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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i was. injured as violence escalates in jerusalem the west bank and gaza. but was roundly criticized at the u.n. security council we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territories. therefore disagree with the u.s. decision we regret the decision announced by the president of the united states the arab republic to denounce is the u.s. decision. sweden's chief prosecutor. populated almost entirely by migrants it's becoming a quote war zone. and. a stark warning saying it will shoot down drone trespassing its airspace including american ones.
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news headlines here on international thanks for joining us so far at least twenty five palestinians including six children have been injured after israeli jets bombed alleged targets inside gaza. and on the. israel's defense ministry says the airstrikes were in retaliation for three rocket attacks launched from the area into israeli territory tensions in the region have risen sharply since donald trump says the u.s. now officially recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital well three days of rage have been declared by palestinians over this two people are being. more than
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a thousand injured in clashes with israeli police starts according to palestine's health ministry. was caught up in the on interest. we were actually stood by damascus gate but they seem to be scuffles there between the police and some local palestinians who'd been shouting in the streets people shouting that this is the capital of palestine this is the capital of the arabia and that the u.s. is the head of the snake. with. the locals throwing rocks bottles of cloths not just ourselves but the police as well under security services in fact that we put on some protective gear because one of those bottles actually came close to hitting this in the head when it smashed this is just a small indication of some of the tensions that we've seen in this area since that shock announcement that bombshell announcement by don't trump that he was recognizing the u.s. is recognizing jerusalem as being the capital of israel now that sparked
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a wave of violence not just here in jerusalem but also in the west bank and gaza. israel security services clashing with locals there were reports of tear gas of rubber bullets and even live ammunition being fired on. meanwhile on the other hand the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has described this is being a great decision and he has thanked john will trump that announcement by no don't trump one state. as you can see there we just had another. bottle thrown at us i think it's getting relatively an agitated here in jerusalem. protests against trump decision have been seen around the globe with u.s.
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embassies a particular focus american and israeli flags have been set on fire along with pictures of donald trump and binyamin netanyahu angry outcry has even been seen on trump's home soil i was. was. this gift organizer you know the truth. was i. was thinking. was. meanwhile an emergency session of the un security council has been held over washington's decision and during the meeting of the fifteen members it was fourteen united against just one that of the united states. for nearly seventy years the city of jerusalem has been the capital of this data visual despite many attempts by others
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to deny that reality. we regret the u.s. president's decision it meant washington's decision with serious concern these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region our actions reflected and honest assessment of reality it is fueling tensions and increasing instability in an already volatile and turbulent region for actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace at stake is the respect of international law and the legitimate rights of each side at stake is the legitimacy of the security council israel like all nations has the right to determine its capital city unilaterally actions attempting to change the status of jerusalem response putting the long existing foundation for thirty two months of the israeli palestinian issue the united states took this step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and concerns where they did this is
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a dangerous precedent this meeting reflects fear over repercussions of the unilateral decisions that run counter to and threaten the system of political relation to the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly however the u.s. envoy to the u.n. right there nikki haley actually took some time to attack the un itself accusing the global body of being biased against israel. over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel and the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance them we will not be a party to that the united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly attacked and the united nations we spoke exclusively to the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization executive committee erekat he believes
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netanyahu when trump have destroyed the principle of the two state solution without ever revealing their plans to the palestinians beforehand. from took the central issue jerusalem and decided its fate unilaterally and now in a matter of days or weeks the trumpet ministration will declare its agreement to the incorporation of settlements by israel might happen in another week's time this is my personal analysis based on my knowledge and evaluation of the behavior of this administration before of weeks straight i was in contact with me more shinton they didn't raise a single question with us nor informed us about their plan they didn't tell us anything we deal with netanyahu government and the trumpet ministration which together have destroyed the principle of a two state solution if the us scuttled or if it's in the security council we would have to appeal to the general assembly and also perhaps will appeal to the international court of justice and the u.s.
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supreme court today marks thirty years since the start of the first intifada the armed palestinian uprising against israeli occupation the peace process over those next three decades made very little progress and what palestinians now are calling for a new intifada seems a conflict is back at ground zero as artesian era tutor explains. the events of the last few days in israel have brought us back to a time when you couldn't turn on the news without hearing about the intifada an armed resistance against israeli occupation. another outbreak of violence in the israeli occupied west bank and the gaza strip it the first intifada was triggered by a collision between an i.d.f. truck and a palestinian car before palestinian civilians were killed and all hell broke loose but even before then political leaders had puzzled over ways to resolve the
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region's problems by nine hundred ninety three they managed to broker a set of agreements between israel and palestine. the so-called oslo process a supposedly road map to peace. the following year israeli leaders it's hard being and shimon peres as well as palestinian president yasser arafat were awarded the nobel peace prize in two thousand bill clinton brought together the two sides and once again at a summit at camp david it was. no agreement came out of that. the faltering peace process was derailed when former israeli prime minister ariel sharon visited temple mount in jerusalem that enraged the palestinians who consider
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the site to be islam scourge of police place that's when the second intifada began . it lasted five years i. was pushed down and little bit by some other events in the area. especially after the completion of iraq and afghanistan and then all the other things and by the beginning of the second part of the our lives when you sions in six countries in two thousand and one came nine eleven the worst terror attack him us history. that completely refocus global media attention away from the israel palestine conflict to return and intermittently when the violence flared up. fast forward to twenty seventeen. therefore i have to term and that it is time
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to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel israel and palestine a sudden you're back on the agenda the world is in shock us is falling out with its allies it in this is you. this is a regrettable decision which france does not approve of and which contradicts international law the announcement has the potential to send spec courts to even darker shines the ones we getting in the streets of jerusalem and across the west bank are on fire hamas is now on the transposition has opened the gates of house locals and u.s. missions across the region a bracing themselves for violence all of this need not have happened that there was no real need for drama to come up with this declaration which perhaps himself
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does not even understand the meaning of free during biblical times we had two different kingdoms and israel was in judah which is no longer with us it apparently he did it out of some political. motives which israel and the palestinians are going to pay the. as for the ninth of december two thousand and seventeen marks thirty years since the start of the first intifada are we now back to square one. sweden's chief prosecutor has warned a district in the capital with a large immigrant population is becoming a quote war zone. frankly is almost like a war zone when do police work there they operate as if they were de army. migrants make up the vast majority of the stock. ring could be with almost ninety percent
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first or second generation immigrants the district has now been placed in sweden's most severe category of urban crimes with high crime rates that size riots and burned cars are becoming increasingly common in that area but it's far from the only place developing a reputation other city of upsala for example about seventy kilometers from stockholm has been plagued by months of shocking violence in fact criminals have even used hand grenades to target police stations and fire fighters now require military style law enforcement backing and sweden's third largest city malmo has also witnessed a huge rise in crime in fact this year already fifty nine shootings have left seven people dead and dozens injured almost eighty percent of the local population say they live in fear well over a third say they were afraid to even be alone on the streets at night meanwhile
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police have been deployed to protect nighttime joggers to discuss this alarming situation with political scientist and commentator stig bjorn longer and he notes offices now have to respond like a quote army formation. there are places that are. part of the dangerous and we're there to police. is moving into the area times. like that form that they were in a. combat situation or as information all of our hearts go. there was a. great way for a lot of people from. for africa and middle east this week perfect society or a lot of people and now they are running over the edge downhill over the edge the police have had a very low profile for a long time so the schools have been banished to tutu's to build a network that are needed to keep the crime going.
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hysteria over trump russia collusion is ramping up again reports in the us media citing an anonymous source say russia's acquittal into facebook got in touch with team trying its claim they offered to promote his candidacy among russian speaking americans during the election correspondent jacqueline investigates. no news is good news but russian news is always breaking is no matter how shaky the connection . that explosive information comes from anonymous sources familiar with an e-mail sent by the british publicist rob goldstone he's the guy who arranged the infamous trump junior meeting with the russian lawyer back in june of two thousand and sixteen c n n issued an exclusive report saying those e-mails are the first indication there was any follow up after that meeting and not follow up centers
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around what goldstone allegedly referred to as a cute marketing idea scandalous here's what happened the director of partnership marketing v.k. russia's equivalent to facebook hit up team trump to set up a page on their website to appeal to russian americans before the election finally the smoking gun right and the network confirmed they made an offer to trump just like they did to a bunch of other popular people we welcomed international celebrities joining our social network we invited donald trump to create a v.k. account like many other celebrities but the media all but push those facts of the side choosing instead to focus on the young the exact himself one outlet said they became manager represented a new point of direct contact between an influential russian and advisors to trump not really sure if influential is the way to classify this guy however.
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the media are also pointing out that the v. k. executive has taken photos of trump and at a separate event snapped one with president putin well apparently that didn't impress the trump team they didn't reply to the network's request. we never received a reply from donald trump's representatives it is absolutely ludicrous and it is part of the nature of how war media has covered this entire story for this entire year and planned to continue to do for months and months and months as long as it keeps their ratings elevated because it's russia that's why this is so exciting to the media and a way for them to store up a story that is absolutely baseless and yet another one of hundreds and hundreds of stories that have been and will continue to be nothing but sensationalism and russia phobia you know so i thought i knew headlines continue in a moment. so
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there's no the all important as a person but he is important in those far as is leaving would cause a risk in the regime falling apart so indeed the americans are americans so much less to have him leave the old oil from time to time they keep seeing it again so
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in the end i think most countries are accepting that he will stay. thanks for joining us here on r.t. twenty two thousand americans are dying every year by overdosing on prescription painkillers and now the country's national safety council has launched a campaign of what it's calling the worst drug crisis in u.s. history. every one of those little girls represent the person that lost. and i want to tell your belt my son tell a doctor that the age of eighteen somebody prescribed medication. none of us
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consequences and i ask my son aged twenty four instead of a case that's because attacked or it's bad that the doctor knew what he was doing and never actually thought about my diction. i was really trying to see things more clear this can happen to any this can happen to you. don't let it. in sixty four out of every one hundred cases misuse began with people using opioids that were not prescribed for them almost two thirds of americans don't know that sharing opioid medicine is illegal national safety council program manager test ban and believes the program is now out of control. it was recently declared a public health emergency and many organizations like the national safety council
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are taking action to find solutions and save lives it's a multi-faceted problem which is why the national safety council developed our stop every day killers campaign opioid pain medications were involved in about a third of struggle overdose deaths last year and overprescribing is definitely a factor and so we're taking measures like implementing opioid describing guidelines educating our doctors and nurses but most importantly starting a campaign like this to educate the public about their breasts we have less than five percent of the world's population but we consume more than eighty percent of the world's supply of opioids and so it's a huge problem here in the united states everybody has a role to play including our government to begin to implement solutions that are going to save lives and help us in this crisis. force has warned it will shoot down any drones including american ones if they violate the country's airspace it comes just two weeks after the u.s.
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reportedly conducted its latest as strike on the country's border with afghanistan we will not allow anyone to violate our airspace i have ordered the pakistan air force to shoot down drones including those of the u.s. if they enter our airspace violating the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity pakistani officials claim u.s. drone attacks are doing significant since two thousand and four almost a thousand civilians are believed to have been killed by strikes including children we spoke to tell outmuscled a retired three star general in the pakistani army he notes islam about to washington is changing. in the near past the united states has been playing good cop bad cop game with pakistan one often says something positive the other gives a strong troops in the past the drones have been attacking targets in pakistan a leader it was but haps the approval of the government of pakistan but in the past
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couple of years the government of pakistan has not provided any such approval of the united states should actually and very its options because it has been using pakistan as an ally and if against pakistan it will be detrimental to the peace in the region you know while pakistan's air force chief is also questioning whether the decades long military engagement by the u.s. in the region is even helpful so while i'm on also washington's track record on promoting democracy abroad no outside power can engineer a democracy inside a country nor is democracy the solution to every problem examples in iraq and libya are in front of us after the fall of gadhafi and saddam what happened in this countries did they get democracy it is a syria currently and of course yemen afghanistan iraq all of these countries
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they have lost the stability and they are in serious problems in fact at the moment there are some scribes in the new york press in the washington press who are predicting that if pakistan doesn't go the line of the united states of america if syria like situation may be created over here because pakistan cannot allow its territory to be used by others to engineer in the name of democracy and me farcical moves which will destabilize the country. finally this hour there are times when you can't help but be inspired forthcoming this. story of a russian man who didn't give up after being paralyzed in a crash while power gliding instead he spends his life helping others find their way through similar traumas.
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used to fly along the cost. i have bought. a motor for that. but unfortunately because he was told he would prepare it for the flight after tax and. broke my neck on the very high level three for thirteen years ago that accident changed roman's life for rafa the film a military pilot turned businessman was left paralyzed with a whole new world of difficulty i realize that usual wheelchair is not suitable for me because only my my head is walking and so i'm not walking and the like so i'm not working together with my friends by the east so we may care will chair which is suitable for me which is seldom ballance in a wheelchair if your goal down stairs. just down the heel. seat after my to can only keep the car is on top of the. roman and the
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success of his business comes second to giving opportunities to people with disabilities and he is not the only one to share that view and his native kaliningrad company can group raw builds specialist equipment for people with disabilities to be used in sports parks. once i receive the comment on my instagram accounts from alexander vorobyov where he wrote your book facilities for healthy people why don't you think about creating something similar for this able people so together with alexander and using his experience as he was a coach for the russians let it go live back to. we worked out a whole series of sporting facilities especially the u.k. disabled people the company now distributes to over thirty countries swell and russia is targeting small city swer access to a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. at the moment sport is becoming more and
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more available to these able to people and it's a good thing it's a sport for us because it hadn't happened to anyone it's important that people and the society will support disabled people and accept them and make life around them more comfortable. thank you no question artie kaliningrad. thanks for sharing your saturday with us here on r.t. international great appreciate it here ok part is here in half an hour's time to pick up the rest of your world wide news headlines. like when you all know it's coming through and spoke to the property if somebody would have then told me that i'm going to spend my life to plan committees are out of district or so it would have sold it was clear. every night although we were attacked by the arabs we were attacking them and we were extremely shocked and saying but that's not possible i'll make those moves to
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such scenes and then the soldiers send myself slipping out of. the house without the prisoner we've all gotten over they are. really much second class citizens in the on call. it was like and i think in my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the strip club. no russian flag will fly at the twenty eighteen john winter olympics but there will be russian athletes and the russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but founds will probably johnson acapella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes.
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oh here this is max kaiser this is the kaiser report i see you. you know america's being disenfranchised by other corp ocracy they don't tell you buddy when your local news station because they're part of the conspiracy and like crazy no is it real yes he'll tell us more is the wonderful and gorgeous to see herbert max we're still in durham north carolina where it's nice is sunny and warm and we're going to be heading to new york city for the next few episodes and that's going to be kind of cold but you know over the past few episodes we've been talking about the american oligarchs we've been talking about the new robber barons jeff bezos now worth over one hundred billion dollars cities
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are handing over the keys to democracy for him to come bring amazon second headquarters there we talked about bill gates not quite worth one hundred billion dollars but he is a philanthropist giving a lot of money to help create clean water over in africa and we found that the people of alabama and the his own home country which has made him so wealthy well he's not helping out down there so much and now we turn to warren buffett yet another one of our favorite cuddly billionaires he's the most cuddly of all actually and he's in the news because you know we've had hurricane after hurricane many natural disasters but we also have the baby boomers retiring this has created . basically a backlog of people wanting mobile home. mobile homes are so expensive now hurricane victims can't afford them.


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