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tv   News  RT  January 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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the. united nations security council holds an emergency session on the anti-government protests that have swept iran. turkey lashes out at america apparently threatening to drop bilateral agreements after the conviction of a turkish tanker in the u.s. that is as pakistan also backs away from its alliance with washington. extreme hardship in france that thousands of migrants are living on the streets despite president promise to find them all shelter before the two thousand and seventeen we hear some of their stories. and this man a new. story is this he still would.
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welcome back you're watching arch international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us all right an emergency u.n. security council meeting to discuss the mass anti-government protests that engulfs iran has finished up in new york the session was called by washington which has voiced its strong support for the demonstrators and tells us what was said during the meeting. the meeting was called by the united states an emergency meeting of the fifteen member body that leads the u.n. the security council now the meeting opened with nikki haley she is the representative of the united states and she voiced strong support for the iranian protesters calling them courageous talking about the usa quote standing in solidarity with the iranian protest she also went on a tirade against the iranian government the united states stands unapologetically with those in iran who seek freedom for themselves prosperity for their families
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and dignity for their nation we will not be quiet no dishonest attempt to call the protesters puppets of foreign powers will change that if the founding principles of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer it now immediately following the remarks from nikki haley representing the usa we then heard from the representative of france and france is a country that generally agrees with the united states in u.n. security council proceedings however if you heard what the french representative had to say he wasn't exactly agreeing with nikki haley he emphasized the importance of the nuclear agreement between the p five plus one countries and iran remaining intact and he talked about how this is really an internal matter in iran is it because you know you. mr president it is up to the iranians and to the iranians
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alone to pursue peaceful dialogue a dialogue based on full respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the iranian people we must react appropriately to what's been going on in other words we must ensure that we remain watchful and vigilant about what is happening during these peaceful protests following that we heard from other members of the fifteen member body we heard from china other countries and we heard from the russian representative now the russian representatives. question why this meeting was taking place as this was unrest in iran and then emphasized the importance of stability in the region and opposing the spread of terrorism and why it was probably not a good idea for foreign countries to be escalating and promoting unrest in iran. why did the u.s. call for an emergency meeting if the political situation in iran has stabilized we should think washington in this case since america's energetic and broad could have messages to the arena and people who have brought them closer together in their
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anti-american feelings we get the impression that some logically unexplainable allergies keeping the us blind to a rational evaluation of what is happening in the country they simply want to believe what they're seeing is true. because the meeting directly related to issues in iran the islamic republic of iran was able to then address the security council meeting now the iranian representative he talked about how iran is a democratic country in his view and argued that people in iran do have the right to protest however they don't have the right to do so violently he then talked about how there have been instances of violence in the recent protests and pointed to the usa being involved in fomenting these acts of violence on the meeting kind of ended on conclusively so people are wondering exactly what came out of the meeting why did this meeting take place and people are wondering exactly what will happen next as we continue to hear support for these protests in iran by the
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leaders of the united states. to further discuss the issue we are joined at live by surprise support alric independent researcher and riaa a writer soraya thanks for being with us here on r.t. international. so many countries at the security council meeting have expressed the view that these protests are not an international issue russia's ambassador was among them saying that the u.s. is interfering in iran's internal affairs so what do you expect to be the outcome of this approach towards you rob. well as i heard the commentator commentators say it will only make the iranians grow closer together which is a very good thing. in iran like every other normal country wall post says you take place and mark and not us there is good reason for them but as with anywhere else in the world there are liars accompanying any protest process that have not been
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perfect at like any other country iran will react and it definitely is an internal issue what is important to bear in mind here is that there is an existing bilateral treaty as well the algiers treaty it was signed in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and it is the united states promises not to interfere in iranian affairs and look at it blatantly integrating in iranian affairs and you know it's this this of course by those who run with what the united states are pulling in the un national security council meeting should be offensive to all members not just u.n. security council members but all u.n. members they're making a mockery of the united states on the one hand all the. protests around the world oh totally ignored i mean we saw not long ago. a young palestinian woman a sixteen year old who was arrested who are defending her whole life and how it's time to. restore trust and he's keen violated international law by
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giving jerusalem to israel and i guess that's the same body of lawmakers being the united nations do to by lives more lost and interior and country's sovereignty and you know the focus of the algiers accord and there are some certain powers and it is a huge a critical it's a star that's it just makes me wonder you know there's a good saying this is i i seem him doing wicked things and wonder why they're not ashamed doing that and i'm paraphrasing it you know. he talks about caring about prosperity and i want to. impose and sanction this. so i didn't interrupt but you bring up nikki haley i want to get your take on something that she said ambassador haley said that iran may experience the same scenario as syria due to the protests is this an exaggeration on her part because
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the protests seem to be winding down if not already complete. they are well it's interesting that she should compare them because the syria protests were and i mentioned this on by the t.v. i mean on r.t. about in two thousand and ten there were instigated by the united states they started in where i fit and in fact the united states through england was sending broadcasts into brother to rise up against president us at so she's making that comparison maybe she knows something we don't maybe send money to or you know what it says and messages to the iranians inside iran and she's making that comparison because that's the only thing that could make sense else it's just a matter of very high price hikes and. you know the united states has been in spite of the nuclear deal which is the microphone right we think this important
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even in two thousand and six they spent over a million dollars the cia did or national endowment for democracy which is the cia's sending money to iran all giving money grants for various groups human rights protests free press and what have you so they've made it into appearing. but this critical approaches which is over price of bread and eggs and butter and what have you. people are fed up with inflation. or their expectations have not been met over the deal that was concluded because the united states failed to talk held its end of the bargain so they're angry so why did the u.s. call an emergency u.n. security council meeting so urgently i mean i'm kind of asking you to go down the rabbit hole here a little bit but i mean is this really a global emergency that the un s c needs to get involved. look it's not as quite frankly there's some of the people of the united states that are questioning this president's fitness for office he's not a rational and to call u.n.
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security council over and over people processing unit process in a different country is just mind boggling i think he wants to use everything he can in his power and prior to this un security has been used by the united states this is an open secret they have contributed to it and behind the scenes they will twist arms to get it be to god we're towns this president trump is doing it out of the open which is a good thing because if anybody did go along with the united states well it would frankly show that's not how decadent they are and they can be bribed easily with is a european country or a smaller country but isn't it you know think about it if it does were a normal man who wouldn't be called as an axiomatic or out of there was a genocide taking place in rwanda and the united states fail to act so it doesn't consider genocide in fact as that time you know that they want trying is calling
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trying to make him a link or. for social media to be less it in one thousand i believe united states had it jabs the radio signals that were developed hauling for genocide. you know how do you have five hundred thousand people will still be alive today but they refused to do that because africa was unimportant to them and you know it was it was it was not worth the money to jam the greatest and save lives but in the case of iran with which america has been accessed we're. going to do a couple of people talk about the crisis is that this freeze the american media here goes into overdrive and they get all excited about it in protest takes the person to talk about inflation in a country to make americans happy while there is much of a happy. let's stop acting irrationally the united nations security council is very important and don't want to. trash support or of i'm always honored to have
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you on our program and hear your thoughts thanks for being with us here on our two international might thank you. but years now turkey's president has taken aim at washington over the conviction of a turkish national in the u.s. and is reportedly now ready to back out of longstanding agreements between the two nations the united states should excuse us but the laws in our bilateral ties and the bilateral accords between us are losing their validity i'm saddened to say this but this is how to be from now on turkish journalist kill each has more on the breakdown in ties. turkish and u.s. relations have been deteriorating again in the last just came after the conviction of a turkish banker and who is in executive of a state owned turkish bank and it came after the testimony of the turkish
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iranian gold trader who is a convict in the united states for evading u.s. sanctions in iran now this whole trial may lead up to thirty years in prison for these comments lately president out of the on the head yet again condemned these actions of the united states and if this is the u.s. understanding of justice then the world is doomed for one thing the u.s. should review its understanding of justice and at the same time strengthen it while the turkish government sees this trial as a u.s. intervention to internal affairs and this is not the first time that the nato allies have terry rating their relationships this bad it has been happening since two thousand and sixteen. in turkey and president of the one sais that this whole trial has been based on made up fabricated evidence that have
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been provided by an islamic cleric whose name is. who also lives in the united states and who is believed to be behind a coup where it is worth bearing in mind that relations between turkey and the u.s. have faced a number of hurdles very strongly against american support for kurdish fighters in syria while washington has refused to extradite for to a girl and who accuses of masterminding the two thousand and sixteen could attempt and in august u.s. authorities charged the president bodyguard with attacking protesters in washington . middle east expert ali risk thinks the turkish leaders the latest words could have much wider consequences this isn't the first time that the president of. iran makes such fiery statements when it comes to something i think yes it's very possible that in the midst of doing all these disagreements with the americans it has responded by through the spring thing with countries like russia and iran but
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you do have this anti uranium iranian atmosphere which is prevailing in washington and so i think that pushes the entire thing anyone who could be associated with being close to iran if you take it from that perspective it could be politically motivated maybe something more important which we could refer to as this downward spiral we have in u.s. ties with the muslim countries in general we already have this mostly muslim anger from the from the street now from politicians washington's relations with pakistan looked to be turning sour as well protests have broken out in islamabad with activists burning american flags importance of donald trump in the pakistani foreign minister says the alliance within the u.s. is over and his country won't be treated as quote a whipping boy it comes after washington suspended its security systems to the country which has long been ally in the fight against terrorism in afghanistan we
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are suspending security assistance security assistance only to pakistan at this time and still the pakistani government takes decisive action against groups including the afghan taliban and the haqqani network we consider them to be destabilizing the region and also targeting u.s. personnel the united states will suspend that kind of security assistance to pakistan donald trump expressed frustration this week at the u.s. having paid billions to pakistan over the decades while also accusing the nation of being a safe haven for terrorists in afghanistan and twitter outburst sparked a furious response from the pakistani foreign minister. now a quick reminder that the u.s. went into afghanistan to remove the taliban back in two thousand and one over twenty four hundred soldiers have been killed since then and about two trillion dollars has been spent in the conflict it's now considered the longest war in u.s. history veteran political analyst and a columnist well he. says trump's pakistan move is an attempt to shift blame for
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a failed war since all the pressure tactics because when united states is completely fair enough so it's the time and they are finding some lame excuses to put the responsibility. on pakistan but pakistan definitely have a great sacrifices in the water against terrorism and they have lost a lot of people in this what i guess doubt is them the diplomats who don't want to try to invent something is going to be cited by the police and not. so then how things go forward and at this time i think that the united states is going to be alone in afghanistan because they will face many tough times because the taliban is already in afghanistan and the why didn't do the legal sanctions would be distractions. resorts international. is to express your true self an american. part of the western.
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culture our debt is by definition your identity your credit score is who you are and you can buy social media as are doing in china any time you step out of line if you spit on the subway your social media index is degraded and your cost of funds goes higher and you get deeper into. the dropping bombs bring to the chicken or the battle. new socks try to tell you that the beach gossip the tabloids but. that doesn't tell you that you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we all. walk.
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by welcome back this is our two international promise by the french president to move thousands of migrants off the country's streets by the end of two thousand and seventeen is falling flat he had given his word that the homeless would be found shelter but instead many are still living in abysmal conditions facing bitter temperatures and constant police pressure. you year may have begun but for these my quince the problem is still the same ahead is yet another freezing night on the streets of paris. the president said he wanted to resolve the problem by the end of the year it's not resolved in the neighborhood there are another thirty camps which are settled like this and these migrants are seeking asylum and there is a problem with violence between the people who are waiting in the queue at the reception center because they want to be the first whose fault is that. it's not
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the fault of the migrants it's the fault of the system is poorly organized which has posed problems for two years is completely dysfunctional and creates a situation of confrontation and violence people have been injured at the reception office the people are angry at the situation because it continues in the same way and because there is no solution. one of those waiting to find a way off the streets is rafi he's been in france for seven months you look everybody's lips to him he had a very cordial about north fork and we know water but they're worried about you know you know very well your local one hundred one one another one another this is my life you're not. new in three people sleep with me we hear the stories you hear . is this the life you thought you would have moved. across france thousands of migrants a living in similar conditions all hand to mouth some have found shelter in tents
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along the canals and streets of paris others in the metro stations all a just looking for a place to call home in the last two years more than forty thousand migrants have set up camp at chavez metro station. and this is more like a farm it's a reception center where migrants can register. possibly start. every day he sighs and says like this base just simply won't cope with the demands despite a pledge that no migrants would be sleeping rough and she wasn't in seventeen president has failed to keep his promise and my colleagues across the country see no end in sight to their suffering.
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well according to the latest data more than one hundred seventy thousand migrants made it to europe by crossing the mediterranean in two thousand and seventeen and france is not the only country where there is discord over how to deal with the new arrivals right wing vice chancellor recently suggested that military housing might provide a solution. maybe we could use. this notion was considering it was just going to extend. should we have a curfew for every micro return to the barracks. that was the austrian vice chancellor and the right wing populist danish people's party has gone even further it wants a ban on new mosques in certain areas and a curfew on young people in what they call ghettos. we consulted an austrian lawmaker and a professor of political science at a vienna university for their views on the proposal this issue is really clearly inhuman it's against their human rights and it's really not a suggestion that someone should think about it and it doesn't help for the
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integration of these people because as long as they were mixed with the people learning the language and their children going to attending the same schools that would be there the right political issue of how to deal with these people not just present them. in an official place it's mainly. about control and about take them out of society really have some european states which would not take any asylum seekers and. my guidance and debate now with the european union to sanction those countries so they call it a system does not even. the french president's decision to seek new legislation to battle so-called fake news has resulted in an unexpected backlash with a spike in the satirical fake stories suddenly appearing online people angered by the proposed law have started posting under the hash tag invent your fake news this
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week for example suggests that a man who micron's twitter account has been suspended in another market the idea that the government can offer new innovative solutions to a number of crises one tweet even said it was micron's old opponent who in fact was elected president last year. the french president unveiled his plans to journalists in paris on wednesday claiming the country has to protect itself from any outside interference while the people we spoke to in the capital believe that it should not be up to macron to decide what is fake and what is not possible i will say that the first ones who make fake news are the presidential candidates who do not keep their promises this is the real fake news that should be banned who will take care of it is there going to be an anti there or something said through this door here is it not to the press of little since we go more and more in this direction we forbid everything we are prevented from thinking so much that we no longer know how to think for ourselves. for the moment almost always come back to george orwell's
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novel nineteen eighty-four with the ministry of misinformation i really feel like we're ready and the people outside of. french politicians though i have expressed support for my crohn's move saying that fighting fake news is a way to protect a democracy and a method to help promote critical thinking and the french minister of culture has also thrown her backing behind a proposed law saying that the idea is not about limiting freedom of expression but fighting propaganda earlier we spoke to a france based political analyst says we have access to enough information to debunk fake news without the government's help. this is anti constitutional don't forget that in france the declaration of the rights of man of the citizen says that freedom of speech is one of man's most precious rights forcefully when mr maher crawls speaks about fake news he is targeting a social network he's targeting free speech on the internet i mean if this really was. about a law condemning fake news then he should start and he was talking to the dryness
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where he should start talking to the journalist a french mainstream media who spread for a fake news on a daily basis and he didn't do that why because a lot of these french mainstream media belong to all the guards who are mr michael's friend and who put him in power p. everybody has to be able to express themselves and don't forget that we have never had so much access to information today when there is fake news if people are old enough to vote been there and to understand the politics of france or the world today then they're old enough to get the information to debunk fake news themselves and they don't need a big brother to do that for them that does it for me thirty three minutes until i'm back at the top of the hour with more news you are watching at international.
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hello my name is peter and i've been living in russia now for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've gotten through time. when you're going to get that. i don't you just don't know still what you did because if i had sat down. i still did not see the. look.
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with this manufactured incentive to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. the famous merry go round. to ignore middle of the room sick.
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a very warm welcome to the stan callie will show this week which starts on home a club live a poll you'll never walk alone paypal a sat down with a superstar in senegal international side i'm on i to discuss the supercycle team of two thousand and two and his hopes for the tauranga lions at next year's woke up the. the the. the.
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the the the here i am in the outfield dressing room suarez chair all dolled leashed and youngsters like trent alexander on the left in the past the present and the picture of the football club a man now going to the to die is a tauranga lion is a senegalese international and he's very much a superstar here in liverpool but when it saw them on a so do i see that you joined us here on field it's been a little while since i've played there you're doing fantastic stuff now for a little full but it sounded cool and the wilco and african full of lots to cheer about. you played in the olympics and a couple of african cup of nations wallets claim full.


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