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tv   Sophie Co  RT  December 15, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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most schools most secondary schools and universities are slightly richer most secular schools can afford. to have laptops or computers in every classroom so having the ability of having students access information online via their phones is quite useful to be honest my class were all quite happy to leave our phones i leave my phone in the office during our university's time so why can't they do the same and they were kind of in agreement with may interaction between students and teachers the so important they need to leave their friends at home leave them told to leave the classroom even in break time they need to sort of concentrate on what they're doing with their in class time. i just think we all did degrees without mobile phones we coped without mobile phones i just think you don't need to define is just a tool technology is not going to suddenly go away do legislating is like being a luddite you know when when the invention of machinery started coming into factories and people were against that the realities of this kind of stuff is
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happening and people are moving forward and for me schools have to embrace and build it into their education system a lot more than they're doing at the moment telling kids not to do something they will end up doing the complete opposite so it's better to just embrace it and use it as a tool to to expand. now a quirk in russian law or could see a farmer facing a hefty fine or even deal for using a tracking device to follow a wayward or to go took the matter to the highest level. up to four years in prison for a simple g.p.s. tracking device attached to a cow sounds weird if not surreal but thanks to one peculiarity in russia's criminal law it's real. meat eve guinea the suspect it's by slash farmer. slash father get the more. you know i was going to make a cola for this cough and attach a g.p.s. tracker to it so that i can see his whereabouts at least roughly when i need to.
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the calf is a terrible way he just disappears every now and then. we have huge areas of abandoned farmland it's hard for me to run after him because i've asked him there were times with this one once i spent two whole days searching. a tiny gadget that would save the day why not fetch it online for a bargain price and so you get he did only to be met by officers at the post office the g.p.s. tracker had a built in mike which makes it an illegal spying device if there's no license technically here's your crime the result a confiscated gadget and either crippling fine or prison plus the dubious honor of being the first ever spy in the village or really in the middle of nowhere. getting in trouble like this i couldn't have imagined not even in
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a nightmare. if the jail here were in my daughter's future a fine would be very harsh it would really hurt our pockets so i do it's terrifying for us after a bit of research we thought it could be one of the things our t. should bring up on thursday. as far as i know last year more than two hundred people were found guilty under the same law what can you say about that. i didn't even get the reasons for using g.p.s. for what purpose. ordered the gadget online from china because the calf would run loose is that illegal was he obliged to pay for it there is an article in the russian criminal code under which people can be charged. i didn't even know that such a lower existed i'll definitely look into that article in the cases with those individuals it's the first time i'm hearing about problems with attaching such things to cat was i know the trackers or even put on cats to make sure they don't get lost what's
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the problem with couse this needs to be sorted out i'll handle it. i didn't think my problem would get publicity i hope this means that they reconsider the law because lots of people have suffered because of this when i was watching the t.v. i was nervous i hope the case is resolved in my favor and maybe we can breathe freely by new year. so there is mr tearaways chance to be less of a troublemaker without any laws being broken you leave a train go r t. russia's federal security service has detained seven suspects believed to have been plotting an attack in st petersburg and this video here you can see one of the suspects being arrested as he headed towards a shipping container he later admitted explosives were hidden there the security service revealed the attacks were planned for saturday with one location believed to be victim cathedral in some petersburg
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a popular tourist landmark especially coming up to the christmas and new year holidays during the raid the f.s.b. said they phoned elements of explosive devices guns and ammunition in april this year the same petersburg metro was hit by a suicide bomber attack which killed fifteen people and injured more than one hundred a second explosive device also in the metro system failed to detonate that day and was later this. now in choosing between the traditional star or angel for your christmas tree topper this year has just gotten more difficult decorations are now taking on the faces of politicians.
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now is not what you want to wake up to on christmas morning a lot of us old and used for knowledge see you again and just over a half an hour or more global news from r.t.e. h.q. .
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it would seem the more the anti trump first push to have the president removed from office the more we learn about the media in such places as the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little know we are learning there was collusion elsewhere. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the lawn they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to be brits. it's a right to be for us this is what the before us three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. it's all the bullet they will make people afraid that's b.s.
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that's when they start russia better relations with the united states. supra national ism in brussels and we'll be the union that is the real reason and that is something i don't see right. greetings and salutation. all right let's take a quick break for all things net neutrality corporate hack and the f.c.c. because i have some important earth shattering news to tell you today. well hawk watchers i'm shocked shocked to inform you that the u.s. made weapons didn't find their way into the hands of isis fighters during their reign in syria and iraq now now please please don't don't ask so surprised well i'm
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sure that most viewers of the show and consumers of independent news media in general have known or suspected this for quite some time to the good black waving folks working in the corporate media today this this is news to them usa today's headlines announced the u.s. weapons for syrian rebels and some wound up in the hands of isis terrorists meanwhile jeff bezos and the gang over at the washington post originally threw up this juicy little headline stating how u.s. weapons help the islamic state fueled the industrial revolution of terrorism later they shipped a bad line to the much more isis blaming isis stole u.s. supplied rockets weeks after they arrived in syria reports. three years in the making the new report compiled by the conflict armament research group which tracks how weapons supplies find their way into conflicts found that an authorized retransfer is a significant source of as. they weapons and ammunition and that the united states
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and saudi arabia supplied most of this material without authorization apparently to syrian opposition forces which was then sold to sold to or recovered of by our by isis forces you see the river of blood that is arms dealing flows damned we are definitely all covered up in it so it's time to start getting clean by watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you know that i got. within three. weeks of. the watching the hawks i
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robot and i'm having a while listen joining us today to discuss the arms business in syria is former pentagon analyst michael maloof thanks for joining us pleasure always a pleasure so michael let walk us through this how exactly in your expertise and your belief do you believe these weapons and that up in the hands of isis what do you know they told us that they are being are with the syrians and then they ended up at isis house what do you think happened well it was a very clandestine program to obtain from eastern europe a lot of the weapons that syrian. opposition forces were very good milieu with. a k forty seven zero r.p.g. where do you get them from eastern europe and the still have surplus is there today you're very familiar with those weapons is done by contractors and no beltway company is it stilling gaijin that activity happens also in afghanistan wherever you have this kind of activity you have clandestine programs of. it's really run by the agency cia and it goes on and on and on and the way it probably happened
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in a number of ways is that they really captured or they went to opposition fighters who may have joined isis but in many some of them were actually mislaid when they were parachuted in either of those approaches and in the one case when isis initially took over mosul back in two thousand and fourteen. they took incredible amounts of weaponry from the iraqi fighters. and then mosul fill this up so they were they've been able to get these weapons they've been able to. actually modify it to to suit their purposes and and be able to just launch tubes for example so that they can comply with. the weapon systems itself so the ice is engineers if you will were very very clever and in and showed a lot of ingenuity and this is
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a part of this also is that the original suppliers who sold them to the u.s. or saudi arabia were was it kind of turning around and clandestinely beating them this year that was against the original buying agreements a lot of these case sure you're always going to have a no re export without permission clause or what that that was just but when you're doing a clandestine program such as this you go through the state department for example it'll go to an innocuous in this case let's say like romania to the u.s. ok then then they go off on a special aircraft and and wind up over there and through jordan or what have you see i had a program and then it was just this year. president trump said no more but by by then you know they they have they have an arsenal and they still have it and you don't know where a lot of these stocks are hidden you have bunkers probably still filled somewhere where they can. true that i know they would be clever enough to do something like
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that and it's it's hard for me to look at it and understand why you know why a lot in the main a lot of people in them and the mainstream media and the corporate news seem surprised by this when we've seen if you look through history as soon as one war ends those things are being shipped to the next place and we saw that you know weapons that were in japan at the end of world war two got shipped to korea and when there was anything left over at the end of that war got shipped to vietnam and it was just everything gets around and this idea of having rebels or arming people the considering that the united states is essentially the largest arms dealer in the world is it naive of mainstream media or any media to be surprised by this are they that naive or is there a level of we have to protect certain things well that there's a good reason for these some of these program it's a combination i think they have to protect it because they and it's a clandestine program number one but number two there was no focus on it. i know
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when i was at the pentagon we. went up when i was in kazakhstan uzbekistan training border guards of those areas we would come across tremendous surpluses of these weapons that were left over from the old when the cold war had ended and we were trying to get our defense and other shows to scoop them up because in that region we were very concerned even back then of islamic islamist terror target groups and getting their hands ninety's or if this was in the early two thousand well you know what this is is there any kind of what we know about of the cia i want to come avoid following of these in these operations over you know secret operations probably weapons of the public side of things do they worry about this and what kind of prevention or precautions do they take cores or kind of like.


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