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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2017 3:00pm-3:29pm EST

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ok that's really good. clashes in the west bank a day after four palestinians are killed during massive protests tensions remain high following the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's come. also ahead this hour to use our american a north korean diplomats face-off up the u.n. security council with both sides accusing each other of escalating tensions on the korean peninsula. austria's ruling conservatives strike a coalition deal making the country the only western european nation with a far right party for.
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a warm welcome to r.t. international my name is you know neal good to have your company our top story this hour protests have resumed in jerusalem and also the west bank a day after major clashes claim four lives on calls hundreds of entries it comes as the fallout continues over donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. i. was. yes there is a hope in the west buying violence broke out after the funeral of one of the victims killed in a fight as protests palestinians threw rocks at the israeli security forces who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets local journalists in the government has been following you know. oh. oh oh
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oh oh oh. oh oh oh we are still on the free zone and tensions are freezing their israeli army are throwing tear gas bombs as you can see actually raids of tear gas once they're also telling lies but it's. the eyes you can see. bombs are fanning the flames people are running. out of the east come up and their supporters and the palestinian citizens to come to the conflict they sent to the convent with the israelis on the against expressed anger i guess donald trump's decision. meanwhile protesters in bethlehem witnessed something perhaps wouldn't normally expect to see in the front clipping in to try and break up the violence. i doubt.
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that it. was. fated in berlin on friday about the extent of their cooperation last month an israeli military chief of staff was quoted as saying he was on the exact same page with the saudis when it concerns eram i was sitting there listening to the remarks of a saudi general feeling like it could have been me saying the exact same thing it was like he was reading my own overview of the situation. so a definite psychic bond building there that was until trump threw a wrench in the works by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital therefore i have determined. that it is to officially recognize as the capital of israel saudi arabia joined to the muslim world's chorus of condemnation saying east jerusalem should be recognized as the palestinian capital a thought backed by its arch rivals in tehran we can examine the us decision on the
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abuse of them because of its great bias against the historical and permanent going to. jerusalem yet as i have made it all every possible step must be taken sick prevent the implementation of this illegal action by the us administration however there is one question that sticks out here which what's factors and never once made it possible for the u.s. president's trip to take such an outrageous i was saudi arabia got cozy with israel and balanced ties with regional muslim allies turkey jumped in with present aired on gathering muslim nations and istanbul to condemn trans colander islam and it was there that saudi arabia reversed back to being on the same side with the rams and against israel. with the majority of out up states actually. establishing a certain alliance between them and is that in the pretext of facing the iranian threat this alliance is pushed forward by the united states of america
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a spot of it's going to the old is supposed to donald trump's move because they want to disorder and get it all of the palestinian cause and as as an obstacle towards establishing an alliance with israel however they cannot be open in that of a position because this would embarrass them throughout the islamic world and now the region is again left on a precipice where sides will eventually need to be taken israel is attempting to calm the waters by saying they're ready to settle the issue with palestine and have invited riyadh into the peace process i suggest that saudi arabia as the leader of the arab world take upon itself this initiative and go to the palestinians and offer their pay. they all too weak they need someone to help them king solomon should come give patronage to and lead to peace initiative with the palestinians and the u.s. meanwhile the saudi foreign minister says the kingdom has a road map to establish full diplomatic ties with tel of eve should there be
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a peace agreement with the palestinians but the question remains will thought he may be a find a way to keep everyone happy and if not who will be left out one cold this time. there has been a tense exchange at the u.n. security council with the u.s. and north korea trading accusations america's top diplomat rex tillerson appeared to buck track on a previous offer to start talks with pyongyang without preconditions to end the ongoing crisis we will not accept a nuclear north korea north career has been escalating its outrageous acts provoke ations the deep it's a disposable nuclear power and. the. global threat knows korea also threatens to shatter the foundation of international nonproliferation regime and will further isolate north korea politically and economically there is no company rightly yes we need to continue to open the thirty three and the
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political the companies cutting off support and ports on lawful nuclear missile programs it is impossible to solve your problem on the korean peninsula just the sanctions and pressure on pyongyang north korea must on its way back to the table. the pressure kerry campaign must and will continue all of this makes you wonder whether the west even wants to find a peaceful way of resolving the crisis the meeting is our john. well also at the meeting the u.s. secretary of state accused china and russia of undermining peace efforts saying they need to put more pressure on. that's despite moscow and beijing having proposed the plum aimed at defusing the situation an idea that secretary tillerson rebuffed from the arts that it involved the so named double freeze which would see north korea cease all nuclear tests in exchange for the u.s. and south korea ending their military exercises on the north storks that. you've
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heard others have called for freeze for freeze we do not accept a freeze for freeze as a precondition to talks i think president trump is demonstrating real ignorance about negotiating and how that works the reason you have to sit down is to avoid these kind of problems not set preconditions international community needs to do more to put pressure on the parties to sit down to demand that the parties sit down unconditionally i mean you have to remember the united states. and south korea and japan and just a few countries have never even more of korea to exist has now has not recognized them as a nation has no relations so consequently who you talk to how you relate to them is always a little unclear no one's holding the united states feet to the fire to unconditionally sit down until there's a resolution to this issue so that we can work toward
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a nonproliferation in demilitarization of the korean peninsula. austria has formed a new coalition government making it the only country in western europe to have a far right party in power vienna already has the world's youngest leader thirty one year old kurtz and his people's party will not be joined in ruling by the anti migration e.u. freedom party curt's claim victory in october is election winning over a third of seats in parliament but to form a majority government he sought out the freedom party a partnership sealed despite fears of a backlash from the rest of europe the austrian president pro e.u. approved the coalition while following to protect europe. we discussed among other things the fact that it is in austria's interest to remain at the heart of a strong european union uk and to participate actively in its future developments
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as well as to respect fundamental rights such as the european convention on human rights which must remain our compass. and will this change in austria continues a trend of right wing sentiment being boosted across europe earlier this year in france national front leader marine le pen came second in the presidential race durch politician builders took a third of all the votes in this year's parliamentary elections in the netherlands while neighboring germany a right wing party won seats in the bundestag for the very first time in twenty seven days. left leaning austrians are already organizing protests against the new government though with the biggest one expected on monday and many believe the deal will be met with sustained resistance in other european countries too. i expect that most european governments will harshly criticize in the coming months and years for their government policies largely because they are afraid of similar
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coalitions in their countries for i think that this signals a real change in course of austria and also for the whole europe it's quite an interesting signal because for example in germany it would be unthinkable so far the. government coalition the conservative party the c.b.c.'s you the right wing a f d so austria in this sense is pioneering german speaking. and i think it will have a strong signal towards the european union in terms of immigration policy and also in terms of integration policies as the. rather critical. regards to european integration. f.b.i. files have revealed the agency's former director james komi his statements on hillary clinton's misuse of a private e-mail server heavily edited a u.s.
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senate committee has been reviewing some of the changes to the documents here's just some of what they found first there were repeated edits to reduce hillary clinton's culpability additionally there were references removed by the intelligence community's role in one thousand to find vulnerabilities and the senate committee picked up on a done grade of likely hostile actors that may have penetrated secretary clinton's e-mails but here's the twist some of the agents involved in the editing were also part of the investigation team into allegations of collusion between team trump and russian gillet my pinpricks all done for us it turns out the detective work is not only for the f.b.i. at this point many different u.s. institutions are engaged in investigation. and it can get pretty confusing from pressure of us we could bring a criminal investigation into president trump for possible obstruction of justice i really hope with a clear investigation the best of two twenty ten year rhenium deal that involved
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russia. first there was the probe into hillary clinton and her time as secretary of state when she used a private server for her e-mails and compromise national security we can call that probe number one. after that lawmakers who were unhappy with the results launched a probe of their own to investigate the f.b.i. as initial probe will call that probe number two this found that one of the f.b.i. investigators peter strock exchanged pro clinton and anti trump text messages with his colleague text messages between the f.b.i. agent peter struck and his f.b.i. lawyer girl for at least a page it shows a very real and major and teatro. bias so one of the f.b.i. agents who was doing the investigation may not have been completely impartial. now i hate to bring it up again but we all know about the ongoing investigation
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into allegations of russia trumped collusion we call that number three so agent strock is the link that connects all three he was investigating hillary clinton and he himself was investigated in probe number two and he was investigating and working on probe number three before he was fired over those and text messages republicans obviously were not pleased. one of the just happened to our country what happens when people who are supposed to curate the conflict of interest have even greater conflicts of interest in those. who question at this point it's pretty safe to say that the first three investigations were a mass but congress has come up with a solution well. the second special counsel to look into this to look into peter struck bruce for everything else we've learned the last several weeks you guessed it more investigations. artsy new york french schools are going helms
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free on mobile phones from next year we look at the pros and cons of buying devices for the brick. but whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get except the reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some who want to be rich. have to go right to the press this is what. three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. just discovered about. that was a moment where. the body looked like it was about to be destroyed. someone who put
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themselves on a kiss here are some people struggling for on the kissed ideology if i didn't somebody with the skill with the ability to help those people in. a moment of need then my whole life. you're back with international completely bomb mobile phones from primary and middle schools from september president to money will come scoot and one of his election promises films are already forbidden in classrooms but no youngsters will be barred from using their devices during breaks however deciding whether phones are a destruction or simply part of modern everyday life is proving divisive. they start
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looking at mobile phone they rely on social media to you seeing the best or worst of people on social media this is what i think why don't they just come our phones and talks about friends during the break time play just do what we all used to do as kids and then take their friends when they go home and just you know just leave for what six hours you're legislating for i think a problem that really doesn't exist i mean i'm twenty five i remember when i was in secondary school and you weren't on your phone the entire time you know when you were on your breaks your other playing football or hanging out with your mates you're trying to deal the problem with being stereotyped by the media about young people constantly being on the phone constantly being hooked on it and it just it's a myth it doesn't really exist actually are rather going to computer in my session to go through that we've got enough computer at the university to not have to rely on phones schools most secondary schools and universities are slightly richer most secondary schools can afford. to have laptops or computers in every classroom so
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having the ability of having students access information online via their phones is quite useful to be honest my class were all quite happy to leave i phones i leave my phone in the office during university time so you know why they do the same and they were kind of in agreement with may interaction between students and teachers the so important they need to leave the friends at home leave them told to leave the classroom even in break time they need to sort of concentrate on what they're doing with their own class time and the fun is just a tool technology is not just going to suddenly go away. legislating is like being a luddite you know when when the invention of machinery started coming into factories and people were against that the realities of this kind of stuff is happening and people are moving forward and for me schools have to embrace than build it into their education system a lot more than they're doing at the moment telling kids not to do something they will end up doing the complete opposite so it's better to just embrace it and use it as a tool to to expand. well french officials of coal the issue
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a matter of public health it's been a controversial topic worldwide already new york city for instance introduced a similar bond back in two thousand and five a decade after it was scrapped because of safety concerns raised by parents the london school of economics funds schools that. see better academic results too but under current rules in britain the decision is left to individual schools. the international space station will welcome three new crew members on sunday they will spend six months of the earth's atmosphere conducting biological and physical science experiments artie's or is it all off the team at the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan where their journey bloss off later this week at. the international space station's final manned mission of the year the new crew are expected to be in orbit for more than one hundred twenty days so they will not only be spending the
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holiday season away from home but away from earth to perhaps the best crewman to help with any homesickness his colleagues may suffer is veteran russian cosmonaut copier off he spent a year on the ice as before you know. it is my third flight and third time celebrating new year in space so i have a bit of experience on the space ship there are presents from family and from ross cosmos but there is a bag for every crew member and we also bring one for those already on board with the date when you open them either on christmas for western colleagues or new year for russian. these stores have packed one of her toys for him as a reminder of his family back home it down mining i gave my father a green little poodle toy because we have one at home. not only is this gap year observe expedition he'll also be celebrating his birthday in space for the third time. unfortunately i was celebrate my birthday without my family close relatives
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and friends but it is my third time so i'm no stranger to that i will receive presents and sweets from my family on the space station we will lay the table and drink tea and i can't tell you what we're going to do there isn't a surprise for the american and japanese auster nights it's their debut space adventure there's a large part of it the first time i'm. we're going to see this and i. have two kids that are living out of the house now and one lives in the house and this is been an opportunity to spend some time just before christmas and so we're spending a lot of time just arguing like all the families do have and fun with each other and my family is very dynamic in the link to plea to get on each other and it's very funny to watch but this saw hughes is not the only spacecraft headed for a run de vore with the eye assess all the way from cape canaveral a space x. rocket is carrying something very special in its cargo hold firstly we're being
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told it's a new christmas tree for the holidays and also a copy of the new star wars movie yes to be screened in space so the force is strong with this mission you've done of reporting from the baikonur cosmodrome for our c. twenty eighteen winter olympics are set to kick off inside korea in less than two months time however because of alleged state sponsored doping program the russian flag them are barred from the games well it's prompted debate too on whether russian ice hockey players will be allowed to wear their famous red shirts . spoke to the president of the international ice hockey federation. fifty days before the start of the. facing the challenges we have is that. giving a country the right to use the flag and the anthem it's a very very tough position but i would say i'm very pleased about the attitude from
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from the other for the ration points you bring in the olympics how do you figure mission you know we're all supporting i mean and showing support to the to the russian i said before the mission and that's for me a very good sign that in ice hockey we have this family spirit and that was one of the positive point but as i said the uniform. the flags and everything in it suits step by step you know weaving your operation and guidelines and we would follow and we spoke because this is this is how we chose who. what about the winter olympics without the n.h.l. players and also without the red machine because they will not be able to wear the red jersey as far as that is whether you don't need the jersey to be the red machine just be the right machine so. what would you tell the people that are saying that without the n.f.l. players the ice hockey team during the winter olympics is getting somewhat similar
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to the football team. mature and you want to bet which to been there are those you know they're not under twenty three so they were actually there would be the best players outside of the n.h.l. so it would be a pretty good hockey tournament. for something a little different a robot security guard designed to reduce crime unprotect private property has been wreaking havoc in san francisco this so named canine bots is not all employed after a terrifying locals while on patrol. so.
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there we have it live from moscow every hour that davis is r.t. international programs right ahead i'll be back with updates on the news affecting your world in thirty minutes time. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line just i came to god and that that the debts tie came and in the spiral not. many lives have been broken like excess in the banks got you into trouble.
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big bankers got big. money by the banks but just didn't think of. the last morning. creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill you're going to choke your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of know would like to judge bill for more risque.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than blue. see people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail. oh america is or this is a cuz report the show that brings you more news in twenty six minutes than in the entire network of of them is what that's right oh max we're going to talk
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about strategic scams on this episode of the kaiser report and i think these two stories i have here these two headlines juxtaposed together they tell an important story about empire and it is the shrinking wealth home expanding footprint abroad so first i'm going to look to a story talked about often and that is the obamacare smart tactic but sad that americans need to be so strategic to afford health care and cornwell considered too drastic strategies in her quest to get affordable health insurance premiums last year for herself and her retired husband one was divorce another was taking thirty percent pay cut she chose the latter the maneuver slashed the premiums for the couple who lived in chattanooga tennessee from exorbitant to economical instead of two thousand one hundred dollars a month the amount she had been quoted for twenty seventeen their premiums are just
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eighty seven dollars monthly her lost income more than compensated for by qualifying for insurance subsidies they're seeing.


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