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tv   Sophie Co  RT  December 15, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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some football fans used to show a pleasant me they don't do it anymore. independent body time street dealing with racism in the english game i went to sit down with troy tenzing to learn more about their important work. we're all right what. i think one of the most important things that people never had the confidence to challenge so if a derogatory song was sung it was just dangers or they've sung it there's nothing we can do about it and i think what kick it out of doing is now trying to give people a voice to challenge and to understand what is acceptable and what is unacceptable now so we educate players on you know changing room environment changing room that we're going to bring that were banned to tell you that in fact it's so foolish it's a cultural word for abuse if you're. yeah exactly but it's a word that people can hide behind and that's players that's administrator as that's fans that's everybody we can hard beyond it by saying it was only a joke it was a bit of banter can they not take it so what we're saying now is people don't have
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to take it we've got an opportunity now to really you know challenge for all to come together so that's what we want to do we can't do it by ourself yes the powers to be have the money and the finances to possibly want this away straight away but we're going to have to work with them and if we can influence in any way we surely will the next year is the world cup the big celebration in football in russia we're english fans like now lots of people who are watching this around the world say your problems killed you have no racists because you tell the russians they're racist you tell you craniums they're racist you tell people to be careful in south africa or in brazil you don't have any problems in england would be a fair assessment of the situation in football stadia english football culture in two thousand and seventy we have to be totally honest in what we're saying here we still have problems that we have to deal with in our game over here we are doing as much as we can we have a you know in partnership with football supports federation we have a we now have developed fans for diversity. which is making the football fan base
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more diverse bring in more community projects bring a line in them with their football clubs let in the football clubs understand that their fan base is not all of one particular color and embrace in the fact that. fans from different backgrounds different creeds different cultures different colors can add so much value to what their stadium looks like. but i think we've asked we're so proud of it we were always very proud you know we're better than this we're better than that where whilst not recognizing that we still have issues let's get our house in order first we go chirping off all the of a nation's that are out there playing football troy you're also a father and a coach as well for the two understands and newcastle crystal palace international if you get called up to the squad will you go and support him in russia with all a very scary mongering going on. it's funny that question has been asked quite a few tons my original response so i have to be totally honest in my original
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response was born out of ignorance i think was born out of listening to every thing that you get back in the media calls you know whatever it is you know don't go to russia you or you would have problems you'd be targeted by i would say now people probably have a go at me for going but you said year ago but i would say now that i would i would approach it probably in the same manner that i would approach go travelling anywhere to go and watch him play football listen i've heard him been racially abused before at white hart lane so you know if i'm in london and heard him being racially abused before there's no reason for me not to travel to the biggest for linux traffic and there can be delia is we've. governing bodies and the racism campaign what kind of organizations will be out there for example in your. there's an organization called fair that kind of deals of all the european stuff but i see the same that what we do over here. i'm not sure they do as much in terms of the educational stuff that we do we're quite broadly i'd love kid out to advance
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what we do in england and make it right across. doesn't matter where you're from what country you're in i want to be in a better place globally not just nationally we've got our stuff that we can deal with but you know if we could why can't kick it out set up in france in italy in south america why not. it just needs people to believe that there's issues and there's problems and they can be dealt with yes they would have to be dealt with in different ways but why not we have the sort of mentor incident last season when obviously you got sent off for basically reporting racial abuse now we were very much involved with pro on that and kind of pushing them to the kind of things that they should be doing to support a player because he was racially bruised from the stands he made a complaint and he got made to feel as if he was the response of it was in the wrong if you're a victim you have to prove that you're a victim and sometimes proving you're a victim is the hardest thing to do having already been victimized solomon sorry
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obviously felt that as well and you know he's gone to the referee obviously the association or whoever looks after referees they've never had to deal with things like that before so they have nothing can place to go right when supply reports something to you this is the steps you should take you a fire they there's a stadium announcement you know in champions league games or the stadium announcement and if it continues you know basically game that stop the players come off the pitch why can that simple simple process not be replicated right across the board why does tory have to have to go through the embarrassment of been sent off for reporting racism for the poor in something that happened to him because of the color of his skin so we have massive. massive to do so the setting up of a kid out europe or you know whatever it might be i think would massively enhance the guy obviously it needs finances but i don't think of money stand you know it's all true i'm not now it's only really appreciate you joining a pleasure. and let's hope we see troy. in red square in moscow next
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year celebrates he not only lifting lifted that show straight from that we brilliantly learns that he will join us thank you bunch doing us on the stan collymore show i hope you enjoy this week we're back next week we'll be chatting to the true king to the wall it only paralyze i.
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wonder when the. car of the city. boulevard really knew nothing then we took. this road reserve the. following. we meant and. it's phenomenal up on the yes i will come look at them they wanted us and if you think it's. a set up. i thought that the f l. it would seem the more they push to have the president removed from office the more we learn about the media in such places as the f.b.i. how they really work to date the investigation. has revealed precious little we're
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learning there was collusion elsewhere. that. was. yeah. i was. thinking. the u.s. and north korea faceoff and a special session of the u.n. security council. washington for.
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this hour the u.k.'s top military officer says yes russia could try to sabotage the water table disrupting global communications but no indication of where the company also ahead. further clashes between palestinians and israeli police in the west bank and in jerusalem the dispute over the city status. from moscow to the world is r.t. international good to have your company this hour my names and o'neill our top story in complete contrast to a statement earlier this week concerning
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a need for talks with north korea over the nuclear crisis u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said must earn its way into negotiations that was a special session of the united nations security council artie's killam up in reports from new york. well the presence of the two officials made it pretty clear that the stakes are getting higher as we watch the meeting in the u.n. security council chamber now we heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he emphasized that the united states did not want to go to war with north korea but that they will be increasing their pressure on the country that is intended to lead to diplomatic talks in the meantime the president's been very clear militarily we are going to be prepared should something go wrong and our military expert or a representative from north korea was able to take the floor at the meeting now the representative from north korea said that it was the united states that was to
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blame for the crisis in the korean peninsula and that their development of nuclear weapons was only done to deter attack against their country this is the representative of north korea speaking in the u.n. security council chamber our position open you clearly have. individuals do with the prince even with the prince. and the run resistance and development the from the u.s. but on the u.s. you can use that at the end up looking and it's a new one to blame for. the years the run must be. confident now we heard from the representative of russia and he addressed the security council and emphasized that while russia does not approve of north korea's activities its testing the missiles its nuclear proliferation that saber rattling and threats against the country don't seem to be the solution and that as long as the country feels like it's under attack and like it's under threat it's not likely to disarm and give up its nuclear weapons the most polluting the musik washington
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and its allies respond to two months of silence from pyongyang by conducting un should yield military drills of an unprecedented scale next to the north korean border you know december combined with new unilateral sanctions and adding the country to the list of terrorist sponsoring nations well all of these moves make you wonder whether they even want to find peaceful methods of resolving the crisis . u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in his remarks accused russia and china of not doing enough to help resolve the crisis by putting pressure on north korea this is despite the fact that rex tillerson outright rejected the proposal from russia and china for a double freeze since the beginning of the crisis russia and china have called for a deescalation of tensions by the usa and south korea ending their provocative military exercises in exchange for north korea ending its missile testing and its nuclear proliferation now this proposal was outright rejected by rex tillerson who
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said that u.s. talks with north korea would not proceed with any preconditions there would be no preconditions he essentially ruled out the possibility of this double freeze as proposed by china and russia now blushes russia's president vladimir putin was speaking recently and spoke about the fact that the usa and russia don't seem to be working together regarding the crisis on the korean peninsula and when addressing that he pointed out that often u.s. leaders seem to put russia on the same level as north korea and iran in their international rhetoric and that essentially the usa is coming to russia for help with the north korean crisis while not treating them with the proper respect and putting them essentially on the same level as north korea tensions are pretty clearly high as was illustrated on the floor of the security council in the proceedings that the world just watched. lists all through some of what we saw today with eric surat going eric is co-founder of lawyers for him to militarization
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un-p.c. in korea and it's always a pleasure to have you on the program eric earlier in the week as we've just been hearing rex tillerson the u.s. state secretary said that the u.s. is ready for talks with preconditions why be a part in q. turn do you think. well first of all negotiations with preconditions misses the point of negotiations i'm a mediator and a lawyer and i'm involved in negotiations and i think president trump is demonstrating real ignorance about negotiating and how that works the reason you have to sit down is to avoid these kind of problems not set preconditions we've been through this for decades here where the u.s. administrations have often said we first need them to calm down we first need them not to have first need them to not test a nuclear weapon we need
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a period of quiet before we sit down the point is the noise the proliferation the weapons are the exact reason we need to sit down and i think secretary tell us and got it right we should be able to sit down and first talk about the wallpaper or the the environment that we're sitting in talk about anything because that begins to build a relationship and i think what you were facing a situation with those statements by the secretary of state that would lead to talks being set up and i think this is a further example that the united states doesn't appear to want a diplomatic solution and doesn't appear to want to sit down and talk what else was said tillerson stated that the u.s. .


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