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tv   News  RT  January 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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what james mattis is implying here but he is saying that he will bet that the us will focus on the to terence of perceived foreign threats what kind of forms would such a to terence take would you think we have indeed in fact the matters is still speaking as we are doing this live here but mostly he did not so far he has not singled out any particular threats but just judging by what the focus is the focus of the us defense spending is going to be you can kind you can kind of have a pretty clear idea first he has said that everything that you do must contribute to you know to a reclusive form of warfare and this means investments in space. cyber space you know all of the sort of a russian hacking scandal and the russian hacking you know scare all of that has obviously washington washington the pentagon it has prompted the pentagon to include this on this list obviously and also also interest interestingly enough they are going to be expanding the nuclear arsenal maybe not the arsenal but at
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least they are going to be investing more into the you know nuclear. nuclear arsenal their nuclear fear saying that this is something that russia and china are doing now in iran down there throughout the day we've been covering this story between the u.s. and its ally turkey and how there's been tensions between them recently what do you think this announcement this speech by the defense secretary says timing wise is it going to shift focus away from those tensions with turkey or is it the u.s. it's a way of saying we stand with our allies we're always with you well you know matters he has not yet well at least from what i've heard he hasn't addressed the situation in any way but i mean he did talk as i mentioned he did talk a lot about how allies are important for the united states but this whole situation with turkey is something that doesn't really underline this point it kind of weakens this point because turkey is america's you know. regional key. regional
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ally and the united states have seemingly forgotten about it they have chosen to ignore it altogether choosing to announce the creation of this border defense force and how this border defense force then apparently the decided to not created and to listen rex tillerson the secretary of state went in and said oh no you got us wrong and some people misspoke and mis portrayed the events so in the latest speech matters has not yet addressed this but i don't know maybe he will like you say and that is still speaking so we will be bringing us all the latest information on what he says and of course leader i'm sure you'll be back to bring us up to speed on what reactions we're going to get from china and russia too with these latest comments so thanks for now your stuff you're. in other news now a teenager has attacked a school in eastern siberia injuring six people including a teacher.
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he ran into the car and inflicted injury support free school children and a teacher over the next a child received a blow to the face another one was struck on the back in another girl lost something. the girl said she received a text message from the school through tag to school think she should not go to class morning that there will be. that no one any more with the super bowl. well that's amid a string of similar attacks throughout russia this week r.t. starkly in view that has the details of the past five days have seen a frightening trend creeping up in russia with three different attacks occurring at schools.
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in all those cases the young perpetrators used basic weapons not an axis as that was likely all that they had at their disposal and a disturbing online trend also linked these incidents our sources believe that violent online groups that center around tragedies like the columbine high school massacre may also be a common factor that just to remind you the columbine tragedy took place in the u.s. back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two students armed to the teeth killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher and that horrific massacre is apparently inspiring violence and children who weren't even born when it happened it's so popular that the followers of such groups even have a name for themselves columbine years now russia's version of facebook called v.k. has dozens of these pages open to all we did a simple quick search and found scores of them with post that promote violent
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behavior things like describing the power someone feels when they have a gun in their hands one of the alleged perpetrators of monday's incident has been confirmed to be a follower of such pages and today's and wednesday's instance are being looked into see if the same is true for them as of today russian officials have announced that they will begin shutting down pages with extremist content the communications watchdog groups and social media which call for violence in schools it will be undertaken under the criteria of terrorism extremism and then. to commit suicide but the question remains if closing pages will really be enough in the long run especially given that a number of students have already taken the next stop and used violence against their classmates. the right leaning alternative for germany or a.f.p. party has proposed verifying the age of all migrants coming into the country and idea that's been roundly condemned by old other parties in the bundestag of the reports well if the right wing. populists alternative for germany thought that
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getting into the body was going to be the hard part they've certainly been brought back down to earth with a bump over the last couple of days since the german parliament has convened on friday the f.d.a. put forward changes they wanted to see to laws relating to asylum and refugee status here particularly when it came to the ages of those claiming that refugee status in germany now the alternative for germany say that between thirty and eighty percent of those that have applied in the past haven't been at the age they said they were this was turned upon by the other parties within the body the start of every single one of them to a man saying that the alternative for germany was wrong in doing this and in fact when the proposals were put forward they were greeted by booths in the chamber. to do making no bones about it they disagree strongly
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with a.s.d. and all of their policies. one could get the impression our position is close to that of the empty but if you just look through their proposal and listen to what they're seeing here you realize that it's all about attacking migrants. and the proposal of the air of d. is permeated with right populism it took nor the reality that in this it intil of whoever seen the wording of the proposal and heard the speech of the f.t. representative will recognize instantly that it's not about the improvement of age verification but about stirring up animosity against young migrants. the kind of rhetoric were purged from the goes against our christian values it's all about who towards foreigners and those we cannot support. we also saw on thursday and the parliamentary session it was held that the alternative for germany put forward an idea that the one of the reasons behind a rise to. anti semitism in germany how being jew to the influx of islamic
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immigration that was then shot down many parties including merkel's christian democratic union saying that anti semitism had its roots in the far right in politics in germany and elsewhere around so that's where we stand at the moment for them they've just entered parliament last september following the election this is the first time that they're really getting their teeth into legislation that's not going well if you're an alternative which are many supporter anyway at the moment all of the other parties coming together uniting is one something we can't find them doing over any other issue here in germany to say no to the a.f.p. and no to their policies back in just a few minutes with the latest news headlines. with the islamic state in its many confederates defeated or facing defeat in syria what
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is next for this war torn country what justification exists for the us to maintain military forces that does washington want syria partition. and why. yes it was pretty hard to please walk up you something. yeah i mean the whole philosophy. the more it's almost the young thing we were all so you all but you know one of the stuff i'm a bush and so i. can't thank you. kind of can't move you to the up on that i wish to discuss more we believe the two cops believe you know t.g.c. easy should resign if you judge. you will know that. the prosecutor though i'm wishing you can you can either call you up when you claim
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you did to us all but you're using my space and. here's what people have been saying about redacted and night it was exactly just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than two thousand and six and see people you've never heard of love went back to the night i'm president of the world bank so take time to meditate seriously send us an e-mail.
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breaking news this hour as the u.s. defense secretary jim mattis lays out a new strategy calling russia and china america's rivals and revisionist that state . the selling of the kurdish held african region marks the start of his military operation in syria it comes despite washington now denying claims that plan to support a large kurdish border force there claims that enraged anger. among the most bizarre the woman who was pretty much. a teenager has attacked a school in eastern siberia injuring thinks people including a teacher is the third such incident in less than a week. and in germany the right leaning a.f.d.
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parties proposal to verify the age of migrants is roundly condemned by all other parties. a very warm welcome it's just turned seven pm here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international with me and nikki erin and russia and china or rather the need to counter them dominates america's new defense strategy haven't been given more prominence then ever and then even the war on terror the strategy was unveiled by the u.s. defense secretary in the last few minutes. but we will continue to prosecute the campaign against terror that we're in. great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of your security are now joined in the studio by dan off to
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discuss this further igor thanks for coming in again so what exactly is this great power competition that matters is talking about well this great power competition is something that the united states have not focused their defense strategy in decades in fact last time they did this were the times of the cold war so this newly unveiled document or rather the summary of it because the full version is classified is something that is clearly a bit of a reminiscence to that of to the times of the cold war now russia and china as you've mentioned holding the top lines they are basically the key threats the u.s. has outlined the u.s. view the united states views them as the key threat for themselves they are saying the both russia and china are trying to impose their authority tarion regime on the world the authoritarian way of life so to speak and they're looking to counter that so this important thing to understand about this defense strategies that it is not
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really a defense but more of an offense thing because its offensive like the u.s. defense secretary has said that anyone who tries to challenge the united states or attempt takes an attempt at challenging the united states that day would be their worst day this is something this is something the officially the official said and obviously russia and china and other countries like iran and north korea they are also on the list of threats they have been challenging the united states as well i mean diplomatically but now the united states apparently are moving this into these so to speak the military realm and once there's that modernization of the doctrine was this all about well indeed matt is former general mad. he spent a lot of time talking about how the united states military is out of date and how they need to improve to be able to react to what the united states see as a threat and so mostly mostly he's going to the united states apparently are going
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to focus on investing into space defense into cyberspace defense i think they will be creating a whole new unit that will be designated just with that just with this cyber defense and also nuclear the nuclear program they're going to invest more money in that because washington apparently believes that russia and china are improving and working only on advancing their own nuclear programs that they see it as their cutie to respond to that and there's all these new programs are not going to come cheap are they what do we know about how much the u.s. is putting into this now of course no we don't have the figure yet but obviously the pentagon couldn't you know lose couldn't really missed a chance to try and bargain for more money for more funding and this is what general mattis former general mattis did in his address he.


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