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a mechanism to buy and sell it is that park your money somewhere and leave it there because you don't trust the banks i mean. for it to be really universal you have to be able to be able to use your wallet as they call it and buy things and sell things it's not that easy to do it's not widely accepted though many more innovative people do say they accept the go ahead midge. it's part of you know it's part of a diversification strategy where you'd have some big going to just sit on it not worry about what your basis was and whatever the losses are you're going to eat the losses and if you get a profit out of it fine but you know it when you have that much volatility you know i disagree that the big hedge funds will get involved in this when you have a thirty percent volatility swing each direction so from peak to trough and back up again down and up again i mean no investor wants to tolerate that kind of volatility and how can you manage that kind of volatility becomes very difficult so are the hedge funds and the banks going to jump in head first up at these levels
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probably not if we get a more bit a bit more stability into these markets you'll see more investment but also from that risk reward perspective you've also got to keep in mind that this is a non regulated market that's the attractiveness from people but governments have overreach like we're seeing in the media right now the deep state runs america they're trying to rewrite history here with these statue wars and that's always a dangerous time so if too many people get on the bitcoin train and get on the crypto train the government could come in one day and say it's illegal in this country we're cracking down on everybody because right now when you open up an account they they demand the k y c know your customer information and they they will when it becomes bigger they will try to regulate it and they will try to control it it's difficult for the government to let anything come out of it's you know come out of its grasp the federal reserve prints willy nilly trillions and trillions of dollars since we went off the gold standard backed by nothing now that this is a ponzi scheme the government that's what my book is about the government debt
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globally is a ponzi scheme the governments can never repay this debt and we're about to hit a wall so should people invest in alternative asset classes absolutely is a leonardo da vinci painting we're painting worth half a billion dollars is an apartment in midtown midtown manhattan worth six hundred million dollars i would argue no it's not and i would agree we should prices from when i went to university have gone up to. thousand percent where real wages since the one nine hundred eighty s. are flat so how does that work out when i go to school i could've bought a better let me let me let me jump in here fifty thousand gentlemen no i have to go to a break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on staying with our . goal this periodic album number seventy nine is unique attributes that make it great for money. with not more in the back you mean has got forty years of history
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to it and it's evolved through all these technologies it's a unique protocol and it like gold is attracting a huge amount of capital for for the for this achievement and you can't say that you can simply go out there and create another one there are competitors of course just like there are competing species on planet earth for energy and survival but there's only one the apex predator or that is at the moment before he dies from all the dark. blues or. when you don't. see the teachers who are. not through only ten. let alone. claiming to know terminated that to. alex you speak french.
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most. of them send them continue. to. well. cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter bell to remind you we're discussing bitcoin. here let me go back to you in cambridge while it is a fascinating concept these crypto currencies there is the concern of accountability you know illegal drugs arms and other kinds of illegal activity can stay under the radar of the authorities i mean i think that's a kind of a downside also you know when people talk about it is being a new fear currency one day i mean you know people are buying big ticket items
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because they are avoiding taxation and things like that so i mean in a kind of cuts both ways here i guess really the most important question will be if this kind of crypto currencies are successful what is the temptation of governments to step in to regulate it and would regulation kill it go ahead. right now it's been very interesting to watch the migration of regulatory interest across this space me first we had law enforcement with the rise of the silk road in the online dark web so use of big coin take an interest in the sector more recently securities regulators and with the up swing in prices i'm sure tax authorities are kind of next in line to to start getting involved with regards to law enforcement question you know it's a it's a double edged sword for law enforcement because on the one hand you know you know these these currencies do enable privacy on dark web transactions but on the other hand law enforcement when they catch
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a criminal has been using bitcoin and they get ahold of their wallet software they get effectively their books and they may have a good chance of recovering some of the funds and that's not something you get with the cash criminal where there isn't record keeping so you can use the block chain to prosecute cases and that has been done and law enforcement i think at least in some jurisdictions is steadily becoming more open to seeing crime committed with with law change technology does give them advantage over cash crime ok it's a very transparent technology that's been made thing plus for a jeffrey earlier this week there was a san francisco judge putting pressure on a company that trades in these commodities in these currencies here they want to see their books they want to see names they want to see transactions here what kind of threat is that tube it going or can big coin evolve with this kind of supervision and regulation from the outside because my sense is or maybe you can correct me if i'm wrong the people that started this whole thing don't like the
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state they don't like authority that they really want to be on their own here we're going to see it encroachment on this on these kinds of. currencies and you know alternative financial mechanisms go ahead you know the regulation of the exchanges began in the spring of two thousand and thirteen so far as i'm concerned it was a disaster. we would have been much further along without these regulations this is the main way the government can control because it's not actually controlling because what they're doing is controlling the traffic between national monies and crypto assets coming and going they can control that and the u.s. has some of the worst regulations in the world. crypto assets right now on these exchanges but why is that you know jeffrey why is that markets are global why is that what a lot why is that situation exists in the u.s. well because the regulators are trying to force a modern digital technology into an analog old world style regulatory framework and
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it's not working and all this doing is driving the innovation out of this country and other places you know you can buy bit climb much easier and a place like israel then you can united states or in brazil you know i've i've i've been to exchanges all over the world most of them are very free and easy and there's a lot of entrepreneurship there in the u.s. it's all about command and control it's a huge mistake for american regulators to be taking this direction because they're just going to drive the innovation and the capital outside the borders but he went and crypto assets in general are global technology if they don't care about the nation state ok mitch you know address that issue there because i mean the all mighty dollar it's a threat to a bit calling it all these other things are a threat to the the global domination of the dollar and it's obviously something the u.s. doesn't want to have happen i mean you're. right we're talking about u.s.
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dollar germany and you know my view is us the days of u.s. dollar germany are our very limited look before the united states became the reserve currency i think in one thousand thirteen when they created the federal reserve which is a disaster that should be shuttered. the british sterling was the reserve currency of the world for three hundred years now was the united states responsible with the petro dollar and going off the gold standard in the nixon era i would argue no i would argue that this is caused market distortion i would argue that the central bank policies in the last ten years have been more destructive than the good that they've provided because i don't see that we've created a growth for the trillions of dollars in debt that we've created now the as we saw in the last administration in washington big government is in right now so are our government is gargantuan and they want overreach with everything in every part of people's lives in america and to do that if you get an iron fist on the banking
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system and make people take away cash like one of the professors at harvard wrote a book to get rid of all cash make people put their money into the bank this is this is a very dangerous thing that's why people are migrating to other platforms so we're at a point in time in history that could be very pivotal pivotal as to how we move forward with this but you know the media is controlled and if you look at regulation they don't regulate companies like amazon that dips their fingers into everything and every different business or facebook or google that have become oligarchies oligarchies and basically these are they're controlling the content the everybody sees and this is where the regulatory agency should be looking not to control people's currency movements or whether they want to buy gold or invest a bit in bitcoin they should look at controlling the facebook's the googles and looking at news the news and it is because news in this country has become opinion and political advantage see and this is a way for the liberal left to read. history which is extremely dangerous if we look
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mark thompson who ran b.b.c. during the jimmy seville pedophile scandal snuck out of london and came to run the new york times and people have forget about history and where people are and how they move around but the same establishment figures are running things well one hundred sixty companies used to control the media now it's down to six in can one of the things that can cambridge one of the things i find appealing about bitcoin and i'm i can't say that i'm an expert on it by a long shot it seems to promote entrepreneurial ship which i think is a really good thing again you know people that want to get out of the system away from the system the way from regulation is it fair to say that this is crypto currencies would be good for innovation. i think absolutely i don't think anyone doubts and i think actually you know it's is you know i think people can argue about how bad the regulation is but but in certain markets there's been a very pro cryptocurrency attitude because of the innovative aspects of it and
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people are taking a much lighter touch in switzerland in the u.k. even in elsewhere because of the amount of investment that's coming in because of the you know faster cheaper better ways we can do things with this technology and not just the technology itself but also the new funding channels that are opening up i mean the i.c.a.o. phenomenon which we haven't really talked about is is on the one hand scary because there are some projects out there that you know clearly are fraudulent but out at the same time you're also opening up access to early stage technology to seed stage technology to anyone around the world with an internet connection this used to be something you had to be a rich p.c. be able to do now if you have a computer have a little crypto currency you can invest in early stage technology that has a lot of risks and it also has a lot of opportunities it's personally for me i think an exciting part of the story in an image you know i'm glad you brought that up ok jeffrey go ahead jump in just i'm glad you brought up this point about the i.c.a.o. because they've been kind of smeared in the financial press as being. that it's
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true there are some there's some rackets out there but the truth is that this is an amazing innovation yeah that allows people to raise any business to raise raise money from anybody without using any financial intermediaries that mean that they're the amount of innovation that capital that's going to unleash on the planet earth is beyond belief i mean it's inconceivable what the i.c.l. market could do to transform the nature of capital markets themselves over the next ten years mitch go ahead jump in. the issue the issue with the i.c.a.o. market as i see it it's an exciting market but it's the wild wild west in early days and what's going to happen is that the the propaganda bullhorns of the media and advocates for the j.p. morgans and the goldmans who are being infringed upon when these offerings come out and they're not going to get their fees so what will happen is they'll make an example out of one that fails like the media does the have you know blow it up into
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a epic proportion this is bad you're going to get ripped off don't do this give us your money only invest through something that we vet for you so there will be winners and losers and you have to keep the perspective like i said at the beginning there's perspective and risk and reward and don't you know don't go out mortgage your house and put everything in into bitcoin or i.c.a.o. but look you look at this is as a portion of your portfolio and have a diversification in your portfolio and when you when you go into a high risk thing like an i.c.a.o. do your due diligence do your own homework and like i say in my book don't ever invest in anything that you don't fully understand if you don't fully understand it and you invest in it then you deserve to lose what you lose but you know if you give it your best don't put all your money into it don't put all your eggs in one basket diversify put a little bit into it and if you take a loss on that and you make a profit somewhere else then you can balance out but your payout with some of these is going to be exponential as we we've witnessed before the problem comes in when you try to harness the volatility ok gary as we go back to you came in to give you
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the last word here what does bitcoin and similar currencies what do they have to do to create confidence in people that just see it is too risky what may be one or two steps they need to install. well i think you know similar to the mid to late ninety's during the dot com kind of right up we're in the infrastructure building phase for crypto currency crypto assets i mean yesterday we had three major exchanges experienced significant problems two of those exchanges are going to be relied upon by c.m.e. for their futures market that simply can't happen you know on a regular basis like it does for this market to be taken seriously by institutions to be trusted by a broader class of individuals so more capital markets infrastructure is needed the right balance of regulation is needed and i think people absolutely need to understand that this is you know still very early stage very volatile i agree with the you know the comments that have made about only put into this what you can afford to lose because it is still very high risk ok well it's been an interesting
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ride i'm sure we're going to see a lot more ahead that's all the all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests a new york atlanta and in cambridge and thanks to our viewers for watching us here on r.t.c. you next time and remember. hello my name is peter and i've been living in russia for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got a time. when you're going to get this. work. i don't need guns interest on those or did you because you're going to take a stance is not good for the.
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democrats because oh. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox customs. is controlled by them and they impose the opening to. the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also
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discreet thinkers they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the word lack of the odd business. i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat somewhere i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you look to be honest i'm not a cut above the boy like you go to school you know just not in the still give up food for the homeless. but you
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don't really feel like some human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me so me and james get this book. geysers financial survival. when customers go by to reduce the price. in health well reduces our. bets undercutting what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided
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to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man phoned his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. don't
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think. we are taught the tremendous courage of the reigning people washington throws its support behind the anti-government uprising in iran threatening sanctions against iran if it attempt to suppress peaceful protests. across the middle east over jerusalem state is now the u.s. president considers cutting aid to palestinians and accuses them of not wanting to talk peace. plus pressing each other's buttons donald trump the north korean leader trade barbs over the saudis and the power of the nuclear arsenal.
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seven pm here now this wednesday morning thanks for joining us for this thirty minute live news update tens of thousands of government supporters are running across around the violent protests that have been gripping the country at least twenty one people have died there in clashes over the past week the demonstrations of thoughts have been triggered initially by widespread economic hardship and the prospect of a fuel price hike but they quickly became political in nature with protesters calling for the deaths of the country's leaders violence that erupted in several towns with police posts being attacked by protesters in the last several days there's been more the. four hundred fifty arrests and to run along the trump of ministration many times threaten to impose sanctions if iran fails to respond to the rest in a way that washington d.c. appropriate. don't get ahead of sanctions but that is one tool kit we are watching
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reports very carefully of any potential human rights abuses of these protesters who are protesting peacefully we are now seeing an organic popular uprising organized organized by brave iranian citizens on the largest scale since two thousand and nine the united states supports the iranian people and we call on the regime to respect its citizens basic right to peacefully express their desire for change we asked people interim what they thought about the protests first and the courage when coming from abroad about it. given that i feel that if people's economic problems were addressed these accidents would never happen so if someone from the government came and spoke to them these incidents would not escalate. the cost of living unemployment a lack of attention to people authorities say that this problem started with a surge in the prices of basic food supply so.
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we need to pass on who says time for change should think and be worried about their own country and the ring and should think about their country everybody should start by trying to make progress at home. i don't think trump should interfere in our country's issues i don't think our issues are any of his business the u.s. is also calling for an international response to the unrest in the country with more of the same america. the u.s. has firmly voiced its support for the anti government movement baster nikki haley has even called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss the ongoing situation it takes great bravery for the iranian people to use the power of their voice against their government if the iranian dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the u.n. must speak out iran's president has come out in defense of peaceful protests but
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the supreme leader believes foreign powers are to blame let's check out what was said to the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack it can infiltrate president trump kicked off the new year unleashing a stream of tweets on the issue accusing iran of corruption human rights violation and spending its wealth on terrorism and of course the israeli government has followed suit even going on to say that iranians and israelis will be friends once the regime falls but what's even more surprising is that israel faces the same discontent some anti-government protests and some over trump's recognition of jerusalem as its capital but what did nikki haley have to say about this now you so strong when it comes to the freedom and dignity of a very union people you have but you have a different meaning of freedom and dignity when it comes to the palestinian people would be to have been brutalized for over fifty years of occupation the palestinians now have to show their world they want to come to the table as of now they're not coming to the table but they ask for aid we're not giving aid we're
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going to make sure that they come to the table and we want to move forward with the peace process so it's just to the u.s. the u.n. has revealed trumps plans to stop funding a u.n. agency that's giving aid to palestinians refugees shortly after the u.s. leader himself then suggested cutting donations to the palestinian administration for in a tweet claims that despite giving them hundreds of millions of dollars a year he says the show no appreciation. respect to the u.s. because of it trump also went on to suggest cutting aid because according to him the palestinians are willing to talk peace with israel over that something that the palestinians ministration does not all agree with the president's office says that jerusalem in fact is not for sale and that they're not backing away from the go ca sions but went on to stress that these negotiations should be based on international law last year the palestinian authority received around three hundred million dollars in aid from the u.s. its big sub but that pales in comparison to the three billion dollars that israel
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received from washington let's get the view now from the stuff about gucci the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative joining us live sir thanks for your time as far as end of the day like it or not it is after all washington and the president's decision about where american money should be spent all no no. let me say first of all the most the worst thing in his statement in his. was his declaration that he's taking off the issue of jerusalem from the table of negotiations he's deciding unilaterally what is that and once and he still wants us to come to the table which is empty he wants us to come to the table that is simply because he ordered you know live fire possibility of discussion about settlements about now is taken off of the table that is of course not serious but it shows how biased the american administration is to israel although of course of
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money he live near universally does that decision's been pretty universally disagreed with or suppose you're going to take some heart from the nevertheless you still want money from from america or nah. no we don't let me explain why the main beneficiary from the money that is coming to palestinian authority is israel you might be surprised about that but most of that money goes to funding security cooperation with israel and israel is in need for that security cooperation not palestinians and more than that let me tell you that the other money that they spent on in. you you lose about fifty percent a little goes back to the united states in the form of ministration administrative expenses just to make this little arrow there are those we are not dependent does the money come directly to the palestinian authority than on law it does but big part of it is devoted to security cooperation to security needs of
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israel and more than that let me explain we are not dependent on foreign aid as a matter of fact the total amount of money that is coming from europe from the states and from other countries is no more than sixteen percent of the budget of the palestinian authority while the public palestinians are paying with their taxes eighty four percent of the cost of the palestinian authority in my opinion. that money is not is not going to affect us seriously so he can take it away but what would affect the palestinians badly is his plan to cut of support. which is the united nations agency that is providing humanitarian aid in the form of education and health care to palestinian refugees were ethnically cleansed by israel from their homeland palestine and in my opinion now the international community has to step in and replace their american funding because you cannot
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allow a collapse of humanitarian needs in refugee camps all over the world is that likely to have lead times the rest of humanity rather world steps in to replace these missing funds. they should because this is a you and mission and your an obligation that is determined by your anger is a nuisance that is about the future and the world cannot turn its back to the needs of these that if you still they have the right to come back home and they will not come back home soon because instead of emptying the table still demands the palestinians come to that empty table yes as you say as we head into the new year no where do we start the negotiations on one hand we got trying to say you're not going to have any more money the palestinians because you don't want to negotiate you say yeah we want to negotiate because jerusalem is off the table they're going to happen where is it going to go over the next twelve months and will it be more protests.


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