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after the fun task you have to use a. faison gentleman the vice president. very pleased to welcome you to our press conference. who will now report on the outcome of today's meeting of the governing council. to get enough that you need dorsey because of down the been found methodology where the dogs are man they're going to carry all it can never compare to see the american president finally called the current matthew. they must be almost confounded with him over the matter noir compared to palin they lack the will to carry all of the need for a third of our. troops i mean what are we worrying about and why can't we get fanfan fanfan into the fourteen fifteen sixteen trillion dollars and continue on if that was the problem i think you made about that. well there's no problem the only
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real issue here the only thing that we have to consider is whether or not that spending at some point leads to an inflation and the only way that's going to happen is when the government spends beyond the capacity of the economy to produce in other words when every single person in this country who is able to work is working and when all of our resources are used up and you spend beyond that that's when you have a sustainable inflation that's the real issue we should be talking about that's the question we should be asking ourselves and frankly with a nine percent unemployment rate and millions of people at a work and industrial capacity far below what our potential is and millions of on whole unsold homes and all this other excess capacity that we have what we should be doing is increasing demand and the way that we do that in an economy where most people are trying to cut back their debt is for the government to step in and stimulate demand by spending on infrastructure on education on health care on basic
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research and development on transportation on alternative energy. some time ago president mario draghi explained the main objective of the current issue. policy in times of economic crisis it might be by stimulating demand spending on infrastructure education health research transport alternative energy or by reaching a lower inflation rate but not just interim two percent. of the to accelerate the return of inflation to levels below but close to two percent say. that she wanted to flex your there are several reasons why this is not good for the economy if you feel is negative and that means that those who have debt and find it increasingly difficult to service that. and that leads to a situation where demand will be weak and the economy cannot groove it's like
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being in a trap that prevents us from grooving again so we have to fight this with is this economy i don't think of the fear of these. growth that they're out to bear the cafe to even think you're welcome mr president we're glad you're pouring billions of euros into the financial markets rather than the real economy. but call it by your area here again better because one nine hundred the broad here that this was their year twenty seven say they go to all kinds of crazy yeah it sure. it's very thing a bit of a fallback. join me every first day
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on the alex solid steel and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. from the roof. and from from. from . services or a cool especially in the. in the stuff. got. me in are going to run into this at this mosque or somebody. took up. a queer looking cycle.
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to serve the doctors when the weather when the out of a will of their mean if you threw them into the book and i said music offered no means that i lived there at the. cost of anything they will stop the distro just for example if. you got a little luck courses think that. your a bit more. than. ten. percent. of. your. so what is the value of the italian constitution today in the european. only doing the course tootles doing a little bear. in two thousand and five europe and trying to attain
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a constitution but france and the netherlands had rejected it in the referendum they argued that european bureaucrats outrageously ignored social issues favoring big business isn't of any use born in the me that's a. piece out to d.c. that a leftist of course there are many already there. that will just need to know that it's getting with a story for in season one and there is another author put up in. a good man will lead to. those three. and the. bad. i mean the spectacular the spectacular just said that they were paid. to the board. when they came out to force people to see on. the ship. who of course is the. cause of this.
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is. the fact. that. aims to become the most innovative a successful economy in the world over the next ten years. famous last words as he . suggests. people should have. several
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groups proposals for a popular refer. to groups. opposed to. the meaning. maybe stacey says it is that sees his inability as you say is to be. done with us and i mean the money is a place to put it does fleecing minimum meaning me maalik and that's just not much of a business a little nugget of gold samina he lets me close a sleep reaction was. incredulous could you dare ask the population already happening to them it's not their business and their to
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follow orders we make decisions first you talk about when to i proposed that. it's right and i dig out and find a compromise somewhere between the i will use them what i'm doing but they were imposing upon us and our elected not to act and walk us over immediately set. elections cannot be allowed. i repeat that elections cannot be allowed to change the going on the problem of greece was punished severely and savagely for daring to call a referendum in which people were allowed to trust them so the european rulers posed even harsher conditions as a savage punishment i think to be understood as a warning to others not to get this crazy idea that democracy may be of some value they thought they might have this is no democracy is a big difference right there is always there is not enough. zero zero zero have
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a good number under democracy in the dictionary you read this democracy is a system of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation the main instrument of this participation is the right to vote which after centuries of battles has finally become universal in the western world. one of the last episodes is the referendum which allowed. if citizens to choose whether to remain in the e.u. a complex and delicate decision the economic and political scenarios of today's europe after the victory of bracks and the british prime minister had been accused of excess of democracy for allowing a popular consultation i representatives of the european institutions and several intellectuals have ridiculed the citizens who voted for bracks and especially the elderly and farmers accusing them of ignorance selfishness and racism whose
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decision would create an economic disaster for britain and threaten the stability of the e.u. . whether this alarmism is founded or not perhaps the real danger of the story is that it has questioned the fundamental principles of democracy what is the state of health of democracy in europe today. that's the level so i'm not sure if we see that a. yet when. they. say it. but a lot of it is your own idea that song make that out in a vote for simple no need to get away from them entirely. ecology in the in the it in the north.
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for some. greece in particular it's been a total disaster if the troika and particularly. were interested in only one outcome the question of arc of the overthrow of our government and there were much more keen to have our own gun. of overthrow itself. which is what helped was to reduce greece's. notify is to increase greece's in the news. so much faster that he was always there it's just that how they're not going to pick. it up. so that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear that there is no
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alternative what we've been hearing the same thing for years there is no alternative to poverty inequality there is no alternative to individual lives and greed and the law of the strongest this is this is a. leader with. the. people. in the towns of one of. the me on so well and when i got it out between us i just did any sum up by that. you know you don't thing where there's an interim rules of make us channel by they did. not. see. just one week later cloudy had called an extraordinary meeting with the shareholders this time the topic on the agenda was not banks not the missing money
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or relations with the town council spoke of bones dogs sprinters running with a bag over their head and pigs and she talked about the fact that maybe she was crazy just like those people under her care but it was time to stop bumping into the windowpane like a fly that wants to escape. it was time to fight in the large room to defend the dream born in that she had to cut down twenty four you. for. me so for me and i'll five it is more economical to base as we do by the usual rules the more we need the. fuel may make one trip to the better the economy and. say no in the economy at the but you know we say no slam on oil yet only
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am. taken off. easy only that we dip in the numbers the tool is all the negotiation about numbers is about people in judea lies that as we're speaking their children they're fainting at school because of long attrition to realize that the hospitals that have run out of medicine do you realize that one in two families i'll say this was the one in two families and no one working in them and they survive on some pension and when you say you want to reduce that by. destroying their capacity to produce themselves as human beings with some degree of dignity and. they get all the most of that with. a few weeks ago following the final editing of this film i came across this statement i could have spared years of research if only i had discovered it before .
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the disservice. to the police. zone. jane says economic. economist.
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bang. bang. bang. one dollar start to the day she did event. stands. that the. difficult task. that. banquettes hint that alan won't bust second but out he did it dumb in t.
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don't need to be she did he seem going to kill him she posts until a city thought she'd eat that seal and he could he could see a few months yet you could be seen going to study so much money that they looted zona much as school did a city get out of the pit of the did s. he stays in and out of the beat of the fi she has kids lucilla's in a movie still do to keep it a bit me. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with in the leadership of the regime to feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change they would be able to
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put down if they would be able to put down a popular revolt that did not have support at higher levels. of oxygen.
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he has officially launched a full scale military operation against. after washington. olympics north korea through. the upcoming winter games. and western leaders decide it's time to. discuss the include. diplomatic ties with career. went on the ground after reports drug related crimes are running out of control on parts of the paris metro. train drivers refusing to.
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go that means the timing is perfect for the weekly top stories of the day the. one short mistaken statement has led to a new conflict in the already worn torn syria turkey has officially launched a military operation against kurdish held enclaves in syria that's after the u.s. announced his plans to create a new force with the kurds right along the turkish border and washington later said the announcement was made by mistake but it certainly wasn't enough to stop turkish tanks from rolling. you know that's just the action in operation as a factory being started on the ground.
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so i thought folks have launched airstrikes and began cross border shelling with a ground invasion expected later on sunday but reports about people being killed in the offensive already started to emerge kurds are saying at least ten people are dead mostly civilians i incur insists the only casualties are being kodesh fighters and its army is taking all precautions to minimize civilian casualties ati's ego has done often when assessing the situation and looking at what brought me back into syria. this is what the situation on the ground in syria looks like right now
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afrin the region where the turks are carrying out their military or peroration the area highlighted in green is where the turkey backed rebels are to a certain extent at least they are helping ankara from the ground read the syrian army this is the syrian army guys they don't have any problem with the kurds but they do have a problem with these guys because this is the area of the green aires also the region which harbors. or nusra a terrorist organization and finally here you have man bridge there it is also it is a city also controlled by the kurds and it could be turkey's game plan erdogan has already said that after he's done with afrin man bitch is next this operation hardly came out of the blue you know the kurds have been historically a major thaw in turkey but what catalyzed things now was the pentagon saying they're going to create a so-called syrian border force the coalition is working jointly with the syrian
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democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the inaugural class with the goal of a final full size of approximately thirty thousand one very precise description of america's intentions there by that point turkey had had enough and her beefed up its forces on the syrian border deployed tanks and president erdogan vowed to destroy quote this terrorist force before washington even has a chance to create it u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson tried to do some damage control saying that the situation has been missed for trade misdescribed and that some people misspoke well that was a nearly enough to contain turkey's fury ankara has been keeping the united states in the loop about the operation against washington supposed america which arguably pitted to. against the kurds has now called on them to focus on the fight with
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eisele pretty much the same as saying it's every man for himself in this conflict turkey has also notified syria about the action which damascus is not happy about it or russia in its turn has been cautious and called for all parties to pull the punches the main reason behind the developing crisis in this part of syria is the provocative steps taken by the united states which were aimed at isolating areas with predominantly kurdish populations uncontrolled deliveries by the pentagon of more than weapons to pro american formations to northern syria contributed to the rapid escalation of tension in the region and led to special operation by turkish troops loose lips sink ships they say well this time we're looking at a potential all out war it was done of r.t. so it is a military action against the kurds in syria triggered protests in europe of people took to the streets in a number of capitals to denounce the shelling and demand a deescalation to the process we discussed turkey's move and what provoked it with
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several analysts previously the united states had told turkey that they would not arm the white p.g. the kurds and that they would leave syria once isis was destroyed now isis has largely been destroyed at least a territory they do not have to and arm and train. a kurdish dominated security force and change in american foreign policy is what has really driven turkey to this take a step there was a similar operation. about how three year ago of the key in turkey always indicated the thirty three lot. is the kurdish forces to pose a threat to turkey so i think the fact that the united states and now these special force was a trigger but they didn't really change to secure
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a shoe the turkey is determined the kurdish forces or little the northern syria border will not be left with it's amazing that the u.s. is in the past week managed to completely betray both its rival allies in this in this conflict first a bit of a trail of turkey announcing this border security force made up primarily of kurds without any consultation with turkey and then as soon as turkey make make an issue of it immediately drop the kurds all together and say oh we're nothing to do with them and basically give turkey a free hand to slaughter them. on wednesday the two koreas agreed to march together under a single flag during the upcoming winter olympics the north will now send twenty two ather leads to the pyong chang games international olympic committee president thomas back praise the agreement calling it a milestone in a long journey the two careers will also form a single team in women's hockey and will have a career in folksong as
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a common anthem now despite the breakthrough deal between the careers the u.s. president said this week he's not sure talks with the north can lead to anything meaningful donald trump also pointed out pyongyang in seoul they've only ever taken advantage of previous u.s. presidents meanwhile world leaders discussed north korea's missile threat in canada and agreed tough measures were the only solution. the pressure campaign will continue until north korea takes decides its steps to do nuclear august i think it could be not is to send out a very clear message we want to intensify that pressure discard the including cutting off diplomatic ties who is now with career when i was spoke to us several analysts on this issue they don't believe pressure is the option to follow considering this week's breakthrough between unsolved. president trump somehow believes that this pressure approach is the is something different than
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that has been applied before which it isn't and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little jekyll and hyde with its policies because on one hand it wants to have a resolution wants to have de mille nuclearization wants to have peace and on the other hand pumps up this rhetoric and so the motivations relate to finances they relate to geo political factors of the u.s. power in the region if you will and they relate to trying to ice out china and russia a little bit as a player in this as was evident in vancouver the u.s. is constantly menacing north korea constantly threatening north korea carrying out war exercises that simulate the destruction of north korea
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a country that was destroyed by the united states between one thousand nine hundred fifty three forty five million koreans died there wasn't one structure there one story still standing as a consequence of u.s. bombers and the main complaint of american pilots was there was nothing left to bomb in that war so it the u.s. annihilated north korea here we have donald trump saying he's promising to do the same from the from the podium of the u.n. just a couple months ago and now trump reflected i think not just as own personal position but that of the military industrial complex in america fears that peace may be breaking out in the korean peninsula between the two koreas if that's alarming to trump into the military industrial complex but very welcomed by all the people in the world. hugh laurie in germany which combats hate speech online was making headlines again this week that's after the facebook account of a member of the right wing alternative for germany party was blocked it came after she called for people to join a.


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