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tv   Politicking  RT  January 12, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EST

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girls' school and it's extraordinary that children are being encouraged to go along the path we're going to have more and more children with mental health problems who are confused and unhappy by all means support children who have a gender issue but don't do it at the expense of the majority do not rob them of their gender identity we only need to apply those basic principles of religions that we treat other people how we wish to be treated and we solve the problem we need to stop for sting pushing adult neuroses onto these young children. in other news this morning wiki leaks founder julian assange has been granted citizenship by ecuador whose london embassy has been living in since twenty twelve after he sought political asylum and although there is still widespread suspicion that the u.s. wants to extradite him washington officials would not be drawn on the speculation put or doubts that it's granted that nationality to we could be expelled or joy into silence as the president agree or disagree with this decision by the
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ecuadorian i haven't spoken to him about that we don't discuss whether we are considering bringing julian assange to the united states for trial. well the u.k. and ecuador do have different ideas of what granting a song could actually achieve ecuadorian officials say it gives him an extra layer of protection towards finding a solution to let him leave the embassy but britain says the only way to resolve the issue is for saunders to surrender to face justice reporting from london his and cissy. unfortunately for julian assange continues to be quite complicated as this long winded saga continues if you remember the rumors were spread following him tweeting a picture of himself wearing a t. shirt with the ecuadorian national colors stirring lots and lots of rumors online and in the press about the possibility of him potentially having received ecuadorian citizenship the big question remains what happens in terms of the
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british officials reactions who have been clear over and over again that if he does walk out of the embassy they would still arrest him because of him having breached his bail conditions at the time of what he initially went into the embassy obviously the biggest fear for julian assange continues to be possible extradition to the u.s. where of course he is wanted for all the work that we can leaks have been doing in terms of exposing the actions of the american government we do know that ecuadorian officials have requested that britain allow for julian assange to have diplomatic immunity or diplomatic status and this has been a big no from the u.k. who said they're not going to go ahead with this kind of plan all of this of course despite the fact that the initial case carried out by sweden and followed by sweden in terms of sexual allegations made against him has been dropped so the reaction there would be that that would potentially open the gate for him to have more freedom ability in this whole case but that hasn't happened obviously of
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course we saw bodies such as the united nations say that has been holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy here in london could be seen as arbitrary detention so certainly it's a very complicate. case of course that has been going on for years and years but it seems that this is a step forward so we're going to have to wait and see whether this particular latest step ends up leading anywhere where we also discuss the options facing a songe with social justice campaigner george barda he thinks the political stakes though for britain and way legal concerns the basis on which the the u.k. authorities would arrest him apparently is for breaking bad conditions for the charges in terms of the case in sweden that has now been dropped but absolutely maybe there will be an extradition attempt and as various kind of international bodies have found when they looked into it the chance of getting a free and fair trial in the u.s. of minimal with the robert miller investigation and the allegations about collusion
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between the trunk campaign and wiki leaks there's obviously. a sort of politicize ation element potentially around this case with bricks that looming the u.k. obviously wants. positive treatment from the u.s. as it leaves the european in terms of potential trade deal you know so there are concerns obviously this will this will be treated politically rather than legally now still to come from. nearly decision time for donald trump on whether to extend those piece of sanctions against iran will have a look at the prospects of that happening just after the break. hey everybody i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy suspects. proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max
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famous financial guru just a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm rude have fun every day americans. look to the store to bridge the gap this is the great american troops which. unfortunately it appears that once people learn that you've reported in a sexual assault or may have been involved in an incident that they become scared if you instead of being scared of the perpetrator.
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welcome back you without saying now a deadline is looming for the u.s. president and whether to extend sanctions relief for iran as poss of a nuclear deal struck back in twenty fifteen trump is a vocal opponent of the treatment and u.s. officials suggesting new restrictions could be imposed. i am expecting new sanctions on iran we continue to look at them we've rolled them out and i think. you can expect there will be more sanctions coming well ahead of america's decision the french president told trump they were in favor of the strict application of the greenman twitter on and this echoed a statement to you on thursday from other european countries. great value which it c.p.o. way that you deal with iran the deal is working we want to. protect just a few a few white support for this deal make sure that the lifting of nuclear related
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sanctions has a positive impact on trade iran is in compliance with this agreement of the only agreement which prevents us for the proliferation of nuclear weapons it's crucial for the security of the region but also for the security of europe it will be iran's nuclear deal signed in twenty fifteen after nine years of talks with six other countries including the us it was seen as a major breakthrough to ending a long running confrontation but washington now insists the deal allows tehran to expand its nuclear capabilities and with a lot stake we've been hearing how the disagreement is driving a wedge between america and its allies what we see at the moment we see a historic drift between the united states. and the e.u. we never ever seen such a gap such distance between the e.u. and the u.s.
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at least over the last thirty or forty years or so what happened in brussels was really interesting every important player in the e.u. defied the verdicts of president trump the main target is really to pressure the american government. to stick to the deal to do a nuclear deal with iran that is the main objective i believe from the e.u. side not just the e.u. as a whole but also for france and germany as separate member states of the u.n. security council what would happen if really the u.s. stepped out of the deal this is not something like like like the climate the climate agreement this is something that would have much worse consequences. and it isn't just over iran either where the u.s. is being called to account because the new ambassador to the netherlands has come under fire from journalists it is bury the news conference there he refused to
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defend previous remarks on the influence of ice still in europe and he's not the only one trying to give the press the slip. which is all right so you should. revisit it if you're not sure of the decision for the truth if you believe your story. this is. why don't you own sort of what was sort of course this is not works for this is the latin and. french quarter. we're going to use cluster weapons in europe and this is like the question you just put your wife like. yes or no.
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when i was with you. now a brand new u.s. submarine project set to be delivered in twenty thirty one could be left dead in the water right at the beginning of its development stage in fact it is being compared to america's most costly fighter jet the f. thirty five which has been widely slammed by industry experts for its technical phase with more his francis santiago. meet the colombia class submarines the u.s. navy's in business project to replace old nuclear submarines said to be decommissioned from twenty twenty seven twelve ballistic missile submarines all carry seventy percent of america's nuclear arsenal and are supposed to be packed with new technologies the columbia class submarine program is well positioned to
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provide needed capability at an affordable price on the time i need to meet national strategic to turn requirements the new class isn't expected to enter service until twenty thirty one but already at a design stage it's causing some huge concerns the u.s. government accountability office is latest report highlights quite a few problems with the super project some of theology is yet to be developed heavy deal laser expected and the costs could skyrocket columbia class is not funded on too quickly to address program risks this is more like with no columbia class program will exceed the navy's one hundred twenty eight billion estimate of total acquisition cost. expensive and of big strategic importance ring a bell anyone columbia's submarines are already being compared to the f. thirty five fighter jet the u.s. military's most costly and arguably most miss civitas projects the f. thirty five assessment reports have pointed to at least two hundred seventy six
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deficiencies in combat performance marked as critical so correct from unacceptable flight performance when breaking the sound barrier to overheating problems and cyber security vulnerabilities hundreds of issues of all kinds. so why would the us pursue another ambitious project and insist it's flawless despite worrying assessments called front loading you make a lot of big promises up front that this wonderful new technology is going to work just perfectly and then you hook in congress to commit to funding something like this and as with the f. thirty five once things don't work as play and then it's not very easy to get off the hook because they've already committed the money upfront to get the project started it's something that the that the military industrial complex together at
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the pentagon has done for decades congress has a long history of appropriating money for weapons systems and other military equipment that the pentagon neither wants nor needs so ultimately this is a political issue where you see unfortunately the columbia class submarine could mark the next big sinking of american taxpayers' money i mean look the u.s. has the largest military budget of ball yet a massive chunk of it is wasted on disastrous projects which are still being carried out only because they are too big to fail middle class and jagow r.t. now friday does mean football here are not a end in today thanks ali more than catches up with the ally for my england football and gary lineker to remember some of the highlights of his career.
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it's not really going to. cameroon did england interest might. remember it was you know the obvious months playing a world cup nobody knew exactly where all the walls he could play. little girls well the other thing few suspended as i remember the team mate who gave in but we wrote and i should tell you this. scout report on a i don't know that well he said i shouldn't tell you this. because we go by. the truth they were good so i went to dimock penalty about to start the penalty taking practice but we russell. well. i've been told that the coverage got spine the stadium watching the train the guy who comes in disco penalty thing i thought right ok go just hit the one you've practiced you know do
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you know how to do it just bob just do that do that do that and the soon is a stroke. it was perfect and even before a stroke i could see the keeper diving to his room. so we come a bloke up in the stands recovery and growth was there i'll never know but. after ninety minutes extra times to to so we go for the team till bobby bobby has. told you so. great story and you can see stan collymore show in full a bit later on that's how the news is looking so far today here not anymore for me and. it's being called an olympic truce after months of over the top rhetoric the two careers are talking again the first time in two years is this
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a serious diplomatic opening or merely a ploy south korea appears to welcome this opening is the same apply to washington . the two thousand and eight economic crisis turns some countries into pigs these are the countries with we korea colonies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of low gloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results in your interviews with the by the people gathered in which the wider world beat people with your daughter julie. treated beautiful blue she was i mean to for legal. challenge nothing more than this young girl who's always think if they see something and not get it. why are the same measures still in place to one of the consequences to weaken blue bird flu
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despite. i will firstly one of this is the truth the consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision. in two thousand and sixteen the panama paper has shown the world with a tax haven the secrets to trailing and united states dollars pass through most of conseco in the amount of time that we get then in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's a fact of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of mozart from sicko documents were examined. me all the people which
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basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of. newspaper. and probably other politician which were tough. other parties from the media with quint to find their targets such as the kings of morocco in saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of coolest. and i pad so i have seen them soon many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance he was very striking there were no more americans or girls especially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china their special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. of the panama chronicles. thronged for a loop just as both parties began talks on the so-called dot com program
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a federal judge steps in to reinstate it so now what will take a look at it on this edition of all. the politicking on larry king on tuesday a federal judge brought president trump's controversial plan to end the obama era initiative known as the deferred action for childhood arrivals on doc as it's more commonly known this ruling comes on the heels of a much publicized meeting at the white house between the president and leaders of both parties to address their differences on this issue so what is the real in the ruling rather means for the future of duck funding for the president's border wall along the southern border which he places a condition of any republican movement toward easing his tough stance on the dot com program. let's start with democratic congressman steve cohen of tennessee
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ranking member of the house judiciary subcommittee on the constitution and civil justice he also serves on the house ethics committee joins me from statuary hall in the u.s. capital all right what do you make of the judge's ruling and how will this affect where this goes well i haven't had a chance to read it out heard about it most many of my colleagues who are very happy about the ruling i'm sure it's going to be appealed i tend to doubt as it works its way up i tend to doubt that will be upheld but i do think there's an issue concerning using regulations as distinguished from legislation although the president can prioritize who he chooses to. have the. our forces agencies send out of the country we can't do everybody at once and then as president obama prioritize people who committed crimes and violent crimes were first on the docket kids were last and he could do that but he did it he will
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further giving them an opportunity to stay in the country in a different system which is generally a legislative act so i think it's going to end up having to be a legislative act it will be dealt with in congress eventually as the legislature in fact what's going to happen to all these kids well i think they're going to i think they'll stay because i think the democrats are pretty much one hundred percent lined up for them to stay and it caught by a few of the republicans think it's the right thing to do to the problem i think is that. there's a lot of constituents in the republican side and some of the democratic side too they're concerned about illegal immigration these kids aren't the problem but they may be the once they become the victims of it and they'll be some of those people don't want to see anything that resembles a full opportunity to continue to live and be citizens of the united states when these kids it's going to be tough to get together in a measure but i think we can even president trump yesterday i'm sure he was he was off key. you know when he said that they agreed with senator cries found that we
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had to deal with just plain doc a bill first and then he was who corrected by kevin mccarthy you kind of said president you're off you're off the program you're off the reservation. he doesn't have a hard position i think on this except politically and politically his base i'm sure hit him big time after that statement and said we want to have that wall and don't do anything without the wall so he could probably back to the political position he was in earlier and we'll have to see what happens the president doesn't seem to know what a clean blue ones. no i don't think he does i think a clean bill to him as is the jockey club and it's one hundred thirty dollars republican senator jeff flake the members only said that the judge's ruling were reasonably close a little less than the urgency of congress to act. and that's possible and jeff may be right on that but i think we're going to have an urgency to act because the kids are in jeopardy and they don't know when a court might rule but it's the possibility congress puts things off to the end too
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often and doesn't deal with the issues in a realistic manner using docs who will be solved before the midterms. i suspect they will because i think otherwise i think it's going to be a tsunami it's not going to be a wave but i think it could be such a tsunami if they don't deal with dhaka that you can forget i think the republicans could be down to one hundred eighty five one hundred ninety members really they could be kate could be really wiped out. living a government shutdown later in the month i don't think there will be at suspect it'll be a short term c.r. that neither party wants to shut down the republicans of course have the majority in both houses they can control it but they probably can't get ten democrats to vote for some of the things they want in the senate that will be a problem. those have to see but i don't think they'll be a shutdown i think they'll be a c.r. will keep the ball down the field to telephone using levy. they're not going to run for reelection ed royce and now downer allies is the latest to say he won't rerun
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what's your read on that well i think they saw the whole to look good for these they both had districts that hillary clinton carried by a pretty good number and i think those are those it's bally those seats but seats where we were close are probably going to tip democrat i think they saw a difficult time to get reelected ed royce has done a great job as a court affairs chair he's been an outstanding representative he and their allies are both very bright they brought a lot to congress they're both friends of mine and i'll miss their service but i understand when the tsunami come if you want to be out there on a surfboard you really think it's going to be that bad for the republicans in november and i think they deserve it. steve it's always great to talk with you thank you you're welcome larry take care larry elder is the conservative a nationally syndicated radio host new york times bestselling author he joins me here in studio we'll spend some time with him for his take on the dot com program
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as well as the effort to keep government funding past the end of the month he also wrote a book i'm anxious to read dear father dear son two lives eight hours ok during an intense fight over this doco program a federal judge issues an injunction. the white house calls it outrages. my democratic guests have said that they think that the pyre court will overrule it but some think that nothing will get done where do you think this docket thing is gone i don't understand why docket has become a top priority in the first place these young people aren't going anywhere no one's going to round them out and throw them out of the country donald trump already said he wants to prioritize deportations what they get bad on brains out so these docket kids aren't going anywhere in the first place secondly why do dr why allow. hundred thousand people to have some sort of regularize status when you haven't secured the
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borders having them with you are brought in the room move well i understand that but we're going to have the same problem down the road if we don't do something about the borders the reason these kids were brought here against their own will is that their parents one of them eventually become american citizens mothers and fathers right now in central and south america want the same thing for their kids if we don't secure the borders we're going to have the same problem again we did in eighty six when ronald reagan did amnesty and two things were promised border security was promised and also sanctions harsh sanctions against employers who knowingly violate the law would be applied neither was done reagan got rooked he knows he knows he did and i believe the republicans are going to going to get rolled again if they don't get border security along with doc or will you admit the president did say mexico would pay for the course he said it and i didn't why didn't i didn't i didn't believe it when he said it i don't believe it now i think most americans don't believe it and that was really the point the point was we didn't know how to lead the war helped elect him i don't think most americans believe the mexican mexico we're going to pay for the wall right away the head of
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the head of mexico former head of mexico said f. donald trump wall next are going to people who are opposed to it there's no way donald trump going to get mexico to pay for the wall and by the way larry it wouldn't be that expensive in the first place i don't know why americans can't pass the hat and have the private sector build a role. and the wall is going to stop the bullet tunnel and little people who want to get out get out it will help people have walls we have. they build fences in israel has kept out terrorists the walls do work it doesn't it's not one hundred percent nothing one hundred percent but we have to do something once you read on the trumpet ministration to me i know you're very strong conservative you have to see some things are a little bizarre i don't have to do is mention one name steve bennett well said to be one of the heroes steve van is is toast he's dead meat he's dead man walking the millionaire donor to breitbart has already withdrawn her fund by barca's keep kick
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him out he's already apologized to the president he has had a spectacular fall from grace so that's on him but he was one of the heroes when they wouldn't call him a hero i was supportive of donald trump and i think that steve benen had a role in helping him get elected but it was a relatively minor role the primary reason donald trump got elected in my opinion is because most americans were unhappy with the economy and if you look at the at the exit polling the primary reason that people gave for voting the way they vote it was the economy and obama gave us the worst economic recovery we've had since one thousand nine hundred nine and unfortunately that's what hillary had to deal with when she ran. the trouble ministration after a year i gave it in a minus trump is certainly different person than i've ever seen in the white house but as far as the issues go as far as what he's doing for the country is concerned i give him very high marks i'm real happy with course each he has gotten twelve appellate judges appointed that's more than any president in one hundred years
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border crossings are down dramatically the stock market is up we've had five trillion dollars in brand new wealth two trillion dollars in new equity since he's been in office and part of it has to do with his attitude towards business less regulation a lower taxes and the business community is responding why then his he's so. well you take you take a pounding from a.b.c. n.b.c. and c.b.s. to the tune of ninety percent negativity in august. and october november december is going to hurt you on the other hand i think we ought to have some perspective. his numbers are now higher than they've ever been in a long time according to rasmussen he's at forty five. brock obama at the same time was at forty six in rasmussen and you go around the world look at. theresa may in the u.k. her numbers are lower than trump's look at angola merkel in germany are her numbers are lower than trump's justin trudeau up north his numbers are lower the head of mexico his numbers are lower yet you don't see the media calling them incompetent
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and saying that therefore they can't get anything done the way you're hearing right now with trump i think it's unfair you think there is fake news i think there is biased news the media not only is biased they were in bed in many cases helping to get hillary elected this is the kind of thing that donald trump has reacted to the kind of thing that conservatives have reacted to and i'm happy that donald trump has put the media or notice you're going to be called out when in his opinion you are behaving in a biased unfair way what do you make of fire and fury or well i think it's the first of many many books that are going to come out about the trough administration of this guy that he was in the white house he wasn't every day he was in the white house and when the reason the band is out ben and apparently was prime its primary source for many of these quotes bennett is also already apologized for many of them it's an interesting book i read at least some excerpts from it i think that people that don't like trump will buy it people that like him won't and won't make any difference i think will make a differ.


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