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officials from both countries have been meeting throughout the week to discuss peace efforts by the seeming reproach ment between the koreas has not convinced the u.s. president who said that he is not sure the talks can lead to anything meaningful also this week the u.s. and allies of the nine hundred fifty s. korean war gathered in canada for separate talks on the current crisis and agreed more pressure is the only solution the pressure campaign will continue until north korea takes decisive steps to do nuclear i think. is to send out a very clear message that we want to intensify that pressure discord to include cutting off diplomatic ties to its north korea. we spoke to human rights lawyer eric surat can he says washington fears dropping out of the spotlight in the korean crisis president trump somehow believes that this pressure approach is the this is something different than that has been applied before which it isn't
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and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little jekyll and hyde with its policies because on one hand it wants to have a resolution wants to have de mille nuclearization wants to have peace and on the other hand pumps up this rhetoric and so the motivations relate to finances they relate to geo political factors of the u.s. power in the region if you will and they relate to trying to ice out china and russia a little bit as a player in this as was evident in vancouver. more than thirty people are feared to have been killed in an overnight seizure at a major hotel in afghanistan's capital of kabul that is according to reports citing security officials authorities put the death toll at nineteen including
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a high ranking afghan diplomat and fourteen foreign nationals most of them the employees of a local airline all of the five attackers were killed the taliban claims it was behind the assault. i think unfortunately the afghan security forces are just not. up to the standards or there's too much pressure on them and there's not much coordination between nato forces and the afghan police there are multiple threats there's the taliban there's
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there's i says there's also has missed it which is also in the government so there are a number of opponents and i think there simply isn't the right intelligence to counter these kind of attacks because they're happening on the regular basis one day it's a civilian target one day it's a military target one day it's a commercial road more like today to counter terrorism in afghanistan you need a regional approach and the regional approach means working with iran working with pakistan and working with russia in the central asian states at the moment the us is not really doing that they have their own strategy and it's not doesn't fit in with britain strategy. drug related crimes are becoming so bad on parts of the paris metro that train drivers are reportedly refusing to stop at certain stations that is according to a union representing the metro and bus network in the french capital controls the penske went on the ground when asked. for most parisians the metro is
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a staple of life with its winding tunnels and lines that stretch across the city it's often the easiest way to get from eight it be but down in the underground the gritty underbelly of the capital is being exposed to drug related crime and violence has been a long standing issue on paris's metro but now the unions representing train drivers say it's spiralling out of control dealers including those taking crack cocaine a new role god thing they've doing. lighting up. metro drivers is so fearful of attacks it's some stations many are choosing to longest stop there are several more fuss over more quickly it's very dangerous and it's terrifying if you can range from a simple punch to people using nails and knives. stations like marks do more
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and market a year or especially troubled druggies as come here for their daily fix and gangs have taken over for problem if. the problem is very dangerous for both the metro workers and for the commuters it's even more dangerous they are targets of fast i've seen more than one hundred attacks take place within minutes of arriving at marks door more metro station we witnessed what looks like a drug deal the man with his back to the camera has just arrived with a bag in hand he was the platform stopping and exchanging some packages with people and then he left with his bag empty this seems to be the new normal. there are lots of drug users and i think that with everything that's happening in the matter oh they should be doing something most of the time the drug users are aggressive and everyone is afraid for the security of. children. twenty
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twenty five. lived there we've we've we've heard of course. been attacked just one time because. we had in the middle of the night. smart for. playing with that problem was the precipice of problem as the security robberies can happen sometimes it's maybe aggression physical aggression sometimes to my ceasar man attack another young man. as we travel through some of the most dangerous stations we saw metro security. and police trying to crack down on the problem they succeeded in moving this bunch along but in reality all they've done is move the problem to another stop on to another day. r.t. paris. in germany vs
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a pity party convention has voted in favor of launching coalition talks with angle merkel's party and even though the result is what the s.p.d. leader martin schultz has been campaigning for it's been anything but an easy ride for him as are his producer oliver reports. this was the result that martin schultz wanted it was the result he campaigned for but it was real hard stuff as the leader of the social democrats waited for this result to come in he was visibly nervous waiting for the well what was certainly not a foregone conclusion it ended up being three hundred sixty two votes in favor two hundred and seventy nine votes against joining the coalition with angela merkel so they are going to go forward with that but what schultz did lay out in a speech there to delegates and so board members before the vote it was really a speech that was more pleading than it was inspirational he said there was only two options you either go into coalition with angela merkel or we have fresh
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elections and it was very clear which one he preferred to be you don't you know you everyone should realize the question is coalition talks for you elections my take on this is very clear i don't think new elections are the right way for us. well it was a visibly relieved martin schulz that received those results he definitely doesn't want another election in the region for that is because of just how badly the last election went for the social democrats and there's no sign of that turning around any time soon last time around in september they lost forty seats in almost dipped below twenty percent of votes cast for representatives in the german parliament he's also going to have to of course though if he's going to form this coalition he's going to have some social democratic party red lines namely on quotas for refugees that his party opposes also on social spending which he's party want to
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see increased and that's why this whole campaign to decide whether the social democrats would go into coalition with angela merkel's conservatives that has a vision it's so in well and truly within the social democratic ranks we saw a big campaign lord. by their youth wing saying that they didn't want to be part of government they wanted four years of opposition in order to try and get the party back to the roots where they believe it comes from so how will it look if this goes as it's been put forward on sunday evening well what it would mean is that the social democrats would no longer be the largest opposition party they would be part of the government again and that would mean that the main opposition party while that role would go to the alternative for germany the right leaning and to establishment party they would get that role it would be new ground for the ever they would get everything that comes with it including the traditional role of being the head of the budget committee. which is quite interesting when you look at
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it because in the lead up to the previous election martha schultz and other senior members of the social democrats have said a.f.p. had no position whatsoever in the bundestag and should have no position in the world in trying to hang on to power in may well put them into the main seat in germany opposition. job political analyst rana roughness and says that the social democrats are losing much of their working class support to the right leaning f.t. he has already a great deal to the work. of the s.p.d. which was the original. historic basis for the s.p.d. over a century now the s.p.d. for example a lot of these very strongly pouring into germany. they have more in mind the rights of refugees than their workers' rights that's at least what
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. portrays the s.p.d. . what. of two perceived. capitalize on this this blank space left i think has been. all right schools in three russian cities were attacked by their students this week was holding in dozens injured and six people detained. in the north with her children screaming very loudly we were scared at first we thought it was a joke while but then we realized it was serious thought there might have been a fire or a bomb we ran i saw three little children covered in blood honestly it was horrible blood was spilling from hands from next absolutely horrible. some guys told me their two youngsters their masks run into the classroom injured a teacher started stabbing kids then one of them jumped out the window trying to
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escape another cat running trying to injure the children and himself. the man into the class and inflicted injury sustained free school children any teacher with the next a child received a blow to the face another one was struck on the back and another girl. was it isn't as clear as it was it in a calm nothing like this could have been expected from that action and i know many
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could anticipate if this would happen. that when i look at the list you can. tell that you. the motives of all the attackers are still unknown but officials suspect assaults were inspired by the columbine that school massacre in the u.s. in one thousand nine hundred nine back then that attack left fifteen people dead including the two attackers and twenty four injured. police believe the three incidents in russia are connected to each other events prompting russian lawmakers to push for the closure of so-called column minors groups on russia's largest social media platform this page for example is believed to belong to one of the perm suspects it shows subscriptions to several groups dedicated to the columbine attack and contains videos about the killings. four people have filed a lawsuit against the city of berkeley in california and its university for injuries they claim they received during anti-drug bryants on the campus there last year and
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the violence are up to over a speech that was to be given at the university by a prominent conservative.
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are we talked to katrina redell shimer who is taking legal steps against berkeley university but when that attack started ahead especially after i was pepper sprayed i was completely incapacitated there was nothing i could do to defend myself so i had no choice but to turn around and just face the barricade i was worried about what was happening to my husband it turned out he was just a few feet away from me being beaten worse than any of us he was beaten unconscious afterwards by the police both the city and the campus police who are clearly inadequate given what happened in the injuries that were sustained right i saw personally it was police initially standing outside of the building that they later locked us out of i thought in their knowledge and with a wave and by the time the attack actually started. they were nowhere to be seen they had locked themselves inside the building and wouldn't give us any aid at all university of california berkeley has declined to comment the city itself previously filed court motions seeking to dismiss
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a similar case but the lawyer representing the victims says they want to send a message to campus staff and police to do a better job the injuries caused to our clients two of which were beaten unconscious and still suffer from psychological disorders post-traumatic disorders so they are seeking money damages to compensate for that but the main goal of this case is to send a message to campus police and campus universities that they they have to do their job you know i liken what happened here. the deliberate effort to not intervening to not do anything to fire them from watching a building on fire with their with their opposes water pouring out of them but they're too afraid to go into the building because they might get hurt it's the goal of law enforcement it's the role of law enforcement i should say to serve and protect the public and they did not do that. sixteen people have been injured as
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the result of a train crash in sydney australia at least five people needed to be hospitalized others had minor injuries the train ran into a barrier at the end of a railway station in the northwestern part of the city police are investigating the cause of the crash which is still unclear. but as of for me i will be back tomorrow however stick around my colleague will be here with more news at the top of the hour you're watching our two international stay with us. yes it was pretty hard with a large couple of it but you put something to. help remove
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the muscle tension i believe will move forward so will mostly we don't and we will also you will find you know one of the anthems from up and we will push it out so i can't tell you how times have changed due to the up on the scouts more we need to do cops believe santi g.t.d. easy showed reason to stretch. he was more than a million dollars budgeted. a prosecutor though i machine you can you get other corners will let you tell us maybe you did to miss all my suspension of us. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with in the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would
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be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels. hello
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and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle well the four page memo detailing extensive five's of cord to be used changed the course of what is known as russia gate also does the trumpet ministration syria policy make any sense and who's the real boy from where the media. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have alex christopher oh he's the director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with sputnik international our gentleman as usual crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate alex let me go to you first this four page memo now if you watch fox it means
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something and it means something big you watch c.n.n. you might not even hear about it is this a partisan thing or is there is something they are there to be honest we don't really know yet do we i mean you have fox which is building it up as explosive scandal is bring down the obama administration is going to connect obama to the d.o.j. to the f.b.i. to the clinton campaign that they were spying on trump they were surveilling they were surveilling trump and you have c.n.n.'s n.p.c. who are saying there's nothing there i mean the the only thing you can really do is release that memo glenn greenwald is calling to release the memo a lot of news a lot of people from everybody saying we got to release the memo because we don't really know laura ingram said on her show that there's one democrat. who has read this memo which is located in some secret room for classified information one democrat while all the republicans actually got through that memo and they're shocked and that's a quote they're shocked at what they read nor what do you make of this yeah it's
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hard to know what to make of it because of the part of the nature of the russia gate scandal that it concerns one thing we have to say that we can all yell hash tag release the memo it's so popular right now but it's the republican controlled congress that can release the memo or trump's white house that can order the memo declassified and release it to everyone if they want it released well then release it already stop trying to make a public theater out of it let's see if you can it really is i mean come on i understand they're going to go through a process will take like nineteen days for it to be released ok well that's ninety days for this partisan. lunchroom fight to continue ok i mean it will seem that you know one of the interesting things is that all while the new this new phase of bill the bill that allows the n.s.a. to continue this process of surveillance i mean the irony of ironies here because
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it was probably because. it allowed something like this to happen they renewed it signed it where was the debate no well it's there is no adult and then they say will continue spine and this whole rush again story will continue i just worthless wiretapping of americans what what what what what what i am interested in is where will people understand this is just i mean. meddling in the elections in germany france serbia italy where ladyship. and these were serious an american politician saying that it was not just on paper you know saying that all russian good fortune. lee try to meddle in the elections in serbia well there are also smaller countries like much to dorney and they're afraid that you know you can. convince our viewers right now that the united states
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and its security agencies are not trying to affect russia's upcoming presidential election well absolutely. out of the question you know there are such beautiful people there are to see you know all the story of when not all need you know is. tell us who he is now vallone is a racist. participant in the so-called russian marxists so he's he's considered by many other ways of the old liberal but he's quote unquote liberal leader of the anti putin position and the anti-corruption chris say days he's presented the last why it's been convicted for fraud of french guzman why is it being connected for fraud in shady business deals and he has a problem with. a french perfume company and not with the russian only with russian companies however it's an interesting case when the united states decided to throw
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all they want with a nationalist with a racist you know this is a new technology. and they did it in ukraine they did it in the middle east but in russia they're probably doing it for the first time which will make this election cycle maybe interesting maybe because we go back to the tropics which is interesting because for the last week when we hear about trump that he's unstable mentally that he's sick is he going to last you know off four years or eight years get on a scale and show us your way so there you have the whole media even despite that even if. this guy is going to be president physically mentally but they are given unlimited powers to spy and surveil they gave them an unprecedented military budget voted both by democrats and republicans so you can see going back to what you said the absurdity of it all well let's talk about another blank check here let's talk about syria mark you followed probably better than anyone i know. the more i read about what the u.s. is trying to do in syria the more i do not understand other than intentional
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destabilization. of the country forever that's what they've been doing for the last six years it legally arming and training and salary militants allied with al-qaeda to overthrow the syrian government the trump administration finally after months and that obama policy but they doubled down on supporting the kurds which are affiliated with the white p.g. which the us has listed as a terrorist group largely because of its insurgent actions in turkey against the turkish regime of earlier but what we're having now diem is that we have the us sowing the turks and the kurds under the bus the same bus i mean the contradictions the more you look at it the more the contradictions are are jarring ok well the problem is they're trying to remove. my and their diversity who was actually not in syria before two thousand the united states and you have lost you which. you know
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a country at least four times more important than syria and iraq the u.s. and they have already lost you know their policy was so destructive not only destroyed syria it also destroyed their own released input it will continue oh it's one of the things is if we look at what secretary tillerson had to say about syria which i thought it was like a visit to the twilight zone and could make a whole program on it but the the there will be a embargo a blockade a sanction against rebuilding syria the u.s. will actively push that for us the refugees left that went to europe will not be able to come back because they'll be nothing to come back to so this perpetuates this problem. exactly and will it will actually see because it won't be any reconstruction more. war refugees flooding into europe i mean again who are the winners in all of this i don't see anyone just because the
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united states is trying to fight. assad iran and russia parties in europe the united states and they you hate so much i mean they will be asking these questions and then the mainstream media and they will say russians russians are sprayed all that he was and it is so obvious i mean could you not have seen that turkey would never ever in a million years allow any sort of kurdish state quasi state border security forces whatever they call it under their country a presence underneath turkey of thirty million kurds in turkey there was no way turkey would ever allow that in a million years they don't see this truck campaigned on ending the process of nation building ending the process that euphemism of democracy promotion and ending regime changes which he said as as counterproductive and destructive to u.s. policy across the middle east he also said what are we doing in syria if hillary
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clinton has her way we will be starting world war three with russia in syria over al-qaeda and this is the trump administration has compete clearly capitulated to the own guns and they're running trams foreign policy tillerson now sit and permanent in deafening as you open it with every occupation of syria their goals are now open to regime change once again back to the obama era confronting iran because iran is not allowed to have influence in syria no matter what damascus said i think tillerson should give us a list of the countries in the world that are allowed to decide who their allies are and which ones aren't because it's always complained in eastern europe that countries are allowed to ally with and join nato if they ought but syria's not allowed to ally with iran he wouldn't say we're going to go i think we need to. wayne to our viewers who might not watch the news in the days what happened in syria what happened was a turkish invasion. it is a factor it is
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a fact that the russian forces have removed themselves from the area that is actually or but it was a response to what do the united states claim that they are going to create the huge so called border security consulting the turks without even consulting the turks. sport you can a national can interview from the former you can better to syria peter ford who said the fall in which i think is is pretty exact the united states has been trying to prevent syria from stabilizing itself as huge interest over in state now they see and way of partially implementing it by encouraging the formation of a kurdish state and so their response to it was of the turkish. sense i think we have to explain to our viewers this is a partitioning syria permanently and it will. turn out and american at the same in at the behest i would.


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