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north and south korea reach a breakthrough soft power deal to march and compete under one flag in the upcoming winter olympics that's us foreign ministers from twenty countries at a special summit decide it's time to get tougher with pyongyang. but. you would want to intensify that pressure. cutting off diplomatic ties with north korea. the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees slams america's decision to slash funding for the organization dubbing it the worst crisis in its history. and also russia's investigative committee presents evidence that it says refutes a key claim about alleged systemic doping by russia during the sochi olympics.
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thanks so much for joining us this evening this is r.t. international. north and south korea have agreed to march together under a unified flag at the winter olympics and this is according to a statement made by the representatives of pyongyang and seoul following today's talks between the two countries. the north and south will march together in the opening ceremony under the korean peninsula flag from a single north south female ice hockey team. south and north korean officials met for a third time in the space of just a few days to discuss peace efforts meanwhile western allies of the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war have gathered in canada for separate talks on the current crisis with
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a seemingly different approach. the pressure campaign will continue until north korea takes decides to do nuclear i think. is to send out a very clear message that we want to intensify that pressure it is not the time to pressure or to career the surest path to peace is to keep threatening north korea into submission after a long and challenging meeting that's the best the value of a group could come up with the purpose of our meetings today is to improve the effectiveness of the maximum pressure campaign and combat north korea's attempts to evade sanctions the united states looks forward to hearing from our protest votes on how we can best do that more sanctions toughest sanctions though one might wonder what there is left of north korea to sanction or why they would work now when they haven't for seventy years a few of the participants also proposed ripping up all diplomatic relations with
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the north that would to work and defuse things re-inforcing autonomous majors where available. including cutting off diplomatic ties to his north career solid meeting of north korea's former enemies literally almost all of these countries were participants off the korean war on the side of south korea states such as luxembourg colombia greece belgium difficult to imagine what relevance they have to the korean crisis these days but there you go noticeably absent two countries that are actually relevant to the crisis apart from north korea itself the two countries that actually share a border with the north china and russia. russia and china were not invited to this meeting they just said the meeting would take
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place on the sixteenth of january. yes you can come in the evening we will tell you what we have agreed on which this was unacceptable and what the state department said about russia supporting this meeting that's a complete lie we consider this meeting harmful to. the most important parties involved in the korean peninsula nuclear issue aren't taking part in the meeting we don't know what the goal of this meeting is so i don't think this meeting is legal or representative from the very beginning china has been opposed to this meeting should ok so you invited a bunch of countries that have little to do with the crisis and came up with all the tried tested and failed solutions they went a step further refusing any advice russia and china have long stood by a double freeze meaning north korea stops doing this. and south korea and the united states stop sending nuclear bombers to harass the
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north and poor's with the war games. no said rex tillerson when the north does it it's a provocation when we do it it's deterrents have a jew away but couldn't you wait. at long last after years north korea and south korea holding direct face to face negotiations the lympics around the corner and everyone with any sense once things settle down so what does the vancouver group do while it gathers all of north korea's former enemies and declares it intends to tighten the noose around kim jong un's neck how's that for a path to peace. we spoke to packman wang senior lecturer in politics and
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international relations at bath university he says the improvement of ties between the three countries on the peninsula is an historical breakthrough. this is a historical breakthrough all for the entire. peninsula in all sot on north east asia because for what happened in the past month regarding the nuclear crisis i think we will calm things start a bit in i remain optimistic about it because it looks like president. in the north korean leader kim jong il and they are able to strike a deal researchers say to forge this new olympic team based historical through all of a joint team between north korea. the kind of opening a new different member of the korean peninsula arguing the reunification process.
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russia's investigative committee is claiming new evidence refutes allegations of state sponsored sample swapping such elim pics than a hawk in small. well this is the result of a low inquiry by russia's investigative committee going all the way back to last year with regards to that doping scandal they've looked into some new details of course of. the former head of moscow's anti doping abroad three for now whistleblower and fugitive in the united states into some of the technical details in his allegations namely how allegedly these samples were transported and tampered with they found out that these samples were transported to the source code three under strict conditions of supervision and then processed during daytime periods of between thirty minutes and two hours so a very rapid turnaround that of course contradicts the cards which was quite
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different the people coming from the fire if you. will i was in the booth. there claiming that this alleged operation took place in the dead of night it was of course his claims that resulted in this candle which resulted in the banning of many russian athletes and blanket ban and subsequently on the team. himself of course is a controversial enough figure as we said he's the former head of moscow's brought tree he is wanted there in russia on drug trafficking charges on selling and moving dangerous and illegal substances we understand he's now under a witness protection program in the united states nevertheless despite these charges it was his evidence his allegations that led to the mclaren report subsequently used as a basis for this banning blanket banning of russian athletes at international olympic events just last month we learned there are you see decided to impose
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a ban on the blanket ban on russian athletes at the south korean winter olympic games making them participate hundred neutral flag not under russian flag not playing the russian from. so this result really puts into question. allegations raises more questions than answers but certainly a very interesting turn of the story very interesting to see to follow it and see where it goes after this. pro independence supporters have held a mass rally catalonia celebrating the first session of the newly elected regional parliament which is a separatist majority. massive rallies have been a common sight since catalonia vote for independence was declared illegal by madrid leaves for a number of independence politicians jailed while on the catalan laden colors pushed them out went into exile in belgium many now expressed hope he'll return and
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power. we expect that from here today man can be proclaimed president the best option would be that he swears in as president in brussels because what people have chosen and then he comes back to catalonia as an elected president. i'm not a lawyer but i think there is a way that he can be elected and stay in brussels you know what is best for the country's disobey the spanish monarchy and to make the catalan republic go forward there is a whole country behind him a social majority and once the catalan republic we don't have anything to do with the spanish monarchy emotionally or mentally speaking and we want to make the republic go forward. as the first session of parliament wraps up the question of the election of the regions president remains open collars push them on claims that he could run the region via skype or through a special representative of the session lasted the seats of those polled in terence
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who were absent due to imprisonment or exile we're back with yellow ribbons which are the symbol of the independence movement. now apart from pro independence activist anti breakaway movement to be gained popularity is well welcome to a bar near it's a fictional land inside catalonia which includes the barcelona and teller goanna regions the activists who came up with the idea wanted to split from catalonia and join spain and this is their reasoning it was part of the modern is that i can i mean we went from being one of the main drivers of the spanish economy to a mediocre autonomy at the exit of more than three thousand companies was followed by encouraging the civil population to disobey the constitutional order to get a republic that lasted eight seconds and without any international support. the un agency of palestinian refugees has slammed america's decision to freeze more than half of its planned funding for the organization the agency calls it the worst
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funding crisis in its history white house spokesperson announced that decision earlier we committed a voluntary contribution of sixty million dollars for twenty eight thousand so far sixty five million dollars that is money that will be held for future consideration it's money that's been frozen at this time it's not being canceled it's just being held for future consideration this is not aimed at punishing anyone. move sparked massive protests in garza with many people venting their anger at the united states decision can see people holding banners and chanting slogans demanding further assistance for refugees. i'm a decided i love the world view of the arabs and everyone who has a connection to the palestinian cause is responsible for this we are the palestinian people who are evicted from our homes towns and c.d.'s we have a right to the support of the un r.w. which provides a minimum of his assistance to the palestinian people that what is now provided is
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not enough for a family to leave on for a month well it is middle east correspondent paul asli it takes a closer look now at how that decision could affect refugees. what we have heard from the united nations relief and works agency that this american money freeze will result in a dramatic reduction on the lives of palestinians this is a humanitarian and relief agency that supports some five point nine million registered palestinians and their descendants who fled or were expelled from israel during the one nine hundred forty eight and nine hundred sixty seven wards they currently reside in the palestinian territories in gaza in east jerusalem as well as in jordan syria and lebanon and this is why there is some concern being expressed that particularly in those host countries this decision by the american president donald trump could result in any instability now this is a huge blow to one where because the united states is the single largest donor and
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it follows course from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to have the agency close down altogether. you an r w a is an organization that perpetuates the right to return for palestinian refugees narrative in order to eliminate the state of israel therefore the un r.w. must become a thing of the parched now for nearly seventy years only right has been a lifeline to the palestinians who say that without it basic access to services like education health care sanitation would simply vanish and leave hundreds of thousands of children even more vulnerable than they are today he was also concerned about his latest move undermines the ability of the united nations to respond in the future if and when there is a flare up of violence. back
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in june the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley tweeted a picture of herself posing with a palestinian refugee camp in her post she explains how she managed to speak with refugees about their hopes and dreams but two weeks ago she changed her tune calling future funding of the refugee agency into question i think the president has basically said he doesn't want to give any additional funding or start running until the palestinians are agreeing to come back to the negotiation table and what we started to resolution was not helpful to the situation we're trying to move for a peace process but if that doesn't happen the president is not going to continue
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to find that situation. i can speak now to dr mustafa barghouti he's the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative very good evening to you dr barghouti now the agency in question the u.n. w r a. funding cut the worst financial crisis in the organizations history is it really that bad. absolutely the united states a decision that arms administration decision is nothing but an act of collective punishment against the victims of israeli ethnic cleansing that took place in one nine hundred forty s. these are now more than five million or six million refugees that will be punished for being the refugees because of what israel did to them and they would be deprived from schools for to the deprived to medical care to illegally people deprived from shelters to people with disabilities this is a very serious blow to the work of a very important agency that is providing humanitarian aid to palestinians or for
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use in syria and lebanon and jordan and in palestine itself and in my opinion this is also a political act from the side of the president's argument but ministration because this is one way as netanyahu has declared the prime minister of israel of liquidating the palestinian issue or not to i was established as a temporary solution till palestinian refugees are allowed to return back to the homes they were displaced from nine hundred forty eight and what israel wants is to eliminate the right of but is to refuse to return back and that's why this american action is directed at eliminating the rights of the palestinian refugees unfortunately when it comes to palestine today we don't have an american policy we have only israeli policy and the american decisions are all dictated by mr netanyahu. who want to go to nikki haley because just last year she said she'd been speaking to palestinian refugees asking them about their hopes and about their
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dreams giving the impression she was going to help with making them come true but now she's saying that they're not going to offer the funding to make that happen what i mean is this hypocrisy or something else. it's hypocrisy and probably because you had some palestinian refugees and i am sure what you heard from them is that they want to come back home to the places they were displaced from and probably she discovered that any palestinian live who you was born. maybe ten or eighteen years ago still remembers that he or he comes from the villages they were displaced from so palestinians did not forget their origin did not forget the right to come back home to palestine and that's probably what upsets mrs halley and their president but at the end of the day what they claim what you just said that palestinians. are being punished because we are not coming to the table of
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negotiations is totally incorrect mr president i'm has taken off the table of negotiations the issue of he was a limb and now he's taken off the issue of refugees and he has taken off the issue of settlements so his table is empty why would palestinians come to an empty table to sign a said under to him and to israel this will never happen and these measures that are taken by punishing the humanitarian needs of palestinian refugees would not break our will or the will of palestinian refugees to insist on their right of return which is an internationally recognized right by the united nations by united nations resolutions and by international law dr moustapha barghouti many thanks for coming on great to speak to you is my guest general secretary of the palestinian national initiative. he can take a very short break more news coming up. join
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me every posted on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. is iran must going to fit into steve jobs is coming up with innovative products you know the electronic gadgets market is a little bit different in the car business because the car business is you know you kind of bound by the highway system and you're bound by the whole infrastructure that is the automotive industry and the lobbying of the automotive industry so it's a bit difficult to be disruptive in that industry in a way he's going to open up his charging stations with one nine hundred fifty style burger and shake joints with servers on roller skates ok that's that's an idea that might take off that might be a new like starbucks like third place that people go to to have an experience that
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might work. welcome back and members of the european parliament have had a busy day they've been discussing russia and the threat so many of them coming from moscow peter all of us been following the debate joins me on the line now peter so what conclusions of anybody's come to. well i mean peace was split into two separate separate groups following the debate in stroudsburg it was on the influence the russian propaganda as it was laid out in the title of the debate had on the e.u. now what we did see is this polarizing m.-e. piece on one side the group that said that russia was the root of all fake news and lies they were trying to drum up support an extra cash for the east struck com task
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force now that's the e.u. body that tries to look into an expose what it sees as fake news particularly it has its eye set on news and media outpost coming out of russia. r.t. and sputnik featured very heavy in some of the rhetoric coming from these m.e.p. they're focused firmly on the fact that every vote in europe was potentially the target of a dastardly russian plot. mr putin is a gangster that runs a gangster state and there are russian agents in this their own parliament right now and they're already trying to actively influence our actions russia today sputnik on to other channels are dangerous it's quite interesting that the communists and the extremists nationalists in this chamber very
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can see russia and us information and of course your carbs but we can see you elsewhere there are also voices pointed back towards those same any piece you just heard from saying that they were just looking for a bogeyman a scapegoat for their own political failings and that russia fitted that skate go perfectly. we need to be careful when using phrases like fake needs i'm not trying to defend the russian regime i'm just rather skeptical of references to interference in the us and european elections there is no evidence of such an. system lies and lies and lies are being told throughout europe and we hear this seems tory over and over again. should you say that the russian media spreads false figures and facts to us when have russians provided false facts when i followed events in libya afghanistan iraq and syria and in all instances i've seen the
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transatlantic lies the media have been reporting only opinions were flying fish thick and fast in strassburg it is worth noting that any p's only had one minute to a minute and a half to put across their arguments but also that not once was there any evidence provided to back up claims that either r.t. or sputnik it had faked new stories is also worth noticing that the noting at least that the the german n.e.p. from the christian democratic union party david mcallister he suggested that members of the european parliament should be banned from speaking to r.t. or sputnik whilst they're on e.u. premises so that's perhaps something to look forward to in the future what we will hear though is that they'll publish the findings of following from this debate on whether there needs to be more financing for the east struck on task force in the spring keeping an eye on not expect to see this debate over fake news not going
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anywhere anytime soon. the most popular news channel in the world was still remain number one paper over thank you. thank you so much for being brave enough to tune into all propaganda hope you've absorbed it all up and often i. remember when you know when you don't. you are. not. left alone. claiming to know. that. you speak french.
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or the mainstream media intentionally gaslighting the public against president donald trump three first appears to be equally true trump goes with style gaslight the media what kind of body politic is this creating has the us become a collection of hysterical drama queens. actually had. a clip of lee state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to k.b.r. represents the most blatant and improper contract of abuse i have witnessed during the course of my professional career it's suspicious on how to go to move big contract because dick cheney before he became vice president was c.e.o.
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of halliburton he left. with twenty million dollars worth of stock options from nine eleven till two thousand and nine and those stock options quadrupled in price he made about a billion dollars off the war there's a great if you change the phone defending the woman he is no longer being interviewed i think the american enterprise institute he's seen as you would be a disaster these things who are we you know a. good home a number. of units one for the united getting into his work for home over these hundreds of millions of dollars next to the. u.s. military contractor k.b.r. is under legal fire today over real fires in iraq the firm is charged with causing illnesses from massive burn pits used to incinerate garbage there. veterans who are
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now suing k.b.r. because of their what they believe service connected health interests say that k.b.r. short cut it didn't install center raters when they should have had burned all this hazardous waste when it was a guess the o.t. regulations to do so and as a result they're sick of all the contracts that k.b.r. unhealed. require them to comply with e.p.a. regulations the allegation is that k.b.r. rather than. complying with a contract complying with these environmental regulations disposing only of what should be disposed of using incinerators doing it the right way for reasons often related to profit margins was disposing of dangerous toxins in a way that directly impacted the health of the serving troops. of seeing stuff that
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was nuclear biological and chemical products do not burn truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks quite a bit of different stuff. that should have been segregated out it was not it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if you're k.b.r. employee and you're throwing. biological medical waste into the. into the burned tires and anything else. that is known to be a toxin. then you're careless and you're you're putting people's health in jeopardy and that's exactly what a lot of these k.b.r. contractors are doing. but it's a good skill for me to accept. is if i don't. work in for k.b.r. and they have knowledge of. hazardous chemicals on the ground they cause cancer.
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here and. then that is pretty unlikely and i had a prius that is necessary. very upset over that. very very upset. so i thought i should pay shipping. if they did that. the military exercise regular daily oversight and supervision and periodically issued evaluation reports of k.b.r. performance not just on waste disposal but across all the men. the functions that k.b.r. performed in the war theatres so the military was aware of what k.b.r. was doing and if they thought that k.b.r. was doing those kind of things then they would have been a position to make those practices you know change to halt very little government oversight on a lot of singing of the management personnel and directing the actual.


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