the leadership. of the country. initiated the whole process it also says that the olympic committee has nothing to do with all the problems but as the early m.p. committee was signing the crean on giving the rights to all the olympic games so it is to be held responsible for all the violations for everything which happens within the framework of the competition so it also says. that the sanctions. as. suggested by the schmitz commission is that the flag the anthem should not be used and any other symbols of russia should not be used
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throughout the competitions and the first point is that all that work in terms of additional testing investigations forensic analysis work. all that. the to the following can they spend if you should mount of money on all of these matters and it's a full stop by the way and on that condition the i.o.c. decided that we should. bear those penalties in the amount well do you for these procedures for seem a million so that russia. accept these conclusions the findings so what are the conclusions what are the decisions you will be making well deep within i think that we've done all we could i was police to know that. i had the opportunity to be here this place to deliver. a speech on that
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matter so i do hope. that my speech. desires. and i hope that it always will in turn out for the better of the country so are you going to going to be dogs in utah. at the upcoming olympic games well as i understand it will be discussing that is a bit too premature to discuss that. this is going to be much easier to discuss this. words for your fans in japan. well i know that many people support me. not living in a social media following everything close i know that a lot of people are very much worried about me i've seen all the wonderful carmen's
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. and supporter of. my work will i promise i will continue to compete has much as i can and i will do everything you know push forward despite all the problems so how much time did you have to read the board not how much time did you have to prepare for taking the floor so do you think you had enough time to deliver your thoughts although it was preconditioned. judging by the fact that the meeting went on for another two hours following our presentation of pulling our speech is. concluded the final decision was actually taken today's meeting before it also. gives today's decision were quite. wide ranging from you know what a blanket ban on the russian team. to. two to the actual decisions thankfully a more ethical decision was not taken the decision is unprecedented and it is quite
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stringent but i think there is a dress. did contribute to the i.o.c. eventually to. russian athletes in russian athletes in teams to compete because you know the previous time when when russian athletes had to compete in the olympics under the neutral flag and with the r.u.c. flag they were not allowed to compete in some of the competitions or relays and so on this time russian athletes will not only be allowed to take part but also they will be competing as. usual athletes to what did you tell them what did you say maybe i can say a couple of words so first and foremost i would like to call them down all of us so we all had the opportunity to deliver our remarks and comments just the right
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amount we prepared. words already been circulated and i can say no one interfered no one. stood in the way of us delivering our thoughts so we were working just normally with the committee just before the meeting we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the report . in advance again. you cannot. study it fairly in such a short time but we read it carefully to the conclusions particular so i agree that . we had a very lucky composition of the delegation because we have a wonderful leader here was great. language. she is very promising as any other athlete. so i believe that our feet
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can not only compete but also you know occupy certain moral positions in various institutions so we said all we wanted to say after that we had to wait for i think two are worse maybe even three hours so that was the time which they needed to discuss the final decision after that the president invited everyone of us personally. and we were given to understand that the decision was well you knew what kind of decision they made it was a very difficult process. that report reflects all the conclusions all the fine leagues now you will have the opportunity to read it you will get everything you just say that the sanctions from the on the olympic committee as well we had that procedure before you know.
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violating the charter. in a country is punishable in. this way the olympic committee of that country is polish because these are the big meeting cannot act in this capacity because that is why they have that very american is them. making the national and become it is responsible for violations so again that we were. given to understand that the fleets will be able to. compete under the. team name of. athletes from russia so as president we will just turn that page or were and we'll see. you need. at the closing ceremony of our team will be.
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participating under the russian flag. usual name and the we will not care back to this. bug said that the decision of the i.o.c. executive board was not political or politicized at the same time the russian olympic committee does not acknowledge that there was a state sponsored system of duping but still it has been suspended how can you comment on that well let's say. the way it was put but they didn't find documentary evidence so hard evidence that. specific officials in russia took those decisions. regarding the use of duping but nonetheless the. commission and the i you see do depart from the fact that there were violations we acknowledge that there were well yes there were violations we will be looking into
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it during the meeting of the russian nationalism became easy. involving the representatives of what organizations who were involved in this really think you very much called exactly what do you tell them what do you tell them. well it has already been mentioned. well all words will be published. i think that the most important point was that. competitors will be. competing against they will have the opportunity to compete in the individual and group competitions if russia is not even there potentially to compete in the. competition. then every russian fleet will have only one opportunity and will be able to get only one limb pick model well theoretically
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speaking. i just thought that is not very fair you know. and i voiced my opinion on that matter and i do hope. that the world that it produced so you may wish to do a story about. your friends or very worried and concerned i know that you can address the root now what would you say. that for the fans of japan that you can speak japanese if you could address them just say. ok we were just listening there to members of the russian delegation who were present at that i.o.c. meeting over the last few hours which decided that in relation to accusations of
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widespread doping among russian athletes that russian athletes can compete upcoming winter games but they can only compete under a neutral flag and also that the russian national anthem won't be played responding to this the chief of the russian olympic committee alexander as you cover said there are upsides and downsides and he also said that at the end this was interesting at the closing ceremony he believed that russia would be able to then walk with the russian national flag and that would draw a line under the issue although he went on to say that the next meeting of the russian olympic committee will be about the participation of russian athletes they know be said directly there that russia would be attending these olympics the assumption is that they could be perhaps if they were talking about the closing ceremony but that decision is still yet to be mad. most of the russian athletes who were handed life bans to speak the evidence that
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was presented against them they do insist they are in this and the qs officials are violating their perception of innocence there are a number just over twenty or so that are facing life bans after a test for him or urine samples from thought she were reanalyzed kate partridge looks at how attitudes towards russian sport of changed in recent years. four years ago there was skepticism that russia's first winter olympics would go without a hitch due mongers predicted not enough flights not enough hotels and not enough snow new concerns about socially squaller in sochi double toilets and missing door handles the water came out of the tower problem with the door but the house games went so well even critics had to admit they were it three things minimizing it's running like clockwork and everything's just going really really well as i'm being really impressed and everything russians and so forth. which they care about. so
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far well organized people are really friendly here having a good time to our accommodation. almost four years later and russians who triumphed in sochi and now being stripped of their medals and given life a live picture why in twenty sixty in the middle report explosively claimed russia used an elaborate system of state sponsored doping athletes officials and ministers were implicated like the plot of a cold war novel the attitude to russia a return to skepticism then retribution as its track and field team and entire paralympic team were banned from the rio games which left the clean athletes wondering why. we care about how the russians completing it so they adopt the right policy but sure they are a clean nation never mind cleaned out they ought to be a clean nation. the i.o.c.
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and i p.c. have now definitively backed up mclaren supporting the claims of former lab boss cricketing don't think of who's under criminal investigation in russia and saying that infamous sample swapping system has finally been replicated but questions remain the i.o.c. standard of proof is not beyond any reasonable doubt but rather the balance of probability the presumption of guilt is enough it was logic of who was the original and only source the so-called proof against russian fleets this evidence has been grossly overvalued we can see we are seeing the result of a proper legal process it's a question of faith to believe broaching court or not is looks more like a religious inquisition was less than full bottles had no visible scratches they were presumed tampered with as the russians must have perfected their technique and left no marks and no argument basis for an on mass ban to clean condemned without
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any guilt no presumption of innocence for team russia what we see here is actually a violation of the olympic charter which is. which stands against political national racial discrimination so it appears that in the name of protecting clean athletes they are actually taking away the rights of russian clean athletes and in my opinion the mclaren accusations are on for good and they are very politically biased. surely any athlete should be denied a medal and banned from competition if he or she cheats it undermines others' lifetime's work as does abound slapped on the innocent who are simply presumed guilty. ok you're watching r t there are a reminder for our main story this evening russia has been banned from the twenty eighteen winter games however individual athletes have been allowed to compete
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under a neutral flag they will participate under the name and lim picked athlete from russia with the country's anthem and symbols banned from the games these in righted elsley will participate between individual or team competitions under the name olympic else lead from russia with the acronym all. they will compete with a uniform bearing this name and under the olympic flag. the olympic swim will be played in. ok well joining us live now is and this. press conference that took place this evening nasser just run through them the key takeaways of what was said. and what we can take away is that unfortunately for russia clearly a decision that is seen as quite upsetting it will be banned from the upcoming winter olympics in the south korea just to.


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