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load the the was i was the was overloaded the right role over the here i am in the on field dressing room soirees chair all its dalgleish and youngsters like trent alexander on the move for the past the present and the picture the football club a man now going to the to die is a to wrangle n. is a senegalese international and he's very much a superstar here at liverpool by lovin it saw them on a. so do i since you joined us here i'm thrilled it's been a little while since i played there you're doing fantastic stuff for liverpool but
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it's senegal and the world cup and african football have liked what you were about . you played in the olympics and a couple of african cup of nations waltz playing for senegal the world cup in russia be at the very top of even that very impressive list yeah you know as they begin. to pick the right man a shot him and i remember has a young in my twenty's or still playing on a national team and today i'm playing a bit of help in q four to play at morgan stanley and talk is that the team and for the world cup i think. not only me but for the country and we are in the position when i play to do our best to make them proud in terms of the senegalese national team lots of people watching this around the world what kind of team are they expressing extravagant young attacking what kind of qualities do you believe
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you and i don't see a mouse i think we have a young young team in the aggressive end. like in team and we have to get in defense of the other three teams from africa to the world cup quarter finals cameroon in ninety nine say senegal two thousand and two gone in two thousand and ten pele said many years ago he was expecting an african seem it was going to be when not if and african same when the world called one your opinion hasn't that happened with senegal gone annoying cheerier incredibly big for all nations why haven't they got past the quarterfinals yet to world cup. yeah i was young i saw my country was in the quarter final and if you axed me i would. i thought it was fine and not because we have great teams out there. and. yeah
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all of that. have been new generation and. we still have great team in quickly. between will be to go until the end but it will be easier for us and we know it's. always the team. but we still have a chance and i think this you mention two thousand and two that got to the quarterfinals was that the inspiration for you to want to go and yams and your nation hear your heroes from that which players as you know has made all this just . a moment when i was in a. condo. and from school to the west a game. was big i think. so everything stop for me what impact did it have on sunday school in two thousand and two very little
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side of mono going back home to watch the games did you think we do know when it's we're going to be the first off we can ever really. find out because yeah i was young and. my team that i'm in play especially because they were doing. and try to. fight in the pit and it was something for me and oh please like you important for the next generation of african players you said to me how important the team in two thousand and two was. how important is it that play is that the premier li. li like yourself ought to the next generation of of us we can play this i think it's. a big chance to make make us. because if they develop a squeak that's going and also. to get better and better and also.
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because so many pundits make everybody go watch it's all i think it was a b. to be inspiration for the international especially for our young building up of what would be a perfect i think you saw it on the on i if i mean your position on think in world cup when the premier league good poll when the champions league full with me if i could pull those nights in could be a very very pretty and i think i did i think had a need to say you said i'm looking forward for that so i don't really appreciate your interest thank you very much. join us after the short break because we can still roll to dummy in hole and of course to chuck to don't sledge and. stay with us.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected a knighthood to us exactly just pull on awesome feel the show i go out of my way to lunch you know what is this really packed a punch to sleep yeah mr john oliver a hearty america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank harry. truman a seriously he sent us an e-mail. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in
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the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. now
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i study on is home to dutch site for an old well i chatted to one of the former greats good friend of mine for for an old celtic i not see him for a sledge in kiev and who are young gave us the stuart's on the decline of touch football and his memories of the nine hundred ninety eight woke up. saddam to have a chat with here one who don't come on the plight of the ninety ninety eight world cup for the dutch to talk about the charisma lies of the dutch national team they didn't qualify for euro two thousand and sixteen nor the world cup in russia what has gone wrong with the torch national football. yes thanks for joining us
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have the dutch national team in your opinion. of the year as in now the world cup what's the problem i think first of all stan is that we must realise now if we. didn't realise it already two years ago when we didn't qualify for a free euro that we just like the top class players that we always had. played his last game for the decisional team against sweden. you know ease that he was the only one left and. i know from the snow from the fights in all these plays i know burke. brought us over my us one big smile was. why hasn't this system the great academy systems in foreign old annoying managed to produce and continue to produce those kind of players you know we always saw that our debt school was the best school and what is the dutch school
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their school was was technical play is. passing game you know creative and we had success with it you know we produced for years an enormous amount of fantastic place we. small country seventy million people. for such a small country we've done something well you know if you can produce this kind of place but the rest of the world's looked at us and you know. they they they took the i would do things. to their good things you know for example germany you know when they had. periods in two thousand you know they came over they had a look at our youth academies. and they took that back to germany and they really meant it in their in their system and we we close
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our eyes for any other. side in the dutch were lazy in the didn't. recognise the other nations with doing it and they would have to go on and kick on again what would what were the major if you think that what you are doing is the best then indeed you become lazy and in a way you become arrogant and maybe we also have some less. place we don't have the likes of robin and cider anymore but we still have. decent players but that's simply not as good and physically. prepared for the new more than a game of football so does that mean pm. strong. true passion. is that the club yeah is there
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a problem with the money in the game particularly in the premier lake the more remote dutch kids. have a saying. chance to play games here in holland of course of course the is a big problem. in the early days you know you. you came through the ranks of i.x. of fire notes. and then when you were playing three years you know as. one of the best players in the league then it was all the major step to go to england to spain to italy to the big clubs. and go in there you always also playing there because he was signed to play. in the modern. world of football now days you are signed because you are. first of all expenses as you probably can be in the next couple of years. and you are not ready
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yet to play at that level so. they send you on loan to do smaller clubs. around europe they can already a lot of money in in england and the english you know they want to talk about me they always keep blaming me for. play a power. play doing this for four the reason why we didn't call and why were you. because they take our place far too early and they don't let them develop here and of course when a young player. gets the opportunity to move to a big club in his mind he thinks that he's going to become. a first team player is not the case. so many screw ups. investment companies coming into the club you never play for them you never play for them and
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. the good thing is they give you all the money. but at the end of the your there for one reason making money for the. very go various one who don't know what's happening now is diminishing. football. players who could play here you know first in football. that raise the level of the sleek you know i'll take anyway you don't need sixty seventy players on the contract you'll see famously of about fifty players it's ridiculous and a lot of players that you know we want to see here we want to see in belgium or anywhere else but. at clubs where they can still. you know raise the level something needs to happen you know to to to stop.
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becoming investment companies and this can never be the case ok for those always been busy business but but now it becomes you know like like ridiculous look at. mayo. on pizza with. no one tonight in the stadium i'm so excited. for genuinely so it's always so. to this amazing stadium this is always special when you come from this tunnel and you look up and that is that is the power of the stadium compared to many many others this one is special and this is a big big advantage for fido at all. even the national team of all of the players they would love to play here. with. the world cup in in france in terms of your club experiences how much of an honor was it.
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was a because i was actually the reason why i left celtic because i was not. playing for couple of weeks and i was just being back in the international team after scoring two goals when we played will's away so. i called the coach i said listen there's a possibility for me moving to forest. because i'm not playing do i need to move new do i need to play to continue. being picked a national team and then he said you need to if you play i can pick you i feel very proud because i realize that i didn't play. well and you know we had a proper proper squad and my role was was clear. i was not the first eleven player i was a player when we struggled to get the result in the last twenty minutes put me on
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probably free kick all penalty but the long ball so i could keep the ball that that was my my position and i accepted it because i completely agree with the coaches you know i didn't see myself as a first eleven player in that team if i had to say that i demand to play and even then you know they should have taken me away too because you know life you know you only have to look at the clips where they played you know the. destroyer after that you know and yeah i was a proper prayer. but that's not in the same class as them. sells three. we went to france to win it you know that that was one of the favorites yeah but at least we felt that we could win it and
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we didn't. we didn't so well with zero zero zero zero. against belgium but along with two. we were and yeah we sing the same is playing against brazil losing. after penalties that for us was was such a. unbelievable disappointment that. to. get the focus back for the thirty fourth place. didn't happen and we lost against croatia in that game and we saw the you know because we wanted to win and we didn't win. against south korea how did that feel scored in a world cup finals. it was it was amazing seeing it just remember marc overmars. you
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know from the left hand side put it across and with his right. and i was at the back post you know. yeah i was just i think maybe seven minutes on the pitch and it was it was a present for meeting because we were winning three zero already so there was no need you know there was no emergency to put me on but. yeah you gave me death to that couple of minutes you know. i mean. that for me is one of the most special moments of my career what is your favorite memory from not knowing. we could be on the pitch you could be off the pitch something that will stick with the year and stay with you forever for me the memory is and the moment extra time. of injury time story. against brazil in the
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semifinal when women put i bowl in one hole and i went for i had a three had a because i feel i knew that i surprised you know by the central defender of brazil . and. when i was going for the header he pulled my jersey you know and it was thousand percent penalty that moment will never. get away of my in my memory you feel the dutch will win a world cup sooner rather than later for winning a world cup you need. last place and we simply don't have these kind of place and we still produce a lot of good players. but the ones that are. making things happen and the ones that are left by football fans all over the world
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. we simply don't have them anymore and let's hope that in. so more yes we're going to have a new generation of the burqa and stick live it's different this royce or the romans from percy snyder from the fights on who dunks and for being on the bench yes but. if we have these kind of place then. we still can have a good chance like we had in seventy four seventy eight two thousand and ten and two thousand and fourteen but i wish you the very best of luck it's great to see you thank you for a long long time and. say you're involved in touch football moving forwards and i you know the culture in book goodlooking the future thank you very much to see.
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from one woke up legend to another guy in the black spider for his remarkable goalkeeping skills and even for eight years on next year's wilco poster suddenly he's no longer with us but must come on now i sat down with his widow to give us an insight into the legends career. the only goalkeeper in history to receive the golden bowl olympic champion european champion and best goalkeeper of the twentieth century according to the far left yash will wander why he's the fray on the official poster for the world cup in russia are style constructivism. the combination guaranteed to make the heart of every russian beat a little faster. the most successful era of not only the soviet football but fresh of football too will always be associated. with what it was like to live with a genius he's read over the internet to my family had lived with him for more than
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thirty five years before he passed away in ninety ninety one on this gun by the. name adama. looking. at the sky. to it then you could then you say just struggling it was a multi it's. not only do it it's the nor the. state of. the thing it's the whole soviet union idealised she was the yuri gagarin of the football field. like a path of closing down attackers going outside of the box and launching his own attacks she style was as there in s. it was an arse that's. a stand me i feel pretty. good taking it off. rather than the appropriate.
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the boy. but despite all his stardom kulish a simple saw his life in the trade he developed in the dark ages of his childhood when the war forced him to evacuate and work at a factory. in his entire career never change the team always done in the colors of dinamo moscow had the times been different he would have likely played for a european giant engine the fame and the money his widow however still dismisses all this what if talk. with. a football fission and family in this particular order for emotions biggest bastions but there was a moment in his life when he felt devastated just before his even the golden bowl left yashin wanted to quit football the u.s.s.r.
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played at the world cup in one hundred sixty two and they suffered a two one loss to chile in the quarterfinals the only silver journalist covering the tournament and not even the sports journalist by trade. for that defeat every child back home in the show improved. get in. touch that she knew of no integrated from the word in a mirror ball on the. wall affair with a love in mutual. become. a talk with. him pretty sure. in the end played against the world eleven at the wembley stadium in one in sixty three it was a friendly game in
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a bar to wish was considered puja on there and success. if you get the clean sheet half a year later he received the golden ball and continued to play football and to ninety's so when he won more than a hundred thousand fans attended his testimony on match barely you said bill bobby charlton franz beckenbauer and other football legends came to saw that moscow as a sign of respect and yes and was respected not only for his on the pitch magic. she sure will break. that. uncomfortable to lately. as for the night you know you're not at all in the clip that you said doesn't it on the show the school. that uncle jake up that i will cut. through to the joke. the flame doesn't cut the model should be above shit far more.
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because many years have passed them on the few have managed to come close to yashin success and ability signified by the fed he remains the only goalkeeper to ever the in the golden ball and as the king of football barely still says still these days yashin is number one and he will always be as always thank you for joining us on the stan collymore show but the saints are next week with more incredible football stories join us poor actually. join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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losing a little. bit when you don't. see the gallic try to get a court to get. to what they need not through only ten space you. may be. left alone kelly said. semana claiming to know terminated leslie that the. alex you speak french. loser. who was taking the sandel for continue to focus son is closing the gap to accept a false. it's the cradle of jazz. this is america still america we are. still
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knows this just feel. a city of climatic contrast trophies of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twill members of my friends close most murders of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans is often the best place in the world. ah ha. him. on the show. and.
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extreme hardship in front of migrants continued to sleep by president. shelter before the end of twenty seven to. dismember a new. good reason for the story is this the life he still she would have. partly threatening to drop. to the conviction of a turkish banker in the us. away from. food medical aid. getting into yemen saudi arabia easing its blockade on the country the last we hear from the red.


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