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tv   News  RT  December 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:28pm EST

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the. u.n. security council overwhelmingly backs a resolution that rejects the decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel but the resolution is vetoed by the u.s. . several people are reportedly killed as a passenger train derails from a bridge in the state of washington. and protesters rally in vienna after a far right party takes key positions in austria's new coalition. thanks for joining us my name is neil harvey this is r.t. international. the us ambassador to the united nations has vetoed
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a draft resolution rejecting decision to recognize just all fourteen other members france which purport to have altered the character of status of jerusalem having no legal effect and must be received in conflict we believe destructors of jerusalem as the future. need to be negotiated between israel and palestine given the highly sensitive nature of the shool jerusalem for all sides and walled. garden for schoolish and can become the act is for the palestinian people should be has been received. aleutian that essentially intended to give legitimacy to all the outrage that has taken place around the world sends donald trump in the united states recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move the us embassy to that city now since this is happening there have been protests all over the world against it there was a meeting of fifty seven different muslim countries that assembled to condemn the
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decision and we then heard from egypt on the floor of the u.n. security council one of the issues the must be settled through peaceful negotiation between the palestinians and the israelis i mean it's them to changing facts on the ground is considered an illegal unilateral measure and will have new legal impact since it goes against international law. now what made the meeting unique was not only did we hear normal critics of the united states condemning the decision but we also heard you know western european allies of the u.s. nato states condemning this action by the united states and boldly disagreeing with the usa for critical of the international community for the proposed resolution now in response to the united states we have seen a statement from the palestinian authority the palestinian authority has accused the united states of essentially mocking the international community with their decision to move their embassy and recognize jerusalem israel at this point even
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though fourteen members of the u.n. security council supported this resolution the single vote from the united states caused it to be vetoed and prevented the resolution from passing the entire chamber was united against a single member of the united states voting for a resolution before monday's session at the u.n. the israeli president praised the american view to he says that nikki haley quote lit a candle of truth and dispel the douglas. troops moved to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel has provoked sustained and widespread outcry i i palestinians have been involved in protests and clashes with israeli forces for almost two weeks the united states decision to end its neutrality on the status of the disputed city has triggered mass protests in other countries including indonesia and turkey turkey also met with condemnation from european and muslim
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leaders. we spoke to experts based in both israel and palestine about the us feature. i've been surprised that so many countries have decided that instead of taking the palestinians to the security council to discuss why they decided to react to trump's announcement by firing rockets at israeli kindergartens instead they've decided to take israel to the security council what they should be doing is encouraging the palestinian leadership to return to the negotiating table where donald trump in his announcement did not rule out whatsoever there being a pastor in capital in east jerusalem he's just reflected the reality that for three thousand years jerusalem has been israel's capital it can still happen violence is not the way to bring it about there's no surprises this is a very much expected the united states was expected to come up with this veto but none of that is it's very significant and assuring that the rest of the world. is asserting the fact that this american decision is illegal and that is
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a dramatic change that is happening there all of the united states views of the the middle east and particularly the israeli palestinian conflict in the history of this process the americans were too biased and less since that of to the international legality which was a major structural defect in this peace process that isn't of this is that we are witnessing the end of the role of the united states as a sponsor of through this process which is i think a very dramatic and a very important setback for the american middle east policy. multiple fatalities have been reported after an amtrak train derailed from a bridge over interstate five a major commuter highway in pierce county washington state part of the train was left dangling from the bridge and passenger cars fell on to the highway samir khan has the details. an amtrak train has derailed from a bridge onto
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a major highway just forty miles south of seattle washington now the drill train hit vehicles on the highway and multiple fatalities have been reported a spokesperson for a local authority i meant it and here's what he had to say right now we know that we have more. people that were able to walk by multiple groups damage to the bridge multiple vehicles down. to the ground around it now amtrak confirmed that there were seventy eight passengers and five a crew members aboard and the train departed from tacoma shortly after eight am and the drill meant occurred during rush hour which is possibly the worst time that this could happen according to the washington transportation department this was a new service that only launched this morning the point of defiance bypass project was intended to quote improve passenger train reliability and reduce congestion by rerouting trains to an inland route prior to that trains were forced to slow down due to curves and single track tunnels now the governor of washington said that it
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was a ongoing and serious situation and has even declared a state of emergency in the counties affected. protesters have come out in the austrian capital vienna after a far right party joined the new coalition government while the new administration was being sworn in as historic palace. and other activists protested outside heavy police presence stopped demonstrators from the building protesters marched through the streets carrying placards. seize go of a major concern for them is the case that positions have been given to the freedom party that will take all the foreign interior and defense ministries as well as the vice chancellor ship.
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there's been widespread condemnation of this agreement across many european media outlets lots of fears that this will lead to the the far right side of that coalition having more and more say over politics in austria but we can look at what the well the coalition of put out themselves of what they say their policies will be we can expect that they'll be an increase in direct democracy along the switch small of putting big votes to the people in order to get their opinions on which direction the country goes in next but one decision that won't be put into the people's hands like that it's been confirmed that austria has no intention on holding in a brags that s.k.u. referendum any time soon we can also expect tougher immigration control we could also expect the austrian government to push for an end to turkey's accession to the
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talks we can also expect to see this austrian government pushing more for an end to sanctions against moscow. regarding the sanctions against russia yes we would like for those to be lifted we will try to play a part in this is a mediator to find a solution in the interests of yours so europe and russia can overcome the differences when you talk to people on the streets of vienna opinion still very split over the direction the country is headed in that i think things and i think we have seen this before it was triumphant brock's it in england and i think that i was freshly taking it and i really don't think it's going to get. throughout europe as a return to the far right you can see this in germany. as world with the f.t. got a lot of votes and if someone speaks about the refugee crisis you get the impression that this could have been handled better. in the good naaman i think the far right
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are correct they're working for the people doing what people who wants them to do so i'm in favor i am happy with the situation well twenty seventeen hour c. in the far right rise to prominence in european politics if we look right at the beginning of the year of course we saw builders pushing hard for the the dutch prime ministerial race in their elections there we also saw marine le pen in france be the number one challenger to a man you are grown in the french presidential elections where is here in germany where i'm talking to you from the alternative for germany party of they took up seats for the first time in the bundestag in germany's parliament well while it's a bust in could denies that he has any truck with the far right the fact that it had to go into coalition with the with the austrian freedom party has seen him heavily criticized german political scientists verna believes that the e.u.
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will just have to reconcile itself to austria's new coalition. west european governments take any significant actions against this new austrian government because on the one hand right wing populism has been growing in all these countries in the self confidence of europe centrist leftist government has been shattered by this rise of right wing populism and on the other hand the former coalition between the p. and the. did not hard to europe nor to austria nor were there any policies taken which are contradictions store humanitarian and rule of law standards in the european union fearful european governments don't see any reason for horse restrictions and even sanctions right now. russia and china are the main challenges to us global hegemony that's according to the new national security
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strategy unveiled by president trump the document also presents the white house's view on everything from the economy to nuclear defense this strategy recognizes that whether we like it or not we are engaged in a new era of competition we also face rival powers russia and china that seek to challenge amid the document strongly criticize this moscow and its international policies in particular it claims russia uses technology propaganda and coercion in an attempt to shape the world fundamentally opposed to america's interests. they start with the wrong premise they start with the idea that we have an empire we have a responsibility and it isn't. they believe it's a moral responsibility and we are the deciders and we should influence people because we are exceptional and they're all start with the wrong things so it's just a matter of degree because of our people america has been among the greatest forces
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for peace and justice in the history of the world when the american people speak all of us should listen and i want to believe that trump card is with us who are thinking that we should have more open relationships and talking he said it before but he has had to back off and i guess the pressure is too much we're them the deep state the people who control the media there is a different option and it doesn't have to be more militarism and more confrontation there's no need for that it's time we came into a modern world where we can actually talk with people. in a speech announcing the new strategy trim of the less said the u.s. aims to build the partnership with russia and china as an example he cited recent intelligence cooperation between washington and moscow which helped prevent a series of terror attacks in russia on sunday. to thank him and the cia the us president said here in the whole american intelligence community were pleased that
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they could help to save lives but he does also agree that this was a positive example of the countries working together by compliment the both pretty makes no sense on some of our policies because at the same time and work with each other and help each other at the same time we just had a budget that was pairs where the risk five billion dollars allotted to building up defenses and eastern europe to stop russian aggression there's something awfully weird about there at the same time if we can be civil and talking to each other why do we have and i speak for our country why do we have to spend so much money pretending there we're going to be invaded and then we're threatened by russian aggression that makes no sense whatsoever russia is back to cold war era hostility towards the west that's according to britain's foreign secretary boris johnson he's been speaking out of this week's meeting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov in moscow with more his arteries and to see a chicken out ahead of this first visit by a u.k.
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foreign minister to russia in five years' worth johnson has certainly been making some curious comments in his typical manner for starters he has drawn some comparisons between russia and sparta i was reading a few cities history of the war it was obvious to me that athens and its democracy its openness its quest russia for me was closed no militaristic and democratic like spots are well worth johnson has also said that russia has not been so hostile to the u.k. or western interests since the end of the cold war end quote now i. speaking to the sunday times on the oh so popular issue of russian meddling he said again that he see no evidence of russian influence when it comes to the bracks it referendum if you remember in the past he's even used the words not a sausage of evidence but he has said that there is some evidence that there has been russian trolling on facebook this might be in reference to some of the numbers
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released by facebook that have said that only two hundred people in britain had seen any adverts which cost just over seventy p. these numbers were certainly quite curious given all the endless talk about this alleged russian meddling and facebook influence when it came to that referendum now also ahead of this visit it's curious that some apparently here in westminster are nervous about what is going to happen when boris johnson finally gets to moscow for talks with his counterparts we have seen the chair of the parliamentary group on russia and labor m.p. chris bryant published an open letter to boris johnson warning him of certain things that could come including things such as his food potentially being spiked some kind of influence to not let boris johnson get enough sleep things like honey traps why beautiful kremlin agents as well as maybe his phones being hacked or bugged he's also been warning to stay away from any drinking games and has been letting boris johnson to be weary of being alone in an elevator and making faces so
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that this doesn't get used against him in the future but that said boris johnson has made it clear by sort of repeating his mantra of beware but engage that he does plan to have serious talks when it comes to the situation in syria and specifically collaborating with russia to defeat isis terrorism so certainly lots to look ahead for when it comes to this visit later in the week. to afghanistan now three people have been confirmed dead and almost thirty more injured following a car bomb attack twelve of the wounded were soldiers one of those killed was a security officer this is according to local officials the group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack which was in the southwest of the country. meanwhile earlier on monday islamic state claimed responsibility for an attack on an afghan intelligence training center in kabul are militants stormed a partially constructed building at the complex triggering intense fighting with
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security forces local journalists but also worry as more one car bomb has exploded there's another wonder the attackers that brought in them it's quite an embarrassment to say the least because these areas should be protected these are areas where afghan intelligence trains its members in new recruits and next to it is another facility that's tasked with providing security to other installations in kabul in all across the country what we see these days is that militants targeting kabul in other major cities which is almost a new front line for them in the last few months we've also seen americans in other nato countries pounding board i says as well as taliban positions and afghan special forces have been carrying out regular operations it could be
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a retaliation but certainly what we see more and more that the afghan government in its international allies failed to prevent these attacks from taking place in kabul allows bilel mentioned their islamic state has recently carried out several attacks in the region on sunday i saw militants killed nine people in neighboring pakistan last month two died after an islamic state attack on a car built t.v. station and in late october seventy two people were killed by islamists in two separate afghan mosque attacks during friday prayers. the son of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi is planning a political comeback according to a family spokesperson saif al islam gadhafi will run for president in the country's election next year second of gadhafi ten children saif was one of the most powerful figures during the rule of his father who was brutally killed by western backed
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insurgents in two thousand and eleven so he faced the death penalty for crimes against humanity during the uprising but was released after six years in jail and the announcement is expected to kick start the presidential race in libya on sunday protesters came out in favor of another potential candidate who national army commander khalifa haftar comes in the wake of turmoil witnessed in libya since the twenty eleven war and the unrest shows no sign of stopping. the.
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former u.k. ambassador to libya all of the miles told us that with so many rival groups fighting inside the country elections could actually make the situation worse. nobody knows whether there will be an election the u.n. representative an interview a couple of weeks ago in which he said he hoped that conditions would be suitable for an election but it's by no means clear that they will there are several different claims claimants to be government none of them has an absolutely clear claim because none of them has control over the whole territory and that situation means that an election wouldn't really make any sense could mighty to even make things worse say from islam gadhafi and his father were still. in charge in libya
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and some success in getting the attention and even admiration and support from outside libya and britain for example the world the world some people who were convinced that he was the hope for the future and in all the countries too i don't think those feelings were widely shared inside libya. french president among. his fortieth birthday on saturday however instead of congratulations the president faced the wave of criticism over the venue for his party.
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staying with friends the r t families welcome to new as we launch the brand new french language channel on monday the new studio in paris will bring news to the french speaking world is now available in four languages the new channel joining us english spanish and arabic language versions and our colleagues have been doing their bit to make the new r.t. edition feel right at home straight away. when you don't.
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know. if you speak french. nicky our own will be here to bring it today to the top of the hour i'll see it tomorrow. i. know that they.
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write a letter. to it was somebody did i give it. to everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh i want to ask hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. i'm through sensed this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we'll use a little bit different i want to stay in good hard there are no windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun meet everyday americans. and closely start to bridge the gap it is the great
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american killed. on. the bachelor sudden passing i found the just learned you worry yourself and taken your last to turn. it up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each fret. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some my. fond of you those that didn't like to question are are. they secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this was just. a
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speech here because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. the world is a finite but then yet he marries capacitive generate garbage. oh my god how are those two going to work how do you square the circle. welcome to sochi and comb sophie shevardnadze as the winter olympic games are
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almost upon us and that means an international battle in the ring to take ice hockey gold is on. however wasn't a players locked out from the top commander and team russia forced to play under a neutral banner how different will the twenty eighteen championship be from previous i to five times daily.


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