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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 18, 2017 7:30pm-7:55pm EST

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nothing after eighteen months of investigation of collusion between russians and the trunk campaign but what we're discovery is that the drum campaign was. surveyed that people were being watched that their e-mails were being read and that that was extreme bias within the f.b.i. with the senior investigator of the f.b.i. now exposed to been sending extremely anti trump e-mails with he's a lover who's also an official of the f.b.i. and exactly restruck way indeed absolutely and having discussions about it in the office of the deputy director of the f.b.i. mr mckay who was referred to in the e-mails as an andy what you know i've said this before on this program people on what. their social media if they want to say the president the united states or canada candidate for the united states presidency trump he's an idiot that's fine with me that's
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a personal opinion but when you start talking about an insurance policy that's when i start getting concerned because these are an elected officials meddling in the election. and these are these people are supposed to be apolitical it least nominal p. there is a really high time for a new church commission to be instituted to investigate the crimes committed and the we want to remind your viewers what the church commission is all the church commission was a commission existed in the seventy's after the water great their great crisis it was obvious that during watergate and long before that the f.b.i. and other special series a certain kind doctor. on the us territory against us citizens that were eagle that were unlawful and there was widespread. feeling of distrust there were towards. be icy and other special seriousness and the church
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community was setting the westie those crimes and set new standards for how the. oversight and for people and think you know what to make sure that more violations are campuses of her into the which years you correctly pointed out we see major way we lose by f.b.i. by the cia and all of us law we also see how they almost they regularly intervene into the political process in the united states the interview so they reckon that it's almost unbelievable yet it's warmer it's pretty. again one can have their personal tastes and attitudes ok and i think that's fair game everyone has an opinion here but when they bring it into the office we have this case of bruce or his wife or high official in the f.b.i. his wife is working in a fusion g.p.s. where this all of this started from this salacious dossier and his wife was over there yes and then that's not disclosed to the public to see actually didn't even
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explode tell his boss at the f.b.i. that he had meetings with christopher steele i mean if that isn't collusion then we have to find another word because this is just outrageous europe. actually if we look at these whole presidential election why is no one investigating the cases when our barman quite publicly said these guys will not be elected the president of the united states i assure you he said to g seven leaders wasn't that interference into an election by the acting president but talking about the f.b.i. all grizzlie f.b.i. when they interrogated flynn they had the transcript or here's a group or station with the best the senate so what they did was really argue the court here on the deviations obviously he did not record his going to a conversation he did not remember it because he was on vacation who knows he was probably on the beach drinking pina colada he didn't take any notes. say something
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about his qualifications for former or your desk in the defense intelligence agency to to get into that situation see something about his qualifications put. it into you know the very fact that the american media openly discusses the deep state in the american president also rates but into his twitter it already calls for an investigation of the role of the u.s. security services basically if. this situation where michael flynn pleaded guilty for lying for lying to adds i well it all reminds me of stalinist logic you know underage machines start in spring a star prosecutor during the short trials he said that confession is the queen of proof think we know where it ends and so what we have here is all there are a liberal media in the us you know just bureau you know by him pleading guilty that is just logic yes he pleaded guilty has nothing he said you would expect him
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to do with justice because i don't want to waste our time on this but if you go to the hillary e-mail scandal how many people lied to the f.b.i. when are not held to you know what's the thing that's really interesting is that so much of what we're learning. is happened before the election and i have the impression that all of these high f.b.i. officials they were so calm and in the trunk would when they became very complacent bringing their bias right into the office into n.d.'s office ok because the the they could not conceive that the american people would choose differently and then what i'm sure of they're still with is peter struck character apparently there's a lot more messages to read well this is it the there was an intelligence agency or intelligence community which interfered in the u.s. election it was not the russian intelligence community it was the intelligence community of the united states and then when the wrong result. they had to somehow
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conceal that so they intensified their interference we have more surveillance of the trump transition team we have the entrapment because i have no hesitation in calling it that of michael flynn we have this whole investigation that's been launched with special counsel it's really interesting and. michael morrell the former acting director of the cia came out in told us susan glasser over at politico sensually it meaning that there was a ball. and how they dealt with the election of president and he's very transparent and use of the highest ranking cia official to come out and talk about this and he and i and i think he made a big mistake you showed his bias before the election ok he which was remarkable for so many people here at the. very open here is generally somebody who is pretty
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open about what he thinks for a special foreign intelligence officer. remind you that he is the one that spoke on charlie rose show that no longer exists for unknown reasons that. should be killed secretly for for what russia is doing doing. it for fighting isis. so yes it's not surprising that he is so put there by that but the thing is that the and not quitting the intelligence community is going on with the another bout to quit in the e.u. we want to see it the president of the united states that is the gentleman all three of you that this is turning into a constitutional crisis yes i think it is a constitutional crisis and a very profound what the biggest the united states has faced certainly more than it is more we did in january we had a program if i remember correctly titled. who data in this century i think victory
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means that i think you have the right but it's very disturbing they can't reverse this i said in my introduction who'll investigate the investigators does congress have the guts to step up and perform their constitutional role i don't think they did i don't think so either because congress has just passed an act which allows to do night and the it's to interfere into private affairs of all russian citizens the pasternak that requires the u.s. government and trump to make reports on the business deals on the connections between the russian businessman and president putin between high placed russian officials and their relatives or they are acquainted abroad a whole report on the property abroad or the property of their only two years of laughable about their demon and you listen let me just do it very early on it certainly you know what i think laughable about that is that what are the
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congressman going to be made to list what lobbyists they meet every single day how much money they take from them there's no accountability when it comes to law being here there was foreign countries interfering in the american election it was we. should we not only know who it was exactly but i mean that there is not going to begin either any of that sort of a lot accountability nor will i think in the end will that be anything like the church commission that you were talking about the things i was talking about what the true source of because it's so dangerous i mean it would be it would be able to since i don't know what's going to happen here gentlemen because public competence is eroding very very quickly i mean i came across a poll and a few hours ago fifty four percent of americans don't trust the special prosecutor right now because of perceived conflicts of interest or not perceived the very real go ahead picture and. that paradox of this is that the more they try to stitch this together the less they can do it because there's scant these scandals the more
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problems there are for the american political establishment so this is a situation where there are steps they take next it's going to be even worse and of with that could be you know we can actually expect a recount to say make us if you we forcing it to with our team. we have a great card so you that peter schmeichel will be. right. we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freeflow world calls and you're better than a legend to keep it so i took it back. in ninety nine to two that my part of five of the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last world com throws or three. thousand zero zero zero zero zero.
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left left left. more or less ok stop that's really good. live. welcome back to cross like where all things are considered i'm peter about to remind you we're discussing some real news.
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ok before we switch gears to net neutrality dimmy want to finish up on what i'm calling f.b.i. gate where when you ask me if i expect an investigation of what's going on well in the near future know why because the united states is in fact ruled by that ultra liberal no liberal ideology and you expect this i do or would you do investigate itself but there were cases in history when to tell you terry and regimes had you know their past misdeed investigated the khrushchev or after ma died in china but for that to happen you have to have real casualties inside the elite so that part of the in order to mitigate it seems that has not yet cut it hasn't happened yet i mean i don't know if people like the use of the phrase the low lying fruit but we have really high ranking people are they going to sacrifice one as proof or maybe somebody that was peter struck i mean we're going to get rid of somebody here to be the fall guy for all this because it's they're not careful
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a whole thing is going to collapse but what is awful is that no one is immune joined question and might be a jewel and for israel but he's also not in you so that they can everyone in their crosshairs and that's a situation that no illegal what it does it looks like it's going to be a mutually assured slaughter and so then there where it's going clearly russia and russia when it was barely arrested when the guys in there put it bureau simply got tired of fearing here you know they were all under cost and threat so they decided to terminate this situation here but i'm not sure that the united states is now it's also what happened with mccarthy. when does it start because we go to the i mean he started to accuse generals and that was enough enough was enough and that's one. mccarthyism wish we had that but but we're still far away from there are you ok. net neutrality how big of a story is coming out of the f.c.c. because i think it's been underreported and and i look at
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a cross the us and people say this is a republican gambit there's a lot of red states that don't want to see the internet. or fooled with fear i mean it's i don't know and we united states in the west they like to think of themselves as democratic the only thing that's democratic now is access to the internet that's in danger has a that's exactly right i think it is a huge story because the internet is now becoming increasingly the vehicle people are turning to to get their news they're not taking it from the mainstream the old traditional media so the way this net neutrality could work is that we could see the invasion into the one remaining free space of the operators that is now controlling the rest of the media the ideology that dimitri was talking about so i think this is a huge story i don't think there's any understanding of it amongst most people i did see not because it was written russia russia russia russia russia russia i mean
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look at that look at the look at the cable stations in the u.s. i mean exception of fox they this was very very much under reported i mean you had rachel maddow saying it's important this is it significant but nobody on the left wanted to go there i don't know why did it look it was only a matter of time when their freedom in space with and really remember the ninety years i was in school back there on the internet was just starting to remember the boards and the car would progress to what we have now with the world wide web and it was a new medium where you could do some things then you could do more now you. and do a lot of people you know what twenty years ago there was limited news coverage there now everybody is there even more so. to some degree than in the print media so now of course everyone understands the need the america needs the west and it's
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understand that either the control of the internet the limit the exodus of their populations to news that they do not like the information laden i'd like you were that you can get that endless you know down little you know trying to download the new range exams or exam the arsenal and they also know that yes some people will use you know dark net and other sources to get more information but they also know that most people are not going to go that far because only a few people take so much time and effort now to get that information most people know you don't have access that say no longer shows up so we can also go there so we didn't know that's were we have twitter. limiting expression we have facebook look i know that personally ok google and now we have this but it's you know i always look at these things you know to do people think about the ultimate
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consequences because they're destroying the internet in the to take control of it they're willing to destroy it first they destroyed their traditional media and the more they destroy the internet it's quite all digital in the way all to tell it period regimes evolve but actually you know when i read the traditional media i am a subscriber to new york times newsletter and when the main use case was over on the wanted to seeing and to talk i thought they would have called the only brevity of their i was working which is nice of you know. if the traditional media is busy with this stuff then it's all good natured all the people turn to internet which is no more dog version of the room and we all sometimes you know it's nature all that people believe in rumors when the. distrust all have reasons to distrust the traditional media so what we see is a major epic failure of the traditional media that many people turn to the internet and then the state clones don't own an internet saying that we want it to be a new problem which means not critical or what no i don't want to do is they want
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to make sure everybody watches c.n.n. m.s.n. b c c's the washington post sees the new york times and makes us and is invisible and broadly we're going to make sure that arguing that we want to make sure that the internet looks like the american means exactly that and i think we have to be very happy that's why they're so mad up our sport because they don't they're not true with meals we want to report confirmed facts so they could want to accuse us of being the romeo and that's why they accuse us of being pretty guarded tools and that's why they don't so hard on archy simply because they want to see it's either mainstream media or it just was ok you know luminous which gears here north korea keeps popping up into the news here is this all about the future the future resume i would say of the secretary of state rex tillerson because again the white house has pulled the rug from under his feet he was saying that the u.s.
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was open to negotiations with the north koreans which they should that would be the logical thing to do without preconditions and then it's pulled back you see a million again is it is this war about to listen that it is about north korea what is beginning to wonder because of a diplomat which is what mr to listen is supposed to be is there to talk and to talk to the other side and this is the obvious thing to do and yet he's been criticized for saying this and one has to wonder whether there's any real interest in the united states in actually settling the north korean issue but what does this send to the north koreans what does this send to the region ok this is i think this is this talk about destabilizing what if we're talking about north korea. here what it says to them is that this is not nobody wants to talk to us they want to threaten us instead because we're getting all these threatening sounds out of the united states and the one person who is talking about negotiation seems to be in political trouble so increase. your nuclear program accelerate
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your ballistic missile program because negotiators on their money and security is the murderous heat he kind of pushed back on the whole threatening the north korean missile program is tramp's approach to north korea's very is not constructive at all and. whatever we take from now is going to make the situation even worse if he keeps on making direct threats against north korea and against its neither and not acting on them then the it is the he's going to look more and more like a people thank you not just being there is of pure young but in the eyes of the entire national community including american allies in the ija and japan south korea others now if actually attempts military aggression against north korea this is going to lead to a regional geopolitical catastrophe with mass casualties in south korea in japan in
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north korea busway in other countries possibly even russia only a mess good to talk about and i'm asking let's hope none of this happens or in mass casualties among american personnel and civilians living in south korea mind you that there are more than twenty thousand american soldiers and officers stationed in south korea plus me more civilians with the u.s. passports that live in south korea and we knew that in seoul that would be destroyed yes destroyed on the first day well if you're a city of such action so do listen of course is somebody who. espouses classical american foreign policy approaches of course he can't agree to that just as he could not think he. to do moving to. get us kept on so he will get one absolutely will and you've been predicting this we'll see if it's going to come true but i think this will go back to ideology. the problem with the
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u.s. foreign policy approach here is that if you negotiate it's deemed as a piece mint in this is screwed up because this is not what diplomacy is diplomacy is i give you a little bit and you give a little bit and try to resolve it we talk and we talk in this is the problem is that if you negotiate it's considered weakness and appeasement and this is not the way it should work or. this is a more general problem or u.s. foreign policy they can't talk to anyone anymore is just importing sanctions or threatening military action you know george bush jr was accused of sending f. sixteen s instead of emails but i feel nostalgic of him now because he when he was less kind of belligerent in his policies and if i was ready you know you would have been rapidly running out of time here but the add to what dean the just said there is do we have a commander in chief that's actually the commander in chief see this this is what i heard speak another layer well this is the problem because i don't think we do we have got a commander in chief who is under political see in washington and who doesn't want
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to appear weak because politically he's going to be very dangerous for him to be appear weak because as demas says the united states in its foreign policy has no reverse gear it cannot go it's a very good three cents of every member that. you can imagine or the way people are driven to suicide will be serious that's how people are driven to suicide be serious sure that you are serious about your intention i did so today with interest and the for the tragedy of hope and career don't see that on the trumpets to blame i'm sure no liberal media would say it's just crazy drum no a bar much destroyed a lot of institutions. and he introduced this style diplomacy ok demon would run out of time here segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel she would next time and remember. one comes in the more remote.
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at your sudden passing i've only just. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave the funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this was quite different speech because there were no make. that. was it was.
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the u.n. security council of a well mainly back so resolution rejecting the trunks decision to recognize to risk the limb is the capital of israel but it's vetoed by the u.s. . at least three people are reportedly killed as a passenger train derails from a bridge in a state of war.
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