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tv   Documentary  RT  December 15, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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that would be rolled not your rope but the institution gold the european union has said that hysterical was a phobia rains and you're a band in the netherlands why is that i mean does europe has announced problems without this being crammed up to. well you know i see a terrible thing happening in most of the european countries on the one hand they criticize the american administration they make fun of mr trump i'm not defending miss the from all the things he does but there is only criticism ninety nine percent of the politicians criticized one of the superpowers in the world the united states of america on the other hand the same politicians criticize another superpower in the world called the russian federation and i think that is very unwise that is fair even wise from a geopolitical point of view that is fair even wise from an economical but in the few because i believe we need both we need to have
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a friendship with the russian federation and we need to have a transatlantic friendship as europa as the european countries with the united states of america and indeed today you see that almost it's almost a trend in europe to criticize the russian federation to make them responsible for almost everything that goes wrong and i think that's very bad or not only we cannot afford it but often it's also not substantial ice then of course i also have criticism towards both russia and the united states that we have and it's in our own interest and we have a lot in common as well with russia to become more allies than enemies are you sad that you want to create an alternative to this russia phobia what is it going to be like i mean how do you make this alternative appealing to the political elites. well you know first also among allies you have to be able to criticize each other
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those as friends when it's needed and of course when it comes for instance at the operation with the whole process of this terrible terrorist they get back because my dutch fellow countrymen when it comes to shutting down of the plane i made seventeen out of things there was a lot of criticism all i'm asking for cooperation also does russia but we also have so much in common with russia on other aspects we have the same kind of culture we are christians a little big band of russian is russian off the books kristie and we have the same problems often when it comes to the future of immigration we both had bad experience when it comes to terrorism also in russia rather with some mosco or what happened in chechnya and the boss we had in a similar way the same kind of experience so what i believe is that we should not only criticize but we should cooperate and i'm very happy to have been invited by
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the russian and best of the in the russian parliament the duma to face it russia in the beginning of next year to meet people from your government from the russian government from the russian parliament and also perhaps to have critical remarks against one another but also to get a better understanding russia is not our enemy i believe that russia is an ally and we should invest in better relations so the media has been calling it a debt donald trump i don't know if you like that comparison or not what do you make of it the failure of many things in common with american president. as i have on some aspects i have respect for mr rahman all the aspects i don't have respect for what he does i still believe that if i would have been in america which i'm not i would have rather i would also have voted for mr trump and not for mrs clinton
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but hey i'm not an american i'm a dutchman and i'm responsible for the by the seat of my country no today in opposition and so i'm not to be compared with what i believe and what the strength is of both mr trump but also missed the putin is that they all believe that the interest of down own country goes first mr putin goes for russia first for the first interest of the russian people a missile trim in his own way does that for the united states of america and i wish i wish in your rope in my own country the netherlands we had a leader we had a prime minister who are like mr trump or mr putin would say hollande first of all your room not the european union but europe first and we don't have that i want to talk a bit about relation to the united states chancellor merkel thinks that e.u. has to rely on itself from now on as the partnership between the united states and
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europe is cracking under president trump do you see a reliable partner in the current administration. no you know i don't think that's that bad and i even believe that european politicians use it they misuse it they misuse and they call for a so-called worse relationship ship with the united states of america they complain about a better relation with the russian federation only to be able to say to their people that we have to get more european union the globe please don't be fooled by the politicians as mrs merkel or mr mcconnell the president of france who says we need to beget a stronger europe today we get even a european army i don't want a european army we don't need a european army it's all the politicians will make people afraid that we have better relations with russia better relations with the united states only to
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enforce more super nationalism in brussels and the european union that is the real reason and that is something i don't subscribe to so mr worthless as each year during the obama years followed american policies closely but now that there's a difference of opinion as well strong do you think the u.s. will learn its influence over here up. i think that america is an important ally to europe and i think that the american people are friends as the russian people should be but of course different administrations and i think that even though one might criticize or applaud some of the measures the american administration makes those at the end of the day we cannot afford to have either a better relations with both america and with russia and i think that it would be very irresponsible as many politicians do to criticize only the american on the
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russian administration america is an important ally mr trump is the president of an important country as mr putin is a president of both countries and we should have go to relations with both of them mr wilders thank you for being with us today we're talking to heritage will durst later the dutch party for freedom discussing the pressing challenges here is facing today that's it for this edition of south and co i will see you next time. thanks so much. it would seem the more the antitrust first push to have the president removed from
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office the more we learn about the media in such places is the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation known as russia gate has revealed preciously little we're learning there was collusion elsewhere. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so one more chance for. a nice minute.
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headline stories are on our international the u.s. north korea faceoff on a special session of the united nations security council. claims washington for escalating crisis on the pinch. u.k.'s top military officer suggests russia could try to sabotage cables disrupting global communications provides no indication of where that plane comes from. this.
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further. between palestinians and this really police in the west jerusalem was a dispute over the ancient cities fetus. you're tuning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to r.t. international my names you know neal good to have your company our top story in complete contrast to a statement earlier this week concerning a need for talks with north korea over the nuclear crisis u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson just hours ago said pyongyang must know earn its way back to negotiations and that was a special session of the united nations security council reporting from new york
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for us. well the presence of the two officials made it pretty clear that the stakes are getting higher as we watch the meeting in the u.n. security council chamber now we heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he emphasized that the united states did not want to go to war with north korea but that they will be increasing their pressure on the country that is intended to lead to diplomatic talks in the meantime the president's been very clear militarily we are going to be prepared should something go wrong and our military is prepared a representative from north korea was able to take the floor at the meeting now the representative from north korea said that it was the united states that was to blame for the crisis in the korean peninsula and that their development of nuclear weapons was only done to deter attack against their country this is the representative of north korea speaking in the u.n.
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security council chamber oh a position open you clearly have for. individuals to third with the prince even meet up with the prince. and to run. and to build a month from the u.s. but on the u.s. nuclear threat at the end up looking and it's a new one to blame for. the years the run must be so confident now we heard from the representative of russia and he addressed the security council and emphasized that while russia does not approve of north korea's activities its testing the missiles its nuclear proliferation that saber rattling and threats against the country don't seem to be the solution and that as long as the country feels like it's under attack and like it's under threat it's not likely to disarm and give up its nuclear weapons not the most polluting the music and its allies respond to months of silence from pyongyang by conducting military drills of an unprecedented scale next to the north korean border you know time and december
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combined with new unilateral sanctions and adding the country to the list of terrorist. once you nations will make you wonder whether the even going to find peaceful methods of resolving the crisis u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in his remarks accused russia and china of not doing enough to help resolve the crisis by putting pressure on north korea this is despite the fact that rex tillerson outright rejected the proposal from russia and china for a double freeze since the beginning of the crisis russia and china have called for a deescalation of tensions by the usa and south korea ending their provocative military exercises in exchange for north korea ending its missile testing and its nuclear proliferation now this proposal was outright rejected by rex tillerson who said that u.s. talks with north korea would not proceed with any preconditions there would be no preconditions he essentially ruled out the possibility of this double freeze as
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proposed by china and russia now blusher russia's president vladimir putin was speaking recently and spoke about the fact that the usa and russia don't seem to be working together regarding the crisis on the korean peninsula and when addressing that he pointed out that often u.s. leaders seem to put russia on the same level as north korea and iran in their international rhetoric and that essentially the usa is coming to russia for help with the north korean crisis while not treating them with the proper respect and putting them essentially on the same level as north korea tensions are pretty clearly high as was illustrated on the floor of the security council in the proceedings that the world just watched. the u.k.'s top military officer has claimed that russia's navy could somebody underwater cables disrupting communications and triggering global economic chaos with more in the accusation here is paul the boy. warning has come from pete he is
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a senior nato official and he's also the chief of british defense stuff and he says that russian ships have been spotted perilously close to atlantic cables these are underwater very important strategic cables that cross the atlantic from europe to the u.s. and since according to peach russia has continued to develop its unconventional warfare well the internet could be the kremlin's next victim russia in addition to new ships and submarines continues to perfect both unconventional capabilities and the.


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