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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2017 11:00am-11:31am EST

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two protesters killed and more than a thousand injured as pylons escalates between israelis and palestinians our correspondent was caught up in the clashes in jerusalem. so we're on the middle of . as you can hear way of having some tear gas that's being shot all this. the wall another attempt to undermine trungpa c.n.n. runs a full story on alleged conniving between trump's election team and wiki leaks we pick up on all the stories that claim to be the smoking gun of collusion with russia. and sweden's chief prosecutor claims
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a stockholm district populated almost entirely by immigrants is fast becoming a war say. you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. clashes have again erupted in jerusalem and the west bank palestinians declared three days of rage following president trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. this is. ok. when an aussie crew is in jerusalem and correspondent shot
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a doob and ski anti camera man witnessed the violence firsthand. so his own in the middle of. as you can hear we're having some tear gas that's being shot off. us and jack we're in the middle of a presidential palace and you've been shaking against a factor that president trump has named you ash and his name this is really capital . so we just want to take a few moments to get some safety equipment on as we are in the middle of this protest here in jerusalem as you can see in the distance there are a group of youths who are here to protest that decision by don't trim to name jerusalem as the official capital of israel and if you look down this street you'll see some of the security forces. from the israeli defense force and also some offices on the host back there used to right away some least for the people.
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here. we've just come to the sort of the street here because some of the protesters are actually throwing rocks and bottles down in or direction towards is where the security forces which are behind this law. as you can see the security forces are just coming past this now these are israeli security forces who are going to different parts of the streets to try and break up of the protest as you see some of them still running down the hall i mean. you. can almost see the left angry and they the north shore right what's showing there charlatans on scene is tourism. protests also grips the west bank and gaza palestinian authorities say two people were killed in the on rest and more
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than a thousand injured local journalists. in the kuwaiti reports from gaza. well anger is demanded of the palestinian streets especially after the air strikes launched on the gaza strip. to look how much belong to sites and such cities to members of hamas were killed the tensions are increasing we were just all on the buffer zone and there were a lot of confrontations between the palestinians and the israelis hundreds of us are now on the buffer zone of the ambulances are waiting on the buffers so everyone scared for a new injuries. or to discuss all the situation jamaal drawn head of the national movement against the wall joins us live thank you very much indeed for joining us well let's have a look at the situation and what that has been said recently world leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to
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a two state solution so why do you think that's not been enough to comb the crisis . then i think the international community through the security council have been said the world and the united states has been left alone with their with their position which is i think it's too it's it's not thinkable very well and i think this is controversial as. this is the result of what he what he did. palestinian people is angry all over palestine and outside i think as well that's where in the last two days shows that give a very clear message to the international community as well as to israel to the to the palestinian authority as well that our our land is not for sale jerusalem is a palestinian capital and should be a palestinian capital and did not trump is the one who decides on the future of our land and our future as a people so this is the main message that i think the palestinian people has been
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sending around in the last two days and this is going to continue i don't think that this is going to stop here because in a way there is like a huge anger that's going on it's closed all the possibilities and the hope for the palestinians to have a palestinian state we expected that to be much more also aggressive in the settlements project which is already. yesterday that is declared about the new fourteen thousand housing units in jerusalem we are going to continue the ethnic cleansing that they started out around jerusalem openly do wising the city to make it a jewish city as. has been. so this is the palestinians so afraid from the future are concerned about what's what what's going to happen that's why they're out in the streets and they're going to continue being in the streets. well let's also set the policy and it also says that they are not going to negotiate with the americans from now on i mean by doing that though just that effectively scope of the peace process i mean do you think that the whole two state
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solution is now possible. i think the whole the two state solution israel has been killed it and gets rid of it likes with. needs and expansion the colonies in the west bank up or tied to all that they were they were going there and now it's like as we say this is the case of the death that has been all what so-called peace a process that has been lived in the last twenty years to the situation that we are in no so in a way we consider it as a declaration of the end the peace process it's the end of the. united states' commitment. toward the peace process and the two state solution they are not any more eligible to be like part of the process which is already ended and i don't think that it's any smartness that we go back to the circle anymore what has been left to the palestinians just like very narrow. options i think the popular resistance now senior authority has to decide on the future of the relation of
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israel i don't think that in this situation where the article was in jerusalem and colonizing there was. not situation continue will continue normally with what one of the main things i think the people did is not to do all the recognition of israel if we are losing our state while we continue to. bases if this has been fall apart and clubs the second thing is to disconnect and to cut off relations with israel particularly the security coordination that was going on for four years now so we are hoping as a palestinian people there is going to be marking a new stage of relation the new stage in our in our struggle for our freedom and for our state what looking the only option that palestinians now seeing in their eyes is another intifada is the p.l.o. must call the international community to sanction israel and to ask the
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international community to specially the arab countries. the islamic countries and all the friends of palestine is also took up their relation with. creation one of the main things the school to council to do not just what you heard yesterday but as well to force the united states or the us strongly to withdraw the mission that he declared two days ago and we'll leave it that matter head of the national movement against the war thank you very much for your source thank you. thank you. well protests in support of palestine are being held across the world crowds gathered in paris and rome and across the ocean a demo is planned in new york meanwhile an emergency session of the u.n. security council was convened over washington's decision about jerusalem and joining the meeting of the fifteen members fourteen were united against just one the u.s. for nearly seventy years the city of jerusalem has been the capital of the state of
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israel despite many attempts by others to deny that reality ok we regret the u.s. president's decision in moscow met washington's decision with serious concern these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region our actions reflected an honest assessment of reality it is fueling tensions and increasing instability in an already volatile and turbulent region our actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace its stake is the respect of international law and the legitimate rights of each side at stake is the legitimacy of this security council israel like all nations has the right to determine its capital city unilateral actions attempting to change the status of jerusalem respect for its in the long existing foundation for thirty two months of the israeli palestinian issue the united states took the step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and
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concerns whether this is a dangerous precedent this meeting reflects fear over repercussions of the unilateral decisions that run counter to and threaten the system of political relations the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly however the u.s. envoy to the united nations nikki haley at times the u.n. itself accusing the global body of being biased against israel. over many years the united nations has outrageously been of the world's foremost centers of hostility towards israel and the un has done much more damage to the prospects for middle east peace than to advance them we will not be a party to that the united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly attacked in the united nations and we spoke exclusively to the secretary general of
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the palestine liberation organization as executive committee so you better count he believes binyamin netanyahu and donald trump have destroyed the principle of the two state solution without revealing their plans to the palestinians beforehand. so how do you want anyone from took the central issue jerusalem and decided its fate unilaterally and now in a matter of days or weeks the trumpet ministration will declare its agreement to the incorporation of settlements by israel might happen in another week's time this is my personal analysis based on my knowledge and evaluation of the behavior of this administration before of weeks straight i was in contact with them in washington they didn't raise a single question with us nor informed us about their plan they didn't tell us anything we deal with netanyahu government and the trumpet ministration which together have destroyed the principle of a two state solution if the us scuttled or if it's in the security council we would have to appeal to the general assembly and also perhaps will appeal to the
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international court of justice and the u.s. supreme court. today marks thirty years since the start of the first intifada the armed palestinian uprising against israeli occupation the peace process over the intervening three decades has made little progress and with palestinians now calling for a new into fatah it seems the conflict is back to square one artie's now to richard a report. god the events of the last few days in israel have brought us back to a time when you couldn't turn on the news without hearing about the intifada an armed resistance against israeli occupation. another outbreak of violence in the israeli occupied west bank and the gaza strip. the first intifada was triggered by a collision between an i.d.f. truck and a palestinian car for palestinian civilians were killed and all hell broke loose.
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even before then political leaders had puzzled over ways to resolve the region's problems by nine hundred ninety three they managed to broker a set of agreements between israel and palestine. the so-called oslo process i suppose it road map to peace. the following year israeli leaders it's hacked rabin and shimon peres as well as palestinian president yasser arafat were awarded the nobel peace prize in two thousand bill clinton brought together the two sides once again at a summit at camp david was after that. was. no agreement came out of that. the faltering peace process was derailed when former israeli prime minister ariel sharon visited temple mount in jerusalem that enraged the palestinians who consider this site to
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be islam's third holiest place that's when the second intifada began. was it lasted five years. and was pushed down a little bit by some other events in the area. especially after the commission of iraq and afghanistan and then all the other things and by the beginning of the second part of the arab revolutions in six countries in two thousand and one came nine eleven the worst terror attack in u.s. history. that completely refocus global media attention away from the israel palestine conflict to return and intermittently when the violence flared up. fast forward to twenty seventeen. therefore
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i have to chairman. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel israel and palestine are suddenly back on the agenda the world is in shock the us is falling out with its allies it in this is you. this is a regrettable decision which france does not approve of and which contradicts international law the announcement has the potential to send back courts to even darker shines the ones we are already living in the streets of jerusalem and across the west bank are on fire hamas has won the trumps decision has opened the gates of how locals and us missions across the region a bracing themselves for violence all of this need not have happened that there was no real need for drama to come up with this declaration which perhaps him self
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does not even understand the meaning of free during biblical times we had two different kingdoms and israel was in good which is no longer with us apparently he did it out of some political and egotistical motives which israel and the palestinians are going to pay the price for the ninth of december two thousand and seventeen marks thirty years since the start of the first intifada are we now back to square one. r.t. . the quest to prove donald trump colluded with russia shows no signs of letting up c.n.n. recently aired a story that donald trump jr had been sent a direct link to wiki leaks documents on the democratic national committee before they were made public. it was september fourth two thousand and sixteen at the
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height of the campaign that's when candidate donald trump his son donald trump jr and even trump jr's personal assistant they got an e-mail with a decryption key and a web site address for hacked wiki leaks documents well the documents were made public on september thirteenth by a wiki leaks twitter feed c.n.n. claims that the e-mail was sent on september the fourth which later turned out to be false the e-mail was actually sent to try and jr on september the fourteenth the day after the data went public he later tweeted a response to the full c.n.n. story i know that you can't help but spread freak news c.n.n. but now that you know the truth you should have the decency to retract the full story make the correction take down the b.s. tweets and apologize to the two or three people that still believe you to be credible your welcome well the us president also slammed the story accusing those behind it of gross incompetence while wiki leaks founder julian assange has called
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for someone to be fired for the network later rather correction saying it was presenting the proper context for the timing of the e-mail all the efforts to undermine trans presidency haven't stopped their reports in the u.s. media citing a columnist source say russia's equivalent to facebook got in touch with team trump its claims the v. k. social network offered to promote trump's candidacy among russian speaking americans june election getting bigger goes deeper into the story. no news is good news but russian news is always breaking is no matter how shaky the connection. that explosive information comes from anonymous sources familiar with an e-mail sent by the british publicist rob goldstone he's the guy who arranged the infamous trump jr meeting with the russian lawyer back in june of two thousand and sixteen
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c.n.n. issued an exclusive report saying those e-mails are the first indication there was any follow up after that meeting and not follow up centers around what goldstone allegedly referred to as a cute marketing idea scandalous here's what happened the director of partnership marketing v.k. russia's equivalent to facebook hit up team trump to set up a page on their website to appeal to russian americans before the election finally the smoking gun right and the network confirmed they made an offer to trump just like they did to a bunch of other popular people we welcomed international celebrities joining our social network we invited donald trump to create a v.k. account like many other celebrities but the media all but push those facts of the side choosing instead to focus on the young the exact himself one outlet said they became manager represented a new point of direct contact between an influential russian and advisors to trump not really sure if influential is the way to classify this guy however.
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the media are also pointing out that the v. k. executive has taken photos of trump and at a separate event snapped one with president putin well apparently that didn't impress the trump team they didn't reply to the network's request. we never received a reply from donald trump's representatives it is absolutely ludicrous and it is part of the nature of how our media has covered this entire story for this entire year and plan to continue to do for months and months and months as long as it keeps their ratings elevated because it's russia that's why this is so exciting to the media and a way for them to store up a story that is absolutely basis and yet another one of hundreds and hundreds of stories that have been and will continue to be nothing but sensationalism and russia phobia well we're back with more news after this short break.
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what politicians do to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president if you. want. to go on to do press which is what. three of the more people. interested in the war in the. bush. no russian flag will fly at the twenty eight john winter olympics but there will be russian athletes. no russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but fans will probably chant and acappella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes.
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welcome back sweden's chief prosecutor has warned that a district in the capital stockholm which has a large immigrant population is becoming a war zone brink of me is almost like a war zone when the police work there they operate as if they were de army. where migrants make up the vast majority of the suburb of ring could be with almost ninety percent first or second generation immigrants the district has now been placed in sweden's most severe consecrate of urban areas with high crime rates well
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that's as riots and burning cars are becoming increasingly common in the area. but it's far from the only swedish area developing a bad reputation the city of souther seventy kilometers from stockholm has been plagued by months of violence criminals have even used grenades to target police stations and fire fighters now require the backup of military style luring force meant while sweden's third largest city mo mo has also witnessed a sharp rise in crime this year alone fifty nine shootings have left seven people dead and dozens injured almost eighty percent of the local population say they live in fear while over a third say they're afraid to be out alone on the streets at night when we were armed police have been deployed to protect your business at night we discuss the situation with political scientist and commentator stinky and longer and he says offices now have to respond like an army formation. there are places that are.
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part of the time the interests and where british police. is moving into the area times like that form that they were in a. combat situation or as a formation of our no army no. there was a. big region with a lot of people from example are for africa and middle east between perfect society the import a lot of people and now they are running over the edge downhill over the edge as always have had a very low profile for a long time so these groups have been managed to build the networks that are needed to keep the crime growing. ferocious wildfires have now been burning in southern california for six days well sorry to say the fires have claimed one life with hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes when
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president trump declared a federal state emergency of. urgency in california on friday and ordered further relief efforts the largest of the six fires has charred over one hundred forty thousand acres of land in northwest los angeles and is thought firefighters could face more difficulties over the weekend the strong winds are predicted to strengthen the blaze. well for more on these and plenty of other stories go to our website. at the top of the hour my colleague neal holby will be here with the latest headlines but for me it's by phone or. so there's no the all important as a person but he is important in those far as is leaving would
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cause a risk in the regime falling apart so americans are americans so much less to have him leave the old oil from time to dime they keep saying it again so in the end i think most countries are accepting that he will stay. with manufactured. to the public will. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the fine. if. we can all middle of the room sick.
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the question is. which of the voted with his rule. it's about one hundred fifty questions. school. and let slip. that. i hold this view would help us if the accept us i think we would. change.
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what we walked and if they don't. it was for me. to have destroyed me. but you know this is. my big dream. given that he's. done none of this is it went on inside the. car you think or. feel nice to meet you want to meet you look for some of the cut it was very nice of you to first time for me yeah nice girl.


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