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tv   News  RT  January 12, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bazaar. will have to do is mention one name steve bennett well said to be one of the heroes steve bannon is is toast he's dead man he's dead man walking the millionaire donor to breitbart has already withdrawn her fund by barca's keep kick him out he's already apologized to the president he has had a spectacular fall from grace so that's on him but he was one of the heroes well i wouldn't call him a hero i was supportive of donald trump and i think that steve benen had a role in helping him get elected but it was a relatively minor role the primary reason donald trump got elected in my opinion is because most americans were unhappy with the economy and if you look at the at the exit polling the primary reason that people gave for voting the way they vote it was the economy and obama gave us the worst economic recovery we've had since one thousand nine hundred nine and unfortunately that's what hillary had to deal with when she ran. the troubled ministration after a year i gave it a name minus trump is certainly different person than i've ever seen in the white
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house but as far as the issues go as far as what he's doing for the country is concerned i give him very high marks i'm real happy with course which he has gotten twelve appellate judges appointed but that's more than any president in one hundred years border crossings are down dramatically the stock market is up we've had five trillion dollars in brand new wealth two trillion dollars in new equity since he's been in office and part of it has to do with his attitude towards business less regulation a lower taxes and the business community is responding why then his is so popular. well you take you take a pounding from a.b.c. n.b.c. and c.b.s. to the tune of ninety percent negativity in august. and october november december is going to hurt you on the other hand i think we ought to have some perspective his numbers are now higher than they've ever been in a long time according to rasmussen he's at forty five. broke obama at the same time was at forty six in rasmussen. if you go around the world look at. theresa may in
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the u.k. her numbers are lower than trumps look at angola merkel in germany are her numbers are lower than trump's justin trudeau up north his numbers are lower the head of mexico his numbers are lower yet you don't see the media calling them incompetent and saying that therefore they can't get anything done the way you're hearing right now with trump i think it's unfair you think there is fake news i think there is biased news the media not only is biased they were in bed in many cases helping to get hillary elected this is the kind of thing that donald trump has reacted to the kind of thing that conservatives have reacted to and i'm happy that donald trump has put the media on notice you're going to be called out when in his opinion you are behaving in a biased unfair way what do you make of fire and fury. oh well i think it's the first of many many books that are going to come out about the top administration of this guy that he was in the white house he wasn't so every day he was in the white house and when the reason the band is out ben and apparently was prime its primary
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source of many of these quotes bennett is also already apologized for many of them it's an interesting book i read at least some excerpts from it i think the people that don't like trump will buy it people don't like him won't and won't make any any difference i think what will make a difference is a come november if the economy is humming along at four percent g.d.p. and entrance numbers are at fifty percent i think the house could very well stay in the hands of the republicans and the senate and in my opinion twenty twenty will be reelected and thirty four more years just say you know based on all of your elections in history the democrats might take the house oh yeah with donald trump is very unpopular. among democrats you have this whole trump investigation you have people demanding that he be impeached yeah this is generally speaking in an off year like this the out party gain seats so there's no reason why that ought not happen it's just a question of how damaging is going to be larry siraj it will be like that the mall politicking.
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everybody. out american. george bush are just this is my buddy max bemis financial guru is a little bit different. with all the drama happening in our country and have some fun every day americans. we start to bridge that gap this is the great american.
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unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you have reported a sexual assault or may have been involved in an incident that they become scared of you instead of being scared of the perpetrator. going back to politicking i'm told there larry elder conservative nationally syndicated radio host new york times best selling author i recently spoke with bobby kennedy jr about all sure drilling being open by the trumpet ministry if you live in california right when these thoughts about drilling off your coast i have no problem with it a lot of environmentalists would not like it and i suspect there's going to be a big push back because of that it's also interesting that florida has a republican governor and they don't like in the donald trump has pretty much pulled back because of that surprise surprise politics has entered the area of
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environmentalism who'd a thunk a you an environmentalist i want clean air i want to clean water i'm not in the alarmist public i'm poly when i was a kid i used to be called the little old lady in tennis shoes and interested in the environment and we laughed at them. and i was the other way around well it was richard nixon the start of the e.p.a. the first e.p.a. i don't agree that republicans want dirty water and dirty air we just disagree about how to achieve a better economy and i don't believe in this global warming alarmists are made very environments give me and i don't believe in this global warming are in alarmism that we're going to go to hell you don't get into that climate change there's always climate change the climate is always changing that's one thing called been affectionate i think mankind has had something to do with it. but how do you explain the little medieval warming period when we didn't have factories when the environment with war was warmer than it is right now i think man has something to do with it but the idea that we're all going to die unless we force feed our economy into some sort of green tech i think it's foolish i think we're denies
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science i am denying that one degree warmer over the last hundred years prompts this kind of alarm isn't there we're having from so many countries and so many leaders like obama but in our hard for a layman you and i layman to deny science ninety eight percent of scientists and you're left at the here's what i would ask any layman to do go online and google the civil heretick is an article this in new york times magazine about a man named freeman dyson probably the smartest man in the world he's a physicist not a climate scientist but a physicist and got interested in this issue a few years ago read everything he could and included that al gore was full of it that there is something going on with our with our climate but the climate changes all the time and man has man has a role but his role is probably small and he believes the whole thing is a crock now the reason it's called a civil to heretic is because he's a kind guy he's a nice man he's an obama supporter voted twice for him it's not political he just
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looked at the data and believes that it's overreach that's one guy against the world and you know. albert einstein was once told two hundred scientists believe he's wrong he said all i need is one to prove i'm wrong. great scenes you two continuing the conversation i'm now joined by bill press and over and progressive commentator host of the bill for a show on the young turks network he's in washington d.c. the federal judge brought the dismantling of doc what's going to happen next bill. well first of all it's i think it's a good decision certainly for seven hundred thousand young people who are in the dreamers program because. no decision of their is they were brought here to this country when they were kids infants toddlers some of them never lived anywhere else they've got jobs they graduated from high school or college a lot of them of served in the military i believe this is the only country they
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know and they make up the fabric of this country now in the future of this country so i think it's good that they have protection by this judge larry but it's only temporary you know this is going to be appealed to the supreme court this does not get congress off the hook congress is going to have to decide what to do about these young people eighty percent of the american people think that they should be allowed to stay here without fear of deportation i hope congress does the right thing senator flake things though that the federal judge's ruling will lessen the urgency in congress that well i think he's wrong because number one it's only temporary with for sure two it will be appealed three while they are can going to continue to take renewal applications they can't take any applications for any new people who are already in the program so a lot of people still going to be hurt by this congress the congress you know
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congress is always looking for a way out right kick the can down the road i don't think they can do it for very long on this bill are we going to see all. you know i don't think so honestly i don't i know donald trump says over and over again no protection for dreamers no immigration legislation on less there is a wall i think it's going to be tough to get congress to spend you know what this wall cost twenty five million dollars a mile for twenty five million dollars you could you could do probably twenty thousand kids on the children's insurance health program for a year or so for congress to say that a mile of that wall is more important and for protecting the health of kids or other priorities i think is going to be tough even for some republicans but here's what you and i know larry if they build this wall that was going to be as high as a kid he can make it and on top of that wall there are going to be gold letters t r
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u m p just like every trump tower that you and i know around the world sort of probably a night club and to see you know someone nearby probably says yeah this is a monument trump wants us as a monument to him you know so there's the china wall and the trump law. i think it's going to be tough. inserting there rushing investigation president trump said it's seems unlikely he will give an interview in the mall or visitation he also said i'll see what happens do you think the president will wind up talking to the special counsel. i think you're going to have to you know bill clinton didn't want to talk to the special counsel but he did hillary clinton didn't want to talk to the f.b.i. but she did if robert muller i don't see how robert muller can conclude his investigate by the way the other thing the president said in that news conference
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with the prime minister of norway was there is no collusion no collusion no collusion everybody agrees everybody knows that's not true that robert muller has not made that finding yet and we don't know what he's got so trump keeps saying that is not true i don't see how muller can complete his investigation without talking to the president number one and number two i don't see how if muller the special counsel request a meeting with the president of the united states is the chief target of this investigation i don't see how the white house can refuse that i'm not a lawyer but i think they would have to come to terms with it maybe they'll try to limit it say it's got to be you know no cameras or it's got to be secret or only certain questions are allowed but i think you're going to see in the white house robert muller sit down with donald trump where do you see this whole thing going. ice here here's what my guess is and
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there's a bevy body in washington has a theory there you know around the country i guess i believe this is not stopping first of all with paul mann afford and george papadopoulos it's not stopping with michael flynn that's going higher i think it goes to jared kirshner on a lot of financial stuff i think it might even snare evanthia. i doubt that it goes all the way to donald trump but it could and one thing that's very. a very strong element here is the f.b.i. does believe most of what was in that famous they call it the dossier put together by christopher steele for fusion g.p.s. and forget the salacious stuff there's a lot of stuff in there about how russia for years going back years have been trying to influence and get some hawk into donald trump way before the campaign
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started so it could go as high as the present what do you think of the blackmail insinuation. it's certainly i think it's credible i think is possible and christopher steele again who was hired former british spy hired by this firm fusion g.p.s. which is an opposition research firm they work for a lot of clients candidates christopher steele was hired by them was so concerned about the possibility that trump was being blackmailed by the russians that he actually went to the f.b.i. himself and said hey you guys ought to be aware of this so he took it seriously and the f.b.i. is taking it seriously think we'll have a government shutdown. i don't think so you know i. have seen one right with newt gingrich. ten years for fifteen twenty maybe twenty years ago now it didn't work too well for nucular it didn't work so well for the republicans i think
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a government shutdown would hurt both parties and i think both of them are would like to would almost do anything to avoid it but i think the one thing democrats are not going to go for this deal the trump is offering them larry right now there he's saying yeah you you can have your dreamers if you give me eighteen billion dollars from my wall i've talked to a lot of democrats on the hill in the last couple of days since they've been back and i haven't found one democrat who would vote for that deal congressman ed royce and congressman dan liason both of california both republicans are not going to seek reelection is that an indication that the democrats are going to have a good time in the. it certainly helps their case to first of all you know larry i'm former democratic chair of california and. the those are two seats that democrats can win darrell almost lost the last time and he's in northern san diego county you and i know that's not heavy democratic territory he won by
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less than half a percent and ed royce as a district that is changing as well i think it immensely helps the democrats' chances in california to pick up at least a couple more if not three or four more seats and they only need twenty one to take back control of the house and everybody says oh twenty one seeds man that's a that's a big lift well it's it is a big lift but in two thousand and ten when john boehner and the republicans took back the house they won sixty five seats so twenty one is not a lot when you compare it to a boehner was able to do i think the democrats' chances for the house and for the senate and twenty eighteen. with all these retirements are looking better every day . one of his manger these was the infrastructure and that both parties agreed that that was a major thing where is that going you know what larry. here's what that really if
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i'm just i can't understand that. if donald trump first of all it quickly answered your question and i've asked several members of congress the last couple of days nobody is talking about infrastructure anymore no body. well i don't get it donald trump last year instead of starting to repeal obamacare starting with that if he had started with infrastructure and he talked about remember a trillion dollars he was going to a trillion dollar infrastructure program bernie sanders talked about the same thing if donald trump and started with an infrastructure bill he could have had bipartisan support democrats republicans gotten that bill through in a month's time and there would be jobs it would be money out of every congressional district in the country it would have been a huge colossal when instead he started all this from here of obama care and they spent what six seven eight months on that and never got it done so there.
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again i think they should do it this year but i can tell you nobody is talking about it and i think they're making a big mistake i agree thanks bill zones great talking to you happy new year larry you're doing this and thank you for joining me today on this edition of politics you remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me king's things don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon styria says than the cia and pentagon did than forty six was customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening time so it will come up with it is
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up to us the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe monster pieces by artists like pecans and noted. kept boards and sold in the scientists warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand it's a matter of confidentiality only is it the black box of the art business. it's being called an olympic truce after months of over the top rhetoric the two careers are talking again the first time in two years is this a serious diplomatic opening or merely
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a ploy south korea appears to welcome this opening is the same apply to washington . grants citizenship to ricky leaks achieve joy in a song's who has been unable to leave the country's embassy in london for more than five years. undercover reporter suggests that twitter prevents the users from seeing certain kinds of political content through a technique known as shadow banking. president putin says that the north korean leader kim jong il has won the latest round in the ongoing nuclear standoff with western powers. for the latest on that these stories you can head to our to dot com coming up though a u.s.
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air force veteran is the guest on sophie and co i think about sexual abuse in the armed forces and her own battle or just to stay with. them to sophie shevardnadze in this thing in the military this woman never thought she'd be in danger from her fellow soldiers grapes assaulted and harassed she was forced into a struggle that ended her career to victims of rape have a fair chance of justice in the u.s. military air force special and military rape crisis center worker jennifer norris is with me today to share the story of her back home. american women are reaching the highest ranks in the modern day military but away from the front lines they
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find themselves defenseless against a threat much closer to home why is sexual assault so rampant in the u.s. military what happens to victims who dared to speak out and is the pentagon willing to concede its own soldiers face. jennifer norris retired u.s. . air force veteran activist in the military rape center who herself had firsthand experience of sexual assault in the military sank you for joining us in this program. i want to start right away now the first time this happened you were drugged by your recruiter did he trick kids or having sex with them do you have any recollection of how the incident happened when i look back on the incident i realize that i was actually tricked by this man to even go to the party to begin with he had told me that it was a new recruit party for other recruits and i was excited to go meet them because
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they would understand exactly how i felt so he had ill intentions from the get go because when i got there there were no new recruits i was the only one how many times were you subjected to sexual assault or abuse or is it just that one case. it started with that one case and i thought that maybe it would be over after that that i was just on lucky at the wrong place at the wrong time so i pushed forward but unfortunately as i entered into the military service it happened again and again and again within the first two years of service so tell me this why didn't you report straight away after that happened the first time. i didn't report the first time because i hadn't even gone to basic training and i didn't really know what to say to i don't even know where to go if i was supposed to go to a commander in the military if i was supposed supposed to go to the police
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department i was completely clueless as to what sexual assault and rape and harassment were at that time so i just tried to soldier on and move forward with a career that i was looking forward to doing for at least twenty years so what happens at that moment when you know you're assaulted sexually what what do you feel what do you go through is it guilt is it shaping is it what uncertainty. it used to be shame because i used to feel like i was an eighty it for going to this person's party but after years of counseling and working with rape victim advocates i learned that predators operate in much the same way they're very manipulative and they will set you up for an attack or they will take advantage of an opportunity and so now i realize it was a calculated crime but it took me years to realize that so far those. who hasn't
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been faced with this kind of ordeal but you know what danger is always there tell us how do this manipulators actually trick their victims into it how do they lure you in. i think they do what you would call grooming so they make you believe that they're trustworthy and that they're going to take care of you and it almost seems like it's too good to be true and so when you're naive you don't necessarily realize that not everybody is speaking at face value so as an eighteen year old or even a twenty four year old it's easy to fall prey to the niceties because you don't know that there's evil lurking behind it and i think that's the real danger of these these kind of people and how they operate is that it's they're able to get to us based on a trust that has been established in the military we depend in are dependent on
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each other in every way especially in trust so how old were you like eighteen when that happened no i was actually twenty four i had already graduated from college as a social worker i worked in the field for a couple years i worked with as a case manager i worked on a suicide crisis hotline and then i decided i wanted to go and get my master's degree and. the military offered a g.i. bill that could help me accomplish those goals so that's the number one reason that i joined aside from being patriotic and wanting to give back in being involved in something that was bigger than myself ok so i was completely clueless as to what was in store ok you know one woman who went through a similar ordeal air force sergeant marti riviera she said that the military has a way of making females believe they brought this upon themselves do you feel that as well. yes did you blame yourself for what happened i did for the longest time
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because especially with the recruiters incident i. says if i knew that as soon as i walked through that door that there was danger but it was too late to turn back and that particular incident taught me a lot about how to take care of myself in the future unfortunately if you're working for someone that's assaulting you you can't escape them so no i don't have shame or blame or any of that stuff anymore as far as what i did all i did was go to work in uniform and these people took advantage of their power an opportunity and that's what we're trying to change is that. it's taken more seriously if someone doesn't fact abuse their power in that kind of a set i'm trying to figure out the psychological aspect of it how exactly does the whole military structure make you feel guilty for what has happened and not the other way around i understand so. given the way that you report currently in the
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military it's not you don't go to a police office to report a crime you're supposed to report it to your commander in my particular case and in a lot of soldiers cases that the commander is also has a relationship with the perpetrator and he may or may not have known the perpetrator way longer than he knows you and so what it does is it creates an atmosphere of intimidation that if you see your commander hanging out with the same guy who assaulted you then you feel like oh wow he's not going to take me seriously that looks like they're both really good friends and then when you do go ahead and report the first thing that the defense attorneys start looking into is whether or not you're this here that you know how do you conduct yourself you know they immediately go into well you shouldn't have been at this place and if you hadn't
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you know that wouldn't happen well they could have done that to me too but it's not our fault that i know we thought we were attending what was supposed to be but i'm thinking jennifer i'm thinking there are also other women working in the military i mean they you know they're they're compassionate creatures you could have shared your story with them they certainly would have understand what you once through especially if this happens all the time maybe there are other women alongside you who are actually subjected to the same sexual assaults did you share your story with any of your female peers what i learned is that first of all i was one of very few women in my squadron there may have. ben if we were lucky three of them and one of them is in and ministration our personnel and then maybe there's another one in another shop but i was the only female that was working for satellite communications in combat communications so no i didn't have other females that i
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could turn to and say you know hey this happen to me as a matter of fact i didn't want anyone to know that this had happened to me because i didn't want to be judged unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you've reported in a sexual assault or may have been involved in an incident that they become scared of you instead of being scared of the perpetrator they think that you're going to be hypersensitive to if they swear or if they say something in offense you know offensive when in fact it's not going to be that way at all so there's a culture of fear built up in the military and i think that's why they want to automatically blame it on the woman because if she goes away the problem goes away and they can get back to work as normal human rights watch reports very dire picture of what happens to victims of sexual assault and they say i quote. that these people are being spat on deprived of food assailed with obscenity so.


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