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tv   News  RT  December 6, 2017 8:00pm-8:28pm EST

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donald trump officially recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel the move is already being fiercely criticized across the muslim and arab world. and after years of terror i sold no longer holds any territory in syria the russian military says the group has been defeated there. plus after months of speculation president putin officially announces his bid for reelection in two thousand and eighteen. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm john thomas but have you with us. has announced of that the time has come for the
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u.s. to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel there has already been a wave of criticism to the proposal across the muslim and arab world also gave the green light to to moving the american embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv therefore i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and i twenty four news correspondents giordano miller and mohamed. spoke to my colleague and a farmer earlier caleb is in new york giordano and mohamed are in jerusalem and the west bank respectively. in his remarks donald trump insisted that the usa was still committed to a two state solution he went on to say that he actually wanted a good deal for both the israelis and the palestinians now here's just a selection from what donald trump said when he was trying to justify his decision
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this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement. we want an agreement that is a great deal and a great deal for the palestinians now we've also heard from various allies of the united states in the region turkey a member of nato has been very critical of the decision has as has saudi arabia long time u.s. ally which hosted donald trump not long ago now we've also heard some reactions from europe now we know the french leader has called this an illegal action and said that it is a violation of international law. but a final stop to speech you. must be resolved through guarded legal situations between the two parties use the status of jerusalem should be determined as a negotiate in a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and jerusalem should. form
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a shared capital now here in the united states israel supporters are certainly jubilant but other parties are quite upset with the decision it's been quite a mixed reaction here in the usa as well so across the planet there's been lots of controversy in response to donald trump's statements but as he reiterated many times during his speech making the announcement he insists that he is still committed to a two state solution so we'll just have to see what further reactions develop ok things kind of let's get some reaction now from the west bank because they're standing patiently is mohammed al kissing from twenty four thanks very much for coming on mohammed just tell us what's been the reaction in the west bank because donald trump has been selling this is a step. towards place but many people believe it's a step backwards. will soon after us president don't trump concluded his speech president mahmoud abbas in a televised speech an angry speech. condemned the decision by
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the us president and criticize this decision saying that jerusalem will look for ever be an arab. capital of the palestinian future state and no one can change its identity if these deplorable and unacceptable measures deliberately undermine all she suffers from and proclaim that the us are abandoning the rule of sponsor of the peace process that they have played over the past decade. there has been in minor clashes throughout the west bank and in fact we've heard that there has been some demonstrations in east jerusalem there will be a general strike i'm a cause for days of rage deferred also reports of demonstrations in jordan and also in. the capital of in front of the u.s. embassy as well as demonstrations a few hundred yards in front of the u.s. consulate in istanbul quite condemned nation throughout the middle east and the muslim world with a decision that the president don't try and talk by moving the embassy from the
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city of tel aviv in israel to jerusalem as well as announcing that jerusalem is the capital of israel ok thanks mohammed let's get the israeli perspective now because we can go to donna miller she's in jerusalem i have to say that really across the political spectrum here israeli lawmakers and the majority of the public here support this move the prime minister benjamin netanyahu put out a statement on you tube this is a historic day the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel he went on to call this a just. and courageous decision and he called on other countries to follow suit no it doesn't look at this moment like many other countries will follow suit but overall this is a decision that israelis have been praising now if we look at the israeli arab lawmakers of course
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a very different reaction there the head of the major party here that serves in the israeli knesset releasing a statement saying that trump is a quote hater that he is not interested in any kind of peace between israelis and palestinians by making because he's made this kind of move which really destroys he said the chances for peace. politicians around the world have already reacted to to try decision a german chancellor angela merkel british pm theresa may and e.u. foreign policy chief frederick i'm a greenie have all expressed their disagreement with the move the german government does not support this move because the status of jerusalem is to be negotiated within the framework of a two state solution we disagree with the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital before a final status agreement we believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace
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in the region the european union expresses serious concern about today's announcement by the united states president trump the aspirations of both parties must be fulfilled and a way must be followed through negotiations or we spoke to hussein bugsy from middle east a technical university who believes the u.s. and israel will have repercussions to face over this move. i think he has taken the risk this time not business risk but political risk and good middle east will be turmoil i think america and american citizens will not have very easy life from now on in the middle east and in many other parts of the earth but this is the decision of the american administration and. only on america can repair does this donald trump think is decision back but this is another process so i would expect. economic political and social and psychological sounds and
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a lot of problems for the middle east for the nicest of america but also for the entire islamic world which composed of fifty seven countries conference of islamic countries. the russian military has announced that syria has been completely liberated from islamic state terrorists artie's but i guess you have has the latest . the sioux cooled islamic state of syria and iraq is a state no more for all intents and purposes says the russian defense ministry it is being destroyed as a fractured iraq still hot spots and isolated pockets with putin added but with the liberation of the west bank of the euphrates river isis is done seven hundred and ninety days off to russia got involved in september two thousand and fifteen when isis was arguably at its peak. please
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sir so. when the russian operation began isis held more territory in syria than any other faction two years in a few months on the caliph it has been reduced to clubs to villages and i don't the habits addends it wasn't the russian air force saloon that did this the u.s. led coalition also played a huge pot we've been covering the syrian civil war in depth before isis even had its name before jihad hijacked the rebel schools here are some of the more memorable moments filmed by my colleagues and i. are.
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this is the ad based in love from which russian jets. against this state targets here in syria. whether it's. the. it's ready to go it's a moment's notice. it's quite incredible to be standing here in the power of the ancient city of palmira. people around the world feed would be reduced to dust in this amphitheater laid down by the romans or two thousand years ago that isis staged one of its sickest massacres the russian military considers it the crown in jewel of the operation here in syria.
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you can see had just some of the impressive military hardware that isis have in the possession that has made the battle for palmira so tough we're extremely close to isis positions less than two kilometers away and. were as a syrian artillery position overlooking the industrial quarter of their resort the battle is said to be fear isis fired back as we filmed shells began falling
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all around. we ran but the syrian batteries kept firing. life indeed as order is still far from normal but at least it will be starving to death and the more. ultimately it wasn't russian or american jets that played the decisive role in this these victory belongs to the syrians the thousands and thousands who fought and died to defeat isis those who stood up to jihad even when it seemed nothing could stop them unfortunately it's unlikely that this land here any isis fighters have escaped or god on the ground the sleeper cells will terrorize the
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world for years to come but now they'll no longer have a caliphate to fight for. or with russia saying i so has been essentially driven out of syria there are still the question of what to do with the groups remaining fighters in neighboring countries including iraq from their artie's you've got your time of reports. russia has effectively expressed its outright willingness to join the u.s. led coalition against the very same coalition that has been can do you still has been knocked out of i still can't washington was to get to the border and so this i should say fluid six strokes is the need of cooperation between the two militaries fall about the de facto victory over iceland syria has actually disagree with the russians and the russians have the russian military has responded with concern that this is just a pretext to leave u.s.
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forces on the ground in syria even after the operation even after the victory over i saw it will be really interesting to see how all of this unfold especially with the u.s. state secretary rex tillerson the meeting of the russian top diplomats. on thursday in vienna ivan eland senior fellow and director of the center on peace and liberty gave us his thoughts on what is next for syria following defeat. there is always a question of who is going to you know occupy the land that i saw all of our had had occupied before after they were defeated and i think us always has trouble leaving theaters of war and the troops still in korea you know almost seventy years after the war ended there and we see troops still in europe after the cold war is over so i think i predicted that. u.s.
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would probably stay around in syria and with the help of the kurds of course and so they don't want to give the that that territory dak to assad the assad. regime in syria let amir put in says he is running for a fourth term as russia's president next year details on his big announcement after a short break this is art international. so you know. the coalition that it has been its has been basically destroying yemen killing yemeni civilians and now it's a common. international talk the saudis refrain from even killing babies. in dead of
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indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas in yemen for the past thirty months. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. have to do like to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water out. there should. i welcome back watching our team international a lot of reporting has officially announced his bid for the two thousand and eighteen presidential election in a russian mccarran has details. it was widely expected that vladimir putin would
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decide to run for reelection next year however he has played korea on the topic so many times i in recent months and one contact but wonder whether he was genuinely conflicted on whether to run for the presidency again or whether he was just being really good at keeping a secret and playing the media nevertheless we were put out of our misery when he said this but you grams of frank you for your support yes i will present my candidacy for the president of the russian federation. for super bowl sure thank you for your reaction but first of all for you laura. and i was rumored that this big announcement would come earlier in the day when he attended a volunteers for him here in moscow in fact i was here ready and waiting to bring you the breaking news of his decision however he played quite once again and also
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seemed to seek validation from the audience there and they seemed very clear on what decision he should make. sure you remember if i make such a decision. and the people close to you support it. but it still should prove to be an interesting race over the coming weeks and months with quite an eclectic mix of candidates throwing their hats into the ring one of the most prominent being a stop child she's considered to be the russian paris hilton and what's also quite interesting about her is that she putin she's attended opposition rallies and she's promised to unite people against vladimir putin is the first time we've seen any woman and to the race for the presidency in russia or in fourteen years and of course there are the usual suspects as well including the liberal democratic party had a bloody mir she were not scare the communist party is again r.d. do. of the liberal yabloko parties grigori yavlinsky applied for not also business
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on but boris tito of his from the party of growth he has pledged to champion the rights of entrepreneurs so quite an eclectic mix that for the russian paper ahead of the elections in march next year we asked a journalist and political activist to john bosnich to comment on the timing of putin's announced. well i think that. taking a look at the polls at the opinion polls even in the financial times of london president putin is leading all of the potential candidates added together so he's already polling far over fifty percent of the vote if you look at a poll conducted at least by the financial times and as we know the financial times is one of the most virulent li anti putin media in the world so i think he's picked the right time to announce it the people waiting to hear from him he also picked
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the announcement date the day after isis was completely eradicated from syria so he went into a terrible war situation and he brought peace i think it's an excellent time to declare one's candidacy. a crypto currency bitcoin has set another record breaking above the twelve thousand dollar mark for the first time compare that with where it was at the beginning of this year when it was only trading at about one thousand dollars per token since then has been growing constantly albeit with a regular fluctuations here's a quick reminder of how bitcoin works.
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in. the. uk. we asked a senior market analyst have been going could hold its own in the world of financial giants. a year ago how much further it can go in those forecasting two thousand would have been seen as being on realistic and yet here we are at twelve thousand so that's we've seen so often with bubbles and if this is one then they can go on a lot longer than people remain solvent if you're planning to for example go against the trends the problem that we have here is like saying this is not a real thing here this is a crypto currency this is just an online virtual. currency in the fall and with it
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being such new technology and not being overly widely adopted at this stage it's very difficult to price and that's why i think the speculative aspect of this is the most concerning and that does it for me i will be back in about thirty six minutes in full look at your news you are watching our international students.
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when they. come out of the city. in the mood to call. this a rogue reserve the. following. is a moment when the u.s. . wanted us in the beginning to see a. manufacture consent to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final three go read this and be the one
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to set. the room see. it as one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did. just i came to god and now that the days tie game and you miss. you you become ill you do too much. here in the u.s. and around the world of long kept a justifiably skeptical eye upon its our good friends at the central intelligence agency from illegal assassinations to funding black operations through drug running to staging the overthrow of governments not aligned with the us business and political interest since its inception under president truman back in one thousand
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nine hundred seven the cia despite many aboveboard legitimate dry and has also been at the heart of many of the darkest covert stains on the soul of the united states in fact just last year in two thousand and sixteen the n.b.c. news wall street journal poll found that just thirty three per cent of u.s. adults have a great deal of confidence in the cia and now according to a journalist matthew cole in germany scale of the intercept some high profile trump team advisors including our good buddy erik prince the notorious founder of the blackwater mercenary group are apparently pitching the administration on a new global lives that privatized version of the cia to circumvent the. u.s. intelligence agencies to the white house and cia director mike pump aoe not this apparently is true scale and call right that according to sources the plans have been pitched to the white house as a means of countering deep state enemies in the intelligence community seeking to
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undermine donald trump's presidency. so trump versus the deep state could bring us even more layers of deep state except this time it's privatized deep state because that sounds like just the thing the world needs most right now yet another globetrotting intelligence agency running out of control and behind the lines with weapons cache and very very very very very little oversight. well let's stop watch . you. know you get the. real that is what. lies at the bottom it's. just. what it looks like you know i got. to. the.
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limits of. the world we're going to watch the hard science i rolled with the top of the wall as. i should never ever ever be shocked by anything that comes out of the administration when it comes to the intelligence community or any administration the intelligence community as we've seen over the years we're going to i got to ask you how bad has things gotten when when members of trump's circle are now advising him to consider the alternate version of the social intelligence agency a privatized version of the central intelligence agency to counter the actions of white clinton supporters or deep state members in the cia that are going against him but you know what every president has had to deal since there was a deep state or an intelligence community and that they started putting and you know barriers between each of these so that there was checks and balances in the president just didn't use everything as as his own up until this point his own sort
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of candy store it's it's almost as if they have no concept of what's actually going on in their departments when you're literally sitting there having an entire administration go its name the they're being mean to the president not pushing an agenda guess what that's literally not what they're supposed to do they are supposed to push back on things that you do and make sure that they're covered they aren't supposed to just be there as a as a candy store for you to go in and be like here just through all these and assassinate these people and do this but with her privately you know great.
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