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tv   Sophie Co  RT  December 18, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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the headlines here on r t the un security council overwhelmingly backs a resolution rejecting trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the compass all of israel but it's vetoed by the u.s. . at least three people are killed as a passenger train derails from a bridge in the u.s. state of washington. and thousands of protesters rally in vienna after a far right party takes key posts in austria's new coalition government. you can find out more about those stories over on our web site i'll be back with the headlines again in about an hour in the meantime it's so few.
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welcome to. the winter olympic games are almost upon us and that means an international battle in the ring to take ice hockey gold. however wasn't a players locked out from the top team russia forced to play under a neutral banner how different will the twenty eight hundred championship be from previous i talked to five times stanley cup winner and olympic bronze medal is. the hardest ultimate international prize is just weeks away with the game's best players. and the russian team's participation in jeopardy of the olympic playoffs relink stanley cup final. unknown masters rise in the absence of the usual suspects of. the likes of star power reduce the competition to a second great show. eric henri it's really great to have you on our program thanks
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for being with us welcome to moscow we want to be here so let's start with the olympics and what's happening there so this year and the. players will not participate in the olympic games do you think their absence will actually make their race for the olympic gold like maybe sort of a second rate contest. well. the same tournament. it's not. just. who grew up. in the countries where they're. you celebrate the olympics with the whole family was told because it's all about is done only with the hockey to put the sports. and
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all course got to ski jumpers like a big big family to join because. it's a sad story. this a lot of out old politics money or whatever this story is but. i don't want to still see had the secretary of tournament you know i think the players who could be invited there should be brought a good deal of the chance throughout the playoffs to enjoy what the other players have success another interesting moment but just the fact of these star players absent because n.h.l. is where the hockey stars are let's face it do you feel like it makes the olympic hockey as they say they're less attractive. honestly it's. because of course they're very recognized at the display it's not there should be there a place should be playing the country it's all. about i still. side of
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it that will be there i think there will be a super support in them and they should be very excited and be brought out to be a part of the team i know that some of the n.h.l. players like ovechkin cross-tree they are being very outspoken about their disappointment. not going to the olympics do you think pressure from the players could change anything here. in the should be the players affect the owners. and the children they should listen to the players and. of course we don't know what's happening behind the scenes what the the main reasons why then it still play of some of the biggest old nurse at the players school for two weeks what three weeks. and all of the money was introduced what was . the number one reason so you really don't know that since you've offered that that that should become open explain to people who saw the reasons why and it's
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a place out there should be they're allowed to go if they want to on their own for instance like russia they can go on their own now that they may be suspended chian n.h.l. players be allowed to go on their own with their own money if they want to play. since no champs the league has the rules of the game. and. that would be too messy. too bad so he said let's see the ask let's i'm going to play in the olympics now we should give them a chance and that was this incredible story in the eighty's i remember aware and nonprofessional american team actually won the gold medal teasing something like this could happen this time around the miracle on the ice yes i was in the nineteen i was there and i was to be out of the film looks mostly young nineteen years old. playing afford a lot of the limits. just be
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a part of the olympics family present be true for me and. that happened. next year in korea. are to say this. to europe russia have strong teams you know up to the feel like i'm really good je suis and check some of the most old canada has a lot of players play in the europe usa has a little europe so it's a little bit different so you would take a miracle for it it really already there are seven what are you saying thirty years on or thirty something years on hockey has gotten much stronger than back then in the eighty's. it has. a lot of contrasts catching up you know maybe the baby of the soviet union was so much better canada now that the swedes we're the words used to feel. winning the good championships so the cap is not that big anymore so. i think we can call six five six conscious to go with the six today
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talking to tell me tell me because i'm a deal a townhouse an olympic contest different from the n.h.l. stanley cup playoffs i mean you played in both obviously you want someone else is there more pressure when you're doing the stanley cup game seven or when you're actually doing the olympic gold. oh the pressure is there i mean when you start make up this tree come true you know that's. you start your job ten months ago unable to finish just see them just on the cup this note by the wood to finish the season old because special only forty if they play short tournament. chess you have your lifetime beautiful part of the olympics maybe once or. twice whatever some six times. it's a really stupid story like i said olympics of different bits of the contrary that the both the but it's. also you and your team
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again but emotionally for a player. no matter if you win something big you know it's there just suddenly got pulled because the war just because if so. can you tell me what's going on through and hockey players had when you're actually on the ice rink competing for olympic gold i mean the whole world is watching inside you're responsible for your country what is it like. to talk to put into words but. i think you're more worried about the game more about. make sure you are ready to play make sure you. get teams ready. and also you didn't join the movement to the olympic movement and stuff like that what's what's. well there you play for your country you play fuel because you know it's the to the show but. it's about the game you are about the
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game and the country of old world is. you know it's more about joy you see oh just a lifetime when something big. but the olympic team doesn't get too glued together like the n.h.l. i mean in my opinion how do you compensate for that. it's a challenging you know for the team. who will. do to return have too much time to be together before the vote you said. it's good chemistry in the short time so it's a really important since the key for the olympic hockey team is coach and the synergy between the players i mean because you don't get to spend time together you know each other's habits you don't understand but today's hockey players know each other i think that they have played together in the past maybe the seeds of maybe the club teams you know but. still is the appeal of the team is very important
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because you don't have the time the really practice to get out of my style so i think you go should make good choices you know the find the right place at the right places. looking back what is. more important for hockey players legacy winning m.v.p.'s record breaking staffs or actually winning an olympic gold stanley cup ring. we're talking about the team sports i think that the winning like i mentioned we've used them in the olympic gold medal so just. a few in the m.v.p. or even in the scoring title but you would need to be called i think that's more important so do you feel like olympic hockey is less scandalous than in the n.h.l. i mean less physical fighting. alas i am. sure the pocket change so i think that. because it's much more.
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of the game. and also. gave no it's not the best player there but the. chance a little bit you know you play with a good player so. i think you will see more skills on the ice so once it's a different game to. make something different. but he knows my question do you feel like olympic hockey is less scandalous because anything else for me is like showing that you know like people five i think. it's part of the game it's called there was a long long time ago. today. and it's. you know it's the list today it's. most i don't know it's. i don't know it's about hockey and it's still and you won't see any fights.
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which team do you think will impress thanks. that's amazing and. the. broken sun the good you know. we keep food price and countries we only five million people the. russians will be the favorite in the tournament. just to. show. you this approach everybody take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to you eric corey a hockey legend we'll talk more about the upcoming olympics stay with us.
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join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to get a little bit politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you than. anyone else shows same wrong all right old rules just don't hold. me to long to get to shape out these days comes to the ticket and in game treatment equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this was different i speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. how does it feel to be
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a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we do stuart don't like us is nobody oh visitation i don't know what goes into more we don't have to serve them anymore there's the fridge if that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if you believe the charge or not they're actually pretty enough to put it back in very good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sandbridge what she could is behind such success. and we're back with gary koori an absolute hockey legend. mr curry but we have a situation. because
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a lot of individuals form be able to actually join their national teams for stand h.l. players now they are russian players. hockey is a team sport is and then i mean i wonder if it's a collective effort that is more important than skills of certain individual star hockey players what is more important. you know because i mean come on for instance you scored so many goals in your career but your teammate was often wayne gretzky you know you were a team with. like i say just being force. you need. to come to school or. basketball. need to play is that the defense will you do you call to be used to just push it since you need to get players you know you can have achieved that.
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there are everybody's course a little bit play defense you know to do two different. people within the team and . if i go to my time. it doesn't achieve you. know mark messier and then there's some great hockey hall of famers but we were really good. we had good role players played for the great job for our so the team effort is more important maybe more of a star separately from the team i think it's a team effort of course one player going to games one player can win the championship it's humid for you need everybody. you mentioned russian team and russia olympic team is in a limbo because russians can't participate in the winter olympics under their own flag they will have to compete as squared of. athletes plus we have the absence of n.h.l. how do you think that. well the fact the whole tournaments that's not something new
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for the olympics absence of the n.h.l. now they're russian team competing on the natural flag. i think that. there has been so much talk already but the by the time the. tribes i think we all forget that i hopefully we can focus in the tournament on the games and i know that you know it's been a tough year for hockey. and it still is not. coming and that the russian. people tough time for the serious works you know on. their hockey but i think that both with time will heal on the we have. no less than sixty days to go for this going to be where you know we can really focus in the game and say so you're saying the ant absence of n.h.l. this strange situation with russian hockey players competing under national flag is not going to affect the whole i can ask the way in your opinion i mean. time will
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heal doesn't mean days to go by the time that the box drops over the field and you have a chance to be a part of the olympics. and the south koreans have actually asked the i will see to let russian hockey team comment play because they're worried about the economics of things when russian team comes a lot of t. shirts are sold a lot of tickets to the games are sold do you think maybe economic pressure could change something here how do you. think of the hockey world. with the russian players their bras and speak one of the world family and. the sort of the. russian players so you know. so. one of the hockey was a really worry that. the situation the president will be will be seen off the. road just a decent. but of course you know the russian sports. so. just
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as a human being and as a hockey player i'm going to ask you questions and i just want your personal opinion obviously i know that hockey players the russian hockey players have all passed the doping tests and the witness there says that the hockey players weren't part of the doping scandal anyway why force them to wear neutral colors i mean can they just if they're not part of the doping scandal can they just where their national. sports wear and compete on their own flag. well i hope the good but. i think this is a big story why why this has happened to the i.o.c. . has done a lot of work and study go through the sheet to ation. how much joy for the right person told well i know enough to say well. you know i say it's been a tough time for them the russian sports five million of the hockey too but.
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hopefully it will be strong but just it's not often that we go that way. because emotionally russians are very split about this most of the athletes say they going to go to the olympics and they will compete regardless of anything under natural flag problem russians are saying that doesn't make any sense because if you go to the olympics you should really just be able to raise your flag and hear your answer and play the other half of the russians are saying you know what go we should go and compete everyone knows from which country you're from and your win is our win anyways what's your take on that's where do you think they should go compete and be proud that you are russian and i would you know and enjoy the moment on the i think that sort of boy that you know. what has happened with this situation them so i think that. will fully. so when asked what is competing under
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a natural flag do you feel like it's demoralizing for him or on the contrary it can fire you up so much that you're going to stick it to the world and we think that you use that that it's also the actually trade sold for many many years many many months britain sells for herself the cue ball so i think that. they will. come up with a lot of it's trying to achieve true hopefully for you for the eric cory who's going to watching t.v. and watching olympic competition on the ice and will it matter for you that these people aren't competing under a russian flag will you look at them differently. i look at hockey i watch you. know the game i have to know the players from out there so i have to be
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a little bit different story. look up to the game and the results of the. play itself. sets a story that's not to go and say i'm a player yeah but that's a true story do you think generally speaking collective punishment should exist in sports. collective punishment do you think that should exist in sports in generals . like this. it's a sad story of what happened in sports you. know you'll see this is. what's called behind us to go. to this site are not asking to analyze what's happening to the letter as a sportsman to someone who played with a team and that can happen in any team in any country not only in the olympics you can test a sportsman for adopting and it turns out he takes the substance and then the rest of the team. should the whole team be punished for he's
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a. collective punishment or it's small. business it's the team's mutual thing you know it's kind of fair it's unfair for other people. i'm nothing but cheating or whatever so. soon there will always say that sports and politics don't mix they really do at the end for instance here in russia with things that the band is politically motivated and there are a lot of other athletes around the world who cheat but they don't get as hard of a punishment as russian athletes this time around so do you think there's a political tend to this whole story. i really don't. believe that's the good side of it enough knowledge to know what's going on you know of course the. media. you have to do everything you know it's a. rebuild in the. west
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but do you feel like sports can exist without politics because just recently had a wada correct ready set that that says quote sports being played without politics interfering and impossible dream. sports can be free i don't know if i didn't see that happen you know what i'm doing right now you know of course the. pros. use a lot of. force there was a big fast you know and. i don't know. and that's one of the. now this was the first time a national team is being suspended from the olympic game over doping accusations do you feel this could change the future course of how sports are perceived in the world do you think you could make sports clean or do you think the next olympics will be stricter for everyone or is just a matter of time until more. detectable substance that's. mission. to
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make sure the sports is clean. we spend so much money. spend so much money in. the situation we put that money. away hopefully. will. she do. we make it clear sports every way every sports. bit the best of the best. character and thank you very much for the rest.
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of the fight for many clubs over the years so i know that. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super mom a billionaire owners and spending sure the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think i know about the beautiful game a great chance for. peace. i don't understand them i did not cut in. front of him and if one came at the end the signal still buy came to me a little must be still slot. machine and saying you'll get.
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them. right back and then he doesn't negotiate you assume i'm not going on sunday that the money on the table the idea that something as innocent. and the most will go down. as the come on i'm. not committed and now i'm with him in the club and in the police near. him some police mccown somehow must post some info on it and they've got to. come in the night blogging then i'll be one of the from the one that hit. the world is a fine i place and yet he marries capacity to generate garbage seems infinite
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oh my god how those two are going to work how do you square that circle. greetings and salutations so what if i told you that three congressmen including the senate majority leader quietly colluded with an aerospace billionaire to create a secret the partment inside the pentagon whose sole purpose was to study documents and investigate all identified flying objects. you would. when we call me a conspiracy theorist you call me a crazy whack a doodle why am i listening to tie anymore he's gone off the deep bed well guess what i really hate to let all you haters down but was what but what was once conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact yes the pentagon has admitted now
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confirmed that it hasn't dede been investigating you oppose called the advanced aerospace threat identification program unbudgeted and yuliya run twenty two million dollars from two thousand and seven to two thousand and twelve the program was run according the new york times by a military intelligence official luis elizondo on the fifth floor of the pentagon sebring yes i said the new york times post is mainstream media and alternative media covering this elizondo recently resigned in protest after running the operation for seventy years and a copy of a letter.


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