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so there's a process of modernization a little bit like enough votes enough to break what is going more more rapidly it may be concluded. early next year and what we are concerned about i want to say we are going to sit around the world care about the environment and social and the public rights is that disagreement with europe will give more power doing restores most rights to investors to the detriment of workers. well canada actually just our prime minister justin trudeau of canada said that canada would consider an individual deal with the united states if nafta falls apart do you think mexico would consider the same thing yeah i think mexico in the end with just given in to what the united states would offer i don't think it's just much bargaining power. one other thing that i saw recently in a new york times article is that that this author examined how nafta has sort of opened up the door of high sugar and high calorie processed foods into mexico from
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the u.s. and they point to mexico's high obesity rate which sits now around twenty percent and pretty nafta it was around seven percent but then of course the other side of the argument is that nafta you could make the argument that nafta has helped mexico's economy and that the life expectancy there is longer so i just thought that was a really interesting takes we never really consider health when we're talking about nafta just like how we also don't really consider security or counterterrorism so what is your thought on that you know there was a previous study by the institute for recall child and truth polisi. when team to look into how mexico because it's the second most obese country in the world and canada us there's always civil kind of the moral beast because of nafta you and as well but yeah well the thing is that nafta changed the patterns of consumption of mexicans much more frost food going to maine did change but we feel. trains all
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over mexico and the golf course they give cheaper food chipper. choices and this and those of course the soft the suffering seen the story of swill all the sold us and mexico and start consuming gold the sport of big way and this has produced the these guys made mexico the second most obese control the world and this is interesting because sometimes they spin enough to see enough to rescue with mexicans better choices better consumption choices and in the end most of these choices are about choices like what to do would you mention this is true for the frugal sugars and refined flour and unfortunately mexico has only a crisis so for obesity brought on that be that because diabetes. this is the sweet home of health problem so it's consumerism it is very clear that it's not because i'm being difficult for for mexico it's very interesting discussion manwell her as
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roche associate fellow at the institute for policy studies thank you so much for your time think you could think you were with nafta talks up in the air many canadian businesses are considering moving their operations south of the border to the u.s. in fact some companies in canada are saying that they're already being affected negatively because of nafta talks and thinks setting up shop in the u.s. could cushion the blow artie's alex mahila vectors in toronto with more for us alex how serious is this i mean are there about many canadian businesses that are actually thinking about making the move. just think about what you just said it's the talks alone that are affecting businesses here in canada so if nafta was actually to go the way of the dodo they would be a very good thing for canada at least for these businesses that's the way that they see it like canada seventy five percent of our exports from canada go to the u.s. so obviously the us is our biggest market by far and for many companies lot of the business that they do so they are not very diversified the stuff that they sell
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over the merchandise or the services have to cross the border much more merchandise much more attainable things than services so when you look at these companies there's a large number that are saying they have to set up shop in south of the border so that they don't have to deal with the border when crossing the border. goes away right now the the way that the supply chains are set up move things quite smoothly so they think if they have an operation south of the border that can somehow move around the fact of having to cross the border each and every day that's the stat that we have our export development canada it's a crown corporation meaning it's owned by the canadian government and they talk to over a thousand companies surveyed there's a quarter of these companies so actually twenty six percent out of a thousand surveyed back in oct say they indicate they are moving or considering moving part of the opera of their operation inside the u.s. border in response to the elevated uncertainty regarding trade with the u.s. or u.s. trade policy again this is what you were just talking about the very unsure of what
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it's going to be trumped next move now twenty three of these percent of these companies are saying that nafta talks just the talks alone are hitting their canadian operations now we know that this is all supposed to modernize what's going on the new modern version of nafta that's what canada hoped for but we're not really seeing it move in any direction but here's what canadian business is really rely on we have a graph for you and this is what it really comes down to it comes down to the american people what the american people want to do research. center of a poll done back in april we're seeing that more and more people in the states are in favor of free trade and canadian businesses view that as a good thing hopefully with that will affect the talks these nafta talks within the next couple of months while if nafta does fall apart i mean are there any other options for canadian companies or where they just have to move to the u.s. what very much what we just heard was happening with mexico and diversification canada has
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a free trade trade deal seat up with the european union and these businesses are looking at europe as one of the biggest markets out there also we have to coast like the u.s. does the pacific the atlantic and when we look on the other side there is china china is a huge market potential for canada so canada is looking in that way as well twenty three percent of these companies that were surveyed are saying they are ready to diversify that's a direction that they're looking in as they see tensions rise during these nafta negotiations another approach though is wait and see a lot of companies believe that you know what yeah the goshi actions of might have gone south right now but things might get better so wait and see i guess i guess that's the moral of the story here lots of uncertainty and we must wait and see our two correspondent alex the hell of that thanks so much thank you. time now for a quick break but stick around because when we were turned the reaction to the f.c.c. is net neutrality whirling was swift and largely negative r.t. correspondent ashley banks will tell us how the internet responded and we'll hear
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from daphne this. university on what the future holds for big data as we go to break through the numbers at the closing bell. like when you all know it's coming through and spoke to if somebody would've been told me that i'm going to spend my life for two punk committees or a little disturbed person with salt it was clear. every night over we were attacked by the arabs we will attacking them and we will extremely short. of saying but that's not possible oh make those moves into such scenes and then the soldiers and myself from the. host
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without the prisoner we've all gotten over will do all the. really much sick and close citizens in the own home. to roost like and let me get my head that there is no room to be able to live together without. the straw poll. and what the politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be first to see what will befall three of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters and. there should. does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being
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a king is any job that there is good business model helps to run a prison now we do or don't like nobody over the case and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore it's cost effective that's what they want to do that knowing they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not they're actually paying enough to put it back into the good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the usa in breach what she could is behind such success. just by accident i discovered about the struggle of the. that was a moment where isis targets the body looked like it was about to be destroyed then as someone who put themselves on a kiss here are some people struggling for on the kist ideology if i didn't somebody with the skill with the ability to go and help those people in the
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existential struggle in that moment of need then my whole life was not be a hypocrite. the federal communications commission repealed net neutrality rules passed by the obama administration on thursday this move prompted immediate reaction not just from the public but from attorneys general and numerous states who are looking to sue the commission r t correspondent ashley banks has more on that for us i turn is general and new york illinois oregon massachusetts and washington have announced suits against the commission citing they want to preserve the regulations passed by the obama administration which were aimed at ensuring all the. internet content consumers want to access whether that streaming video audio or other material be
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treated equally by internet providers prohibiting internet providers from discriminating against content but decision to put an end to obama's net neutrality rules upset many and clued in companies like google and facebook over the fact telecom and cable companies that own news site san streaming internet service as well given benefit to their own subsidize areas and that flex weighed in saying quote this is the beginning of a longer legal battle netflix stands with innovators at large and small to oppose this misguided the f.c.c. order twitter said quote we will continue our fight to defend the open and internet and reverse this misguided decision representative andre carson said quote if you agree that the internet was meant to be open and free for everyone not sold off to the highest better another twitter user said net neutrality is gone this is my last
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tweet as a free person rest in peace and to that although many are upset over this new move which would allow internet providers to charge consumers a more money into access sites like facebook and twitter some legal experts believe there is a good chance the f.c.c. rules that barring states are making their own net neutrality rules will not hold up in court as a right now several legislators and congress say they will support a measure to overturn the f.c.c. is overturning of the twenty fifteen that neutrality rules. archie actually artie's ashley banks thank you so much for that. advanced technology has proven to have a very meaningful role in almost every aspect of daily life as a result the job market for data science is growing at an exponential rate to talk more about that part sat down with daphne kis c.e.o.
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of world kwan university park first asked her how many jobs are out there in big data and what the future holds for it here's what she had to say yeah so you're absolutely right we're increasingly a data rich society and across industries it is in demand but there is a talent shortage that goes with the demand for that rich data according to i.b.m. in by twenty twenty there will be a growing a twenty eight percent increase between now and twenty twenty and the demand for for data scientists and the skills that those people need are different than those that we've seen in the past and people need in order to be capable to use that data in meaningful ways to help make better decisions need to study statistics python machine learning those are all twenty first century skills that will be we can have the data you know i like to say. you know the internet of things everyone talks
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about the internet of things what is the internet of things it's data ultimately so we can have a student in nigeria some company can go and lay you know all sorts of sensors on an ag large agricultural field at the end of the day that's data and we need people who are skilled and equipped and educated to take that data and bring it together and help make develop knowledge and apply those skills analytically to make better decisions sort of the and that's our translators and interpreters if you will the data speak a little bit more. about you know these jobs what's the average pay for florida for an american the average american is fifty eight thousand and change i think it's fifty eight thousand three hundred dollars a year so how do the jobs in analytics compare to that right so according to glassdoor the average salary in the united states of course for data
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analyst is about one hundred twenty thousand dollars. the degree that we offer has a variety of skills that people can learn and were writing of industries the most obvious one of course is in finance and for trading for financial management etc but we're finding among our students there's enormous interest people in government who are involved in developing countries work and are interested in contributing to developing economic policies in their countries and to influencing banks and banking systems and modernizing and maturing those so it's a real cross-section of skills and financial engineers are also involved in general financial management i mean i i like to think in the next five years that that's the kind of someone who wants to run the financing of a business is going to need to know financial engineering more so then perhaps then
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having a business degree knowing how to analyze data complex data dynamic data is going to become increasingly critical to success right and you know you are so right when you mention government of course my years perk up after thirty years the be in there even when i was a financial regulated and a regulator and for those of you who think what i'm going to say is still the case it's not that my old agency the committee futures trading commission is doing a great job but back in the day you know. you know i don't even eight years ago. even amidst all of this computerized trading the algorithmic to. trading that's going on in the markets the guy in charge of you know our computer stuff was the go make sure you had you know the most recent version of word on your computer so you do need these analytics jobs not just to financial regulators but all throughout the government you know whether or not it's and healing with a cyber security there's a whole other night is dealing with terrorism threats accept or there's all sorts
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of areas in the government so i agree with you a hundred percent super here these are good jobs and you're doing a good job but one thing that you mentioned i want to get into just a little bit deeper let's talk about more about this key component of world point university and that's about the opportunities and access to how you're helping people you know just not just in the u.s. and in europe but in some of these emerging and developing nations around the world you might you mention subsaharan africa let's talk about that a little bit more i mean do they even have computers where they can access this and are they doing it now what's the future hold well i think for sure i mean fifty percent in excess of fifty percent of our students are actually in sub-saharan africa we have students in nigeria and kenya and ghana in ethiopia in south africa . certainly people need to have some requisite skills it is a master's program and people who come with. calculus or.
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statistics maybe linear algebra with those skills certainly are particularly well equipped as well as people who might have some experience in programming but these are all skills that are taught at universities throughout the world they aren't necessarily event translated are there isn't the opportunity to take those set of body of skills and turn them into a more advanced application that then has a career trajectory that goes with it so we think there's a huge opportunity there is no reason i mean twenty first century growth the majority of it is certainly going to happen. africa there's an educated population that needs these skills in order to sort of you know take control basically of their financial and economic futures and they have the opportunity to in some ways yes they have computers but it's one of those where you have the opportunity to sort of leapfrog you know mel as you probably know as well as i do mobile
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penetration is very high in africa and so we're trying building and reiterating over and over again on our technology to make it mobile friendly make it easy for people to learn the materials they need to go or wherever they happen to be so. it is what's going to be happening and it's how people are going to do their learning and it's how they're going to deliver their product so we're very driven by that and by the technological opportunities that make this all possible i just have this image definitely of folks in sub-saharan africa you know doing these really complex analytics courses on their phone and you know quite frankly it's a pretty neat thing thinking of yes about it you know how do students and potential students or anybody that's in arrested is about to know more about world point university when the classes start how do they find out more information about it. so we have several cohorts starting each year we're trying to be very flexible and
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adaptive we know people have careers already existing careers it is a big commitment but we are eager to hear from qualified students anywhere in the world and the best way to find out about it is to go to our website which is w.q. you dot org and or world kwan university dot org either one will work and there is a whole process there and a way to gather the materials that you need to in order to submit a successful application and in a short period of time be engaged with the program definitely thank you thank you so much thank you to igor told shinseki also for his full on therapy and and efforts on this death because c.e.o. of world point university thanks for what you're doing for the world and for the people trying to make a better lives for themselves happy new year and thank you thank you. that's all for now be sure to catch boom bust on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust
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our team thanks for watching we'll see you next time. it's a. wonder when they hit a car the city admitting. it burned really knew nothing then we took a. little bit of. this i wrote these are the new night channel four in the afternoon can all be mint
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and make a friend with a plate on top of. him from another from the us as a local look at i'm the one that was on the feeling because he. was. so. i thought that the. it's all the politicians who make people afraid that's b.s. bets when nations with russia better relations with the united states voted to enforce a law super on nationalism in brussels and the european union that is the real reason and that is something i don't subscribe. to. the list on the. wrong long. ago was not the best one of those. in the hope of getting.
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a good one tonight up close. the u.s. and north korea face off with us the special session of the u.n. security council pyongyang blames washington escalating the nuclear crisis. bew case top military officer just rushing to try to sabotage the underwater cables disrupting global communications that provides no indication of where they claim comes from also ahead.
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of the clashes break counts between palestinians and israeli police in the west bank and jerusalem as a dispute over the city's statists rages on. a warm welcome you are watching r.t. international with me. good to have you with us our. top diplomats of the u.s. and north korea have traded accusations and attend son counter at the u.n. security council secretary of state rex tillerson appeared to backtrack on an earlier offer to start talks with pyongyang without preconditions to end the ongoing nuclear crisis on the scale of more pain reports from new york well the presence of the two officials made it pretty clear that the stakes are getting
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higher as we watch the meeting in the u.n. security council chamber now we heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he emphasized that the united states did not want to go to war with north korea but that they will be increasing their pressure on the country. it is intended to lead to diplomatic talks in the meantime the president's been very clear militarily we are going to be prepared should something more at the meeting now the representative from north korea said that it was the united states that was to blame for the crisis in the korean peninsula and that their development of nuclear weapons was only done to deter attack against their country this is the representative of north korea speaking in the u.n. security council chamber our position open you clearly have for. individuals to third with the prince even meijers up with the prince. and to run resistance and development of from the u.s. but on the u.s. you could lose that at the end up looking and it's
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a new one to blame for. the years the run must be. now we heard from the representative of russia and he addressed the security council and emphasized that while russia does not approve of north korea's activities its testing the missiles its nuclear proliferation that saber rattling and threats against the country don't seem to be the solution and that as long as the country feels like it's under attack and like it's under threat it's not likely to disarm and give up its nuclear weapons the the worst below the music usually washington and its allies respond to two months of silence from pyongyang by conducting unshared jeweled military drills of an unprecedented scale next to the north korean border you know in december combined with new unilateral sanctions and adding the country to the list of terrorist sponsoring nations all of these moves makes you wonder whether they even want to find peaceful methods of resolving the crisis. rex tillerson in his remarks accused russia and china of not
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doing enough to help resolve the crisis by putting pressure on north korea this is despite the fact that rex tillerson outright rejected the proposal from russia and china for a double freeze since the beginning of the crisis russia and china have called for a deescalation of tensions by the usa and south korea ending their provocative military exercises in exchange for north korea ending its missile testing and its nuclear proliferation now this proposal was outright rejected by rex tillerson who said that u.s. talks with north korea would not proceed with any preconditions there would be no preconditions he essentially ruled out the possibility of this double freeze as proposed by china and russia now blushes russia's president vladimir putin was speaking recently and spoke about the fact that the usa and russia don't seem to be working together regarding the crisis on the korean peninsula and when addressing that he pointed out that often u.s.
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leaders seem to put russia on the same level as north korea and iran in their international rhetoric and that essentially the usa is coming to russia for help with the north korean crisis while not treating them with the proper respect and putting them essentially on the same level as north korea tensions are pretty clearly high as was illustrated on the floor of the security council in the proceedings that the world just watched human rights attorney eric throw to can believes it's unrealistic for the u.s. to preconditions before entering into talks with north korea i think president trump is demonstrating real ignorance about negotiating and how that works the reason you have to sit down is to avoid these kind of problems not sit preconditions international community needs to do more to put pressure on the parties to sit down to demand that the parties sit down unconditionally i mean you have to remember the unite. states. and south korea and japan and just
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a few countries have never even recognized the right of north korea to exist has now has not recognized them as a nation has no diplomatic relations so consequently who you talk to how you relate to them is always a little unclear no one's holding the united states feet to the fire to unconditionally sit down until there's a resolution to this issue so that we can work toward a nonproliferation in demilitarisation of the korean peninsula. the u.k.'s top military officer has claimed russia's navy could thump a taj underwater cables disrupting communications on triggering global economic chaos with more on the accusation his party boy. warning has come from assessed or at ph he is a senior nato official and he's also the chief of british defense stuff and he says that russian ships have been spotted perilously close to land take cables these are
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underwater very important strategic cables that cross the atlantic from europe to the.


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