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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 9, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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no is it real yes he'll tell us more is the wonderful and gorgeous to see herbert max we're still in durham north carolina where it's nice is sunny and warm and we're going to be heading to new york city for the next few episodes and that's going to be kind of cold but you know over the past few episodes we've been talking about the american oligarchs we've been talking about the new robber barons jeff bezos now worth over one hundred billion dollars cities are handing over the keys to democracy for him to come bring amazon second headquarters there we talked about bill gates not quite worth one hundred billion dollars but he is a philanthropist giving a lot of money to help create clean water over in africa and we found that the people of alabama and the his own home country which has made him so wealthy well he's not helping out down there so much and now we turn to warren buffett yet another one of our favorite cuddly billionaires he's the most cuddly of all
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actually and he's in the news because you know we've had hurricane after hurricane many natural disasters but we also have the baby boomers retiring this has created . basically a backlog of people wanting mobile home. mobile homes are so expensive now hurricane victims can't afford them the industry led by warren buffet's clayton homes peddling such pricey interior designer touches as breakfast bars and his and her bathroom settings these extras plus manufacturers increase cost for labor and materials have pushed average prices for a new double wides up more than twenty percent in five years putting them out of reach for many of the newly homeless so about twenty two million americans live in what are called manufactured homes they're no longer really called mobile homes are called manufactured homes. and now we have thousands and thousands of people in
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huge plays of florida down to naples florida key west and houston where we've had the two hurricanes harvey and irma make many people lose their homes and they have to replace them and they're they they can't find well you know about the does the financial crisis of two thousand and eight remember the banks over leveraged they crashed and the government along with warren buffett. the government and warren buffett decided to bet not only the banks but themselves by getting the banks to bell himself out and to use the money from taxpayers to buy old couples to positions of monopoly positions in housing and mobile homes so these guys are not wealthy because they are smart or because they work are because they game the system and they rob us blind and now he's america's biggest loan lord
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congress relations learn you can play a little ukulele song warren buffett amo slumlord or i'm an okie from down the where's this will that gets billions of subsidies from the government and you pay for it you stupid america is the law here's charlie monger he's practically doing it out made a move billionaire even though he's a brain dead so unfortunately there's no stopping oligarch in america there's no government anymore there's no market forces anymore there's no price discovery anymore there's only free money given away through the interest rate apartheid state to the guys living on the right side of the apartheid interest rate wall everyone else is in the freaking doubt yet more more americans are having to move into these manufactured homes the interest rates on loans if you can even get a loan by the way are far more expensive for mobile homes. obviously because
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they're not built into a foundation they're not as long lasting as a home. geico in a lot of older insurance companies need a subsidy ok ok people have enough you're saying but let's move on to the fact that you mentioned the two thousand and eight financial crisis a lot of the builders and other manufacturers of mobile homes manufactured home sorry they went out of business or they stopped they laid off a lot of workers and now this is part of the problem of why there's such a shortage of these homes to buy there's something like a six month backlog and a lot of these places to even get a home because they don't have enough workers to know how to make these homes anymore but they say about twenty two million americans live in manufactured homes a classification that dates back to one nine hundred seventy six when federal law sets standards for what used to be called mobile homes sales of new units are grown
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fifteen percent annually as the base of buyers expands from rural areas to suburbs and retirement enclaves tile backsplash is in kitchen pantry and profits and attract buyers who couldn't afford simular extravagances and conventional houses the industry which makes up eighty percent of new homes that sell for less than one hundred fifty thousand was struggling to keep up with demand even before the hurricanes manufacturers that closed plants after the housing crash say they're having difficulty adding capacity because of shortage of labor skills so you know here you have a situation where we've talked about the wealth and income gap you know more and more is going to the top one percent of the jeff bezos of the warren buffett so the bill gates of the world and you have doctors lawyers all these other people being squashed down that they can't afford the homes and the cities you hear a lot of construction going on here in durham which is a boom city by the way they're they're being forced. into mobile homes or just
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forcing out the population i mean as they say a mobile home one hundred fifty thousand dollars if you do three times your income for the mortgage you have to be earning at least fifty thousand that's a way below what. the household income at the bottom is now of course a lot of people mistakenly blame capitalism for this when this is just socialism warren buffett is a socialist and so is jeff bezos they believe in being given an unlimited amounts of free money from a corrupt government central government that they control if there was capitalism in america these guys would have paid the price for being propagated horrible business people in two thousand and eight by getting themselves in over their head too much risk too much debt they would have gone out of business there would have been a market sell off we've had a new generation of entrepreneurs and we would have had capitalism as a concept was understood in america it's tied to the idea of free market economics is tied to the enlightenment is tied to the thinking that went behind that the.
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intellectual bedrock of america based on the rights of man they go back to the french and like men to french thinkers james lock these types of people who gave us the idea of government by and for the people now you've got government by and for all direction kleptocrats it's not capitalism it's kind of like socialism but it's more like monarchy a club talker seacock a stocker see rule by the stupidest of the worst amongst us and the every sult is either a we submit to this tyranny and live on our knees begging for scraps from these guys darn ugly putrid cute or craddick crack like warren or we interact those are the two choices you know you have two choices big or insurrections that said well of course. one of the ways that you're supposed to rise up not in the way that max is that referring to their. rise up through your own meritocracy you
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know go to university get an education compete in the marketplace get a job be able to afford one of these apartments or condos going up behind us and you know dern right behind us of course here in durham and raleigh the research triangle you have u.n.c. of duke two great universities. but paying for your college thirty years ago versus today taking into account two ition room board fees across two thousand three hundred and twelve public and private colleges and universities in the us the average price of an undergraduate degree increased sixty three thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars or roughly two hundred sixty one percent since one nine hundred eighty seven s. when i entered university in one thousand nine hundred seven prices are now up two hundred sixty one percent since the inflation adjusted so inflation the
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tuition has gone up but the job that tuition the income that you can earn when you graduate has gone up. like this much let me explain something terribly out there is wants to be a success in life there's two ways to go you can either become educated you can do that by yourself go to the new york university website or the gallatin division and get the syllabus of the book list at all gallatin division students have to know i was in the galton division a new york university it's probably two hundred fifty books starting with aristotle read those books now you're educated the second way you can be a success in life if you go no three things bridge golf tennis ok four things in skiing if you know any of these four preferably all for a bridge you get to play bridge warren buffett he's a big bridge player you play golf you hang outs country club you know the insider trading tips are tennis you know same thing tennis clubs you know that and skiing you go to chicago you go to sugar hill you've got all these expensive you meet the
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right people and make the right contacts and you make it the right deals and the right information so those you to pass either go nose for skills british tennis golf and skiing or read the galton vision of men or you syllabus for every graduate program and get educated those you to pass a life everything else is noise by the way. if you want to look like a buffoon go down the french side the french people the french speaking side those are the best looking skiers in the world i have to say the other side the german speaking side they're all where a leader hosen and they ski even worse than american so that's my tip over there but again so prices for university education has got up to into the sixty one percent. average income for an employer a graduate degree a person graduating with a degree bachelor's degree has gone up two point three percent in that time so
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that has gone from an average income in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven again inflation adjusted as forty nine thousand four hundred six in. one nine hundred eighty seven two thousand and sixteen is fifty thousand five hundred fifty six so that's what the college degree the average income is fifty thousand five hundred fifty six just said the mobile homes are hundred fifty thousand so three times that income so that's what you can aspire to going into a huge amount of debt getting this degree and then having to go into a mobile home or sorry manufactured home to make you feel a little bit better but that's all you have and this so let me give you know to anybody out there who want to become a millionaire multimillionaire billionaire tanking. the world as an insatiable demand for pancakes and waffles not a worry on china vietnam oklahoma florida antarctica there's an insatiable demand for pancakes they're cheap you know you pull them out tell i'm tanya take cakes is
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the road to riches well i think it's time to go to the second half because i'm going to go make some pancakes or let's not say to the second half all up more don't go away. so there's no the all important as a person but he is important as far as his leaving would cause a risk in the regime falling apart so america's are americans so much less to have him leave for old oil from time to time they keep seeing if they go so. the thing most countries are accepting that people study.
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what hope to do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to look for. i'm sure more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be first to see what the full spectrum of all can people. interested always in the waters of. fish should. be first like when you all know it's coming through on spec property if somebody would've been told me that i'm going to spend my life for it to plant committees are a little disturbed person with salt it was clear to see. every night over we were attacked by the arabs we will attack them and we will extremely shocked and saying but that's not possible i'll make those move to such
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scenes and then the soldiers and myself from the work i'm sleeping with lose both wampus and the host without the prisoner we've all dealt with over the they all. believe much second class citizens in the on call. it was like i'd like to give my head that there is no way to be able to live together without tearing down the street was the. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max hazard time now to turn to distinguish local politician for time mayor of pittsburgh north carolina former chairman of the north carolina democratic party randy bowler it's good to be buck moxley got
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a gift for me as i do work here in durham on the top of the hotel my grandfather used to play ball over here it matches your bitcoin when you know which is my bitter goal or well right so what are the what's what's is celebrating this is something i grandfather used to catch for the old new york giants and he played minor league ball right out here in durham in one nine hundred thirty yes so bull durham that's about the what the minor league team right in durham it is this isn't surrounded i don't think there were women that beautiful when he played that were luring him into situations no he didn't share them with you know he didn't tell you about it no they didn't even have all call back then they had to go over here and dig it up on the old farm it was the prohibition days haley players didn't get paid max different times my god i will get into some hot political issues let's talk about net neutrality it's suddenly a hot issue at least on whom. the democratic party itself is still focused on the
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fake russia story if think russia gate story but what's the u.s. look like without net neutrality have you looked at this randi what are your thoughts it's something that at least people in the progressive movement the democratic party that i travel with the been on for quite some time i mean ever since the law changed in the in the one nine hundred ninety s. and we've gotten to this point were you know the teleco is kind of can can choke it and take control we've been worried right into this is a misnomer because net neutrality sounds like they somebody wants to for the net to be neutral but that's not it is the opposite somebody is trying to make the net corporate controlled entirely in turn the internet effectively into h.b.o. so every. saying all access to anything that you want to have access to it is going to cost you money anything that is free is just going to be infomercials for potato soup or stuff that's completely worthless it's an argument that's a legitimate argument about throttling speed on the internet that you know first
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came up in the ninety's and early two thousand when people pointed out that those to control the pipes could actually control the speed upon which you could get certain packets yes and there's an issue of debate on line between richard hart's who's got a channel on you to become his big client is a very deep philosophical thinker he's an influencer an influence and he was talking to bruce fenton another bitcoin er and they were having this debate and bruce fenton a saying now no we can't have the open free internet because that's like communism we need to assert our private property rights and be try kone in and apply massive corporate power to this internet space your thoughts well let's just roll it back for a second and think about what the internet has become a mean it was created by government investment the notion you know way back when when this this country really put r. and d. into things like that in really came out of the military and it's an idea do you consider broadband to be a public utility max so there's
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a robust debate on whether water and sewer for instance should be publicly own or privately owned but the danger of turning it all into private hands is that people can then control something basic that you need water and in essence in the twenty first century people need access free and open access to high speed digital so you have problems all over this country right now where people are living on the equivalent of the information dirt road that last mile that's always discussed where the telcos of thought municipalities and counties for from providing it specially in this state that's a problem most of the places you go people actually are still. getting substandard internet access now let me explain to me how this issue is being framed because when i talked here people discussing and debating net neutrality they seem to suggest that unless you let corporations dominate this space and turn it into.
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something that's beyond the affordability of most people you end up with socialism but isn't it true it isn't the better case to make to say that if you allow unchecked corporate power to encroach on what should be a public utility and a public good you end up with the gas. you end up with fascism you will not see is what your argument is basically saying that the natural state for monopolistic oligarch that capitalism is fascism yes and there's an awful lot of scholarship on that front to my money michael robert is working on a book dr berger on exactly that topic that if it's unchecked which by the way republicans and democratic administrations in our country's history have fought against monopolies crash the sherman antitrust act correct and we've actually taken a stand in the past for some reason over this last thirty thirty five years we
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haven't stood a stronger as told in the saddle on this isn't there another we're oblon another word for monopoly could be monarchy and then we find a revolutionary war about that didn't we create the constitution about the bill of rights why i come nobody stands up for america when they're standing up for unchecked corporate power well you're you're making another point i've often made that the natural opponents of progressive are not conservatives conservatives have done an awful lot of good things in this country the natural opponent are monarchists and monarchists by and large are also closet fast this you can go look at world war two who are the nazis visiting in britain it's one of those stories they don't want to tell they were visiting those that were connected to the monarchy right when the banking industry. he was in huge support of fascism in germany and across europe so too were the unchecked corporate power of the walt disney corporation the ford corporation and the coca-cola corporation and the i.b.m. was also who do you think made the little. digital tattoos in the concentration
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camp victims was provided for i.b.m. i.b.m. actually they created a special orange string for the nazis called santa coca-cola right yeah who funded the frickin nazis j.p. morgan well you know there's another big supporter want is that you're bringing up inconvenient truths of people don't want to talk about but i mean we talk about here pittsboro because pittsburgh in durham and this area of the country is a hotbed of liberal and progressive and political awareness of what your are at the forefront well people are willing here to ask these questions and these questions need to be yes you're right i mean who is involved in media connects to the bush family i mean there's plenty of scholarship on there brown and herrmann and others that were funding the nazi regime that just we don't like to quote talk about it in polite company let's talk about it you know it's an impolite concern in terms of baseball now the unchecked corporate fascist crowds that don't think net neutrality
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is a problem if you have corporations running the internet would tell us that there should never be referees on the game during a baseball bats there should never be any rules there should never be any statistics there should never be any standings there should never be any attempt to quantify in any way what's happening on the baseball field or to officiate what's happening on the baseball field which is just left players go out there with balls and bats kill each other whoever survives that killing field is the winner of the world series that's what that's what and not and not capitalism is telling us is the right way to go well another way of looking at it is they wouldn't want to pay the ballplayers so we just wouldn't pay labor but isn't that what's happening in. places like alabama which now has a ross sewage spilling into people's homes calling book worm flint michigan pipes full of top carcinogenic water causing bursty facts other places in alabama where the local sewage is being underwritten by wall street banks to let it go bankrupt
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and end up people having to eat their own fecal matter to survive but what i mean what you're basically talking about is the fact that america for decades has not focused on hard infrastructure really the things that we need to do in order to actually have civilization i mean you need to be able to provide clean potable water to your people you need to be able to process your waste which includes misspell solid waste as well as waste that would go into a wastewater treatment plant this is what you're referring to we have not been interested in it because it hasn't been sexy and then when wall street deemed to be sexy they only did so to package what you know predatory products that they sold to melissa polities and counties and they sold to institutional investors like helpers well look at nestle corporation they tap into the aquifers the naturally occurring publicly own commonwealth and common good of an aquifer and they're right that in
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a moment i'll that water back to us at a premium that they get for free so that's naziism nestle not is i listen in as they invent wait a minute wait a minute if i thought so if nestle were in charge of the sewage systems and some of these myths about ease they would sell people back their own thicko matter but branded as living life the nestle way eat your own poop and then get away with it america. i meet we all actually drink water that's coming from some source upstream so technically speaking that is the case i mean most of this was all bottled water actually or selling water that comes from a miniscule plant right mitch already actually process water could come from the city of durham here and then they put little mad eyes water a gallon of your city yes please gallons in there so the president isn't going to people side effect of i mean that's i wish there was somebody so hold up is this the american way or how much of this is the american way right well i would say that it's not consistent with my understanding of what the american experience is all about my family spent on this fricken rock for three hundred years you know we
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fought in every war except a vietnam war and you know my family was in pennsylvania and created the you know the lexington gazette you know during the time of the continental congress where journalists go back that far and then to have these idiots like alec baldwin calling me anti american because i dare to tell the truth on their shallow at that time do you think they would have called your relatives the purveyors of phone news well you know at that time randy we know historically their third america was against the independents right third was for it and the third was ambivalent but let me get your thought as a democratic leader here in north carolina many leading democratic activists are suddenly gauged in this than a child issue but at the same time they are at the forefront of fighting to end net neutrality demanding that you tube facebook censor the videos they don't like both all right and all left have been. d. monetized and d.
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ranked and now our to russia today is also being you know in the crosshairs of these so-called progressive who are at the who want to fight net neutrality but they want to censor journalists how do you square that circle this is an issue of not like quote not liking the content so i mean the question is when does the content become cancerous. of the any. i don't need to for a content to be cancerous to defend the right to free speech you know it's a either years or longer so limit the free speech or not i mean is the limit if i shout fire in a crowded theater and there isn't a fire and people travel themselves to death but then how does any of this is already been on disaster you know the argument that sounds like john mccain that there's a one percent chance that there's weapons of mass destruction in iraq we have to kill a million people wearing that the same time so there's a fuel serves a ninety nine percent dead certainty of man made global climate change and that we feel that we don't have enough certainty to fight noble climate change so you can go to either out of the bell curve and with the extreme of any argument but if you
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have free speech in a society that also values education and awareness in an open media you have a critical mass of educated people who can discern what is would be a crowd yelling fire in a crowded theater versus voicing an unpopular view that would encourage political debate i mean if you have a country of imbeciles who can't think for themselves then any speech is dangerous speech they only want to have free money pumped up their sphincters and to buy their opium i was on i think that the oh yeah we got to go we gotta go gotta go down i went to the free speech my god they got to cut you off that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me next guys are safe here but i think this last randy bowler here in north carolina if you want to read just on twitter it's kaiser report so much done by you know.
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how a stunt is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos. dismiss it. like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is. the only palestinian gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think those who are under that vision. and the earth is. identical to the moon. don't piss off.
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no russian flag at the twenty eight. olympics but there will be russian athletes. no russian national anthem will play out during official ceremonies but fans will probably chant and acapella rendition you can take the athletes out of the country but can you take the country out of the athletes. i i i. i i i i i. i i. i.
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i. protest as a killed more than a thousand people are injured as violence escalates between israelis and palestinians correspondent was caught up in the. jerusalem. so we're in the middle of. as you can hear we're having some tear gas being shot on. another attempt to undermine donald trump a c.n.n. runs a full story on the alleged conniving between trump's election team and wiki leaks we pick apart other stories that claim to be the smoking gun of collusion with russia. chief prosecutor claims that a stockholm district populated almost entirely by migrants is fast becoming a war zone.


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