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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 16, 2017 10:00pm-10:11pm EST

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clashes break out in the west bank a day after four palestinians were killed during massive protests tensions remain high following the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's counter so. american and north korean diplomats face off at the u.n. security council with both sides accusing each other of escalating tensions on the korean peninsula. austria's ruling conservatives struck a coalition deal making the country the only western european nation with a far right policy in government. for the latest on these stories you can head to our website article dot com because the report is next finding out who is cashing
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in on private military contracts in afghanistan they changed. american guys are this is a cause report the show that brings you more news in twenty six minutes and the entire network of them is what. that's right oh max we're going to talk about strategic scams on this episode of the kaiser report and i think these two stories i have here these two headlines juxtaposed together they tell an important story about empire and it is the shrinking wealth home expanding footprint abroad so first i'm going to look to a story about one of my favorite headlines talked about often and that is the
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obamacare smart tactic but sad that americans need to be so strategic to afford health care and cornwell considered to drastic strategies in her quest to get affordable health insurance premiums last year for herself and her retired husband one was divorce another was taking thirty percent pay cut she chose the latter the maneuver slashed the premiums for the couple who lived in chattanooga tennessee from exorbitant to economical instead of two thousand one hundred dollars a month the amount she had been quoted for twenty seventeen their premiums are just eighty seven dollars monthly her lost income more than compensated for by qualifying for insurance subsidies they're seeing this now going into twenty eighteen where premiums are going up again you know we've talked about these two thousand dollars a month premiums but what americans are choosing to do is shrink their incomes in order to qualify for the free tax payer money everybody's at the trough of the
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basically fraud and scams and you know getting some money out of the government is the only way to get wealthy in this sort of economy an imperial economy the american dream. it is actually the french dream act like you know we live in france for many years and the population spends all their day trying to game the system game the government and game the subsidies and avoid work at all costs and they call it socialism but it's just basically a lazy ism or the exceptionalism that is for all law for all and so america is entering a late stage sclerotic growth of an empire that's in the decline like france before it the dollar's losing its status as a world reserve currency and so the population just burns all day trying to make one dime each other and the government well this is what you get as well when you have the sort of wealth and income gaps and opportunity gaps is that instead of
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everybody just having a national health service or the french health care system is really good and equal everybody's treated equal here it's it's it's either you are like bled to death or you're given like world class health care for nothing for eighty seven dollars a month so those are the only two options so at a certain point and it made so much sense it was so obvious to see this coming is that this couple had eighty five thousand dollars in income and that meant she had to pay that was before taxes by the way so that meant they had to pay two thousand one hundred a month if she just lowered it to under sixty five thousand or sixty two thousand that she just gets if for free so why go through all that stress of coming up with twenty one hundred dollars a month working your mom off in order to get that money to pay that twenty one hundred and then just sit back you know she gets more days off she could just sit at home do something else read books whatever and watch the quid pro quo for people
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who are happy to pay the maximum in the extortion racket that the drug and insurance companies got the government to impose an unconstitutional tax called obamacare is that they are bought in to. america's various foreign policies of rape and pillage for a few bucks that's the foreign policy or two pharmaceutical companies created opiate crisis domestically you don't hear anyone questioning that on m s n b c or c n.b.c. or any of the mainstream media outlets they all buy into it they get paid a lot of money they'll pay the stipend to the health extortionist and the obamacare folks as long as they push the line that there is still an active non ghostlike population that's crawling around america fishing through garbage pails living on vive dollars a day during the third world and try to game the system twenty four seventh's so here you have a situation where people have been incentivized to earn less to be less to think less to strive less an order to get the free health care overseas anybody who's
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connected in d.c. has connections or close to power and erik prince is one of these guys erik prince is a very good friend of steve bannon he's his sister is betsy demos who is the education secretary and the trump administration well apparently he pitched a plan to strategically scam the american population and basically plunder afghanistan and thus exposing what the plan was all along private war erik prince has his eye on afghanistan's rare metals controversial private security tycoon erik prince has famously pitched an audacious plan to the trumpet ministration hire him to privatized the war in afghanistan using squads of security contractors now for the first time however buzz feed news is publishing that pitch a presentation that lays out how prince wanted to take over the war from the u.s. military and how he envisioned mining some of the most war torn provinces in
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afghanistan to help fund security operations and obtain strategic mineral resources for the u.s. once life for example shows that he believes that there's one trillion dollars worth of rare earth metals and things. like lithium for batteries in just helmand province and he wants to go get it he'll give the us government a cut and his private contractor says securities in his hit man his guys will go in there and and take it but you want to do a leveraged buyout of afghanistan he's pledging their collateral of the rare earths to fund his takeover of the country and to sell off the rare earths and to get a fee on the invasion now dick cheney pitch that the invasion of iraq would pay for itself from the revenues on the oil's yeah i thought it was a mob chalabi. that's right same call of multi-trillion dollar catastrophe and human rights to sources with a leveraged buyout of libya a quasi i leveraged buyout between hank paulson or john paulson hedge fund manager
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and lloyd blankfein of goldman sachs to turn that country into some kind of paradise for hedge fund managers so an area financier's like in this case erik prince former you know assassin for hire turned head fund manager to go in and do a leveraged buyout of a country or a or or a company the results are encroaching all of awfully human rights catastrophe and no accountability this will be a disaster will get rich they'll be a lot of deaths a lot of murders a lot of disease and that will be written off and never talked about well there are new technologies that can basically offer the afghan people themselves access to that mineral wealth and that is something like an initial coin offering this is just right now before erik prince can sell this because he is still in d.c. pitching this to all sorts of lawmakers trying to get him to go in there his private army to steal their resources well why don't they just like float and say hey you know here's our initial talk coin offering you could have
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a cut of our one trillion dollars in helmand helmand coin you know they they should offer it's worth a trillion dollars they'll take five hundred billion you come in come extract it and that they can immediately access that that the global fire. anshul crypto markets are desperate for investment opportunity if we push this virus far fokus yes it was banking finance minister of greece and we told him go to bitcoin make bitcoin we've talked about this you know say exactly but greece only had debt these guys have no debt zero debt from afghanistan and they've got thousands and trillions of dollars of resort as well as going to offer the petro which was going to be a crypto coin backed by matter as you saw it with our guest speaking of imperial member i said these imperial nations you know we see a shrinking of the wealth at home and expand as the footprint has to expand overseas and more and more is dedicated to keeping the edge of empire alive and people like erik prince very wealthy so prince briefed top trump administration
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official directly talked up his plan publicly on the d.c. circuit and published op eds about it he patterned the strategy he's pitching on the historical model of the old british east india company which had its own army and colonized much of britain's empire and india quote an east india company approach he wrote in the wall street journal will use cheaper private solutions to fill the gaps that plague the afghan security forces including reliable logistics and aviation support you know you go to the wall street journal you go to bloomberg or you go to financial times and you see all of this stuff openly discussed the never gets the sauce on the shrieky cable news which is pushing hoax after hoax after hoax about very are social issues where is the empire is being divided out and cut and chopped all the wealth stolen around the world in the only in the pages of the fight and bubble for.


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