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all of that stuff that they stick into everyone's back and they say negative interest rates are good for you go buy more go give us more of your money go into debt go quiet margit going to barge and give us more. blood in a piercing confirms an explosion at a supermarket in the russian city of some papers berg was a terrorist attack the identity of the attacker is still unknown. we speak with former islamic state slaves from a kurdish minority in iraq who escaped terrorist camp timothy but half of those abducted remain missing. and i'm hoping that i was pregnant but i was so terrified that i lost my child my husband and my family were captured i was left alone with my mother so we took the boys and i decided it was better to die. on facebook reveals it has a unit to assist politicians in their campaigns and boasting that it helped the
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scottish national party and its landslide victory in twenty fifteen. a very warm welcome you watching r.t. international with me and caring good to have you with us this hour now our top story vladimir putin says an explosion that ripped through a supermarket in the russian city of st petersburg on wednesday was a terrorist attack fourteen people were injured in the blast. but you know with you yesterday there was a terrorist in some pretty. sure these are images from inside the shop where the explosion took place most of the counters and shelves have been destroyed we spoke to eyewitnesses who were in the supermarket at the time of the attack. the blast happened as my mother was still totally
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disorientated the ceiling was hanging above me. i started to look for my mom how. far. to go to see i couldn't see anything everything was black i couldn't understand where i was then i close my eyes and open them again and there was my son close to me. supermarket security cameras filmed this man entering the building and leaving his backpack in a locker where the bomb went off reports say police believe he was the perpetrator of the attack was easier for trying to travel to the scene as soon as police left at the corner. there's still blood on the stairs outside the supermarket but if we walk further down here you can see through the window the damage inside obviously nobody is being let through the doors but right now we can say that the people that were wounded during the wednesday blast inside the supermarket can be
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almost one hundred percent certain that they were caught up and survived a terrorist attack the investigators that are still working right there they're walking in and out every now and then still haven't completely ruled out any version of events but the metal balls that the improvised explosive device was stuffed with warrant at the worst case scenario in st petersburg six people are still being treated at a hospital they got trapped no words but the person who physically. put the bomb inside that storage locker still hasn't been caught when addressing security bosses vladimir putin told them not to hesitate when dealing with terrorist suspects and instructed the federal security service to act within the law when dealing with these thugs but if the law enforcement officers is in danger they must civilly take prisoners they must destroy these stocks on this book besides that the russian
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president called russia's military operation in syria a preemptive move against terrorism at home according to mr putin the threat of terrorist attacks could have been much worse if russia hadn't intervened otherwise he warned of thousands of trained tacklers infiltrating russia we remember of course that the previous major terrorist blast happened in the metro train in this very city and that is especially alarming given that russia is in the peak of the holiday season security is heightened all across the country and it is definitely being felt here and st petersburg and everyone is really waiting for the suspect to be found and arrested and have respect to tell me when experts in preventing terrorism he says russia's actions in syria helped to prevent
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a number of attacks in different countries. should be grateful for is a far the security service is walking really how did people were picked up this particular incident i'd go without anybody being killed moving forward we need to now start looking. at costs lights on individuals who are likely to be involved in discount all four incidents a lot of course is what i do want to see it not have to be good food to be to do russian president of the russian federation for their work in syria because audio day thousands of this will be returning back to you rupa a lot of parts of the war you can afford to walk to have been drawn into getting rid of most of them on the battlefield in syria when in the global village regardless of what about. regional politics and in the internet more to the other countries. it is time that every quarter come to get a fight in this war against terrorism because he doesn't know why black green
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yellow religion they kill anybody because they dance. families in syria and iraq are attempting to rebuild their lives following the fall of islamic state because they speak english city minority and northern iraq has been among the worst hit thousands of people were killed and thousands more were kidnapped and enslaved by the terrorists only around half of them have a skate or been returned those that did come back were at the mercy of people smugglers charge vast amounts while other families paid ransoms directly to ice the terrorists who are increasingly reliant on that income as other sources of funding collapsed r.t. senior correspondent lourdes garcia spoke with a woman held hostage by the militants and a mother forced to buy back her daughter from islamic state. thanks. it takes the great bravery great. ration to act in the chaos of
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battle when the jets came isis salmiya acted in years could a man i gather they had locked the door but i broke the window and got out that way and i run for a day in the ninth to make it to live where did he run from there is order a local family who are not with i still took me in they hid me they told me where the kurdish forces were salmiya and her family were captured by isis back in two thousand and fourteen she escaped barely two weeks ago in his monologue and i was pregnant but i was so terrified that i lost my child my husband and my family were captured i was left alone with my mother so i took poison i decided it was better to die when they caught me i thought that since my family my husband and my house were gone it would be better to die. she was
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a slave made to work in factories do menial work beaten for any offense and then. when the men would offer us as gifts in the evenings they would get together and trade the women and have their fun with us. she now lives with her mother near the hook northern iraq home to many displaced. and returned ones far from rape beatings and humiliation but there's no escape from the memories this photo was taken in two thousand and fifteen the rains ease another happy family from north west the rock all of them but the mother were killed or captured as they fled from isis all but to a dead or missing as. it was indescribable for me laugh turned into endless suffering tears and hunger i couldn't do anything but cry. for years she lived
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in pain in torment it was a freak phone call the changed her life someone had recognised her daughter played the telephone had someone contacted my relatives and told them that they have found a photo of a girl on facebook they asked if that was my child and they recognised her son was in turkey but said he would deliver her to baghdad he paid over ten thousand dollars inas seems happy if a little hyperactive and boisterous and impatient and then tiley adorable tries we might we couldn't get her to talk though her mother says that she has trouble getting her to be quiet she was five when she was taken by isis was nine when she was returned. as the last not at him she didn't recognise me at first and i cried a lot about that later she told me that she was upset that i was crying the whole
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time. they both saved each other their reunion ones like it give hope to thousands of people hope that one day they'll be able to get them missing families and loved ones back before it's too late or i guess the tea from joke iraq. according to kurdish officials over six thousand years it iis were abducted by iceland twenty fourteen alone with around a half of them still missing. well to number of humanitarian organizations for comment here's what a user the humanitarian group and also human rights watch told us about the situation but this community has been suffering having suffered so much throughout this genocide three years have passed the community is deemed worse to be displaced in the region the woman who brought back from captivity. our growth because there are also those who are still part of the are still birth and those are in all
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political whatsoever who look into the use of the what do we feel that this is your supposed to want gold and that the russian community hasn't done much to repeal this genocide and in the process of the battles against isis of course thousands of civilians were killed and among them surely also you see the us use it is that we're being held prisoners by isis but what you have not seen is any serious effort by the british or baghdad government to ensure that the victims get their day in court and get justice for what has been done to them on this friday well as the story of one girl kidnapped by ice there when she was fifteen that was almost three years ago and she's now managed to return home for the story of her life with islamic state watch this channel on friday.
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the u.n. refugee agency has confirmed the number of syrian refugees in lebanon has dropped below a million for the first time since twenty forty more than five million people fled the syrian war with many finding refuge in neighboring lebanon a country has taken in the majority of syria's refugees along with turkey and jordan the recent drop in my great numbers in lebanon comes after significant victories in the fight against islamic state.
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lisa other colors from the u.n. refugee agency says the vast majority of syrians living in lebanon dream of returning home once the situation is stable first time and since april two thousand and fourteen that the number drops below one million interest thousand and seventeen you any estimates that if you thousands of syrian refugees from lebanon have returned to syria we know that most syrian refugees in lebanon the vast majority want to return to syria when conditions become safe for them to return in safety and dignity. lot of refugees have expressed that when the situation calms down even more and becomes more stable in syria a lot of the development support that is going to other countries in the region will also be directed back to syria in order for the international community just
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have poured in the rebuilding of this country which would also help or support refugees who are returning. after losing ground in syria and iraq islamic state terrorists seem to be ramping up their activities in afghanistan the group now says it was behind a multiple suicide blast in the afghan capital kabul earlier this day which killed at least forty one people and injured eighty four local journalist a muslim shirzad reports toll is rising from four to forty around it before in jordan in recent attack and two that i can call board moments ago the president is sports person of the spokesperson's hill press conference i'm told about the rising of the tolls and the credit situation of some people and this is that is coming after the deadly attack on the shia mosque to do sure there are new fears of attacks on kabul are games the shia. minority is going to increase as
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a reason to tax or so-called islamists are there done this has a history often the last year this specially when we see these kind of attacks which was him on some on in the north of the kabul in twenty six of our october the twentieth of august before it was to did the attacks on the shia minority use and inside of the country and the list of attack which so-called clinton sponsibility talked about the curate of fact immune which called against the islamic disturbed and middle east especially and iraq and syria this calls that the afghan people especially knowledge is especially today and the afghan people especially in social media are going very angry against the afghan government and. the british military has caused a stir byo during members of the armed forces to use gender neutral language and he's probably looks that which was said to change in a new era of equality on these new guidelines about avoiding gen dead
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language so we've had that special post as have gone up in the toilets have one particular ad base that trains recruits for the royal navy the royal air force and for the army take a look at some of the very traditional phrases that army bosses have suggested and mending. them. and. you can can. can. can. can you can. see got in touch. the m. o. d.
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to find out all about the new phrases and they have said that they are promoting a modern inclusive working environment to ensure individuals are recognised and feel valued now the guidelines were written by a unit called the joint equality diversity and inclusion unit which troops reportedly called jett died for short diversity and inclusion is a big issue for the british army right now to put this all into context last year women were finally able to take up combat roles in the army and from the end of next year women will be able to apply for all the same positions as men in the british forces. and israeli court has just decided to keep a sixteen year old palestinian girl and two more of her relatives in custody for another week postponing is final ruling are made to me near town to israeli
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soldiers in the west bank in front of her house after her teenage cousin was shot by a rubber bullet earlier the trial has sparked a fresh wave of protests against israel in the city of ramallah police responded by firing stun grenades a video of the incident involving ahmed to me has gone viral with some hailing it a symbol of palestinian resistance. and. little clues. the video shows her cousin kicking and shoving i.d.f. soldiers and her most of the enjoying as you can see the two soldiers do not respond all three women are currently in custody and israeli rubber bullets hit to mimi's fourteen year old cousin mohammad in the face during protests against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel father basle who is also.
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anti israel activist says his daughter feels that she had no choice but to take action to pull the what if i thought for the palestinian issue she believed that we must study of the war the thought she needs to be in the fruit of the sword in the. in the clashes with me. this is what she believed in. for that when they saw her when she saw. me she became more the more she warned the leader to fire the requested a comment from the israeli defense forces on the girl's case the i.d.f. says the court is investigating not just test expected assault on a soldier but also alleges participation in throwing rocks the girl's twitter account has also been deleted though it's unclear whether our head herself is behind the move former i.d.f. soldier ari wise says the israeli presence in palestinian areas is on
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a military level what happened last week and the video that's gone viral with her slapping and pushing two soldiers. is not part of a protest it went much more viral once they showed up. later on a few days later early in the morning and arrested her a sixteen year old girl for pushing somebody who was without any sort of authorization standing on her property image of a fearless young woman she's sixteen standing up to fully armed soldiers in the soldiers if you notice they come into these villages and i did when i served in the i.d.f. as well fully armed for battle the heavy military presence which in palestinian communities is thirty years old. amount of force is overwhelming these soldiers are only partially trained for doing what are essentially police students but you notice they are in full battle dressed. i don't look like police and i don't think
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that the i.d.f. sees itself as in a precarious position. facebook claims that helps the scottish national party would know landslide victory in scotland during the u.k. general election in twenty fifteen the social media giant created a special unit to help politicians connect with a wider audience facebook is currently under pressure over allegations it helped russia to meddle in the us election. has the details what it all started facebook was fun and innocent was a place to share your holiday snaps and keep up with friends but then it got political facebook is even boasting about the fact that it helped the scottish national party to win sweeping victories in the u.k. general elections of two thousand and fifteen campaign is across the political spectrum now recognize the using facebook and facebook parents in particular made it to montreal difference to the final election result at this point little did we
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know but facebook has a government and politics team that helps to win victories for its clients right now the director of the team is katie harben a former republican party digital strategist and apparently she's quite good at her job. philippine president rodrigo did tard say took office after a strong campaign that included social media including facebook with the hash tag the leader i want. the trump campaign's digital director also says that facebook helped them to win the race so facebook now lets you get to places we took opportunities and i think the other side did their stuff a bit inside our office what we're doing inside the building teachers how to use a platform. germany's rising anti immigration party the a f d actually had meetings with the facebook team which was happy to offer them electoral advice doesn't this all sound a lot like election meddling you know that things supposedly done by evil russians
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who purchased ads and american lines i don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy that's not what we stand for so facebook is just completely square and bipartisan and that's why it has a special team that helps politicians to win elections that makes sense right i think social media the people that run it are very biased according to their own political beliefs and i think that that's very very dangerous and it's a shame and that's why i that catered for a long time that concert is usually conservatives in this country are the victims of i think conservatives in the united states should certainly think of forming and starting their own version of facebook and their own version of google and their own version of twitter and i don't understand facebook's kind of subversive political machine that i don't think most people are aware of and i think most people who when they become aware of it like me would be kind of concerned about it
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. japan is building up its military it says to counter the threat from north korea a country has decided to convert a warship into and a craft carrier this will be capable of hosting f. thirty five jets which the country recently bought from the us this would be the first such vessel owned by japan since the second world war earlier this month a japanese defense ministry announced it was considering acquire acquiring missiles capable of striking north korea the missiles will have a range of five hundred kilometers japan has also launched a study to determine if its fighter jets are capable of carrying missiles with a range of nine hundred kilometers the country's law prohibits japan from having any of these missiles and. the moves have been heavily criticized by china you have usually been that a change and usually historical reasons each move the japan makes in military security draws a great concern from its asian the brits and the international community who have
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noticed the related reports in which some people think such moves might violate article nine of the japanese constitution article nine which the chinese foreign ministry referred to is the clause in japan's constitution that prohibits the country from having any means they can be used for offensive warfare asia specialist d'andrea long suspects japan's real reason for wanting an aircraft carrier is to contain china north korea. is against the united states. attacking the north koreans why should the law of korean attack japan that's the first point secondly the threat is the. power or hydrogen bomb and also the intercontinental missile delivery systems of this kind of threats cannot be resolved by developing carriers so that's the first born as well as the threat from north korea's concern for the threat from china the center on that the
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sputum islands in the you tie or the cargo islands but then. of course japan developing is. perceived to be guarding the that this island this of course would could pose a risk of escalation because a call of to china. is below the trial of the world so i think that that's a recipe for as collation. new year's celebrations are just around the corner and in preparation the russian capital's been putting up the decorations red square it's fair skies street and other main avenues have been adorned with thousands of lights well more than two hundred fifty. christmas trees have been placed in the capitol square as the new year's decorations will stay up for two weeks off the big celebration.
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but hear it out he would love to hear your thoughts on the day's stories so to get in touch by following us on facebook on twitter and join me again in about thirty minutes for the headlines i'll see that.
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snow. bridge to come in you stupid to a t. in. east oakland was she. into. the salk in the form college. come to russia no one has ever known one has ever heard of a country new. i've been had about most schools.
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and i macs kaiser this is the kaiser report the show that seeks to educate inform mesmerize and still your crypto while it's while your not watchin. while you're watching but unaware. oh oh so
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you see what happened there max tuned in to the last episode his hands are in my shot but he tuned into the last episode and what he found was an explanation for why all his big question were missing at. oh my god why did you do it to me so you know we have another christmas present over christmas and that was from donald trump and many people particularly in the markets anyway equity markets and the dow jones and the s. and p. five hundred they had a very good christmas because techs phoria sparks stock buying panic dow does something it has never ever done before the dow closed at its seventieth record high of the year it has never done that before in its one hundred plus history just so you can see that number down months versus the number of months see down months or in red this is going back to zero about nineteen eighty.


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