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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 3, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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high level talks with the north to pyongyang suggested the countries should meet to discuss the next olympics it's not government policy it's the. ravings of a person who speaks before thinking tweets before thinking you know one would hope that the people on the receiving end of these things would take them with a grain of salt because. you know trump may say those things but he can't act on them because he's got a whole bureaucracy behind him that doesn't agree with them so. it's very destabilizing in and i think it's undermining u.s. ability to negotiate solutions to problems so whatever policy don't trump is concocting stirring trouble on twitter is something that is going to stay done up. well as we heard there of all the world's leaders north korea's kim jong un has
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perhaps been criticized the most in donald trump's tweets and after the isolated country's leader issued a new year's day nuclear warning to washington the u.s. president was keen to hit back. the entire u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the button is always on the table in my office space you clearly know that this is certainly not a threat but rather a reality when someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that i do have a nuclear bomb but it's a much bigger and more powerful woman his and my but this is certainly not anything to joke about but i think the situation despite the confrontational rhetoric has been step allies somewhat there's a recognition that there's a stalemate rex tillerson a few weeks ago did indicate the possibility of negotiations even without preconditions donal's from probably believe that this kind of talk remains popular
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with his right wing supporters certain me donald trump at this stage does not believe that he is ready to make the first small so perhaps a tool careers may make the first move. came jungle and has now reopened a cross border communications link with site career in what is being seen as a significant diplomatic breakthrough but the standoff between the u.s. our north korea looks set to continue in twenty eight after what's already been twelve months of personal attacks and vicious threats from both sides. era of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed. but korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. the u.s.
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neglects the international community's will establish peace on the korean peninsula behave like children fighting each other in kindergartens and nobody can stop them . and we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself no one can prompt himself is on a suicide mission. and i guess. we need the pools we need dialogue. he is a sick puppy. french president among us valued to take the fight against fake news to the next level in twenty eight days during a media conference he also hinted that new regulations against media influence by
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foreign states. wow you look powers of the regulator which will be redesigned in twenty eight be increased to fight against any attempt to destabilization by television controlled or influenced by foreign states. in whedon's the speech the french president wasn't specific about which countries could be influencing french media however r.t. and sputnik have already been a mccollum's firing line he denied both accreditation during his presidential campaign and later explained the move by labeling this channel sputnik as propaganda. nique russia today and have been influential and have several times truths about me and my complaint that's why they were not invited to my headquarters all media including russia had access to my campaign russia today and have not behaved as media outlets and journalists but as organs of influence and
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false propaganda that is on that love the end of last year this channel branched out to be a french speaking world with the launch of very new this station r.t. fronts mediately calls quite the stir several french public figures published an open letter calling for r t france's license to be revoked they supported their claims by saying that r.t. has repeatedly face various allegations from the us and different european countries earlier we spoke with a political commentator who said that mccrone should be curbed by taking legal measures. i think what he is now trying to do is to change the french civil code in order to prevent what he sees as a quote him from his press conference today i threat to democratic life of the nation he clearly sees r.t. in sputnik was part of that but i think that he also wants to change the narrative of the conversation to make this more about the use the head of what he calls false news fake news i think very carefully i think it's
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a very thin line between exercising new rules that protect. people's rights and will have their views challenged by untruths and actually clamping down on freedom of expression so he could find himself acting unconstitutionally if you're not careful. donald trump ours publicly lashed down his former advisor steve bannon over what he reportedly revealed to the author of an upcoming tell all book on trump's presidency in a statement issued by the us president he didn't mince words saying that bombing had quote lost his mind had only worked for his own interest on was never part of trump space. left the white house in august that was a year after joining trump's election team later serving as his strategic adviser the mainstream media suggest palin was a pivotal figure in the president's or the reality is steve bannon was involved in many meetings the president signed off on including steve benen as
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a member of the national security council president referred to bad and this was shortly before his firing as mr ban and i will tell you that that raised some have goals. here let's delve a little bit further because we're talking live on the show by media legal analyst line nolo always good to have you on the program we've gotten used to how can we trump harshly criticizing his opponents but this is a little different what do you think is the most striking thing about this latest outburst. the usual miss the absolute predictability of this here's a simple rule if you don't go after trump he doesn't bother you go after him in any way insult him criticize him take him to task and he's on you with a death grip you've never seen never seen perhaps maybe openly in the history of of the american presidency but it is trumping exactly what's even more funny there's
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a read all the people online trying to read the tea leaves and to psychoanalyze him what is this about how could he do this to ban and how. trump doesn't care do you i'm sure do i say i use this term rhetorical or do does everyone remember what trump has really been through to get where he is now does anybody think for a moment that this little momentary kerfuffle with steve bannon regarding something he obviously said a while back because it's in the book right now that trump is losing any sleep over this does anybody think that anybody in the drug administration cares one i ota about this i mean it what it does is it throws the mainstream media the washington press corps and the mainstream media news troops and throws them into disarray
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which trump thrives on and after he's done with bannon he's going to say something about france or italy or or some of his neighbor has someone this is his pattern does anybody not pay attention trump arrives on this he loves this just how the influential allies i mean can you do you think that bonding actually was there because when you listen as you mention to the mainstream media it seems as if he was pivotal. while there he there saying that and he was by the way i mean he was he was a very poor but he came in after i believe it when the primary and certainly he said a lot of things that might have helped the president perhaps fine tune or he might have gone to the press and maybe expressed what the president was trying to say a little bit of course surgically but the bottom line is simply this he might have articulated better but trump issue trump was anybody who thinks for
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a moment that they crafted trump that they figured out that they created this man or that they were the voice of trust it's out of their mind let me just say this again nobody's going to care about steve that in this country has the attention span of a gnat and nobody cares the only thing good for steve bannon is that this occurred on a wednesday friday because by monday it would have been completely gone remember donna brazil donna brazil just wrote a book what she. did hillary clinton it's already forgotten we have story after story in this country we have wildfires in north county and northern california last week that nobody remembers so for anybody to think that this is some big story that this matter steve batten who left how many months ago it means nothing trump thrives on this the point is that in terms of the it is true is trump actually worried about what is in this now that could be damaging to his presidency or is
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this more of a personal reactions and spawn an attack from jr and his son in law. and reportedly called. meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign treasonous. but we listen with all due respect the question is does this really matter does this is going to make a big deal well i submit to you no it won't now and as far as i'm concerned as far as anybody else who's watching this is concerned anybody who thinks for a moment that trump is going to just let this slide anybody think for that is out of their mind but here's the thing also he's a little late because any of the accusations that he made regarding donald trump jr meeting with russians again these nefarious these these these these mysterious russians it's already over with mahler's been added called has been added special prosecutors you name it that's old nudes trump takes this thing personally he
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thrives on this he tax people it's a very simple rule leave him alone he's your best friend go after him and don't cut your head off another just because your thoughts are another aspect a former trump advisor is also that the news for come pain moments of paul mana for making headlines suing the department of justice over the choice of the person leading the investigation against him. mohler of course robert muller what's your reaction to coming to the basically saying that. it was arbitrary and capricious not in accordance with the law very direct language. well it's a little bit difficult when you're going after claiming that your prosecutor somehow is violating the rules being an x. prize of your myself good luck with that one i will tell you they don't person who is really having buyer's remorse so to speak is general lender and mr papadopoulos
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who pled guilty to lying to the police one of two to the f.b.i. when it turns out that the basis of the their testimony may have been. a five so warranted that sort of information gathered from the famous doxy so right now going back to your question or the department of justice the f.b.i. are in a tailspin they don't know what's going on so far muller has had four total catches man of four in gates regarding something pretrial that's. income tax or taxes not reported or money that's pretrial and then general flynn and papadopoulos who were charged with lying to the f.b.i. and as you can imagine it's not a good idea when your main witness that you intend to use against the big fish
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trump anothers pled guilty to a lying to the f.b.i. because the first question the jury's going to be asking is is he lying to us as well so so far this has been much ado about nothing sure so mr molder and the f.b.i. and the department of justice have a lot to consider because they've been in a tailspin and it's been carsten the american taxpayer cad knows how many millions of dollars for one appoint yet it's gearing up to be a lively old year media legal damas lot of things for taking the time to share your thoughts with us this hour well indeed with his first year in office strong to a close the u.s. president has been talking up his economic record as well in typical trungpa style . he can now make miracle created more than two million jobs unemployment is at a seventeen year low the stock market is at an all time high fantastic for the economy our economy has already surged to three percent growth unemployment is at
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a seventeen year low the american economy and our economy is doing well but one man who does not share president trump's optimism is former u.s. congressman ron paul he told us the growth in the u.s. economy has principally benefited those already at the top. if you're in the stock market no wealthy person here doing quite well but what we're forgetting here when we listen to this rhetoric of all this optimism is that there's a large segment of our population that's haven't a difficult time where there is prosperity and more jobs it depends on death yes an individual can feel very good if they have a line of credit to the bank but eventually that line of credit runs out we in this country benefit because we have the reserve currency of the world we can run up a lot of debt and we can spend a lot of money and even with that we've had a great deal of difficulty is last eight years trying to get out of the recession and i see everything we do is a big bubble and almost we have dealt with in these last eight years have just
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created a huge bubble and everything is in excess whether it's our military budget our overseas gage friends whether it's the welfare state and that bubble will come to an end we're going to have a sudden cataclysmic and which is sort of what happened to the soviet system it's not going to be identical and our states aren't probably going to break up but i do sincerely believe that we will no longer be able to afford our empire around the world. yemen suffered its first deadly earth strike of twenty eighteen years day with more than twenty killed in the port city of dayton just a week previous three of the world's biggest humanitarian agencies joined together to highlight but yemen has passed the grim milestone of injuring more than a thousand days of war explaining that three quarters of the yemeni population needs humanitarian aid another run two thirds are deprived of food water and proper
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sanitation. i am poor and have no time during the i suffer from the cold. that some people to warm up under. right on the sidewalk. but are you know now that the contrary wants to get out of the bottom now we have no health or blanket on top of the fifteen other people but as many people have.
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for syria and iraq twenty eighteen means emerging from the shadows of isolates brutal rule few families were left on the scarred by what they went through rock as the of house the story now of two young syrian girls struggling to survive after being left alone in the robert city of terrorism. meet sally she's five maybe six or seven she doesn't know and the smog hits the streets. surviving isis's siege of datasource was no mean feat so many perished as a result of starvation sickness violence. if. sally is a survivor she has a sister and brother were abandoned by their parents years ago they divorced and left the children to fend for themselves.
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oh. you. don't want to learn that she spends her days begging stealing playing and surviving no easy lot for them in this life former neighbors who knew their family have taken pity on the kids and have looked out for them but it's not easy marcus now back up what i wanted to take her in but she kept escaping that i sent people to look for her but she never stays in one place long shallow escapes. there. sally's sister all she has left since her brother died of starvation we found the older girl at the end of this gloomy bullet riddled carville is
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a room with broken windows in it leaves a young girl with only flies bloodstain mattresses for company. about a month ago sagitta who doesn't remember her age was brought in with a head injury when she fell she damaged an implant that siphons away the fluid different people tell different versions some say the full was accidental others attempted suicide but i'll but i but if fluids keep building and there will be consequences she will lose her sight hearing and the ability to swallow much of the pressure on him bringing his graham. in hospital i don't know she'll find no cure in dead as order as we were filming a nice a shell landed just a few hundred metres away sagitta needs to get to damascus to survive but lacking
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identification relatives and trapped in a war zone it's difficult to see how that's possible. sagitta doesn't get many visitors but there is one little person who always makes a smile. if you left alone sagitta begins to scream and cry she needs people there is cool is for optimism. side still suffering has touched a cool action is being taken to get the bills out of bed his daughter but for now all they really have aside from promises and p.t. is each other or i guess the. from their disorder syria. there is an update on the story and it's some positive news on young since that report was
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filed in october she did make it to damascus artie's local source informed us she underwent surgery at a hospital or she's now back in jurors who were with her sister and we can only hope twenty again brings them a broader future. well that's how our stories look this summer do keep up to date with all that's helping by dying noting i. never miss a thing without more programs i've. fought. for thank you. hello my name's peter and i've been living in a bush now for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got to in the time. the stimulus
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bullshit you do for the first one you will still be before get fully you will see me as you would still. you wouldn't believe it but this beside the area a place called should make you feel you might expect to see some bed or maybe a mind. would definitely help people in this case. because you like good food good bug look at each of them look good we got you going to make. sure we get those go first every spring and thousands of people will kid sister you don't bounce in your mouth. so we just behind the stop ok yeah. well. it's almost impossible to get any would still be the most oceania cup so
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use the leisure thanks to all the kind little. girl you see of me this is your business you will let us down to see this side of me is that you are going to grow my business. just you so much because. exactly. so would just behind the site so we just behind the stop it's good. fun you could get yet but you're more. yes i'm sure you don't you think it's a new i saw it doesn't know it yet just seriousness. funny because it's so beautiful it's just on there still would you describe because it's i it's got to. i start is not she's going to see if. it is discovered. that i don't have a clue what they're on about but just saying it's russia seems to explain anything
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out of the ordinary. with a like russia on this russia and that russia isn't bad either. pressing people are really very crazy yeah ok you know is it true that the president. ok yang and. they say fear in them just have to believe in such payment so used to it you used to raise excellent well let's say the event starts english i want to start you thank you very much as i can am i could look at my cereal box and. it's if. it turns out that always keeping the bikini's inscription specific yet for such a large scale of the start of things to crazy.
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he's going to meet a man but there's evidence that he has a salesman i want that will finish me yet a kenyan crucifying you where you have to be the cheese theory here where. a lot me why did i she cx. losing that in the place you lost them yeah you. noticed at the beginning standing up where the event actually see might. be a good time when this month you're on about surely cool is really were of you tube one number. but on this if this is. not imagination that's a million to me on the bus and i'll make an hour of establishing a system of all of them and i'm crazy but you know you kids are a local girl you write that you change easy for local you. don't you cheated we should cheer or sing this song which i don't want you to see.
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but. this is hindsight this is my friends really and i think you'll. find. it. amazing i think winter is now my favorite time of year and whatever you do you . don't have to get yourself to stick. to those yourself or stick i don't know one hundred. and the ok to stick but easy like a as a feeling myself how you feel after the. really very happy that it was if i don't leave then i'm like oh you know you always be frank and yeah not just the. ones i thought he was cruel i was just very sad oh yes a doubt of yet. such a system. and still be
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a real risk to me i was there. i will see if you will get your ticket separately your next i was just going to cross the real thing cos the. air. yeah i went sure didn't they said there was a guy in prison the guy but i mean. that's ok but. i got pretty tired of telling everyone that i can't skate so i decided to do something about. it i was wrong the idea of the flavor. we think. was the fault oh. you. know what are you. but ok. if i had your say there's.
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no question about. it but i don't know. but never. did you know the down oh by the up in the media you know that you don't need to stop as most will be. making the. movie watching prince you see a pool of. fish. so i finally learned to ski and knowing birdie to do it in my swimming shorts i just need to get through the summer somehow. my summer kicks off with the bits of trucks are racing. it was pretty extreme but not to be in the. morning.
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i'm all over it. then i decided to try something a bit small cultural turns out contemporary art isn't for me either i'm from swithin oh well do you believe this question yet. just experience through. the fear to do with your bodies to ruth who was this. guy who took you to the publisher of the e.p. rip your books love those books it's. ok that's enough culture for one day. that's better i sure did you know that the. law doesn't look at you'll see god at all. both. of you can either water me in with what's inside.


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