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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 11, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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it's very hard to say your feel for mr zuckerberg after i do i don't know how to i don't you know i don't know how to fix it well anyway we have to live in the area really really appreciate your time with us please share your comments on our twitter facebook and youtube page just i hope to see you again same place same time here i was a part. of . what politicians do you should. be put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. want to be rich.
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to do like to be first that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. there soon. ecuador grant citizenship to wiki leaks chief julian assange street's been holed up in the country's embassy in london for more than five years. also this hour an undercover reporter just twitter by a certain undesirable uses and said this is political content that it doesn't like . president putin talks korea saying the only chance to persuade kim jong un to giving up his nukes would be through security guarantees.
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to r.t. international are watching live from moscow with me daniel hawkins rev you are tonight you're very welcome on the program. as you do in a song that has been granted citizenship by a quid or a country that has been hosting him and its embassy in london since twenty twelve after he requested political asylum and as a spiritual couldn't explain this morning what the motive means for the we can exchange unfortunately for julian assange continues to be quite complicated as this long winded saga continues if you remember the rumors were spread last night following him tweeting a picture of himself wearing a t. shirt with the ecuadorian national colors stirring lots and lots of rumors online and in the press about the possibility of him potentially having received ecuadorian citizenship now and tonight we have got a confirmation of this here is what the ecuadorian foreign minister had to say. this naturalization was granted on the twelfth of december twenty seventeen the
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ecuadorian government is empowered to grant nationality status to the protected person the big question remains what happens in terms of the british officials reactions who have been clear over and over again that if he does walk out of the embassy they would still arrest him because of him having breached his bail. conditions at the time of when he initially went into the embassy obviously the biggest fear for julian assange continues to be possible extradition to the u.s. where of course he is wanted for all the work that we can leaks have been doing in terms of exposing the actions of the american government we do know that ecuadorian officials have requested that britain allow for julian assange to have diplomatic immunity or diplomatic status and this has been a big no from the u.k. who said they're not going to go ahead with this kind of plan we did hear from the officials of ecuador that they're going to continue and have been negotiating with britain still to try to find a solution as we know also the foreign minister has said that the situation with julian assange has become unsustainable and it's time to move his case along now we
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here at our team have spoken to the people in ecuador about what they think of his case let's take a look at them with your level of it because he does need human rights support and i think that's what the government will give him there is also a health issue because we know he's enclosed in a very small space there are many things that cross my mind is he healthy enough to stay there. to the muslim middle of the streets to use a refugee policy and supports him in this way. all of this of course despite the fact that the initial case carried out by sweden and followed by sweden in terms of sexual allegations made against him has been dropped so the reaction there would be that that would potentially open the gate for him to have more freedom ability in this whole case but that hasn't happened obviously of course we saw what is such as the united nations say that has been holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy here in london could be seen as arbitrary detention so certainly it's
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a very complicated case of course that has been going on for years and years but it seems that this is a step forward so we're going to have to wait and see whether this particular latest step ends up leading anywhere we discussed what the options could be for a songs with george bob kerrey political activist and social justice campaigner he thinks the political stakes for the u.k. will outweigh any legal masses. one. would think that from want to. know what you should. think that what. the u.k. authorities would arrest him apparently is for breaking bad conditions for the charges in terms of the case in sweden has now been dropped. saluki maybe there will be an extradition attempt and as various kind of international bodies have found when they've looked into it the chance of julius and getting
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a free and fair trial in the us. minimal with the robert miller investigation and the allegations about collusion between the trunk campaign and wiki leaks there's obviously. a sort of politicize ation element potentially around this case with bricks it looming in the u.k. obviously once. positive treatment from the u.s. as it leaves europe and in terms of potential trade deal you know so there are concerns obviously that this will this will be treated politically rather than legally. now if you don't receive many read tweets on twitter that could be because the social network censoring you by imposing a so-called shadow ban the move has come to light in the latest undercover investigation by project veritas one. that. shall. be from want to. know what
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you should. think that you want to. know what. over the group behind the revelations has quite a controversial reputation as well it's been accused of getting information and infiltrating organizations under false pretenses project veritas has also been criticized for heavy editing to deliver its point its founder james o'keefe is a conservative political activist some say he's not ashamed to push for political bias. well for more details on this report let's cross live to some cause what else do we know so far some are pretty startling revelations here if they are of course true. yes well the social media giant has presented itself as politically neutral but project veritas seems to revealed otherwise according to several employees who've been caught on camera twitter regulates its content by controlling what its users can see on their feet now one of twitter's policy managers says that the company is currently developing
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a system that down ranks controversial users and another employee says twitter is trying to ban a certain way of talking online let's take a look. so they're going to go. through the things that. we've seen and you know. it's good to see them in the mindset to. believe. twitter can also apparently dig into its users profiles and conversation history to figure out their political leanings and then determine whether or not they should be banned and another issue that came up was julian assange just twitter account and the fact that it was deleted without explanation a couple weeks ago but an employee was asked about it and he did hint at one possible reason. well we can't verify if these are real twitter employees or not and if they are
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they definitely could be lying but we've requested twitter comments on all of this but we haven't heard from them as yet but regardless the whole issue is definitely something to investigate further sure is the recall and then with the latest on that news from twitter. in other headlines the u.s. army's looking for help to access and respond to foreign social media platforms with a system so sophisticated that it can even understand and use slang he discovered. looks into the story now the ad was posted on the web site of government opportunities and it calls for people to work at the request of the u.s. army intelligence and security command and the task they're asking for would be the creation of software that can read social media posts and determine and distinguish the positive from the negative now they're looking for the software to go from there and create replies in the same tone as the original now the software actually
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is requested to include a number of languages among them farsi korean and russian now this is quite interesting in light of the fact that all throughout media allegations have been made that in russia there are troll farms or armies of bots being deployed to influence the united states via social media but this advertisement talking about hiring someone on behalf of at the request of intelligence in the united states it essentially calls and it appears as if the u.s. army is looking to do the same thing the very same thing that russia is accused of doing now we have actually reached out to the pentagon for information about this and clarification about what activities this potential software would be deployed for what kinds of operations and such we have not received a reply. five intelligence officer was shown told them. surprise the u.s. might be willing to develop such software if it hasn't already. the most obvious
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interpretation would be that this is a pushback against the allegations that have been made consistently for the last eighteen months about so-called russian troll forms influencing elections across the west and it's interesting to see that the languages that they're advertising for are the blend which of iran and of course north korea and russia so that would be a bit of a sort of give away about which countries they want to be targeting having said that though the timing is interesting because for sure the west has been running these so-called troll farms against other countries as well for a long time and so are they just trying to expand their operations by developing this new software or are they trying to disingenuously suggest to people that actually have done it before only the big bad russians or big bad chinese have run troll farms and are beginning to develop this software was a big mystery isn't it where those search software would be a threat it's all whether it would be snooping it's one to try and influence
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people's attitudes certain issues of course so that can't potentially be a threat i mean that's what america has been saying about the so-called russian hacking of the american election last year but yes it can be used for snooping too and interestingly it was only a couple weeks ago i think that we can leaks revealed a program. from d.c. h.q. which is the u.k. government communications headquarters are listening post which was actually doing the same sort of trolling and developing the same sort of software between the years two thousand and nine two thousand and ten so britain certainly has been doing exactly the same thing for almost a decade as well. president putin believes the only single way out of the korean crisis is dialogue and i wanted to how hard that may seem the russian leader gave his view while talking to a puddle of russian journalists. was listening carefully thought out of. it seemed like a vicious unbreakable cycle the north launches ballistic missiles the united states
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and south korea respond with ever more frequent war games the north launches another ballistic missile or more war games but this cycle is now on pause and these competition between donald trump and kim jong un well vladimir putin says that there's a clear winner. has definitely won this round he's achieved his strategic goal he's got a nuclear payload a long range missile that can reach any place that he sees as an enemy now he wants to come the situation he's a world grounded and intelligent politician putin was of course also asked about the upcoming presidential elections in russia he was asked what he thought about the fact that there are so many people that want to run as candidates and he said well good the more the more choice that russians will have to express themselves so long as it all happens according to russian law and that there's no outside
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interference so long as russians decide who their next president will be he will also remark that specific countries certain countries love to lecture the world others on how to how to vote and who to vote for yet when the tables are turned and the same countries believe that their elections are being interfered with well they become very irritated which to me a putin says is somewhat of a two faced approach he also talked about resonant topic here in russia the drone attack in syria a drone attack on the russian airbase in the in the port in titus more than a dozen drones were launched from the syrian rebel held in libya these drones carried small bombs and a number of them or shot down by the russians a number of them land. several detonated on impact but those that survived were examined they may have looked simple but that was largely camouflage the russian
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leader said because they're incredibly sophisticated advanced from using satellite guidance to get to their destination to the bomb release mechanisms to how the electronic engineering inside them worked obviously whoever made them had outside help help from someone very experienced and vladimir putin says this technology could now be exploited out of syria and they were provoke a target play that burchett wasn't the turks we know who they are as regard the attacks themselves we have no doubt they'd been well prepared beforehand those drones were made to look makeshift but in actual fact they clearly contain elements that couldn't possibly have been assembled on the ground in syria.


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