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welcome one and old to the stan call evil show we start this way to madrid where i visited a civilian legend realm and drink stall who is no stranger to the big east of soulmates i sat down with. sergio ramos to chat spying and the shoes well koch. brothers.
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ok zack a. so if you have to like you you can join me on the stan collymore show the first question is about leadership did you feel pressure taking over from a legend the captain's armband did you fail. i'm a human. being and then the medical wheel i said. you could have been listening going up a little on that i did you're going to assume that and we will need to back off of the poor they're going to. have another vehicle more or less alessio yalit up with. opportunity to pull their out of leave that out. of that another but i mean that he left you only i would you describe your
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leadership style in the dressing room being a captain is a very important job. how do you think you've developed as a captain what in the second mate i mean when you combine yet of sick of it you. leave that out of it on the bottom on it so you listed on it that i do. said about it i don't know. sadly that you're going to get there they said c m but it. didn't but i see their combined euros when i said. you know a lot of them sign us but ok you also to be in the know me hold of the. knee in the yard up with. with me for them i mean you call or call me got out that he said the. how do you feel that the spanish was the selection. compadres now one of the favorites to win the world. between the squad now and the
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team you played in two thousand and ten do you feel it's a better team a better squad now than then. the fit and not being something just. did ok and will be real. and he will lift. people out of the night to. read that i know you and i mean what i mean the going to take imbecile almost. out of colossal as you have by your lover you most moment tony koch and almost want to feel where one of the low self employed you're going to. was. their owner said. you're going to get you out the lot and go to them when no call. you know. i will. tell them will know if we tell them hold a moment on the really study go there by evil so she goes and i also took obasi.
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the aisle yalit up with when i. look out they said on the koan it's out of some of it that i know spittle when i go to call in is. gonna have an advocate it. will see a month and in those. going to so then the almost. the whole lot of the battle of almost. any medicine for the. only good ok i was i had to get up and. spying be one of the favorites to win the world cup next year which of the countries do you feel will be in that group germany brazil the usual countries.
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you're going to hell if you're to put it that what i thought go by them when the you know they kill us out of it i see lee he's allowed out on. money and when i said as young. as i knew her boss and she i'm going to need when they leave it is a symbol of an ideal not i really don't joke at kelley man yet i mean. yes i read a month in a. hole in a cave in the yard up within the foot of them in the. salute they're not to come in the month in any. case i say you get month in unless unless you're nick a good luck on your luck and that if you can pull to the russia have a good world cope the team gets out of the group for the momentum of the tournament . in a pretty manageable. one though not quite on.
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by pushing but at the end in my lot of points i really. feel. good i can all say i said i don't. doubt it was able to. one then mostly that was him but. you know better listen only. tell me you favorite moment from the two thousand and ten world cope on the pitch or off the pitch he's the warm memory which makes you very happy you're going to. the moment of. on the beatles you know. i was going to come back on the moon the. day to mean a. full but oh yes i get on made a point of getting over it and i must know that for the. moon though. since i soon enough. i will kill no boys and thieves in the. moon and then the part they're
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going to call it the one you're going to make of they're going to say moment and moment that they won the. he said moment. that i made them which will. and she only a little. and mother you know. you didn't. get on be i told the mother you know they're on that other by you know you're going to get. some cause. you'll see. them my nana give us a moment only simple ideological meal. i'm going to give you one choice. second we'll call it spying with. you listening to all the. champions league you can only choose one. this is difficult. for me both. if you feel better oh you're going
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to. win the champions all knuckle by the moon the affordable i mean the thing with the champions you know go by then when they. know me what i mean i will tell you i don't know all the money. on the market or a lot more than that we're going to know what the mcleod a bit o. . look i'm not the ball but i will bet on. that i mean out there but i'm just i'm in the. people you want people the sentencing. on the moment you know reality the other. way is. to beat him and then to motherboard he will put it all away and he said the new opportunity i said and only got beat i thought the other one thought of the champions are you not then you also get on i don't know but when the. bulk of the konak. cristiana rebelde out portugal you spain first guy will call.
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a very interesting going to start to see. and you're going to also in part of the all where most and then we have played out of them in a few now this is somebody with e-mail there but i think i'm in the government there and the critical oriole boys are kept out of the us embassy and of course you model i know you and you're going to various on. the the border so long. i'm going to go by unicef but by so not only the bottles on the roof for the better more not gone so you don't i rethought be able to say. when but on the side or like about and will not will not be thought of that i wanted to hear ramos grass yes. we're going to take a short break would stay with us as we take you to one of the most exclusive events in the football calendar don't go anywhere.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. your act right up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different as i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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following the ball control in moscow the bush an embassy in london held an exclusive event where they presented the fateful woke up to the qualified nations and some of the world's biggest names even though i managed to get myself an invite stan collymore show today has come to the russian embassy in central london why i
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decided to come in a beautiful new suit it's simple the world cup next year in russia is going to bring together thirty tonight in the ambassador has brought together the consul's from the rest of the thirty one along with the greats in the good will come a little bit of a shindig let's have a look here on the sings. that week so i said oh you have the world called in your home nation it's been told that love songs when i was a kid i remember being told the place was left in the great soviet same's of your early sixty's it's the realisation of a dream for many people in russia true to dreams the first one for our people is so we've built from this creates eleven stadiums so and they have the will stand there are people standing it means that after the games everything will be for the people for the young generation so i'm happy about that second of course you know we'll
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get new friends and since the football is the most popular game in the world i'm quite sure that there will be some kind of a full up and. that's why i'm so happy i was excited all you are is a russian broadcaster for people maybe in england you will russia's equivalent of gary lineker how excited are you for the for the year ahead i'm really very excited and to tell you the truth i don't believe sealed when somebody think russia and i mean muscovite i was born and i live in moscow and i still can't believe that the biggest event in football worth will is coming to my homeland i had the great opportunity of going in the summer to the confederations cup in russia and i have to say my whole idea and conception of russia change why was that what i remember some of the conversation is so correct in that regard exactly you know people saying oh well you know is it is it going to be difficulties that communications and the transport going to be difficult i t sound quite the opposite i was
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pleasantly surprised i traveled around it was in moscow st petersburg sochi khazan and everybody was very welcoming and wonderful cities lots of people obviously want russia to host a very good world cup how important is it for the host nation to do well to gaming to mean that country. i think is very important and i think that one of the most important things that i would like to do is that they start dealing with the race that they have enough countries and you think they're doing that it's all to your satisfaction but i'm not sure that they're doing enough. i've had some players working as quickly to not have some players playing over there and they've been. abused. that's something that they need to be able to join boyer it's all very much . yes i just want us to exist english you do realize when the russian embassy and very famous was so happy to be invited here through the recent
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reuter's of the group of the usual suspects brazil germany spain are here germans always too well in world cups and you're also you know collectively they seem to get a head of steam. and there in the tournaments i think brazil the magic of brazil i think is gone after the result last time around when they got smashed by germany i was like argentina. you know missy's and she's single handedly you know the rest of the team could be good bridge and he could track them through all the way complex to come switzerland be in this tournament well i think it's very competitive here in this you know if you see the last few tournaments a qualified game nothing country like sweet finish very small country as such to qualify in a row to chesapeake close up it's a big thing first of all this american fish did you think have the means to achieve it is extremely good the world cup been when it on the seventy's and these on the seventy kids on no the goal is going to play russia this well oxford roitfeld has
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to tell us about it please so they are hoping with our distiller the reason we're interesting we're special we use or get a holy cauldron of heritage greens all grain is an ancient variety of grain and it's grown in farms around oxford so pinyin if we might. panama and belgium in the curry is a bit of a result again with what belgium last really helps you know i think it really does help the fact that the you know they're expected to get those points on the board means that game because obviously that's all facebook dot com and see these companies games in these competitions over the year is part of really easy gaming in the fog and zones with could you make something a first very clearly so one thing for making it's a cocktail of the moscow of course it would be appropriate should we expect them to go in concrete or is this you know put your head through the sort of months now i just help me look at the company is down we do know harry and barely out of you have already proved you know you watch talk by real madrid and they can make a match it with the best of us if you've got a great group of young players but aside every woke up in the we'll get
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disappointed it's what you think of sweden's chances i mean we showed it we could beat it still in the playoffs and we were in a group with holland and francisco got second saw think they showed it to get in us . i well called together and difficult to beat of course we'll hopefully going to try to get better for the world cup as well but i doubt i'm going to be difficult team to be ginger just these poor insert wonderful. the good stuff look at that he's done that before how important is it for russia to contribute britain for the full force and then get out of a very group for the momentum of progress here you need you need that to happen i mean the russian change has got to improvement over last time you know the lost children of both russia would trade for the jury pool people for the opportunity of organic beer excellent still. ranks one of the favorites competent or you live without a good tournament if the big stars turned out to be this nor'easter. as if i run the county we should do well for me when i look up say belgium then like almost for
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me they look they like spanx just not playing amazing football and they just need one thing and they've got the team to kind of really kick you out when you look at the plays that got everyone is playing really top top vocal so that we built from a set they've got always going to be that but i think belgium is the most blessed by one side just needed a little bit luck some way to click to point to the winners of it to you guys when i see three full court will bring in those grunts who were friends i think they made a big mistake in the euros and they're probably nothing can say the final but the growth of talent they've got to be presumed to see real consequence fear is going to win the tournament. top one sweden. and latin america to. smash meant. my only may enjoy the most and so here we have i must come you from english ingredients must the o.p.'s. that we take you it's one
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of the most competitive dying's in english football it was the two hundred thirty eight merseyside dalby between rivals liverpool in the right. corner and everything in the blue corner in the third round of the oldest cup competition in the world the f i call. when i was a child that was three. seats away and one was the freefall world which of course will be paraded around them as you can study you know even if you like the second one is the champions league the santiago bernabeu i recently sergio ramos got to hold back the famous. and the third one is the old beast of the one hundred forty six years old also of one of the most times you know what he is yes yes it's the. we're going to have you know food in a pool and feel well used to fly in the full flow is that cycling that oldest enemy habits and for the two hundred thirty s. he saw a dog in the third round
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a real traditional guy in english with his. own way with. absolute goodison park you want to share all this yes you must mean to us a bit so it's not just across the park there where you going to type and i'm going to help liverpool against in the f i cooked food rent. and builds up through the day so it's a day it's just a recognition today's the day then you start doing your pre-match rituals and probably for me anyway as a person i still get really nervous on the teams that are now just so you sit in the field with your telephoto simplicity even if they are now people. and of course we make the rules just on it's a ten minute will you be the new guy friends around you you get a little bit around you people start to say and as you see that their stadium you start to thank god this is the rail and they'll go to the back you know obama's
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a rivalry in a very close well i pull the noise about in the poll in the polls for. weapons generally you do get people to be brought up in a family and you know i just did. but she was a rich. girl who was into blues same difference to me she sees. his place with. the most romantic thing the excitement the wait for the draw who you're going to get. to watch. and. never pull is to say oh. yeah. yeah. then you're the city boy
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going to. be the personality of the people with it all quite. a few. things that we. were never. told never to. be most employees still going to. a community feel to. be true. and the. premier league clubs coming together. strong. you experienced since you want. to keep the community. we want to help all the people and i think it's brilliant
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you know. right now there's millions of pounds. you know if. people feed themselves as you say beyond this there's a few. people every. give them money. because they want to help. and again the community spirit because. if you wanted to. the city of little pole is about. bill shankly everyone working for. the rewards why do you do what you.
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say it's great and. well don't. you. people hear the music when they hear. you want. to see. this still give me the call that. this is going to be it.
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was. i. thought the o.l. ought i thought. so many myself. so it's one offsides little feisty not friendly it sounds.
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like. it has cost me. my whole life.
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breaking news on this noncoding most show you may see marine during this week with emory obama yang right before big money move next week to get the full story. that's all we have time for today i hope enjoy the show but join us next week as we go to the big apple for the hudson river dalby and check the french woke up with the patrick vieira join us come on.
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the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education as being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could. really could mimic. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely bored high education the new global economic war. hey everybody i'm stephen ball. task hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well it's
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a little bit different. you know we know that with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road. every day americans. look for the stork to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. i think that is what the world needs. based on. i strongly believe that the u.s. and europe but he played a big role in the united states has been. a partner in creating that rule based system i'm afraid that. through air force and especially language president trump has been using. i'm not that confident that the
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contribution of the united states to that school based system he's. supposed to be . breaking news this hour on r.t. international. school in russia is eastern siberia leaves at least five people injured. in this what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera he was the platform stopping and exchanging some people on the ground after reports that drug related crimes are running out of control on the paris metro resulting in train drivers refusing to stop but the station. and the u.s. struggles to explain earlier statements that it was creating a new military force in syria threaten to trigger another conflict in the already war ravaged country.


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