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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 20, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i must admit when i am more and i'm looking at the map there are two different regions member commission the region right so i feel region is under the russian influence. american influence so unless the turkish armed forces will launch another military operation against the men beach and burn the region. i think that it's too early to declare. the honeymoon between the end of the how did between the americans and. still be a free for in my opinion it's not the real exam for the kurdish american relations . but appreciate your time i guess dr hating cohen turkey experts tell of if you know thank you. changing over now to the u.s. and jordan thomas first year in the white house has been marked by a government wide shut down not up to the senate refused to approve
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a bill to fund the government among democrats all but five voted against the main sticking point being trump's refusal to include protections for undocumented young immigrants. the republican leadership do the job they are paid to do today they put politics above the national security everyone who thinks of themselves is a leader in that building is going to have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask are they really being true to the ideals of this country democrats hold a lawful citizens hostage over their breakfast of moms we have a divider. in the white house this is behavior the structure just loses not legislate. this is just the latest example of how bumpy the first twelve months for the president have been. more pain takes a look at how trump's tenure has unfolded. when trouble is sworn in a year ago emotions were running high on all sides. ok.
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us media described it as a pivotal moment in american history you're not having a terrible terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to hell it will be very bad americans and others will now die washington d.c. the establishment is terrified and they should be they call that the trump revolution from promise to completely overhaul u.s. foreign and economic policy he promised a brave new world that was cheered by his supporters and dreaded by his detractors as a distro be an apocalypse so a year on where are we well with all this america first rhetoric you might have thought that would have meant less interference in other countries well that's not exactly how it played out tonight i ordered a targeted military strike we were part of our military and it was another successful event we have many options for venezuela including
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a possible military option if necessary on the home front from promised a new level of protectionism against mexico and china but the usa is increasingly buying more foreign goods and producing less of its own the trade deficit with mexico is up by eleven percent the trade deficit with china is up by seven percent unemployment is low but so are wages there is record amounts of household debt in the united states right now and retail stores are closing across the country and here's one thing that didn't change between trump and previous administrations during the election trump talked about getting along better with russia and his detractors called him a kremlin puppet but now one year later things which we washington and moscow are about the same as they were before bad for their action by the. congress to put these sanctions in place from the way they do that's the decision they made that made it a very overwhelming way. except we may be at an all time low in terms of the
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relationship with russia this is built for a long period of time now trump promised to drain the swamp of corruption we are going to dream. of washington d.c. . but it looks like that slump is still here and deeper than ever policy stay the same our foreign policy is the same the monetary policy in the federal reserve is the same spending as the same deficits are still rising so there has not been any significant changes in the direction of our country which i had been hoping for is that he has perpetuated so many of our deeply flawed policies especially in foreign policy foreign policy is a little bit more confusing i am very pleased he's at least made an honest effort that he's reduced the amount of regulations and i think that's one of the reasons we've had an economic boost. and that is that is good and he's made an effort to reduce taxes that's from perfect but lower taxes less regulation is good and the
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marketplace is reflecting that oh and don't forget about that wall we're going to build the world we have no choice we have no choice. yeah how's that going we have some wonderful. prototypes that have been put out now despite the president's ambitious timetable for construction it remains unclear when the wall might actually go up on the surface donald trump looks like a president like no other he's a loud crash he doesn't care about political correctness is even turned twitter into an official white house channel but if you look a little bit closer and judge him by his political actions he's a little bit more the rule than the exception. artsy new york. meanwhile a growing number of us republican congressmen are demanding the release of a top secret intelligence document they believe it reveals political bias against and young going russia probe. but i had that same shock feeling i was like wait
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a minute this actually happened from our justice department and this that's how serious this is that there has been a real attempt to undermine this president that is the type of information that we need all americans to see immediately the american people deserve the mosques they want to know what's in this document sadly much of the mainstream media won't be covering this today but in this house on this day let us know that indeed we are still one nation under god and willing to protect life. the content of the secret document is unknown it's still unclear whether it will ever be released but based on comments made by some republicans is thoughts intelligence officials under the obama administration were politically motivated during investigations into alleged russian pollution democrats were also quick to react to the memo but they denounced
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this content they called the document a profoundly misleading set of talking points which attack the f.b.i. and give a distorted view of the beauty of the issue also made a splash on social media with the hash tag release the most trending on twitter in the u.s. late on friday and it wasn't long until russia was added into the mix as well after a group of research is accused alleged kremlin linked accounts of pushing for the memos released on twitter they said the use of the hashtag increased massively over the course of a day among roughly six hundred users that they were monitoring ok let's bring in a guest now a political commentator john bosnich joins me on the line good to have you on john we can talk about the memo also the government shutdown to start with the government shutdown though how disappointing do you think this is been fought for trump he's got a republican controlled senate but they they still couldn't push through the spending bill. i think donald trump has settled in to the realisation that the government of the united states itself not just his
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presidency but the government. is under attack from the deep state and the hard supporters of hillary clinton and that entire political group so i would say that if i were donald trump i would be dreamily surprised had this government shutdown not been the very first agenda item for his upon us we've got to remember that since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight until today that means forty years there have been eight teen govern downs that every second year roughly the u.s. government is shut down for political partisan reasons why would donald trump be an exception to that rule no reason this is expected and i'm sure he was prepared for it why do you think the democrats of chosen protection full immigrants a battleground here why why bring this into the fray instead of sorting out later
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in a separate bill. well it's pretty well known from demographic analysis of the voting trends united states most new immigrants are voting democrat so democratic party to win the next election the more immigrants they can get into the country and get accepted as american citizens the greater vote total will be able to get in the next election so it's a strictly partisan position for the democratic party we need more immigrants the poorer the better to get them to vote for the democratic party in the next election there's no consideration there about the national interest only about the party interest and this is a trend existed at least since the one nine hundred sixty s. so it's also nothing new i think by trying to do to tie the fate of these would be immigrants to the united states to the political process is
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not only unfair to the existing american citizens it's also unfair to these would be new american citizens they should be treated according to the law and really not this way now understand that this has been tool that democrats might have been ready to fund the infamous wall in return for the getting a deal on illegal immigrants i mean that would allow donald trump to fulfill one of his campaign promises but he'd have to sacrifice another is it likely. i don't think we're going to see any quick commotion on the part of the democratic party to support the kind of wall that donald trump was speaking about that would severely restrict illegal immigration into the united states and would restrict and deeply limit the can of new pro-democratic party voters so we'll see a period of more stalling and more gambling actually gambling with the lives of
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these would be immigrants and the gamblers here of the democratic party because president trump is merely trying to enforce existing u.s. law many thanks for your time on your views my guest political commentator john bolton's thank you thank you ok let's move on to other news from today forget the war on terror it's russia and china that are now america's biggest threat what u.s. defense secretary james mattis spells out and see a bell the country's new defense priorities with the more he's on he's been i guess the trumps new defense doctrine couldn't probably be summed up in just three words bring it on and to those who would threaten america's experiment in democracy they must know if you challenge it will be your longest and your worst day the war on terror is now secondary the priority is the new great game of global proportions great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s.
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national security the logic here is the technological and hard power gap between the u.s. and the competition is narrowing and washington simply can't let that happen cannot expect success by tomorrow's conflicts with yesterday's weapons or equipment. investments in space and saber space nuclear deterrent forces missile defense advanced economist systems and resilient and agile logistic will provide our high quality troops what they need to win. i . that is
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a new arms race or races a nuclear arms race at me races cyber race space to what has that ever made the world a safer place sure we can have competition and all of that internationally but we should be working more cooperatively with each other because last time i heard the cold war was over what i'm really concerned about is that we're going to be seen. draining i drain resources to something we really really don't need already they're talking about a hypersonic fighter who needs it that really requires billions upon billions of dollars of research and development and again it's really aimed at keeping the defense industry in business it's been said that budget cuts have done more damage to the u.s. military than anything else they say is an attempt to undo that damage but these are ambitious plans remember the f.
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thirty five or the columbia submarines lethal weapons at least when it comes to destroying budgets but then that's what friends of fool you know it winston churchill it once said the only thing harder than fighting with the allies is fighting without them the growing economic strength of today's democracies and partners dictates they must now step up and do more. making everyone else pays this much is part of the plotinus all the fancy toys and europeans especially haven't been all that enthusiastic about spending fortunes in defense understandably but then there's a new domain to fight in the cyber world this is a wild west right now as you know people in their bedrooms can be doing things that are causing your bank account dire problems at this point an urgent challenge and the u.s. is going to overhaul and boosted cyber forces giving them greater capability to
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deal with the random guys in their bedrooms i think we've got some serious challenges ahead we don't have the resources for the kind of spending that they want to do and i think we need to be a great deal more concerned about how those finite resources are going to be allocated and we need to be meeting immediate threats and that's terrorism. thanks jane without international more news coming your way after this short break. something that is very important for us. to be only a common mind. as we say to be a community of then. to adopt this view was of process as if you saw here to power that you must go right to dominate.
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their way to be uncivil to communities it is so. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at heart. so r.t. international we can bring you some fresh breaking news aside from our top story
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this hour a group of on demand a report of the attacked a hotel in the afghan capital of kabul this is according to local media are citing the country's interior ministry spokesperson the number of perpetrators involved isn't yet known some people are still believed to be inside with reports of heavy gunfire occurring several people are said to have been killed some taken hostage the security forces of cordoned off the area this is a breaking news story that's just come in a few moments ago bring you more details as they come. ok let's go back to our top story we bring you extended coverage of this three hours ago turkey launched their strikes on kurdish positions in syria it was part of a major military operation that has also seen a ground invasion and cross border shelling turkey's general staff says one hundred eight out of one hundred thirteen targets have been successfully hit the campaign which has deemed anti terror has been named operation olive branch. ousting
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kurdish militia from a friend which is being held by them for five years turkish back to read opposition fighters are reportedly into the kurdish enclave from the ground so it is president early confirmed his country had begun a military ground operation that turkish cross border shelling of the area started friday. following developments for us at least eight f. sixteen s have been firing from the skies while on the ground you have the turkish backed syrian opposition rebels have moved into this enclave isn't on tape that is controlled by the kurdish militia the white p.g.d. from the ground we're also hearing that the free syrian army has been arriving in buses as well as in trucks that have been fitted out with machine guns we are receiving reports in terms of the civilian situation there and maybe you hearing there people have been ordered to retreat into their homes and into shelters but there are reports coming through of people who have been wounded and injured and
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who are being taken to the local hospital now all of this follows threats over the last few days take the president and the one that he was going to launch a ground offensive into africa was really just a question of when and he said that this was really the only answer to root out what he has called terrorist elements there take a listen and do it but as soon as the after an operation has a factory been started on the ground this will be followed by a man bitch i don't see the promises of not. only has a right to say anything. now man big is an area that is mostly arab it is west of the euphrates and it is the next step in terms of the turkish military's way of dealing with the kurdish militia it is not far from the area that the army has entered now so that is where all eyes are turning for the immediate future the turkish foreign minister has posted a tweet saying that the country launched the offensive against syrian kurdish
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militias exercising its right to self-defense and added that entries actions are strictly in keeping with international law he went on to stress the operation isn't targeting civilians but ends only to take out terrorist groups. it is dollars joins me in the studio now to sort of flesh this story out bring views a few more details very sensitive obviously where it is and what is happening how the international community reacted well first and foremost turkey has been seemingly doing its best to inform everybody to inform everybody and to keep everybody in the loop as to how the operation has been unfolding they have notified the syrian government in damascus over over they sent a they've sent a letter so obviously they just they just stating a fact that look we've begun this operation so there's nothing you can do about it and this is something damascus is not going to be very happy about now of course there are a lot of foreign powers in syria and those ambassadors passages of those countries
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of russia iran and the united states have been summoned by ankara to brief them to brief them on what has been going on moreover. turkey has apparently discussed the operation over the phone with the secretary of state rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state obviously and why why the attention here why giving so much attention to the united states is because the united states have been portraying themselves as one of the biggest kurdish kurdish friends from from almost the start of the syrian civil war they have been backing them they have been providing them with arms with training even with worldview with intelligence when it came to fighting i still and all the gains that the kurds that the kurds had all the territorial gains that the kurds made they will basically thanks to thanks to the united states russia and other major player in syria of course they have that's why russia i should say pin the blame on what's going in africa right now on the united
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states they have said america's actions in syria led to this have a listen. the main reason behind the developing crisis in this part of syria is the provocative steps taken by the united states which were aimed at isolating heiress with predominantly kurdish populations uncontrolled deliveries by the pentagon of more than weapons to pro-american formations in northern syria contributed to the rapid escalation of tension in the region and led to special operation by turkish troops no now so the kurds are really getting it they're getting it from turkey they are getting it from the turkey back rebels and they have ended apparently they have entered the northern syria from the from the ground and while the united states are staying the standing there watching the whole thing either. i think a lot of people at home would have thought at this point with islamic state all but defeated that things would be calming down in syria so this will be a surprise to a lot of us i suspect how do we get to this point well for the view is yes maybe
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this could be a surprise because you one would think i still is the main the main target in syria but once you've correctly pointed out eisel is almost gone it has been reduced to a bunch of rag guerilla fighters you know now that it is almost gone the geopolitical there's geopolitical cake which syria is starting to build countries are starting to try and you know divided between themselves now just to understand what has been going on in syria lately you have to look at a map i think we can i will be able to have it on this plasma here oh excuse me i thought it was going to appear here but i will be i will be showing it on a different plasma for you so the united states they have been for a long time they have been backing kurdish kurdish rebels kurdish rebels who turkey turkey views them. views them as terrorist groups to kurdish military organizations kurdish military wing turkey views them as terrorists and it all started this whole
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conflict started when the united states decided to create this so-called syria border defense force and they'd were going to create it in northern syria and so this is the situation in northern syria right now here you have the the yellow the yellow areas are the ones controlled by the kurds the greens or the turkish turkey backed rebels and the red ones are the syrian controlled syrian government controlled areas now when the united states decided to carve this whole thing into to basically that this is this is how the united states described this syrian border defense force from the outset to have a listen. the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the inaugural class with the goal of a final full size of approximately thirty thousand so it is
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a very very detailed explanation of what the united states were going to do there in syria thirty thousand troops training some training a few hundred most of them kurdish backed but then turkey went mad with this exactly why well because they think that they are terrorists turkey went mad they sent troops to the border saying look we are going to destroy your terrorist force that's how they described it they said we were going to destroy your terrorist forces even before it even before it comes into action even before you have a chance to create it in the first place and that was when the united states decided to do some damage control have a listen they have to refer you to the turkish government about what they became so concerned about and the fact that somebody misspoke and i'm not going to name any names or neither is the secretary but somebody clearly just misstated their policy it's as simple as that well yes this is this is how the this is how the foreign
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ministry of the united states decided to portray this situation eventually some has been most portrayed misdescribe some people misspoke we are not creating a border security force at all so really but i guess ankara has been has been yearning to has been yearning has been really passionate about trying to drive the kurds out of the areas and ankara has been saying it has fueled the threatened so that's why this operation hasn't really come out of the blue that's why this operation has been a long time coming. ok appreciate that interesting assessment of the situation of a power struggle taking place there and people trying to carve out their own slice of northern syria let's discuss this now with dr scheiner car bias is the president of the kurdistan national assembly of syria. the turkish ground operation against the syrian kurds i mean it's well under way they told people it was happening but it was already happening when they told them so they're always going to stop this
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at any point could it develop though could this become a fully fledged war in such a sensitive region. could you repeat the last section i didn't he just went in is this going to develop into a into a full blown conflict do you think given how sensitive the region is. i'm sure it does not help destabilize the region i'm sure they would cause more radicals to come into the region you know we have to look at the underlying issue to the turks they do not oppose kurdish entity created anywhere doesn't matter whether iraqi kurdistan syria or turkey or iran so they're against the kurdish people there are not against terrorist organization as they claim everybody asks for their god given right human rights simple right the turks are against that so yes this is the stabilizing the issue turkey for many years they
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have been supporting terrorist organization inside syria most of them islamist radical muslim brotherhood and jihad or nasr another group that today are onetime there i says and today most of them to regroup in turkey and syria controlled by turkey sections and now under different group called free syrian army or syrian army that is controlled been supported by tricky those groups most of them are isis and radical islamist terrorist organization their movement and they're moving and the kurds to help turkey and really capture those areas they're not there to help the syrian people or stop the war in syria against assad as they did they were to help their brothers and idlib right now it's been us under assault by assad so they're only attacking the kurds and this is destabilizing in our opinion turkey is always supported islamists and now their hand with iran they're
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going to further be a threat to the international community to russia to america to the european and that need to be stopped and we're disappointed that the russia pulled out their troops and american are not back in the course of the moment. well i just want to talk more about how washington has been too. betraying because it's their partners they've been saying look we have your back we are going to help you they have been helping them in the fight against isis now that the kurds are being bashed by turkey washington we don't hear any words of outrage from washington why do you think the united state in a tough spot they have a nato member. they have a nuclear weapon and turkey they have a longstanding relationship or turkey and they don't know how to really deal with this and specially the light of the u.s. administration a lot of friction with national community and minimizing relationships those are
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they some of the issues dilemma they have united states want to crush i says and we want to bring a peace deal and work with russia and syria and hence they water support and the kurds stay in there a change in a direction to bring a d.l. and syria but turkey does not want that turkey wants to basically crush any critic just peroration and they want to attack the kurdish people are not terrorists as there is no such terrorist this is a nonsense for the turkish people anybody wants to run as per the kurdish right they call that it is a terrorist so and our opinion is turkey with iran they are both side of the coin whether she hours' journey the islamist radical trying to control either iraq the the shia or in this case the sunni by turkey control syria and they're trying to grab the power and have some understanding.


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