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you can simply go out there and create another one there are competitors of course just like there are competing species on planet earth for energy and survival but there is only one the apex predator or that is man at the moment before he dies from all the garbage. that he goes into the two thousand as you mentioned gold and that's one of the ideas like all the ideas from our history of money from our history of privacy of being humans and evolving higher intellectual or you know speaking freely amongst each other in these groups and speaking about ideas no matter how crazy or stupid they might seem and they invention emerge into powerful you know robust systems so he mentions how funny who recently passed away he in two thousand and four created work which was called the reasonable proof of work which built on the backs hashcash and then of course in exile though in two thousand and five he did big gold which was digital collectible so these ideas obviously
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you know bitcoin is often called gold two point zero zero it's in fact the i.r.s. does qualify it as a commodity as a property an asset like gold so you know these are this is the evolution and then he's predicting where the future will go and that's right also the white paper the suppose you a paper as is a big system for digital cash transmission and moving digital caster paraphrasing which is sets off most inquiries into this onto a bit of a skewed path because they're looking at it in one use case the the replacement for painless use case which is to ignore the entire history of this entire movement and to ignore everything else that this can possibly do cluing the obvious references to gold and much of the white paper gold comes from dervish and from a big golden disk all has been stored values always been a key to the cell phone store of value means of a. exchange
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a payment system or actually what the genesis the origin of this is about privacy i mean. justice is about privacy and the ability to protect that electronically ended up with where we are today the cypherpunk movement is to genesis movement to others if you're one of those even. going without first studying the cypherpunks that's why feeling so she's white paper in two thousand and eight did mention it he mentioned has cash and be money and he in fact so toshi emailed way day directly and mentioned that he learned about the money from dr back so this is he whoever said toshi or they were came from the cypherpunk movement and it's important to understand the research cypherpunk because many people have piled into big coin they might now be distressed about prices and other that but it's about as an idea it's much bigger than just prices are there's an exchange dr back is still alive these on twitter he's on twitter and if you have a quote you know if you want to find out what it's about is
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a really big call in cash ask him ask dr back when he thinks about it he'll give you the straight dope all right well we've got to take a break we'll be back with love or right after the break. a rebuttal from stephen both drug test hollywood guy you suspect. proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru where he's a little bit different. in california in your windows up with all the drama happening in our country and rude have fun every day americans. all over. the store to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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book. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest just things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one different person to speak to because there are no other takers. to claim that
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mainstream media has met its maker. one else shows same wrong why don't we all just don't know all. the world is yet to shake out disdain because to add to it and in again tread because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time to go to miami speak with richard hart he's a bit coy with susie as to knows what he's talking about actually when it comes to technology and derivatives trading i've been following his you tube channel for
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quite some time now richard welcome thank you max pleasure being here i guess we can avoid we got a look at this big point gas just trading just now there's a lot of drama it's the drama of the month club on bitcoin all was you got some insight into what's happening bitcoin cash can you dive into that a little bit richard oh it's real simple if i if i made a report cash and then you know that somebody dressed up like you make a separate channel and then told everyone that it was the real max kaiser be pretty upset about that when you put a lot of years and work into building up your brand and making something of quality to have someone else come along that had nearly no say and have a thing was built never wrote a proven proposal never improve the code you know basically a leech you know if a leech came along and said that max kaiser cash was a real mix for kaiser report you'd be pretty upset about that and in the normal
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business world it would be illegal lucian it's you know stealing the goodwill of another company through confusion for your get rich quick project so you know i don't like i don't like people to pretend to compete i like real competition real competition means you get your own name you build your own unique value add and you compete you compete on price you compete on features you know if you cheat and you just copy and confuse people and have the maximum similar logo the maximum similar name the maximum similar user experience but. behind the scenes it's totally fake you know the same developers don't work on your project the technology's liking behind you know. it's gross and it would be illegal in any legacy business but because no one owns the big dot com or you know name it's hard for them to find
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a legal standing by which to sue the impostures which is unfortunate so there's a couple of points or first is as you're getting into that there it's plagiarism clearly the big cache of plagiarising they're there pirating the bit coin name and also i guess you could point to folks in this trauma like roger fair for example they have control over big coin dot com the domain name which is the mary misleading because people go there having heard about because and then they're led into something completely different you betcha on your podcast before and your you tube channel that the developers that created bitcoin an actor like roger verus profited handsomely from that so it's a real kick in the teeth to them plagiarize and steal the name still the brand and come up with this clone to come up with a you know a bad chinese imitation as some of called it but there's another part of the drama and then now you've got financial media like sand b c c n.b.c.
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fast money are now entering into this without doing any due diligence without doing any research they're pushing what's clearly a fraud and this is this is i want to get your take on this because this is new to the whole crypto you history of space and that you've got now c. and b. c. bloomberg and other mainstream financial news is now covering crypto how is this going to play out your thoughts richard libertarians hate government intervention laws rules they want everything to be peer to peer they don't want big brother involved and they forget how to. past really was and every one of these laws and regulations came about because someone was doing something evil or shady. and. time goes on these laws of protective people they forget why the law was first instant instantiated so you know you've got people showing their own bags on
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financial media that are heavily invested and that type of activity is not legal in the in the stock market you know you if you're if you're the c.e.o. of a publicly listed company you have to abide by strict rules regarding forward looking statements and making promises to people and insider trading and because crypto currency is are not regulated in that way all of the problems that you saw in the past from people talking their own book insider trading you know wash trading where you pump up the price by selling to yourself at increasingly higher prices you know all of those problems are they're back they're here again and this is funny for for people that hate the government so much to complain and cry for government intervention intervention when things go wrong like this be cashed
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launch on g. to x. they told everyone that it was going to come out in january. then they surprise watched it why would you surprise launch a new financial product increasing volatility volatility decreasing people's time to plan decreasing people's time to have their coins where they need to be terribly terribly stupid. to no one's benefit except insiders and you know. if if there was ever reason to see the financial regulators come down on their currency businesses in the united states. going against your own road map and instantly listing something against your own advice days earlier. i can think of a more clear reason to demand it you mentioned claim based there in j. dax at their san francisco headed up by brian armstrong and this is been a tension in the crypt documentary for a while because you've got the corporate crypto community you've got for example a coin base you've got bit pe you've got other big corporations who are tied in
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with v.c. money they're looking for exit strategies and looking for quick quick profits this is been a bit of attention because on the other hand there's a part of community i guess you could call it the cypherpunk community going back to the origins of bitcoin and the technology that came out of the cypherpunk movement and so these two not pitted against each other in a new way on one hand you could say this is been going on for since the creation of big coin this is always been a tension there but secondarily or another way the question's got to be asked if in fact we're recreating all the problems we had with wall street all over again what's the prognosis for big coin will it get through this latest drama with your thoughts on that you know you talk about conflict of interest one of the investors in that pays roger for roger verbeck i'm speaking at heart he holds a majority of his savings in be cash so he says publicly and it would match with
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clothing that he wears which is always a b c h please shirt used to be a bit coin shirt you know going jesus turned into big quinn judas now the only things he says about the coin are negative and demeaning just pretty insulting based on the fact that his little get rich quick project is built on the hard work and effort and labor of the because encoders that built it you know when he stole their work or is benefiting from their work when he forked it and didn't just take the code took the name took the logo and so now we don't have that problem just with roger for we also have the problem with brian armstrong going place he doesn't like to coin he holds a majority of his wealth and i fear him so i hear. and every time you hear him speak about that point versus there him he says you gotta go where the developers are going so i think it's pretty funny because that's where the developers are going to lose money that's where they get lured into a honey trap of making buggy smart contracts that lose millions of dollars it's much harder to make smart contracts because that lose millions of dollars because
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we've purposely restricted the attack surface so it's harder to screw up and lose money so less money is lost o'brien armstrong one of the you know the c.e.o. of the biggest on border and united states right now doesn't like that point so much so he hasn't implemented segue which gives us twice the processing power and you know more security transactional ability secured basic boost to secure it all these good things that came from. being implemented you know brian armstrong's team doesn't do and his team also doesn't approve the biquad protocol and no one on his developer team makes any improvements to because well that's pretty terrible you know when their core product that they sell the most of which is because he speaks negatively about publicly and his team does nothing to improve and he rolls in the this this copy this terrible copy that doesn't even have segway it. it's bad and it's all conflict of interests and you know i would be happy to see
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a financial related later or the directors of coin base replace him a c.e.o. because i do not believe he's treating their core product fairly and if you saw this most recent launch of. the b. cash token. surprise release which wrecked a lot of people's entire wealth you know life saving is lost. i don't mean doesn't seem like the kind of guy that should be in charge of a billion dollar endeavor. you know if for a moment here. talk about what your view is about let's say bitcoins push back i mean what what's happening on the other side of the equation we have continued adoption of continued awareness. where do you see where do you get me some good news a big client you know because one is the only product that has good legal. backing so there's laws which specifically name they call and that allow you to get
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good bank relationships with it to get custodial services for instance or gemini where a larger institution could purchase a bunch of back on and have a license insured bonded reason to believe it wouldn't get stolen or hacked. other cryptocurrency don't have that we also have the c.m.e. futures the largest market the entire planet the c.b.o.t. which does about a quarter of a volume which is still quite amazing we have the best developers in the entire world working on this we've got first mover advantage the greatest liquidity they most secure platform software that you know isn't buggy really works doesn't have emergency down targeting problems like the fake imposters have had and you know we do have some problems we have a unit bias problem where you know people want to own a single point of a thing and since milli bits isn't popular they choose things like light coin or b cash because they're cheaper and you know that puts the coin a disadvantage on
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a product like point base where people just want to buy they just want to get in they don't have time to figure out what's good and why so they just click market buy and you know they get they used to have three products there they could market by now they've got fourth product unfortunately the worst possible product you could add. or close. and it's going to be a fight you know if wall street wants to step in and start long in the futures the declines going to you know more dominance and the whole coins will die more wall street doesn't want to step in and start long and that cheaters contract to take advantage of the new cool institutional relationships and i think the all coins are going to pump and people are going to take advantage of that you know this bias and trying to get that next you know smaller market cap easier to a point that might give them a higher percentage return it's going to be a fight so richard you've been in the game sense i believe twenty eleven we started covering big coen two thousand and eleven you know we've been in it almost from the
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inception we've seen more than once at least three or four times massive corrections in the space fifty sixty seventy percent ninety percent in one case where are we on the timeline there do you i mean first of all i just about instead of asking you that question let me ask you this can you stick around for a second segment and we'll get into that in a second segment yeah i love anyway thanks for being on this segment richard hart and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy herbert like to thank our guest richard hart he's got a outstanding you tube channel check it out if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time. hello my name's peter and i've been living in personnel for about seven years and
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this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got full time. i don't need to because. and there still are doing it because. i sense is not just the significant. leap. it's the cradle of jazz. the americas the america we.
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know all of this jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest a fifth of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least swell members of my family close not heard of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans. the best place in the world. live. lives. i live the to chill. lose. lose. sleep. i got
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a lot to lose oh a list. of seven pm from moscow iran's military chief to present a. end to the week long anti-government protests in that country look at how the demonstrators were encouraged from abroad. head to the detail a rise in violent crime is one of germany's regions may be linked to an influx of young male migrants according to government but. the french president plans a new law to target fake news and foreign outlets relations with his own media are still a problem. kevin
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i would do this thanks for watching out international were around the world starting with this iran's military chief says the unrest that's been blocked in the country for the past week is now over but at least twenty one people died in those nationwide protests and there are still reports of small demonstrations even last night the unrest began as a working class protest against declining living standards and high unemployment but quickly fled into violence and to government rallies u.s. leaders were quick to throw their support behind the uprising but it seems that may have misread the will of most iranians. when they ask for a better economy when they ask for the government to spend money on their own country as opposed to tear exploits over seas or in other countries sure we would certainly like that to you i support matt i'm not going to go i'm not going to see that's why you're trying to trap me into something like that i'm not going to go there straight out is not that is not our that is not our policy but we hear what the iranian people are saying poverty corruption and economic uncertainty have the
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potential to trigger protests in the world over. and they can quickly turn ugly. but the international reaction to such unrest seems to depend on the country and question. this is the precise picture of a long oppressed people rising up against their dictators and you know i mean in any country people can protest against high prices but when have a such to muster ations happen in our country opponents of the establishment come out and support them some western leaders are barely able to contain their enthusiasm for regime change and are rushing to throw their weight behind the demonstrators we are now seeing an organic popular uprising organized organized by brave iranian citizens on the largest scale since two thousand and nine the great to bring in people have been repressed for many years they're hungry for food and
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for freedom along with human rights the wealth of iran is being looted song for change it is essential that western powers. the west the powers. back in the arena. because it's only with their backing that the the iranian people are sick you. can go all the way securing your freedom in the previous regime but we've seen where this apparent pro-democracy fervor can lead. to. the american president says he supports the protesters but these protests are not protests against the government these kinds of demonstrations happen in any country and they are against rising prices but each time these demonstrations happen we see that the authorities opponents use them for their own purposes the majority in iraq i believe want evolution not revolution or. arab spring style
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which has brought so much suffering elsewhere on the other hand the west seems oddly quiet about the massive rallies that are being held across iran in support of the government to. the root of it. it's just a canard it's the problem of youth unemployment i personally haven't been able to find a job for a long time but if people have a job they don't have any problem with the government of course most of iran's economic problems are domestically generally but another reason why investment and new jobs have been slow in coming is that contrary to their obligations under the nuclear agreement western countries notably the united states have not taken sufficient steps to facility normal financial flows when it comes to iran the west says it's listening but clearly selectively co-opting
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democracy for its own ends is a difficult habit to break and you know r t london sidelines of all this is the protests around began to gain more international attention a number of fake images was circulated widely on social media check out this tweet that shows the photo purportedly of a woman hitting police officers with a caption a rant turned out to be that screenshot was from an iranian movie that after being exposed the man who posted claims are supposed to be symbolic a video which gave thousands of users said to show a march in iran was later proved to be a protest in bahrain in twenty eleven other fakes were perhaps less clear one post claims show the uprising when it was actually a photo of a pro government rally. other news around the world and the u.s. national security advisor has knives for the new year it seems with the call to reveal what he describes as insidious russian meddling masters says that pulling back the curtain might be a vital first step to preventing further interference the russian blaming trend hit
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full throttle almost a year ago now with the release of that u.s. intelligence report that kept the momentum going throughout twenty seventy. arguably the biggest story of twenty seventeen was russia it was on the lips of world leaders and politicians but this wasn't always the case this was obama's analysis of the country back in two thousand and fourteen russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors. not out of strength but out of weakness regional power weakness well that was the past in the last year we've seen russia propelled to be the greatest threat on the planet in the words of the former f.b.i. chief what kind of threat do you believe russia presents to our democratic process given what you know about russia's behavior of late well certainly that in my view
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the greatest threat of any nation on earth well here's how it all began on january sixth of last year u.s. intelligence agencies issued a report saying that russia had tried to influence our elections with this russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in twenty sixteen aimed at the us presidential election russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the us democratic process denigrate secretary clinton and home her electability and potential presidency we further assist putin and the russian government develop a clear preference for president trump now the authors of the report at the time said they had high confidence in their judgments a few pages later they explain exactly what they meant by high confidence with a little disclaimer high confidence generally indicates that judgments to based on high quality information from multiple sources high confidence does not imply that the assessment is fact or
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a certainty such judgments might be wrong well after the report the word got around that blaming russia was now a thing and that opened the floodgates in twenty seventeen hardly a lection went by in europe without russia being accused of meddling. the balance disruptor hoover in two thousand and sixteen covert disruptor. part of our responsibility. to rush to move about what's going on in the united states germany france and other when he montenegro. from hacking into the danish defense ministry to trying to meddle in the maltese elections russia has had a truly diverse collection of accusations thrown at it russia is accused of
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influencing the bragg's it vote through social media yes probably yes sure i believe it i believe all of this it's russia they're crazy right russia was accused of intervening in the french election yeah you know why i believe that to the german election sure i catalonia separatism yeah yeah i believe that to all take oliver about sending bots after a star trek star trying to take him down with sexual allegations star trak no star wars i would believe if i had my doubts about a box so i would say no. they were actually accused of that was. russia hacked into the us irish and british power grids fake russia was influencing the braggs it vote through social media fake russia hacked into cataloging a separatism and was promoting cataloging a separatism in spain real how about buying ads.


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