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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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uh uh uh. and. our top stories this hour the u.s. is criticized by members of the u.n. security council after washington called an emergency meeting over anti-government protests in iran also to come we speak to journalists who has published an illustrated book on daily life in war torn yemen and fire and fury the latest book to expose the private life of donald trump and his time in the white house becomes an instant bestseller.
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so they're welcome coming to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international. now the u.s. is being criticized by some of its partners for calling an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council over antigovernment protests in iran america which fully backed the armrest requested an international response it reports now the meeting opened with nikki haley she is the representative of the united states and she voiced strong support for the iranian protesters calling them courageous talking about the usa quote standing in solidarity with the iranian protests she also went on a tirade against the iranian government the united states stands unapologetically with those in iran who seek freedom for themselves prosperity for their families and dignity for their nation we will not be quiet no dishonest attempt to call the protesters. puppets of foreign powers will change that if the founding principles
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of this institution mean anything we will not only hear their cry we will finally answer it we then heard from the representative of france and france is a country that generally agrees with the united states in u.n. security council proceedings however he talked about how this is really an internal matter in iran. we must be wary of any attempt to exploit this crisis for personal lands which would lead to an outcome diametrically opposite to that which is desired change in iran will not come from the outside it will come from the iranian people them so the russian representative question why this meeting was taking place and why it was probably not a good idea for foreign countries to be escalating and promoting unrest in iran the chimps to show up to why did the u.s. call for an emergency meeting if the political situation in iran has stabilized we
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should think washington in this case since america's energetic can provoke could have messages to the arena and people that have brought them closer together in their anti-american feelings and we get the impression that some logically unexplainable allergies are keeping the us blind which to a rational evaluation of what is happening in the country they simply want to believe what they're seeing is true. now the iranian representative he talked about how iran is a democratic country in his view and argued that people in iran do have the right to protest however they don't have the right to do so violently and pointed to the usa being involved in a fomenting these acts of violence in the meeting kind of ended on conclusively so people are wondering exactly what came out of the meeting why did this meeting take place and people are wondering exactly what will happen next as we continue to hear support for these protests in iran by the leaders of the united states. and reporting their. the iranian foreign minister reacted to the outcome of the meeting
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in a tweet calling it quote a foreign policy blunder by the trumpet ministration meanwhile america's top diplomat is being quizzed over washington support for the iranian protests. you've said that you want to support quote. elements in the country that will lead to a peaceful transition of government that sounds like regime change or through the iranian people have suffered under this regime we do not support crucial. power but we do support a peaceful transition of power but we discuss the security council meeting with the independent writers that i support alric and she believes the u.s. has abused the purpose of the organization. what the united states is going to do an actual security council meeting should be offensive to all members not just u.n. security council members and all u.n. members they're making a mockery of the united states and the white house and all their lives in the
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process. certainly ignored every other normal. process plays and more often than not there is good reason. as well anywhere else in the world if there is violence in the early voting process this have not been perfect it like any other country iran will react and it definitely is an internal issue. now the u.n. has allocated an unprecedented fifty million dollars to try and combat the humanitarian crisis in yemen and it's not only organizations either that are trying to help the country in the talian journalists for example has become part of the drive publishing and illustrated book showing scenes of daily life and traditions in yemen.
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well the book here does speak to many aspects of traditional yemeni society but apart from that it also touches on the civil war and saudi intervention as well as the problems of terrorism the author explained her inspiration there haim of the book the yemeni bride is sort tracked their audience and especially also young people too to yemen some of them they don't know exactly where yemen who is in them up some of them they heard about yemen all the buying news but yemen is a country you need to know from inside and what we decided to do with this book is also to tell good stories about cook system so people inside the country we wish
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had to tell something for example about the reason why terri's middle cards are spread around the country or why some part of al qaeda target into high seas for example in yemen and you can tell there's also an specially led the people seeing where the drawings what i so as a witness. well the civil war which broke out back in twenty fifteen has claimed over ten thousand lives become trees economy has been left in ruins and according to u.n. estimates some twenty two million people do need humanitarian assistance with more than eight million close to starvation the population is suffering not only to the from saudi airstrikes but also severe food shortages and also breaks of cholera and of the diseases here's the book sort of again. yemen is that i think because this war is not so fast but grew in a way that people are really in
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a siege then they are dying if they don't like for bombs of clashes that died because of the date because among oration and die because they then who they will have access to good war there and also because of the bomb being from the coalition from one side and because of the clashes between leashes and the dogs or who the militias from the outside sadly what's happening right now. is something that will destroy generations they are forced to participate in the war. to fight in the front line all their hopes are destroyed because they don't see any future. the jewish community in france as it is facing increased levels of violence and some fear to you the situation could get worse after trump's recognition of
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jerusalem as the capital of israel charlie dubinsky has the story. same song used to be a whole lot of the jewish community in france but it's a hot that's no longer beating french jews fleeing the paris suburbs to escape a royce in anti semitism. i was viciously attacked with a machete by an individual because i'm jewish. every day we are attacked they enjoy it. radical islamists stuck a knife in my chest i'm very scared for my family and myself. i'm scared of going outside and showing my face i'm forced to wear a camp every day to hide my keeper. not all of these attacks made the headlines and according to one jewish organization they're just the tip of the iceberg every day people that every day there are people that. we
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can be worlds and we don't mind but when we are hurt by a knife. you can be. many families have decided to quit from all together jews started leaving the country in record numbers back in two thousand and fifteen following a terror attack on a cruise ship supermarket in paris. if you are. in two thousand and fifteen almost eight thousand jews left france in two thousand and sixteen another five thousand flights and over the last decade more than forty thousand have packed their banks that's almost ten percent of the jewish population in france in few of the kids.
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know in france. and there is also a problem in europe there are almost no juvenile that all living through it's terrible that we think when they see that europe is continuing this what. i wore last month france's prime minister a good knowledge of the scale of the problem in our country anti semitism is alive it is not new it is ancient it is not superficial it is well rooted and it is alive and it hides always behind new mosques attempts to justify itself through diverse reasons that statement just came a few days off the donald trump made the explosive decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel a decision triggering anti israel protests across europe and laying the ground for more semantic attacks.
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even ski r.t. sen song dinny. now the latest explosive tell tale book about donald trump a shot to the top of the bestsellers list fire and fury claims to reveal who the president really is someone it's like to be on his team. we've got a book to talk about here it is and all of gossipy details drops rambling and it's alarming repetitions had significantly increased he was no more than seventy literate when he has to be in the white house they took him into bed at six thirty is not mentally fit you can do the job running a dog. moron. he should not be president he's not going to make it he said he's lost is stuff of the book also quotes the former senior advisor to the us president steve bannon he was one of many people who left the white house last year
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and here are just some of the claims in the book to it's written that found the white house scary and ordered additional t.v. screens and a lock on his bedroom door it says it was the u.s. leader himself who is behind the leaks of personal information to the trump enjoys eating cheeseburgers embed it takes a look at why the book is proven to be so popular. readers have been promised an inside look into the q.c.'s scandals of the trumpet ministration and liberals all over the country have flocked to bookstores to get their hands on a copy and president trump's lawyers even tried to block the book's publication which made it even more sought after so in this small bookshop we're talking record numbers they had eighty four copies just this morning and they were sold out within six minutes and yes people came out in the freezing cold to get their copy of fire in theory inside the trump white house has been the book of the day the question of the day i mean just says it's all we're doing and it has been
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a lot of fun really hectic all the phone calls people in the store had someone compared to almost like harry potter level like a new release crazy like it has been that fun and that hectic so why is it flying off the shelves if you're looking to confirm you're already in a bias this is the book you want to read i'm not a fan of the president at all i just want to find out what's in it and sort of satisfy my curiosity you know it's. tough for us booksellers to get a copy but as soon as i can we will be giving you a lead however the authors reliability has been questioned and several claims in the book have already been dismissed as false our position is very clear that we think it is full of false and fake information but who cares if the claims in the book are true or not fire and fury will stay in the headlines as long as it protrudes trump in a negative light but with all the excitement surrounding the book everyone seems to have forgotten the last time this happened the infamous trumped us year that's now practically synonymous with fake news but also fair in times of war well at least
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in the media war against trump samia khan r t washington d.c. and media and legal analyst line want to tell us why he thinks the book has become a favorite of the mainstream media. nobody cares except the people in the mainstream media who can now focus on it they don't have to do any research they don't have to do any heavy lifting all they have to do is pick out the particulars portions that they like it's a rehash of the same story it's not substantive it doesn't deal with any of the problems that really affect the country or the world it's easy it's easy to digest low hanging fruit it's perfect for them what effect is it going to have absolutely nothing the people who hate dr hate him the people who love drum love him now these going to change. still to come.
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we've got the details just off the. wrong.
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welcome back now the french president here is facing an unexpected backlash after his announcement to tackle the spread of fake news for the surge in satirical fake stories now appearing online while people angered by the law have started posting under the hash tag invention or fake news that this tweet for example to suggest that matt crohn's twitter account has been suspended another mocks the idea that the government can offer innovative solutions to a number of crises and one tweet here even said it was microns old rival he was
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elected president last year the french president unveiled his plan to tackle fake news on wednesday claiming it will protect the country from outside interference but was too much between fake news machines and the professional media we run the risk of losing the truth the barriers have been destroyed presidential campaigns and almost all modern democracies have displayed their weakness and our collective failure to come up with a response to all the people we spoke to in paris believe it's not up to macro to decide what is fake and what isn't plus i will say that the first ones who make fake news are the presidential candidates who do not keep their promises this is the real fake news that should be banned who will take care of it is there going to be a man to fake news bravura or something said through this door here is it not to press a floor since we got more and more in this direction we forbid everything we're prevented from thinking so much that we're no longer know how to think for ourselves. the film almost always come back to george orwell's novel nineteen
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eighty-four with the ministry of misinformation i really feel like will ready for that and the people outside of. french politicians though have expressed support for micron's move saying that fighting fake news is a way to protect democracy and also a method to help promote critical thinking the french minister of culture is also thrown her backing behind the proposed law saying that the idea is not about limiting freedom of expression but about fighting propaganda we spoke to a political analyst based in france he does think that people there can debug fake news without the government's help this is anti constitutional don't forget that in france the decoration or the rights of man or the citizen says that freedom of speech is one of man's most precious rights on for sure when mr martin speaks about fake news he is targeting a social network if this really was. about a law condemning fake news then pew should start and he was talking to the dryness
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where you should start talking to the journalist or french mainstream media we have never had so much access to information today when there is peak news if people are old enough to vote then there and to understand the politics of france or the world today then there are all the nerve to get the information to debunk fick news themselves and they don't need a big brother to do that for them. now the roller coaster ride for big calling seems to be on the way or path to a near forty percent slump recently and is currently around the sixteen thousand dollar mark after highs of about twenty thousand last year so here's a quick reminder of the journey safer. bitcoin has hit a financial milestone not reached in almost four centuries it's taken over the title of biggest bubble in history for what was known as chile mania in the netherlands. value has surged by around sixty times in the last three years that's
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considerably faster than chili dogs in the seventeenth century which were at one point worth ten years of a skilled craftsman turning back then prices were driven by greed or a fear of missing out but as more people bought into the bulbs for quick profits a flurry of sales collapsed the price and left many with crippling debts cohen is being called the digital of the twenty first century is the same pattern emerges that fear of missing out in new investors piling in critics say the perceived value of the currency like that surely is being counted out of thin air at the ever growing army of bitcoin believers say it's here to stay operational market in full flow around the clock a new places all over the world ready to accept the crypto currency as payment even a church in london is happy to accept donations of the virtual kind with the size of the bitcoin market already surpassing some countries economies new zealand
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included influential banks are being left behind but as history shows us is usually followed by bust so we bitcoin about to wilt despite the fear though some people have struck it lucky and pretty rich too with this virtual currency the internet entrepreneurs that will cost brothers here they're currently billionaires because a big calling this youngster a teenager is now a millionaire after investing a small sum from his grandmother just a few years ago and the man who is said to be behind big oil he reportedly held something like seventeen billion dollars worth not bad but it's not been plain sailing for everybody in fact there are quite a few sob stories too we can have a look at some of them a man threw away thousands have been calling when his hard drive. broke back in two thousand and thirteen thinking they were worthless a very costly mistake then there was a man who paid ten thousand big korean for two pieces a few years ago another costly purchase and then this man was jailed for money
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laundering after he sold his big calling to a person involved in illegal drugs well for more now on the pros and cons neil harvey was joined by two heavy hitters in the field. i am sure that it all in fact is probably the biggest bubble i've ever seen in my career as an investor and i've seen quite a few bubbles and i'm familiar with the psychology that surrounds them you know big quiet it took a rocket ship up and it's going to come down even faster because it is not a bubble bricklin actually is the pin that's the pin that's popping the legacy financial systems bubble. over a printing of money. over valuation of a stock the beauty of it the supporters say stay centralized it's everything that you know the vid quite itself is not to take knology could be the reward but you don't need to have a block chain there are all these other cryptocurrency is that have block chains and they don't use big corn and you can use block change for anything what about
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the fido in a consensus the logic is the only one that large is the largest block sort of the only one that matters the one that does the most no it doesn't the most people the right is the one that's most trustworthy you know the small if you have a block in your pocket and not have all but a sense of model algorithm work meaning you don't have any minors and you don't have any consensus that doesn't mean a thing that's a really really slow data and that's what it is but what is it what is the value what is the inherent value of a bit coy what it what can you do with a bit quiet to make it worth seventeen thousand dollars if i have one big point what can i use it for what can i do with it you could buy anything as a matter of fact i could buy gold at this got i got a pack full dot com and i could buy gold at this guy go buy gold at sixty percent off with the situation where now dangerous is that you know what people are getting and spending savings on but look it is very dangerous that it is terry you think they're going to get rich quick because right now the only reason that people are
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buying big quote is because the prices going up and what it turns around that they're going to be selling it for the same reason. not finally you meant to be fighting faith in the the soldiers from spain behind me here fighting fans because they've been put on a crash diet after the military feed that they would damage their units reputation by being at the same portly. i think it's. safe. to. say. he.
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has ended up in a situation that requires a series of measures to reduce excess weight among its personnel. since. he. has shipped. thanks i guess. he or he. and he he. says . we wish them luck that's how things are looking so far today here in r.t. we're back with more at the top of the act.
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i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat some where i would sleep. i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london well you know . i thought the other boy like. you know just not in the still give up food for the over the. years. that you don't really feel like a human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave me his go this book.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well he's a little bit different i'm honest everyone can find i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans at home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see you than. kaiser this is the kaiser report happy orthodox christmas you know a lot of people en masse are shopping over the holidays and apparently they're suffering a big debt over oh it was. yes of course it's an orthodox christmas today and that's why you look like a christmas present there. if you take the hat off. because that is not a new shank and i want to bring that up because moscow today while we record this thirty six degrees raleigh where we are is twenty three degrees and this isn't
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fahrenheit and this should be the case we should not be having a polar vortex is or more to seas or whatever however you plural are tied yeah the vortex well we should know how that is we don't have because here we're not allowed to show that big for the wear in moscow if there is warm yeah brain cogitating this is great flipping the must go lotion should look good you know moscow has become a tropical new york's become in moscow and then it's freezing up there it's warm over there is part of this vortex in new age you mentioned flipping of course that is a term that has been used in the cryptocurrency community everybody is waiting for easter or a theory and the other currencies to overtake bitcoin over the christmas and new year holidays. did as a share of the percentage of the overall cryptocurrency market fall to an all time low and that was on the news that a theory in.


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