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tv   News  RT  December 19, 2017 1:00am-1:29am EST

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headlines international the u.n. security council. resolution calling for the. decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital however the move is vetoed by the united states. the first anniversary of the deadly christmas market attack in the country's justice minister admits the. head for the consequences. was only information that she's not on the list so i didn't know anything either because the official statement was that she was missing. of course it was snowing to the police that she was dead. the u.k. promises fifty million pounds in aid. warning saudi arabia that its blockade of the
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country is a breach of humanitarian law. and donald trump denies he has plans to fire the special counsel investigating his alleged ties to russia dismissing another potential scenario for his impeachment on the program we look at the efforts of his opponents to remove him from office. morning here in moscow you're watching r t international from the editorial team here a very warm welcome to you. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has vetoed a draft resolution that had been drawn up to reject donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital although expected it was the first time in six years america used its veto power at the u.n. security council but the u.s.
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stood alone without any support from even its strongest allies with those in favor of the draft resolution please read the hand. there's against. favor one vote against the status of jerusalem as the future of two states should be determined through a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and the decision and actions which purport to alter the car and status of jerusalem have no legal effect to your any unilateral actions increase the risk of escalation of the conflict we call good to go out into seclusion can become. good old of control we support the just cause of restoring the new testament national rights of the palestinian people u.n. security council was called to a meeting by egypt now egypt put forward
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a resolution that essentially intended to give legitimacy to all the outrage that has taken place around the world sans donald trump and the united states recognize jerusalem as israel's capital now what made the meeting unique was not only did we hear normal critics of the united states condemning the decision but we also heard you know western european allies of the u.s. nato states condemning this action by the united states and boldly disagreeing with the usa for what took place on nikki haley the u.s. ambassador took to the floor and she defended the actions by the united states and when she spoke she said that the united nations should be ashamed of this proposal that was put forward. she was she accused the united nations of not being supportive of israel being anti israel and she was harshly critical of the international community for the proposed resolution what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of
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the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict now in response to the united states we have seen a statement from the palestinian authority the palestinian authority has accused the united states of essentially mocking the international community with their decision to move their embassy and recognize jerusalem as israel's capital however the u.s. did find some support is ready prime minister was quick to praise the american veto . thank you but sort of i'm going to go to market you live to try to move to disprove the darkness one defeated the movie the truth defeated lies thank you president roh. we spoke to analysts based in both israel and palestine about the u.s. of uto it's no surprise they had contradicting for years i've been surprised that so many countries have decided that instead of taking the palestinians to the
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security council to discuss why they decided to react the troops announcement by firing rockets at israeli kindergartens instead they've decided to take israel to the security council what they should be doing is encouraging the palestinian leadership to return to the negotiating table where donald trump in his announcement did not rule out whatsoever there being a palestinian capital in east jerusalem he's just reflected the reality that for three thousand years the united states was expected to come up with this veto but none of that is it's very significant and assuring that the rest of the world. is asserting the fact that this american decision is illegal jerusalem has been israel's capital it can still happen violence is not the way to bring it about in the history of this process americans were too biased and less sensitive to the international legality which was a measure of structured countries government was not sufficiently prepared for the
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consequences of such an atrocity particularly in some ways of addressing the needs of those affected artie's peter all of our looks back at the tragic event and speak to the husband of a woman killed in the attack. a year on from the berlin christmas market attack tributes to the victims mixed in with the usual season this year concrete blocks ringing the christmas markets intended to make sure that no one could repeat the atrocity. for the families of the twelve people on this armory murdered here there are still many questions that the german authorities are yet to answer. new documents have emerged in the german press that show the security services. was
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a potential terror threat back in twenty fifteen and may have allowed him to remain at large in the hope of using him to catch biggest fish. in open letter to angela merkel the families have asked why help promise to them hasn't been forthcoming and why amery had been free to carry out his attack in the first place now teaches model for it stopped by the christmas market like many
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others that evening she was killed when the stolen truck into the crowd leaving behind a grieving husband and young son. it was that when i called the hotline there was only information that she's not on the list so i didn't know anything either because the official statement was that she was missing. but of course it was known to the police that she was dead he was pretty determined you know not to have any information at all this is really bad and you lose you you are power actually what i'm really angry broad is actually what happened before the terrorist act. is really known that this person is dangerous and still the authorities didn't. arrest him didn't board him for some reason definitely what i would be interested in is some kind of an explanation of what actually happened. germany's christmas
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markets remain on high alert but for the families of those killed and injured during last year's terrorist attack it's left an indelible sadness on the festive period piece for all over. ten past the hour here in moscow donald trump says he has no plans to fire the special counsel robert muller who is leading the probe into the president's alleged ties to the kremlin that may come as a disappointment to trump's critics who have been betting on this scenario to make a case for a potential impeachment. america are now taking a closer look at the efforts to remove trump from office. don't help me god so help me god congratulations mr craig. the crusade to impeach donald trump started the second he was sworn in but it seems as though he's been playing a never ending game with democrats since his inauguration but neither side's very good at it and what's trump's latest move saying he doesn't plan on firing robert
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muller the person in charge of investigating the alleged trumped russia collusion. no. so much for the plans many were making to take to the streets and demand trump's impeachment if he did indeed fire muller democrats have also been trying to use allegations of sexual misconduct to get rid of trump but unless he decides to resign himself that's not an option because harassment isn't considered an impeachable offense even members of their own party have dismissed it i think we need to move on and not get distracted by those issues let's get on with the real issues that are facing those of this country right now and i don't think that the president ought to resign at this point now if democrats are detectives pursuing trump for any wrongdoing is he certainly not a very cunning offender but he's leaving plenty of clues in the first year of his presidency democrats and even some republicans have formally accused him of an impeachable offense at least once a month senator al green alone has done it four times writes today miss home
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for the impeachment trial and removal from office donald john trump by betraying his trust as present it democracy is at risk now here's just some of the reasons trump has given his rivals to call for his impeachment struction of justice after trump fired f.b.i. director james comey his unsubstantiated claims that hillary clinton only won the popular vote due to voter fraud leading to accusations of deceit and remember when he almost called on the police to violate the constitutional rights of suspects in custody and his tweets about the courts getting himself accused of undermining the federal judiciary and the list goes on the first obstruction of justice which deals with mr comey firing. the second is a violation of the constitution's foreign maja clause the third is a violation of the domestic of my clause it's a sure rod for a number of reasons i mean neither the democrats nor even the news media can keep
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up with donald trump's actions whether they're positive or negative you know every day is something new and i'm not even sure that this is a concerted strategy on trump's far apart as much as it is simply a result of his rather manic personalities and his priorities seem to change all the time and this political structure isn't set up for that and that what really makes it come off as a sure rod is of course the fact that the democratic party is in no position to launch impeachment proceedings against anyone because they don't control either house of congress but the story is always the same time slips making some sort of outrageous statement in public on twitter and democrats come running guns blazing but so far from still winning this catch me if you can pull some miracle on our to washington. the u.k. is international development secretary has said saudi arabia has quote no excuse for cutting access to humanitarian aid in yemen it is very clear that if you're
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using starvation as a weapon you're in breach of international humanitarian law and while millions of people now suffering from famine and yemen the u.k. has promised to provide emergency aid to the country. out of them out of the movies destroyed everything around even in the neighboring villages we can rely only on coins people they see bringing in a tanker is one of two tankers is not enough even for the ten families. were living happily inherited when the saudi air strikes began there. but no one
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helped us here you see the mattress is no middle of the children. and additional fifty million pounds of aid is being made available to yemen taking the u.k. total for both this time next year to two hundred five million but that's that helping though that helping hand is paled in the contrast to the sheer volume of u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia in fact since the start of the conflict britain has sold more than four billion pounds worth of weapons to riyadh. from the stop the war coalition things the only way the u.k. can really help yemen is to simply stop selling weapons to saudi arabia when saudi arabia started its war in yemen in the first few months of that war britain's arms sales to saudi arabia went up by a thousand percent during the course of this would this by the evidence from human
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rights organizations that those weapons have been used in war crimes it has been admitted that british forces are part of the joint operations. command in saudi arabia they've been part of training forces of picking targets so they're very much accountable these war crimes of this blockade has been discovered yesterday it's been going on for a long time and you know we've seen how the british government have reacted to that i think if britain really wanted to help the people of yemen then they should stop supporting saudi arabia stop selling their weapons stop giving them diplomatic cover so donald trump has presented his new national security strategy we'll have all the details on it after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull along. the only show i go out of my way to. really packed a punch. is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of. jack tonight i'm president of the world bank. you sent us an email. the world is a finite place and yet he marries capacity to generate garbage seems infinite oh my god how those two going to work how do you square that circle.
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good to have you with us today and the best occasion underway into why a high speed passenger train on its maiden voyage do rolled and plunged onto a busy highway just southwest of the us city of seattle three people were killed and more than one hundred needed hospital treatment. we performed extrication using the jaws of life to remove the injured. there are three confirmed fatalities that we know of and we transported over a hundred patients. the lights flickered out some lives out of forty five degree angle. like shaking my
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car just started shaking like really really really badly treated started to. seem like the side. door and started flying. just push myself along. despite the global exchange most of it turns out terrorists and guidelines on ball making instructions are still easily available on line. has been surfing for such material. and less than ten minutes i was able to find multiple guides published by terrorist organizations through google searches clearly outlining how to make a bomb we've chosen not to show nor new books we found but they included step by step instructions in english from both al qaeda and islamic state and within them you can find lessons on kidnappings or carrying out various types of assassinations
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using explosives and the problem is and they will confine this information including those hope put it to use the bomb used in last week's new york subway attack included home or components of these readily available terrorist manuals. like feeling. i think it's kind of normal for these times or particularly in new york city which is targeted many times and it's the new normal once a potential terrorist has the recipe for a homemade device that only leaves gathering the necessary materials and investigation back in september found that amazon's algorithm was suggesting items that could be bought together in order to create a bomb that surface just days after you know you got back from iraq i remember is the sound of explosions sound. back in september amazon pledge to fix algorithms but last time we checked just
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before reporting this piece it was still there these easily accessed terrorist materials have been on the internet for years already and google has made promises in the past to fight their availability. to be of the solution when working with the months and then civil society groups to tackle the problem of the stream is the place what's at risk on all surfaces that statement came back in june of this year and yet just this monday britain's independent news website released a report outlining how they alerted google to the fact that their algorithms could provide extremists with dangerous materials and yet saw no change in the surf. result days later clearly despite the company's willingness to tackle terrorist content its own algorithms are failing with websites making a u.r.l. making a website all of these things online anybody can just start a new one so say for example you are a website that has the terrorist content or activity that's problematic or can lead
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to criminal activity if they shut that down if google didn't allow that to come up in a search result another one could come up right after you not only look at things like dougal which would be the search engine that it was found on but now you're looking at things like the web site hosts so now these are other private companies not just google search engine but other private companies that have to now look at who is starting to u.r.l. what are they doing how do they make this website so in terms of google they're going to be having it cut out in the algorithm cut out the search results is going to be much more difficult now some would have you believe that terrorists are lurking soley on the dark web which most of us would never even know how to access but it turns out they're not quite as far away as one would hope cyberspace is the new training camp so individuals can find information about bomb making they can identify targets they can chat with their colleagues sions they can receive inspiration if such flies underneath the radar screen of the police and in and security forces some of the internet companies the googles the facebook's and those
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can prevent that type of activity from coming into their space it's a cat and mouse game it's going to continue it's i want to say it's a mission impossible but it's a very very difficult to remove all still live with the free and open internet to remove all elements of hate and extremism. results of that harmful and dangerous materials cannot be found will of his view of the world and america's role in it and just like his predecessors he's not letting go of the idea of u.s. exceptionalism. america has been among the greatest forces for peace that people are generous america will lead again when the american people speak all of us should listen the new national security strategy outlines the ways in which washington can advance its influence and preserve its prosperity but former u.s. congressman ron paul feels the belief that you can push other people around is
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whether problem lies in the first place they start with the wrong premise they start with the idea that we have an empire we have a responsibility they believe it's a moral responsibility and we should influence people because we are exceptional and they're all start with the wrong things so it's just a matter of degree there's a much better way to solve the problems of the world then to use force and power intimidation and bombs and and boycotts with he said it before but he has had to control the media and those of us who when i was in congress and i would speak this way or when i ran for president you know i literally could get booed for saying things like we have to talk to people but tromso national security strategy also says countries like china and russia challenging the documents strongly criticized that attempt to shape the world fundamentally opposed to america's interests. did bring up a recent phone call with the russian president as an example of how things should work between moscow and washington adjourning that cole putin thanked the cia for
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helping to foil the terror plot in russia i compliment to both presidents for doing this and it makes no sense on some of our policies because at the same time we have this same goal that we can't talk and work with each other and help each other at the same time where there is five billion dollars allotted to building up to for us to stop russian aggression there's something at the same time if we can't be civil and talking to each other why do we have and i speak for our country why do we have to spend so much money pretending that we're going to be invaded and then we're threatened by russian aggression that makes no sense why international we appreciate you joining us for the program today we are back in about thirty minutes .
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when lawmakers many if i could well say. when the room in closest to protect themselves. merry go round to listen to the one percent. with no middle of the room six. million real need
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for. everybody i'm stephen baldwin gosh task hollywood guy yell suspects ever proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans call me and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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i. broadcast around the world in washington d.c. i'm. coming up at this point futures trading began on monday as you call them up and file exchange just a week after the trading of the coin options began on the chicago board options exchange will talk about what it means for the former u.s. trading commission report chilton plus the u.s. is the biggest consumer of your radio but could that change r.t. correspondent david miller will tell us now let's get to today's top business and financial headlines. regulators in the european union and now they're investigating
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his corporate tax structure the european commission is looking into whether the sweden based company was given unfair tax advantages by the netherlands according to member states cannot give tax benefits to multinationals that aren't allowed to other firms during a press conference a spokeswoman for the commission explained the probe is focused on interests here which is one of the groups that operates the entire business we state in our preliminary concerns that we have concerns that to. tax rulings from two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven may have them out interact to pay less tax and given them an unfair advantage compared to other companies subject to the same national taxation rules in the netherlands which would if confirmed being breached a few state rules i quickly responded to the announcement denying.
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