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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 3, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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on monday to trigger the backlash but to say this tweet got a slam about an age would be an understatement three ministers including the prime minister the army the navy and air force chiefs all converged for an emergency security meeting following trump's post the u.s. ambassador was summoned for an explanation as protesters burned american flags in the streets then it was the turn of iran one of the biggest thorns in donald trump's side. erast by the terrible deal made with them by the bammer ministration the great iranian people have been repressed for many years they are hungry for food and for freedom it republic has been erupting in rallies and bryant says people have been swarming the streets both against and in support of the government people died the tweet hasn't gone unnoticed in iran urging against the violence president rouhani denied to trump the report phase with the nation well when done with the middle east trump couldn't help but pay the classic rocket man. sanctions
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and other pressure dangerously fleeing to south korea rocket man now wants to talk to south korea for the first time it's not we will see well apparently this was donald trump's knee jerk reaction to south korea offering to hold high level talks with the north after pyongyang suggested the countries should meet to discuss the next olympics it's not government policy it's the. before thinking you know one would hope that the people on the receiving end of these things would take them with a grain of salt because. you know trump may say those things but he can't act on them because he's got a whole bureaucracy behind him that doesn't agree with them so. it's very destabilizing and i think it's undermining u.s. ability to negotiate solutions to problems so whatever. wallasey donald trump is
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concocting stirring trouble on twitter is something that is going to stay if it is done of r.t. as we heard there of all the world's leaders north korea's kim jong un has perhaps been criticized the most in donald trump's tweets and after the isolated country's leader issued a new year's day nuclear warning to washington the u.s. president was kinda like. the entire us mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the button is always on the table in my office space you clearly know that this is certainly not a threat but rather a reality when someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that i do have a nuclear bomb but it's a much bigger and more powerful woman his and my but this is certainly not anything to joke about but i think the situation despite the confrontational rhetoric has been step ally's somewhat there's a recognition that there's
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a stalemate rex tillerson a few weeks ago did indicate the possibility of negotiations even without preconditions donalds from probably believe this kind of talk remains popular with his right wing supporters certain me donald trump at this stage does not believe that he is ready to make the first small so perhaps a tool careers may make the first move while king john has no reopened cross border communications link with side creating what is being seen as a significant diplomatic breakthrough but the standoff between the u.s. and north korea looks set to continue in twenty eight after what's already been twelve months of personal attacks and vicious threats from both sides. era of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed.
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north korea best not make it important for ridge to the united states. they will be met with a five year period. the u.s. neglects the international community's will establish peace on the korean peninsula behave like children fighting each other in kindergartens and nobody can stop them . and we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself no one of the trump himself is on a suicide mission ahead and i know you've. got a plot on you know we need the pools we need dialogue. is a sick puppy. now twenty seventeen saw
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a world changing events but it was also a year when it was sometimes harder to tell fact from fiction the term fake news swirled around global news coverage seemingly on a daily basis jacqueline bouvier explains why what propelled it into the mainstream media. fake news the term that has filled the headlines and your social media feeds for the past twelve months has been deemed two thousand and seventeen word of the year at least by collins dictionary they should realize of me to read truthful facts that i caught say that sound which is of god on strike. it's news stories. like. and the mainstream media would have you believe that fake news goes hand in hand with topics such as russia putin and the kremlin fake news that's being spread by russia has dominated the true had lines fake news spread by russia big news fake news kremlin spread misleading or
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otherwise fake news certain outlets even to the battle against the fake news phenomenon to the front lines this is an apple. some people might try to tell you that it's a banana might even start to believe since this is a banana. but it's not. is an apple. facts first should go without saying but the mainstream media have found themselves in the wrong on a staggering amount of occasions even c.n.n. has been guilty of it they were forced to retract their report on a connection between anthony scaramucci who was on trump's transition team and a russian investment fund manager issuing an apology for the false story three people lost their jobs over that one but of course there was the breaking news one in september by most major outlets in the u.s. dropping the bombshell that the russians had attempted to hack the election systems in twenty one states caught red handed it was the evidence everyone had been waiting for to prove the russians did it until one by one states came forward
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saying no hack here and the story of two thousand and seventeen quickly crumbled onto december and some of america's most influential news outlets spread another explosive and one hundred percent false news story to millions yes the wiki leaks token of help to the trump campaign and the hack to d.n.c. emails wiki leaks equals russia therefore one. plus one equals three and the kremlin and trump are in cahoots a message sent in the final stretch of the twenty six thousand campaign if this email on september fourth gave donald trump his son and others decryption key for hacked wiki leaks documents illusion question right because we could weeks was simply acting as an agent of russian intelligence the media frenzy was however short lived the files had in fact not been handed over before being made public but after so not the knockout blow to the president they were all hoping for surprisingly about the whole story was based on one e-mail from our random guy and somewhere in the build up to the revelation heading the headlines numerous people had read the date incorrectly the list of fakes goes on and on especially for
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russia somehow in the mix and inflammatory claim centering on russia or some of the best click bait out there and that's despite one major outlet being caught admitting the hype was all just a big red herring what do you think's going to happen this week to be told russia. was going to be really so perhaps the word of the year should be anonymous i grabbing headlines and allegations quickly turned to guilt despite no evidence all it takes is anonymous sources. with his first year in office drawing to a close the us president has been talking up his economic record in typical trump style economic miracle created more than two million jobs unemployment is at a seventeen year low the stock market is at an all time high fantastic for the economy our economy has already surged to three percent growth unemployment is at a seventeen year low liberated the american economy and our economy is doing well.
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but one man who does not share our present trumps optimism is former u.s. congressman ron paul he told me the group has not been equal for everyone. if you're in the stock market no wealthy person here doing quite well but what we're forgetting here when we listen to this rhetoric of all this optimism is that there's a large segment of our population that's haven't a difficult time where there is prosperity and more jobs it depends on death yes an individual can feel very good if they have a line of credit to the bank but eventually that line of credit runs out we in this country benefit because we have the reserve currency of the world we can run up a lot of debt and we can spend a lot of money and even with that we've had a great deal of difficulty is last eight years trying to get out of the recession now i see everything we do is a big bubble and all those q.e. s. that we have dealt with in these last eight years have just created a huge bubble and everything is in excess whether it's our military budget our
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overseas gage friends whether it's the welfare state and that bubble will come to an end we're going to have a sudden cataclysmic and which is sort of what happened to the soviet system it's not going to be identical and our states aren't probably going to break up but i do sincerely believe that we will no longer be able to afford our empire around the world. yemen how suffered its first deadlier strike of twenty eighteen with more than twenty killed in the port city of who data on new year's day just a week ago three of the world's biggest humanitarian agencies joined together to highlight that yemen has passed the grim milestone of ensuring more than a thousand days of war explaining that three quarters of the yemeni population needs the military and aid to run two thirds are deprived of food water proper sanitation.
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i am poor i have no tender i can live i suffer from the cold. i was given a place to sleep when some people to warm up on hot days ride on the sidewalk. there is no help comes very rarely wants to gear maybe but now we have no help our blanket tattered fifteen people are sleeping on. the ukrainian army is going to see
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a military boost in twenty dean at least according to the country's president petro poroshenko he tweeted that ukraine's military budget is increasing to a record three billion dollars and that weapons being supplied by the us will be bolstered by locally produced hard work. uprising in ukraine in twenty fourteen saw the government deposed the war. resistance came from the country's pro russian east leading to armed conflict against government troops in two regions the un says more than ten thousand people have been killed until the war campaign richard becker thinks washington's weapons sales have little to do with bringing peace there. the aim here on the part of the u.s. government remains the same that it has had for several years and that is to attach ukraine not only to the european community which the u.s. doesn't care that much about but to bring the ukraine into nato as well which would
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pose a very great threat to russia if that were to take place considering that the ongoing huskily that's expressed from washington and from the nato headquarters is so prevalent so we can't really distinguish between draws some sharp ly and between often said in defense of weaponry in this case it's all of the offensive and defensive weaponry both necessary for any modern armed forces. not for syria and iraq twenty means emerging from the shadows of i saw its brutal brutal few families were left on the scarred by what they went through rock as the of us the story of two young syrian girls struggling to survive after being left alone in the robert city of durham sore. meet sally she's five maybe six or perhaps seven she doesn't know and this market's these streets
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home surviving isis's age of the resort was no mean feat so many perished as a result of starvation sickness violence. sally is a survivor she her sister and brother were abandoned by their parents years ago they divorced and left the children to fend for themselves. oh i'm. still on the land she spends her days begging stealing playing and surviving no easy lot for them in this life former neighbors who knew their family have taken pity on the kids and have looks out for them but it's not easy. but i wanted to take her in
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and she kept escaping i sent people to look for her but she never stays in one place long show escapes. there. sally's sister all she has left since her brother died of starvation we found the older girl at the end of this gloomy bullet riddled carville is a room with broken windows in it leaves a young girl with only flies bloodstain mattresses for company. about a month ago sagitta who doesn't remember her age was brought in with a head injury when she fell she damaged an implant that siphons away the fluid different people tell different versions some say the full was accidental others
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attempted suicide but if fluids keep building and there will be consequences she will lose her sight hearing and the ability to swallow the pressure on who bring is growing. in hospital i don't know she'll find no cure indeed as order as we were filming and i says shell landed just a few hundred meters away sagitta needs to get to damascus to survive but lacking identification relatives and trapped in a war zone it's difficult to see how that's possible. sagitta doesn't get many visitors but there is one digital person who always makes a smile that. if the loon sagitta begins to scream and cry she needs people there is cool
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is for optimism side just as suffering has touched a chord action is being taken to get the gills out of bed as or but for now all they really have the side from promises and p.t. is each other or i guess the. from that as or syria where we actually have some positive news on young and gigia since that report was filed in october she has since made it to damascus artie's local source informed us she underwent surgery at a hospital where she's now back indoors or with her sister tough times ahead of course but let's hope twenty again brings them a brighter future. this is r t international updates quite literally by the minute you can find on our twitter page r t dot com always lively of an evening as well i'm back in half an hour's time stay with us.
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all to see we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and your bets have been a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call the last three. thousand zero zero zero zero zero
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russia. drive. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good. i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground in this season finale eighty one years to the day international brigade volunteers began arriving in spain to fight british backed fascism coming up on the show with barack obama's injuries amaze defacto isis and al qaeda linked rebels in syria all but defeated why. next for nato nations the stabilization around the world we talked allegedly reporter and filmmaker john pilger about silence noise and distortion and the matrix islam there
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will soon tells us about the odyssey's of jacques cousteau to educate human kind about the depths of the world all the civil war coming up in today's going on the ground but first when we began this season theresa may and our government are still banging on about using british taxpayer money to overthrow the only secular government in the middle east but as we have high someone your liberal austerity policies have destroyed majority and donald trump has cancelled cia funding for isis linked rebels meanwhile nato nation mainstream media appears to have found new rebels to support this time in the nation with the world's largest known resources of fossil fuel bolivarian revolution revenge as well a former mayor of london ken livingstone to negotiate a deal with former foreign minister and now president of venezuela nicholas duro to provide cheap venezuelan fuel for london's buses said mistakes were made on the chavez let alone the fact that killing some u.s. backed oligarchy could have prevented the current crisis that is one of the most cited scholars on earth he said when he shared the stage with the late
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a good chavez revolution it's not easy like to thank. us for the kind generous words he's going to send you but if he chose to say i'm not and if he doesn't allow us the media. that i write about peace criticize the barriers he's. going to pass because i can write a best women in a facet. which herders to create create a better world not to talk about. newly trained to fascinate her lebanese and what's so exciting about. the last visiting venezuela you can see how better world is being created. that sharing a stage with the late hugo chavez well joining me now is that journalist and filmmaker john pilger his latest film is called the coming war on china john thanks for coming back on before we get to the world in may and what did you make of
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jeremy cool been condemning violence on both sides in venezuela venezuela is getting the kind of attention. rightly and used because there is an attempt to overthrow the government that's what this violence in the street is about and i think it would have been rather good of jeremy coburn had made it rather more specific who started the violence would we in this country tolerate. an opposition in the cold for the violent overthrow of the government the cold the military to rise up a media the core of the cold on say let's say the b.b.c. calling for a coup against the government in wide toll and the prime minister in ten downing street of course not yes there is violence on both sides but i would suggest that most of the violence comes from something that has never gone away and that is
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monopolies that control seventy percent of the capital and economic power in venezuela wanting to get rid of a government that is not a socialist government it's a social democratic up one that is done some very interesting and quite sick significant things for poor people who were regarded in the paused as white south africans used to regard the majority in that country. you've been. cooperative there we go because what one might say but it was the reason he may not speak about the situation venezuela like you just is that his policy of not speaking about venezuelan bella's day seems to be paying dividends he's favored to be the next prime minister of this country as well i'm not sure that the two actually together i think a lot of people were very pleased to hear germany speak up not only about venezuela
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but speak up about the arms trade not simply is the manifest coals for an inquiry into britain support for saudi arabia and all the arms that britain gives it we know about it it should be an end to a commercial sales policy which was begun by a labor government then as healy set up the procurement office that began this this multi-billion pound. enterprise profitable enterprise of britain selling arms to some of the most unsavory unnamed countries in the world so they could use them against impoverished people that show day and completely and it would be good to see. to hear a labor leader say that but then he has these own problems within the party we should say very quickly because i would think most of his employees
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people who would be. more than happy to go ahead with this arms policy more than happy to endorse a so-called independent nuclear deterrent which germany coburn himself doesn't op so there's a conflict within the labor party we have to recognize that we don't listen to. the media especially our rob. treacherous liberal media and i say treacherous because there's no attempt to report what is happening in venezuela or objectively or really to look at contemporary history and the truth of that and yes it will be good to hear a labor leader. elected with such hope. in within his own party and as you suggest possibly the next prime minister speak up about the it will
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britain obviously with that independent you did to and will support presumably any american war on russia you in your latest piece talk about how the world may end and say that what the us congress have bust is should frighten all of us on the planet way. i don't know if the world will end i think there is such risk at the moment there is such provocation the us congress both houses. unprecedented almost unanimous a handful of people who voted no sanctions especially against germany because what they are saying is that to the germans who are dependent on russian natural gas you can deal with russia we're going to tell you in fact by the way you can have very expensive. frakt gas which will send across the atlantic but really that is these
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sanctions is so sweeping the maccaferri guy is saying you really kongs almost comes about them in the land of free speech the liberal media says this is a great reaction in the face of trump the man jury and get a date he wanted to get so close to russia a careless i've never been i've never known such a political pantomime the that has gone into act m t and. when it stopped being funny and all what children have gone home just leaving the adults as these auto drivel about how russia has played such a prominent role all conspired with donald trump to put him in power that is so provocative that it ends the one oasis of sanity that we've had from trump and that's he didn't want to go to war with russia everywhere did this come from i haven't been able to figure it out but it's the one it's the one side to
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trump the does being consistent. but he didn't want to go to war with russia he want to go and talk to putin about not going to war with russia to doing a deal the rest of trump what is like a cartoon version of previous as but this is a deep state coup against over trying to forge a partnership with those players a rolling coup attempt against the president of the united states at the moment there's no question about that they want him out all the major pillows of power in the united states plus the democratic party plus most of the media want trump out because if you take away the whole nato backed circus serious cause which has which has lined up on russia's western border a completely threatening presence of nato forces. on the very borderlands through
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which hitler invaded russia soviet union in one hundred forty one if if you if you take that away then what happens to the great armaments come companies the producers of the f. thirty five lockheed martin raytheon what what happens to all those congressman who have have done sweetheart deals with the companies throughout what happens to the nuclear weapons industry what happens to the whole pyramid upon which power in the united states is is based what led to it one won't go away of course but it's threatened in the same way that a republican president ronald reagan together with mikhail gorbachev threatened it if you like by bringing in the intermediate range nuclear weapons treaty at the end which effectively ended the cold war that very treaty and. i haven't seen this in
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the newspapers at all but very treaty is wiped out in these latest sanctions that ends the last treaty but might stop. a nuclear attack on logic a gradual build signed reluctantly by trump can i just get them to i mean we know the trays are mad no is it asian saying she'd press a button globe it was a loft if i'm not it's in this context that you read this news that scott swiftwater the pacific fleet says publicly that he would be prepared to destroy the whole of china using the table is to say that publicly in such and such a threatening perfidious atmosphere in the world. it it shows the degree of irresponsibility if a nuclear war breaks out it will almost certainly break out by mistake or accident i can thing for a moment that.


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