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the u.s. says it will spend one hundred fifty million dollars rebuilding iraq the cities devastated by the war in islamic states was quite how much the pentagon has requested for military operations there this year. and germany rejects the deportation of a turkish geologist who supported extremists in syria. almost up he could be released as early as next year. considering outside help to resolve the case. we could be chiefs been holed up in the country's london embassy for almost five and half years.
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the live from moscow with me. for a walk with us on the program now the u.s. embassy in iraq has announced one hundred fifty million dollars is to be spent rebuilding cities left devastated in the war on islamic state that's only a fraction of what the u.s. has earmarked for its continued military operations there. has more on the story what does this look like to you mad mad. resident evil no this is mosul or rather what's left of it quote a sea of thousands of air strikes we filmed this a few weeks ago and nothing's really changed from when we were there last this is what the aftermath of a classic strike in mosul look like neighborhoods that numbered in the thousands it's been reduced to a handful. the iraqi army and the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave
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a square meter and scorched earth it took of precision i haven't seen a single house and one still untouched by fighting the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look cities and towns that house medians a devastated husks even now in mosul you are never far from the stench of rotting bodies or unexploded bombs help reconstruction no one seen any of that module be it the. way i did they enter a little when it was two and it will. do a minute. she's a little hungry i'll get a lot of you know she be going to school in the citizen not. what else is there to
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do in mosul watch the servants and distilled down the holocaust and that to mean that if she ever put it to you. as strange the u.s. had pledged to help and do what it's bombs did they're already helping fund reconstruction iraq says it needs one hundred billion dollars to rebuild and the united states has doubled its. to one hundred fifty million dollars or about zero point one percent of what iraq needs and no one seems to have seen any of that but a city in your city if you had mice if you. but you would. all die for. don't want sherman. i love comedy not the shame he had that i would die i should i hadn't this way now my god now one of the magical set had it now adversary. when i fight as i had the
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start of a dallas marco and if that's not file many of us said so whatever the left send a message about that that the numbers are an entirely different leagues what the united states spent on burning isis out of iraq and what the us has pledged to repair the damage it did or entirely in comparable numbers the average cost of a u.s. air strike in iraq at the beginning of the operation very roughly counting fuel flight time cost of bombs made an uncertain military pay was hard for a million dollars for one their strike they carried out fourteen thousand their strikes in iraq alone and after helping turn iraq east cities into this all the complex is one hundred fifty million dollars the equivalent of two mid-sized passenger jets that isn't going to change many lives in iraq.
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and other headlines caught in germany has provoked controller c. off to block the deportation of a turkish your hardest decision is likely it's also give chancellor merkel a headache she continues to struggle to form a coalition charlotte devinsky has more details. well germany's top court has ruled on wednesday that a person cannot be deported back to their country of origin if they face torture or inhumane treatment in that country now turkish court has said that germany would need to have appropriate assurances that neither of those would take place if a person was deported to that country now this case has been highlighted because of a court case brought by a german born turk who was convicted back in two thousand and fifteen of supporting terrorism the man who's thirty years old had traveled to syria and had supported
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a terrorist organization in the country including giving funds to that terrorist organization where he received a three and a half year sentence for doing so here in germany but in two thousand and sixteen he was threatened with deportation back to turkey and he decided to appeal that threat and take it to the court system here in this country now he had support from groups such as amnesty who said that if he was deported to turkey because he had links to a terror organization he could be tortured or abused and that man has two thirds of his sentence left to serve and could be released within the next year and that is highly controversial here in germany because many people fear that he could potentially be a terror threat in the future. more
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moderate liberal liberal germany. whole. polls and people think your. idea of the dick of occasional. i'm afraid of the future and germany of course is no. stranger to terror attacks the country's been on high alert since the christmas market attack in december two thousand and sixteen which killed twelve people and injured dozens others in just weeks after that christmas markets attack the german interior minister called for such deportations in cases like this but this ruling could spoke in the wheel of those with anybody now able to claim that if they deported back to their country of origin they could face inhumane treatment or torture and the ruling comes amid merkel's ongoing struggle to form a government following the election in september which also failed to create
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a coalition with minor parties who's now conducting movie asians with the leader of the social democrats that's martin schulz previously of course refused to make any offer we spoke to publicist and former german intelligence officer roy in a rope he believes the controversial ruling to keep a potential terrorist in the country may further split the parties. this thing is. a few on the fire or anyone and it's not only the. close. to the christian democrats who voted to have. criminals be portrayed as a new ruling or federal constitutional court to not be received for this group pleasure the public at large. are pushing to resolve the case of zillion songe the wiki leaks chief has been holed up in the country's london embassy for more than five years for his arrest if you attempt to leave now it
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could also foreign minister says his country may seek outside help ortiz or smith has more so the ecuadorian foreign minister has come out and called the situation of our sons' living in the embassy here in london unsustainable when a person can't live in those conditions. we're considering the option of mediation . of that but that could be done virus that country or individual. no solution is possible without international corporations or without that if the u.k. which has expressed interest in finding more in terms of the u.k. expressing interest in finding a way out the government here has reacted and it's pretty obvious weight says that the government of ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is to have julian assange as leave the embassy and face justice for their part sounds his legal team have welcomed this new initiative they're saying if the u.k. wishes to show that it's a nation that respects its human rights obligations and its commitments to the
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united nations then it should. walk free and when they refer to the united nations they're talking to about a two thousand and sixteen ruling by the organization that was being held in all the detention meanwhile the media here is speculating that what. really wants is to push a song out of the embassy to get rid of him in september he tweeted in support of the catalan separatist movement the ecuadorian president tweeted in response saying that should keep his nose out of the business of its allies if marina wants to get my reporting on human rights abuses and speed you should see so explicitly together with the legal basis there are other issues at play here as well several days ago the ecuadorian foreign minister also said that our soldiers health situation is very delicate she added that he is receiving medical help but there is only a certain amount of help that he can receive from inside the embassy she reconfirm
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though that ecuador is guaranteeing his protection he has been living in the embassy in knightsbridge here in london for five and a half years now since two thousand and twelve and there have been several key moments during that time not to the least of which was last year when swedish prosecutors said that they were dropping investigation into rape allegations that he had faced the people thought possibly that he would then be able to leave the embassy but the police here reiterated that if he does set foot outside the embassy he will be arrested for being in breach of his original bail conditions and wiki leaks has always voiced fears that he would then be requested for extradition by the united states several months ago ecuador and officials said that they were going to call on the u.k. to guarantee him safe passage to ecuador but that's something that the u.k. as we've just heard doesn't seem to be any closer to doing so for now despite this little bit of movement on his fate still hangs very much in the balance and it's very unclear who or which country might step forward and offer to be that mediator
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. oh in the meantime people are still puzzled over a cryptic new year message just songs left on twitter a seemingly indecipherable code and a link to a popular rap song since then he's gone silent that's generated plenty of debate about what to tweet could've actually meant.
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lower songs as opposed to anything since then he has made a money change his account as you can see there he's out of a small. to his name what could only. the u.k. government's rejected calls for a better system of checks and balances to prevent future prime ministers making the same mistakes as tony blair did over iraq a special committee argued stricter investigations should be carried out before entering the country into any conflict and inquiry into the war known as the chilcote reports led to the establishment of the u.k.'s national security council it deals with all national security issues accordant its the activities of the intelligence services and formulates defense strategy or chilcote reports was published in twenty sixteen ruled the u.k.'s military action in iraq was not
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a last resort the iraqi leader saddam hussein didn't represent an urgent threat and there was no on the novel evidence of weapons of mass destruction being used by the iraqi government lindsey german from a stop the war coalition believes it's easy for the u.k. m.p.'s to vote for war but much harder for them to deal with the consequences chilcote was meant to change the whole way in which these decisions were made it hasn't been implemented that hasn't been taken are that we are going to get another episode like we've had with this government just like the blair government doesn't want to be constrained by anybody the decision to go to war can be taken by a tiny clique of people around the prime minister with very little democratic accountability and of course it's very very easy for these m.p.'s to vote for war it's much much harder to deal with the consequences of war as we've seen in iraq and as we as we're still seeing in afghanistan and libya we know that to raise them i find domestic circumstance you very very difficult indeed more these e.v.a.'s for
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governments like this than to say well ok we have an enemy abroad and to bolster the case for war. i still to come on r.t. a controversial recording involving benjamin netanyahu son is leaked to the press the full details after this short break.
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but politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some have wanted. to do like to be close it's like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. should. all come out to international pressure is mounting on the israeli prime minister off for a controversial recording involving his son video year was leaked to the press benjamin netanyahu is lawyers reportedly tried to prevent the taping board cost on local television. forgive me if. you're
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coming over because. i'm watching. and recording as you heard reportedly made it twenty fifteen year you can be heard chatting to the son of israeli guest tycoon corby my man outside a strip club called me my money is a shareholder at a gas company that allegedly benefited from a controversial twenty fifteen law on natural gas drilling rights legislation concerned to huge newly discovered gas fields off israel's coast it essentially gave corporations control over development solve the deposits with the government arguing it would stimulate investment critics slam the proposal as corrupt giving too much power to corporations and demanded nationalization of the deposits following the release of the controversial video netanyahu denied any knowledge of
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the plants saying his convert conversation was nothing more than a drunken joke i regret the remarks and apologize if anyone was hurt by them in addition the things i said to my mind were a dumb joke and joking around with him as anyone could tell prime minister netanyahu is already being investigated in two separate corruption cases the allegations include receiving bribes and negotiating favorable media coverage the prime minister strongly denies all accusations but in the meantime he's pushing for a special immunity law that could allow him to avoid prosecution we discussed the latest controversy surrounding the family with regional analysts. it looks really bad for the prime minister and it doesn't look like you know someone who wants to be a leader of the country to have his son running around in a government vehicle doing things you know don't look so complimentary and it's not the kind of why that the prime minister would want to do whether it's a danger to the prime minister or undermines no i mean it's
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a self undermining thing and the reason he did it is because it looks bad but you know we're in a democratic country and as long as. he's living in the prime minister's residence i may have to answer some questions this is not the first case that we are speaking about corruption in the family of binyamin netanyahu as the prime minister of israel these were you may lead to that would draw all of confidence and that's the main threat. that's why they're trying as a family to play with words showing that it's not. a fact but it was just a matter of a guy who was hanging around with his brains and he was just chatting about different things but this is not the matter of fact. cinesias been involved in gulf violent protests with thousands running against rising prices unemployment tax hikes police used tear gas against the crowds after people started burning tires
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and hurling stones at least one protester was apparently killed the unrest are up to around the same time as similar demonstrations in iran unlike the situation there though it's gone largely unnoticed artie's paula has more. well these protests intern is here started after the new year and they came in reaction to that a new zealand government introducing a new budget plan for two thousand and eight that included amongst other things a rise in fuel prices and tax hikes the response from the trinity and street was one of anger and what we've seen is protests taking place in several dozen cities around the country with the result that one person has been killed and several people have been injured now it is familiar to protests happening in another country namely iran what you're saying we have here are two countries with protests taking place on the street by people who are unhappy with the economic situation.
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the root of it is just a canard it's the problem of youth unemployment i personally haven't been able to find a job for a long time but if people have a job they don't have any problem with the government about the demands of the following to spend the twenty eighteen film in slow return to the original prices of goods and high of one member from every poor family these are in short see a. rise in petrol prices this time is huge we have a lot of privilege and have to pay a lot of fines it's only acceptable that we pay for this government's mistakes. but we are protesting here because of how bryce's and employment we were the growth in these and we have been subjected to violence by security agents now the two mr prime minister has said that there is no place for violence and the sentiments echo the words that we used by iran's leader what happened yesterday is a violation of the law since a state of emergency has been declared in tunisia these protests are the result of
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operations that aim to review social unrest that we are a free nation and according to the constitution and human rights the people are absolutely free to criticize the government and even protest with the. protests should be in such a way as to aim to improve the situation in the country we the government will definitely not tolerate some protesters who want to destroy public property will disrupt public discipline and create turmoil in society western leaders for example the french president or crown and the e.u. high represent mahoney were quick to condemn the ukrainian protests even have the american president donald trump calling for regime change iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the bammer ministration the great iranian people have been repressed for many years they are hungry for food and for freedom along with human rights the wealth of iran is being looted time for change
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but when it comes to the current protests that are taking place in tunisia while here they have kept mum and now it might be that to near zero was the first country back in two thousand and eleven at the start of the arab spring to ask a dictator in a move that was widely akun by the western world as being one of the democratic change but since then there have been no less than my own government in place intern israel all of whom have been unable to get a handle on the economic situation the question of course is whether or not we'll see these cause for regime change and condemnation and criticism against tunisia like we've seen for example against him when. we spoke to a sociology professor so you decide to keep believes iran is getting the attention over to me as it's the only one viewed as an adverse or tunisia is on the minute the media it's a small country not many people know about that in american society. who
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many in america have been the enemy i mean i mean and the major obstacle for american policy in the middle east since it's the volution one hundred seventy nine in their case all to you are very happy to look at any small detail that happens in a small book this to include that in the media who look as if this is the end of the regime and the front porch in covering. this. so headlines from us for the saudi you can check out more all stories of course on our website called want to take a look at our social media as well be back in about thirty five minutes with more global headlines.
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a cursory glance at the media environment could easily give you the impression that the vast majority of journalists studied psychology at university so many are convinced donald trump is not mentally fit to be president or the same journalist suffering from the rape and syndrome. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turns some countries into pegs these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation or. even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work it makes millions of people very unhappy ploy to see their wages decline. decade how good are the results. the. mean.
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while the same measure is still in place. is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision. unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you've reported. or may have been involved in that they become scared you instead of being scared of the perpetrator.
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reading. who knocked me over with a chainsaw watchers because despite all the ranting raving and twitter tough guy talk that we've had to endure since kim jong un and us president trump first started their biggest bully on the block routine the a lympics of all things may just bring us a first step closer to peace on the korean peninsula since the reopening of a d.m.z. crossing hotline between the governments of north and south korea just after the new year the new york times is now reporting that in talks held at the border village negotiators quickly accepted south korea's request to send a large delegation to the winter olympics and that south korea also suggested that the two korean teams marched together during the opening ceremony of the olympics and and with that simplest of geo political maneuvers you know actually talking with their neighbor north and south korea's new diplomacy can only be considered a
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a blow to the trumpet neo liberal foreign policy agenda of fear war profits and empire. and i kid you not as bizarre as this sounds this break in the usual war rhetoric has even brought whispers that trump could turn this into his very own version of the historic nixon china reapproach movie. so hawk watchers is this indeed a breakthrough for peace on the korean peninsula or just an olympic pause in the beating drums towards another world war let's find out by watching the hawks. with. the buttocks if you. like you know that i got. this.
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week's. welcome everybody to watching the hawks i am i robot to run joining us today to discuss all things trump and north korea's conservative commentator author radio show host a man of many trades and talent steve malzberg thank you steve for coming out. thanks for having tear up the sheet it so steve what is your take on north korea's talks with south korea over the upcoming winter olympics is this actually going to cool down tensions in that part of the world. no not in the long run i think this is very calculated by kim joan i think we should look at the statement today that came out of the talks the south korean representative said that denuclearization of the region was discussed when the north korean representative heard that he said he shouldn't have said that and then he made it perfectly clear we have no none of our major weapons nuclear weapons atomic weapons i c b s nothing
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aimed at japan or south korea only aimed at the united states and i think that's what this is all about that was the message and that's a very telling message and that's was very interesting because it seems to me the you know kim jong room in his government you know kind of making these inroads into south korea you know releasing a spate of saying look we're only really concerned about the united states our weapons are only pointed in that direction does not help him kind of paint the united states you know as the aggressor which if you follow the twitter wars we we are coming across as an aggressor as as they are well i respectfully disagree i don't think we're come.


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