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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:28pm EST

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officially recognize israel the move is already being fiercer has been defeated there after months of speculation. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know america doesn't have a government anymore that's right it's all frickin corporations let's talk to stacey stacey max you know the washington post says democracy dies in dark now so the washington post also happens to be owned by jeff bezos who is now worth one hundred billion dollars not
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since the days that the biltmore estate here in north carolina was built by the vanderbilt family has such a wealth amassed to one individual in america amazon is company is also seeking to build its second headquarters somewhere in the united states and the most vile situation of democracy is dying not in darkness but in open for all the world to see the city hall brought to you by amazon the seattle times and danny westmeath wrote this and he says their review of some of the each other collected by the city to amazon corporations fusing with what's left of government to create a dystopian nightmare for anyone who's not a corporate insider and in the case of amazon they are approaching this minister
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power of these the same way the prison industry is approaching these municipalities remember the prison industry promises to give all kinds of benefits to these minister polities in taking cost off their balance sheet but in return the municipality has to guarantee ninety eight. sent occupancy of the prison that is to say the municipality then tells its sheriffs and officers go arrest people just fill the prisons whether they're guilty or not because that's the deal we made with a private prison operator like corrections core of america which is rebranded as something else now we've got jeff bezos coming into the picture approaching these municipalities these municipal leaders these government officials like crack and these cracks. he's. been it is disgusting of course because you think america would be run by something other than crack but vessel is does the way it is baby well it's a definitely in
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a futile sort of system what you're seeing here is a feudal system where the serfs are like casting themselves in front of the lord oh lord have me i will fight for you just give me some potatoes this month and i'll fight for you here we're going to see the shocking details of what is going on with amazon pitching for their h.q. to warn us how long they're going to like what this is going to escalate to here these are the opening bids that the seattle times looks at but here's a great quote from him there's a rising worry about corporations are taking over america but after reviewing a slew of the bids by cities and states wooing amazon's massive second headquarters i don't think takeover quite captures what is going on more like surrender so this is a shocking thing to think of here's you know again you have to read it reiterate that this guy who owns the washington post washington post is democracy dies in darkness
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again it's happening right in front of your freaking face bright blue sunshine that we have right here in durham north carolina it's happening right here the promise details i'm going to go into the details i don't think derm is one of the cities that is up pitching so grotesquely for and here are the details i want to hear the unseemly detail. as of this takeover so amazon last month you know they announced we're looking for a headquarters two point zero right they already have one headquarters so they're looking to hire fifty thousand employees at this headquarters and they've received two hundred thirty eight pitches only thirty of them have been made available to researchers to journalists so those thirty employees demonstrate our capitulation to corporate influence in politics there's a new wave in which some city hall seem willing to go beyond just throwing money at amazon they're turning over the keys to democracy for example chicago has offered
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to let amazon pocket one point three two billion dollars in income taxes paid by its own workers this is truly perverse call it a personal income tax diversion the workers must still pay the full taxes but instead of the state getting the money to use for schools roads or whatever amazon would get to keep it all instead so if you want to look a amazon's taxing people amazon is taxing those fifty thousand employees income tax that they pay to the state but they get to collect it not the city write down was on tax and people yet the corporation is taxing people arizona's tax lawyers yeah ok but essentially amazon not the government is taxing implying a tax yes so the boma care the pharmaceutical and drug companies insurance companies yeah the corporations were allowed to tax people individually something called obamacare so now corporations are levying taxes on people no
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taxation without representation where is my representation or members on stock analyst get a commensurate share of amazon stock to participate in the growth of this corporate takeover and under no obligation to fulfill this is yahoo from jeff bezos the. very he's going to marry somehow there kneeling before the load that city of half a million isn't offering any tax breaks instead it has a novel plan to give amazon special authority over how the company's taxes are spent fresno promises to funnel any taxes and fees general half made up of amazon officers half from the city they're supposed to spend the money on housing roads and parks in and around amazon by the way you know the railroad of course that was the last time robber baron that's the last time we had the robber barrons vanderbilt built being giant biltmore estate here it's amazing to see it but here.
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you know that was the last time you saw the vanderbilt had you know they kicked everybody out of the city of the all the locality around where they built their estates they got to get mayors and and people writing laws here and you know altering the way the state runs here they're doing the same thing so they would put these officers from amazon on the board. all of the tax authority in this fresno california. and ellis island get to decide. and i'm going to go on i want your response to that but there are some. quotes coming out from fresno officials about this. right well you can outvote them. if the age of the problem barons yes and the kids german are plays that were an
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american teddy roosevelt come along a trust buster and he broke up the. monopolies and you know the oil industry was broken up of course and and people were thinking maybe donald trump could be a similar think you're in american history to break up these monopolies you know maybe you're hoping yes it still could be on the on the cards it's still early it's early days but you know he should start to step in and break up these monopolies but remember a lot of people who say they want jobs working for amazon are looking forward to an amazon can deliver via drones pharmaceuticals and they're opiate addicts who are thinking oh my god i'll let mike and as long as i get drone delivery of people of fresno be able to read or see so it's part of the same story but here the pitch that fresno gave to amazon come to was come to us lord bezos write the proposal shows a park with a sign his park brought to you by amazon but the company smiling arrow corporate logo quote the community fun projects would give amazon credit for the funding of
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each project the proposal says the potential negative impacts from a project will be turned to do positives giving amazon credit for mitigating. public i mean just look at where this all ends up look at great britain for example once you leave the dominion of buckingham palace and around the shires you know but two of those drunk people that's what is going to happen to america it's just going to be seattle washington jeff bezos castle and a lot of toothless drunk people who can't afford health care who are looking for some free smack to. clever by drone by the sprinting kleptocrat so when this journalist from the seattle times went to the. economic development director of fresno to ask what the heck is this proposal about here's what the economic director of fresno said quote rather them the money that of it the taxes and fees of amazon to the city rather than the money disappearing into a civic black hole. amazon would have
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a say on where it will go he told the los angeles times not for the fire department on the fringe of town but to enhance their own investment interest so all those those she mocks on the edge of town not close to the lord not close the castle it becomes like the closer you are to the court the more free goods you get from. the peasants of that fringe of town but the civic black hole that's crazy that's time around ical that's like saying the constitutional black hole the bill of rights black hole the all things american black hole that's saying that america is a giant black hole an assault a black hole from outer space but it's jeff bezos thanked or that is the black hole that these when a simple leaders are crawling up trying to eat the peanuts out of his fecal matter a lot of people say why do i mention fecal matter on the show so often because the situation is so frickin disgusting what these corporations taking over america and
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all we get is a push back and give us more free crack it's disgusting well fecal matter leads us into the second half staying for the second half because it goes with the first half i've got a story for you and actually it has something to do with fecal matter i can hardly wait a much more coming your way stay right there. join me every thursday on the alex i'm with you and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. done some is not so is not i can quit place is not a good country. because if the minister philip bunch.
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of scum. has existed at the deseret disco that is. the title of the co-chair. of the cult of the sure it was the secular suggests calling him just a little and biased from a fellow muslim of oneself to be too little. mostly albums fossil. play almost any kind of numbers for me based on not very kind our raw data john said on based on our much less rather tight numbing can i do not believe that's how we use the lies from that make matter how nonaddictive from a shallow. truth from a canal himself i'm almost feeling now we're going to fuckin on the. road since you were three months old enough i was going to show you go to sleep i don't want to go to the snooze in the my car forces him as are the lot of the street the. cinema of
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our government a lot of this. series who are supposed. to . welcome back to the kaiser report on my studies or let's get back to the discussion at hand so you know what's going to tell us to do so you ended on what should be a really gross topic that does not get discussed on financial news but you mentioned fecal matter and that actually does have something important to do with this system where we have this hundred billion dollar air. just taking over democracy being offered up the keys to democracy across the united states in order
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for him to bring the second headquarters for amazon around the united states of the kisser of democracy yes so here is a story from the news this past week. a disease of extreme poverty is thriving in the us south why children playing feet away from open pools of raw sewage drinking water pumps beside cracked pipes of untreated waste of human feces flushed back into kitchen sinks and bathtubs whenever the rains come people testing positive for hookworm an intestinal parasite that thrives on extreme poverty these are the findings of a new study into endemic tropical diseases not in places usually associated with them in the developing world the sub-saharan africa and asia but in a corner of the richest nation on earth alabama so here you have hookworm
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that is coming from the feces of open sewage raw sewage being pumped basically. in alabama a lot of places are do not have a public sewage system. not counting the places like jefferson county alabama where j.p. morgan got involved with that racket of that overpriced sewage system which bankrupted the county these are places outside of public sewage systems where people can't afford the fifteen thousand dollars to have their own sewage system installed so there's open sewage being poured right into the open. like you know we're here in parts of india for example right now this is what happens in a purely narco capitalist corporate led just dope in american jihad by financial terrorists who are in flint michigan forcing people to drink the water
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from the pipes developing all kinds of diseases bats in the north yet slavish areas are to be able to lead to lead in the water there the happier they the fracking industry where people can fly through water on fire in their home causing all kinds of diseases in alabama they're forcing people to swim in fecal matter and they in other words they live in that the like a slurry like a pig slurry on a pig farm in north carolina sometimes it overflows during a storm and the swamp mainstream is dominated by a sludge and pig slurry comes down like a tsunami of poop balun alabama people live in a tsunami of poop they're forced to live in their own slurry they're walking around in a way that would be completely unacceptable in any country any state in any municipality that has any thought of being dignified any human way and yet this is what we are correct now in america yes but it ruins as the article points out economic
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potential because corn is an intestinal disease its causes left you know the lower aspirations like you don't. succeed as well you don't do as well as cycle tested or it's in your intestines and it's up your energy yes i can jamie diamond live in your intestines maybe jamie going to take it or yes he's a parasite he lives in the intestines of the american financial system depriving him of vitality that's my big point was invented to kill the jamie diamonds of the world now we've got people who are their intestines are infiltrated and infected with parasites like little jamie diamonds running around the intestines and they're lethargic they can't work in a good multigenerational and you've got a whole new generation of the walking dead the walking zombies so that a few corporations can build rockets of to mars because it just raises a lot of buy real estate on mars so that he can buy a solid twenty four karat gold toilet bowl but he can take care of his physical matter with the gold until the ball so people alabama got to eat each other's fecal
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matter and died but why because this guy's a tie radical anti american creep now why don't we have the reporter there on this network was it rachel maddow talking about it was an innocent b.c. talking about because j.p. morgan by his advertisements on rachel maddow show so that she doesn't talk about it so it's all just block frickin washington post the code it's rather just fine news to take over time magazine so now this study was done by baylor university and catherine flowers of alabama's center for rural enterprise so here's a quote from catherine flowers from acre as they call it. looking at the situation member hoquiam is caused by sewage the raw sewage and most of it comes from the your feet basically people walking through it and the hookworm gets in there and basically then ruins your life so she says about the fact that this exists and about the oligarchies the neo feudal system we have all these billionaires who by so much great publicity on the likes of rachel maddow shout in the washington post
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the likes of bill gates the philanthropist the guy like giving away his billions warren buffett they're helping all the people of africa nation blah blah blah but here he says. our billionaire philanthropist like bill gates fund water treatment around the world but they don't fund it here in the u.s. because no one acknowledges that this level of poverty exists in the richest nation in the world because nobody in the washington post or major matter show what want to cover the fact that the poverty exists right here in your own backyard this can explain a lot more about what's happening in our political system our own economy stupid then somewhere overseas oh that's right they don't want to cover it nobody covers it it's extreme poverty it's right here in america's backyard people are dying from intestinal you know failure due to parasites that are right there there's no
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infrastructure and they've been sacrificed look the fact is that the people and they're being sacrificed they're being killed they're being imprisoned. for a buck so you can make money in america if you're willing to engage in whole cost a corporate hold the cost these people are being murdered by the millions for a buck. that's the bottom line there you go a half a light and half hour later. here at the half light. i don't know stay with it stay with me with a minute don't tell me in the night don't turn the cameramen into onto the set who just sort of sound so i want to turn to another thing about this problem so here you have the situation where these people are living in an open sewage and why is it also not being addressed this is you know a part of the prison industrial complex as you've mentioned because. they talk to
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one guy who family his cousin lives there and they have an open sewer situation and you know they're you know that they have this problem of the no sewage he added that people were afraid to report the problems given the spate of criminal prosecutions that were launched by alabama state between two thousand and two and two thousand and eight against residents who were open piping sewage from their homes unable to afford proper treatment systems one grandmother was jailed over a weekend for failing to buy a septic tank that cost more than her entire annual income so this isn't mounds county alabama by the way this is a county that if you're looking at the map to the right is mongomery and right to the left is some so it's like an important sort of civil rights story.
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this is where you know jeff sessions the attorney general. hails from this is a situation where. you're forced to have the septic system that cost more than your annual salary or you go in prison. where some private contractor private prison company collects fifty thousand bucks for a year for you to be there yeah ok i mean this is a destruction of an entire population for a corporation as far as a corporatist which is a nice way to say fascist. you know over overthrow of america without it those people live in a fascist country. run by neo nazis that's that's of that's a fair statement to say there are other parts of the country like san francisco seattle new york that live in the brunel reagan city on a hill that's
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a different country but these people are living in oh he'll cost hell for a buck and their lives are worth the sequel matter that they're pooping out according to the local municipal leaders yeah i mean i also want to add you know that here we have a situation that this is the entirety of this episode is the first half jeff bezos was open to new headquarters people are throwing him like billions of dollars. and i think new jersey offered something four billion. here they they're they're not willing to give six hundred bucks. to deliver a sewage system. to thousands of citizens hundreds of thousands of citizens that live there well they're going to start of the i predict a public service announcement in alabama it's going to be on t.v. it's going to be extolling the virtues of eating fecal matter for nutritional value
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they're going to sell it as a freeze dried product you can buy your local grocery store and you going to say a disgrace i mean it just. love it because it's killing me look i love america who said look true i actually can tell you fecal matter there's a big market for it because of this new theory that has some going to come out of transplant yeah yeah you can do it think a lot of told a lot of people about the size we've had on fecal mail so i thought it. was a married couple but anyway so again we have a system where the rising wealth and income gap a guy with one hundred billion dollars here at the bottom people who are earning fifteen thousand dollars and can afford a sewage system and that deprives them and their children of the ability to even advance further to become ever competition for jeff bezos to disinter mediate that because so they do my job i say that they should have
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a dog park for people people can go into the park and poop and they get the bags to pick up your poop from your and then use dispose of it this way you need bags from people in the dog park watering for people that's the solution let me just say is going to sell the bags on amazon he can sell the service on amazon it's poop as a service and i'll be just days also what's on amazon you go to the coast car you like in the park and you get amazon bag and pick up your poop and then he said if you like to see some bio you know engineer fuel reprocessing plant to him flubbed you know fuel your car i would my new. democracy dies in darkness but max keiser dies the light was. oh these are you that you think he was on fire and you know everybody your little you got to look at him. you have to move into the darkness so that you're in that anyway it's time to wrap it up anyway we actually have to go say goodbye and and tell the guest where they can find us so go into the worst the
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camera right there well that's going to do it so this. is a report with me max kaiser and station herbert like this like our guest herbert generate a song twitter it's called is a report until next to. the coalition that it has been has been basically destroying human killing. civilians and now it's just a. common. international talk. show these are not refrain from even coming babies. indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas in yemen for the past thirty months.
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i was very telling the cyclist was one of the best climbers in the world in my age group. of people have been trying to increase the moments by by using various substances. and i've been doing exactly the same. i may have used some medicine for people who do not have as much still it's legal but i think it's the i will call it the gray area it's so close to. illegal and what it's not for me personally it doesn't represent fair play.
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to how you go you can destroy the use the charge is absurd it's all the contradictions for there to focus a it's not trying to spare a lot of our lives when the money comes from where it goes to spend spend spend spend old.


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