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tv   Sophie Co  RT  January 22, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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there's no accountability here to be intelligence community is so much power i mean even senators schumer told the president throughout that he shouldn't be attacking the intelligence community because the six ways to sunday to get back at you and these are the ways they do it. now seems at the moment that money doesn't talk when it comes to the u.s. congress which remains shut for a third day as congressman failed to come to a mutual decision on the u.s. budget and while republicans and democrats still struggle to compromise perhaps the american public could take advantage.
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unfortunately we cannot. because. our government and. the government. america knows this is that from shutdown my fingers still sure were shut down so they took that nice little ring to it doesn't it senate democrats shut down this government a big fat failure. in other news this morning germany's drawn out coalition talks look on the brink of being solved as social democrats leader martin shows appears to have persuaded his fellow party members to vote in favor of reforming the grand coalition with chancellor angela merkel's
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party however the agreement could leave the n.t. migrant party alternative for germany party as the main opposition force in the country our europe correspondent peter oliver has the details. well this was the result that martin schultz wanted it was the result he campaigned for both it was a visibly very worried barton schultz waiting for those results that come in he gave a speech just before the ballots were cast he. said that there were only two options it was either go into coalition with angela merkel's conservative bloc or they'd have to be another election and he was very clear on which one he'd prefer you know . everyone should realise the question is coalition talks for new elections my take on this is very clear i don't think you elections are the right way for us but what would a coalition do for the bullets there how would the vote the stag look if you've
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grown coalition before what it would do is it would meet at the social democrats who are no longer the largest opposition party that would go to the new kids on the block alternative for germany they would be the largest opposition party they would also get all of the perks and traditions that come along with that including being the chair of the bundestag budget committee all new ground for the right leaning and t. establishment party a party in fact in which martin schultz and many other senior members of the social democrats have decried as racist before the election in september and said that they shouldn't be taking up seats within the bundestag well in an attempt to try and hang on to power for himself he may well catapult them up into the position of been germany's largest opposition however this whole deal on a coalition it all comes down to a vote that will be put to party membership and that's around four hundred fifty
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thousand people to decide on whether it's the right thing to do for germany for the social democrats if they decide against the earth well all bets are off and it would seem that we would be destined for another election here in germany. are all over there now are geo political analysts rain of office does explain why the f.t. has gained so much support. i would say. union card after all the c.d.u. has left of the conservative positions of the past they have of turned somewhat roughly speaking into an ass. and the ass b.d. has lost much of its political standing because many of the topics were also covered by the c.d.u. so the eight after just came in to fill in. the blank space but us has left well one of the stumbling blocks during the coalition talks has been
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migration policy and with a number of new approaches being try to ease the crisis the eastern city of kut burst took matters into its own hands and banned newcomers altogether the move is in response to several recent violent incidents in court personally this week a sixteen year old was stabbed by t. syrians and several days before that an elderly german couple were attacked by a group of refugees but local neo nazis have for say reportedly attacked migrants during illegal rallies we spoke to the residents of kut purse and his what they said. the state they make it look like asylum seekers or whoever attacked the germans but there were also cases when it happened the other way around for example three africans were beaten up by a group of germans on new year's eve over the next few days nobody reported and only later thanks to the efforts of when actually it was made public. it's not a solution to the problem not accepting and migrants doesn't solve the problem we
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have here and cutpurse in any case people don't feel as safe as they used to there is some insecurity here the system. i think there is a need for action in the city however the way the thought is a dealing with this situation might belittle bit questionable probably they could have looked into this case more deeply to see whether there are other options. well earlier three other communities in the region of lower saxony band migrants from entering as well my colleague neil harvey discussed the issue with the german and pay for the alternative for germany party hugh grant's the only been a handful of attacks by migrants in bursts as well as some on migrants themselves isn't a ban excessive well not to the victims those violent attacks occurs and there were about three thousand migrants who entered the caucus and mostly they're young males from north africa and syria bringing with them
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a completely different culture of. conflict resolution. there's a breaking point for even the most tolerant of communities and apparently this breaking point has been reached there sure opinion locals certainly aren't all in support of this ban nobody's saying that any violence is acceptable but some people suggesting you know maybe more to this than meets the eye maybe six of one half a dozen of the other and that perhaps more options should be explored is that not a good idea. well i'm afraid i'm a little to no time left to explore other options there's a big tension building up in many communities and cities are simply fed up the german treasury has admitted in the last year alone more than twenty two billion euros were needed to accommodate these one point five million migrants and this is of caught a large sum of money to try to explain this to millions of germans who are living
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on the breadline having two jobs trying very desperately to make ends meet. now violence intensified in afghanistan this weekend where more than thirty people are three dead in an overnight seated a hotel in afghanistan's capital of kabul according to reports citing security officials authorities put the death toll at nineteen including a high ranking afghan diplomat and fourteen foreign nationals most of them the employees of a local airline all six of the attackers were killed the taliban claims it was behind the assault.
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now people in the northern dutch city of groningen going fighting against the government's failure to act on warnings and cut back gas production citizens there blame corporations for numerous the quake that have hit the area the latest coming within the last fortnight on friday around ten thousand people marched against gas drilling in the area forcing the government to take measures to process to say the problem has not been taken seriously enough though with quakes continuing to damage the local infrastructure meanwhile the strongest of the glaciers five of them on january eighth reaching three point four in magnitude we are slow calls why say a backing the process. because of the present we have earthquake damage my home is
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damaged but in comparison with other citizens that bat in a lot of my house isn't being held up with braces what i am worried about i think it has to do with money out of the machine and the lack of having a good many people who don't know how to deal with processing claims many people a problem goes back many years the boy you know people have been raging too long to receive compensation for the damages that have been caused to be built up and they have been waiting so long for the drilling to stop it needs to happen now and again logical makes me think that everything keeps breaking and that no one is taking direct action. the university groningen has directly connected to early. the northern gas fields to the quake's specialists in the field are also concerned too about lays in sandstone in the region which they say could lead to yet more tremors a solution to the problem hasn't been found for decades already this map does show the number of earthquakes that have hit the region and we can see there in the parts of the gas fields where the fault lines are concentrated. supporting.
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causing problems around sixty thousand people living in the region. where the country's economy minister says that during his government the problem should be taken more seriously the production is set to fall twice comparing with twenty activists however still say the measures are not enough as the quakes continue we are not so this fight with the government. took. not enough earthquakes keep going on when they are extract the gas out of the ground as they do now so it has to go to zero they are pumping gas out of our soil for decades and. in the beginning there were also earthquakes but they just denied it it's not an earthquake it's an airplane coming or going boom or it's something else but the last years it's obvious that the. real earthquakes
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that's what worries us very much putting gas out of all so it's easy money. the government owns a lot of it and also exxon mobil and show a lot of. we are like a modern colony these those and we don't all. so it has to stop. families in the west african country of mali is still searching for answers over a french airstrike that killed eleven million soldiers who were being held hostage it's been more than a month since the strike has spoken to some of the relatives demanding the truth. that my nephew was taken prisoner during the attack on the nam palace security post there were people that people wounded and people missing.
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i ask for anyone who can help us get out of here don't leave us in this place he saw the french intervened to destroy a jihadi camp during this intervention eleven million soldiers lost their lives. from that at the time of the operations there were no hostages. the operations are considered service training camp and the notes on was the presence of mali soldiers established. all the production over there were eleven hostages found on this site and all of them died during this operation from images that we received we recognized five of our soldiers that were taken hostage. obama tonight one day they tell us that the hostages were there during the bombing
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and the next day they tell us otherwise we were waiting to receive news regarding our son. now doing the hoovering isn't a pleasant exercise for any of us but one russian cosmonaut does beg to differ the international space station take a look at these pictures. i phone you can be that much fun at home that's how the news is looking so far today on r.t. on back with more in half an. hour.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind gets consumed with the death of this one quite different person i speak to now as there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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to. try to force. but find your area eric out there because like my nine hundred talk to brock there said this was their year twenty seventh day to go to all kinds of crazy eyes and yeah it sure did alex very thing a bit of a fallback. exists is harlan kentucky. over all of this the employees people work from street fanny's. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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mines a sudden ban that was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. to me.
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well for the fed given county on a no or my mojo good price what would you know and when when your margin on whenever then wish them that i left clownish over again and then know a lot farther ahead and as i say over larry. just to have off either through his
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soup history for retarded cano nature i need to set off at the monitor they were here. in order to be has a which i don't want you to agree with sunny or fed your b.s. overdoing could have their lives so twisted and i was so alone with they fed your grandmother i said it could offer for him as it was hell for me or us. in cancun to show dewani whiney. model of our navy sign on they were all smokes or felt any. danger of ten michelle like on his own when you have to block and the low shots of the advice salty i get asked and i would have a profit without the first so we kill them and then with stuff but the war and them are the same as she. for many a month i left it out of a faith off by a. full. load.
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let it down. on. monday don't lie. down our life it. i think. a lot of good things. but good a little bit. about us and i was just i said a male friend simplified the idea and i had met starlets ask him if. i was working well and they're much on. iraq and. saw the shrunken is what i'd know how them to fit in and out of the idea. we're going to find out about myself and then i let this get out of that i'll say i must tell the tough get. going on that or with the laughing more about the nor the time
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so i feel in our war on the. good i think it's sort of the shot i haven't had that the height of a. gun is no. i'm a flash and that. and you. know you. can but when i cut and then you cut them. and. i don't lose each other foot profile. when you enter this city one of the first signs you see reads welcome to burial ground of the american. soldiers had just put up posters asking people to inform on insurgents attacking u.s. troops. they had fairly much just seen before the locals tore the posters down with little blood would have been left on monday night when the joy then oh my god i love them nobody thought. i was shot over.
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had a coke zero on their knee. so i you know could you know haunt me and i took it. and was all i want to bust me. to no good. oh my gosh. it's. hard to decide all holic for a rabbit hole i'll call it turn on the sea on a yacht at. which telephoning does it have a can and then i mean how you want it. to list and. allowed what is akin to it how could it. have all of what they want to know how i and me. on it can know. and the only clues i don't catch why i'm retired. lousily gallium with classmates we all
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digital with off in the sky with a wife. and i would stay out of the as a warning. on a good list along with any question i had to give my who was. that behind county prison without the notice that i would i think. i didn't belong. in there. that didn't belong i would alpha dog really want to or i should watch a shot. oh not k. i need to know what costume a lot of. it's a one hundred twenty five and sure do not only know him global issue one. day is an issue if you add it. to his home i smile running.
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moon around and yeah go to. an equation water soaked in it and it could also off so it's just a vessel of a goodly community of rats in a healthy. so she can go on as we are nona but how you are. so i am a nice i want to know well. i was going to sort out the laying on of. it are you going i asked her and knowing i was up. to our four nationally charlestown i will. actually palin not. delusional or not a born in any discussion of bad luck luck lot either strong are. getting i have
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another go at that also as just a quick smart of the last class a war that us would welcome not only imus in america or. the toccata why any china son may go. i suggest this was a sham welcomed in us kind of guy all cut in honor by that them by saying aren't up . to. us. i know i. do. not want. to. see.
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my. joe i. doubt that it. was. not like you're trying. to move. the hockey mom. i want. to shoot you down. in the alley quite well you. started. telling the. people to want to know what their ideas are going to. be built on time i don't go away john ascher i don't go to the whole thing
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a little bit you know. just that i was right. you know that i don't want to follow up well. you know any good i might as. well with us all and it. how long. we should show you just i'm just so down it's fun to. look i mean. i only saw. you know looked as if it was a little bit like allies of the governor and. you know yeah yeah it's the law and you know they're just long but i know what i did. you know you. did that you know. oh. god why did john.
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sixty four either at a birthday as you had to say to hear from. scott . and i thought and. i'm going to pass and. scale on that out of washington. not that i thin then how. i saw for. the first time had. a cold when i walk. around what i saw and know and then i don't. know him and i want to have a lock and a saucer and i didn't. have to have leave it all to follow this one life. time job and all cause i thought i left shaft i know what kind of it's not that.
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everything that goes to iraq must be approved by a special sanctions committee this committee has consistently blocked the restoration of basic services in iraq power light and clean running water if they didn't know what. else life would have it would be a little bit. and let. kids be. a lot. of the. model for the oh so water for the. light for many clubs over the years so i know the gaming so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending you're getting twenty million of them flying. it's an experience like nothing else
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not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game migrate to one more chance for. a nice minute. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of lethal drugs.


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