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so as a country even at that time and working on it so beleaguered with the us versus them and so then when the album was done. shortly there after trump was elected and we were releasing singles and now it was this one of things that happened with people like oh that song pray is about trump well not specific no that's specific. yeah but it is the type of thing where you see there's with every new movement there's waves of people so occupy happens and waves of people step into the streets and then likewise matter happens and waves of people step into the streets and then you know the climate change that people keep step new people keep entering and you know it's from selection suddenly you have tons of new people that say like odor is the time i need to get active and there's always dynamics that happen when a new group of people step into something and there's been people there many many years before but it's important to find ways not to make enemies of those people but to be inviting and to be welcoming and to to use it to kind of refresh and
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renew and strengthen the movement. so it's great to see the activists in the streets and holding the signs but what happens after the streets where you know where does the activism go you know after after the protest. yeah i mean i think there is there's a difference between sort of. generating power and then wielding that power and i think. for people who are brand new often there can be some conflict confusion and dissonance and you think well if we start to engage in the political process then we must be selling out or we must be somehow if all you have is a stylistic sort of activism like wait we went from the streets and now we're you know sitting down across from someone who could actually make this policy a reality but we're inside we should be outside we must be traitors really selling out but really if you care about the transformation that you want to see happen you can't be focused on us then you can't be focused on well you know we're now sitting down across from a police officer we're sitting down across from you know an elected official or
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somebody who works for an oil company that that can't if you if you say that that's off limits then you're not actually serious about implementing the change you want to see eventually if what enough people come to this place and there's active popular support for any cause you're going to have the opportunity to wield the power and make the change that you've so desperately been fighting for as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered and to learn more about today's featured artists check us out on facebook twitter and you tube and see our full shows that are t. dot com coming up the flow doesn't stop as the flobots return to the stage is watching the hawks strikes a chord. with
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make this manufactured consensus public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed
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dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution. someone monitoring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. welcome back hawk watchers let's not wait for a single second more here's the flood. lol
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the world is watching. this. tree. so let's just need to go west. ten people odets. a little. while the sun. will that don't let's. go. to stoke. lake. that's.
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ultimate ultimate just because the let. the illegal . timber let some other sit still up here.
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still lucky are lucky . i am. i
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am. if those of us who are truly seeking connection can just be curious about somebody else's pay as opposed to denying it. it will go a long way as right now we have very much got in the habit of those debates that we're having i think it's does them a great i think it holds them too high even call them debates right i think which is that they're just roving castigation it's and but if we can if we can at least. like why are you like you're hurting you're actually hurting so tell me about that. when i used to teach elementary school like a kid came up to me crying the first thing i don't say is i don't say like that
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doesn't hurt. if i were to do that i would redouble the damage of what that child is feeling and that's what i think we're doing as adults is like right off the bat we're denying the pain and specifically with certain backgrounds and certain groups which is i know you don't have access to pain i think the left does that very well . and i think as a strategy. it's flawed and if some of us can at least be curious i think there's a lot of information if we treat pain as information we're going to learn something as opposed to denying the entire reality of existence of somebody by saying that they don't have access to it one of the songs on our album rattle the cage is trying to speak to the fact that when we get so caught up in being right and making sure that our narrative is dominant we can become utterly dehumanized so that when you'll have a terrorist attack for example you know you have you have something an act of violence that happens this act of violence happens and all we know is that there's been real people who lost their lives there without knowing anything else you go to
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social media and the first battle you see is who's narrative does this fit like i guarantee you this is going to be a x. y. z. which will fit my narrative and all of you guys are going to see that you were wrong this whole time and you get permutations of that from every direction and it's really grotesque that we get to the point where we're so excited that we might be proven correct by an act of violence that it's going to fit our narrative that we don't even bother to say whatever just happened this was tragic people lost their lives we just jump straight to this you guys are going to finally understand i'm right and that's really grotesque. one thing that's exciting for me to think about is what we really mean when we say we. you know in the united states there's a tendency to say well. you know x. y. z. is happening we have to do something and there's it's very easy to just say we think that we means you know the military of our of our particular state but
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there's a different we there's women all over the world who are dealing with patchy arche wherever they are and these women can work in solidarity with one another as women and be transformative in every single country that they're in it'll be a different fight it will be a different front but it's the same battle and i think that on an even more human level just. you know that the world is so disproportionately filled with young people in any country where there's an oppressive regime or just oppressive laws or you know unsustainable practices there are young people that are looking around at everything and saying they're synthesizing and saying how can i transform this and at times i'm sure that feels like a very lonely operation and people feel like they're the only one but i guarantee you you're not the only one there's people in every single country with very similar aspirations and dreams and people who are deeply loved the community that they're from people who are deeply don't want to see tradition just like set aside
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but want to also carve a new path forward and so you know for those people that we've met that we've had the privilege of meeting when we're touring and traveling we know that to be true but we also know there's just countless people that we've never met or never heard from and it's those voices those on heard voices that as they start to lift and rise and be more and more heard that's what's going to transform the planet in this day and age where even the word fact to so hotly debated i don't think beauty is so i would say if we can pair any of our outrage any of our anger our fear with beauty where possible because it's a medium that will transmit. i think if you if you shout at someone they are conditioned to not listen to you if you shout beautifully which we call singing . you're making an emotional argument that is much harder to deny so i think in some ways i know it's easy to say but i think seeking beauty is revolutionary right
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now. i can ride my bike with no handlebars goal head to bars no handle bars i can ride my bike with no handlebars no handlebars no way i don't voters in the low get me hands in the hammock it's good to be a law a bit of a famous rapper when the pass was going to be i can show you how to dose you dobe i can show you how to scratch a record i'm going to give out the remote control and i can almost put it back together inside on a cherry simply i can tell you about the barracks and i don't know all the words to take a lot is that i'm proud to be an american be about french wrong platypus be a mom friend made a comic book to get sound long until god can't do anything that i want cuz look
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fine with the window manager and go go go go that route no. i can see you're based on that salad cold call that some of the phone call that sell the phone. to me just called to say that it's good to be a law in such a small world i'll call them with the dream i can make money on them and restore i can make a living off of this is going to sign it it's sixty votes counted in giving antibiotics and i'm a computer soprano quite a bit since i'm not on the business i can make you want to modify or shakers and producers became our friends understand the culture i see the streets control this in them i can do with it with was it gets. back. packs.
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that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told we are loved and up so i tell you all i love you i am tyrrel ventura and i'm top of the lalas keep on watching those hawks and have a great day and night everyone. if you want to so still with the old you see the street it looks. real that it is what you see and alas it takes
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a teacher to products it is specific. or that they like you but not i got to have a baseball with the police and the house free because if this was going on in this world open up. and opened up they would open it up to start to put. hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got in the time. i get. a let me just a just published or do it if it's gonna be. i still does not shift the same if.
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i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would be somewhere i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. to be. a cut above the bully like going to school you know missing women who still give up but i've missed. her. because you don't really feel like a human being you know. and then. the guy just came
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over to me saw me in the. so you have this book. backs geysers financial survival you know they say money doesn't grow on trees. planted easy this is a central plank supported by a government i'm going to call them right now say stop the bad.
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we applaud the tremendous courage of the iranian people washington throws its support behind the anti government uprising in iran threatening sanctions against tehran if it attempts to suppress peaceful protests. after infuriating muslims across the middle east over a jerusalem statists the us president considers cutting aid to palestinians around accuses them of not wanting to. pressing each other's buttons donald trump and the north korean leader trade barbs over this power of their nuclear arsenal.
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live from moscow to the world this is r t international wherever you're chiming in from this hour of the one welcome tens of thousands of government supporters been rallying across iran to denounce the violent protests that have been gripping the country at least twenty one people have died there in clashes over the past week the demonstrations are thought to have been triggered by widespread economic hardship the prospect of a fuel price hike they quickly became political in nature with protesters calling for the deaths of the country's leaders violence that erupted in sever. with police posts attacked in the past several days there have been four hundred fifty arrests in tehran alone the top administration meanwhile has threatened to impose sanctions if iran fails to respond to be unrest in a way washington deems appropriate. don't get ahead of sanctions but that is one tool kit we are watching reports very carefully of any potential human rights
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abuses of these protesters who are protesting peacefully we are now seeing an organic popular uprising organized organized by brave iranian citizens on the largest scale since two thousand and nine the united states supports the iranian people and we call on the regime to respect its citizens basic right to peacefully express their desire for change so that's the view of washington officials and politicians but we asked people in tehran for their thoughts on the protests on the encouragement coming from abroad. but. i feel that if people's economic problems were addressed these accidents would never happen again if someone from the government came and spoke to them these incidents would not escalate. the cost of living unemployment and lack of attention to people authorities say that this problem started with the surge in the prices of
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basic food supplies. they need to pass on who says time for change should think and be worried about their own country and the iranians should think about their country everybody should stop by trying to make progress at home. i don't think trump should interfere in our country's issues i don't think our issues are any of his business. the u.s. is also calling for an international response to the unrest in the country with more than your sim your account. u.s. has firmly voiced its support for the anti-government movement baster nikki haley has even called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss the ongoing situation it takes great bravery for the iranian people to use the power of their voice against their government if iranian dictatorships history is any guide we can expect more outrageous abuses in the days to come the u.n.
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must speak out iran's president has come out in defense of peaceful protests but the supreme leader believes the foreign powers are well let's check out what was said. ford said the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a correct it can infiltrate president trump kicked off the new year unleashing a stream of tweets on the issue accusing iran of corruption human rights violation and spending its wealth on terrorism and of course the israeli government has followed suit even going on to say that the iranians and israelis will be friends once the regime forces but what's even more surprising is that israel faces the same discontent some anti-government protests and some over trump's recognition of jerusalem as its capital but what did nikki haley have to say about this now you saw strong when it comes to the freedom and dignity to a very union people you have but you have a different meaning of freedom and dignity when it comes to the palestinian people will be because we've been brutalized for over fifty years of occupation the
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palestinians now have to show their world they want to come to the table as of now they're not coming to the table but they ask for aid we're not giving aid we're going to make sure that they come to the table and we want to move forward with the peace process. should be or roseville you're very welcome to the program from london this hour the u.s. should be considering a number of measures to deal with the situation in iran i'll just list some of them additional sanctions on the country's officials and also this urgent u.n. session we heard but yesterday why such a strong reaction from washington iran says that it has already done enough to quell the protests. hello think you look at the end of the day iran has been experiencing sanctions since the advent of the revolution nearly forty years ago and the wretched the manner in which the screw has been tightened on sanctions is quite incredible so i really can't understand what further sanctions
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would benefit iran would benefit the usa and its western allies because iran has been able to cope quite significantly under the current sanctions regime. has me which was supposed to have been eased due to the nuclear agreement but nothing it seems has happened so the reality is that us continues to apply more sanctions but i don't think it's going to have any significant impact they are really in leader has accused the west of for mentoring the tension what grounds are there to those clean. i think this other police grounds i think we have to look at the whole historic situation vis a vis iran and the west just to sort of not take too much time of your viewers is that back in one thousand fifty three when the democratically elected president was subduct was in power we as britain and the usa join hands to get rid of that
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democratically elected president and installed rather sharp alvey at that time and continuously since the advent of the revolution there's been an eighty year war that was imposed on iran via saddam hussein and iraq and after that all kinds of sanctions have been continuously applied to iran so the reality is that what there were iran does it does. nikki haley ice you know i call or nikki from hell keeps on talking about applying more sanctions and the contradiction that. she has in her approach to the palestinian issue. iran and really usa has been belligerent continuously and i just like to remind your viewers that there was a speech ten years ago by mr putin back in munich when he predicted that u.s. power which was becoming uni polar is going to be diminished from internally
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because and we have seen that particularly with reference to the vote that was taken at the united nations when america stood up against a hundred twenty eight nations should we are we just thirty seconds left but i want to get your views on this last thing donald trump said that the arena people will receive support from the u.s. at the appropriate time your thoughts on what that could mean. well appropriate time meaning that they already have some agents on the ground as you see the fire at their police stations and you know one of the commentators from the state department was saying that it's going to be an organic development but i think it's going to be a genetically modified development that's going to take place on the streets of tehran if usa has anything to do with it political an economy. runs free always good to have you on the program thank you for your time and thought. now as
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we mentioned a little bit earlier america's ambassador to the u.n. revealed that donald trump plans to stop funding a u.n. agency that's giving aid to palestinian refugees shortly after that the u.s. leader himself suggested cutting donations to the palestinian administration well in a tweet he claims that the spike giving them hundreds of millions of dollars a year they show no appreciation or respect to the u.s. from also suggested cutting aid because according to him the palestinians are not willing to talk peace with israel however that's something the palestinian administration does not agree with the president's office is that true islam is not for sale they are backing away from that but stressed they should be based on international law now last year the palestinian authority received around three hundred million dollars in aid from the us quite a sum but that pales in comparison.


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