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i didn't want that out so this is all deliberate even when they lie in front of congress or to the people the united states or even to the president or any of the cabinet it doesn't seem to matter then there's no accountability here the intelligence community has so much power i mean even senator schumer told the president trump that he shouldn't be attacking the intelligence community because they've got six ways to sunday to get back at you and these are the ways they do it . money doesn't talk when it comes to the u.s. congress which remained shut for a third day as congressman failed to come to a mutual decision on the u.s. budget and while republicans and democrats struggle to compromise the american public feel the pinch. america knows this is the shutdown. so let's get that nice little ring to it doesn't it senate democrats shut down. a big fat failure.
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unfortunately we cannot use your call today because congressional democrats are the government funding hostage to an unrelated immigration debate due to the third direction the government shutdown. germany's jornada coalition towards could be on the brink of
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a breakthrough the social democrats leader martin shields has persuaded his party members to vote in favor of reforming the grand coalition with chancellor merkel's party however the agreement could leave the anti my current party alternative for germany as the main opposition force in the country as peeta all of us explains. all this was the result that martin schultz wanted it was the result he campaigned for but it was a visibly very worried martin childes waiting for those results that come in he gave a speech just before the ballots were cast he said that there were only two options it was either go into coalition with angela merkel's conservative bloc or they'd have to be another election and he was very clear on which one he'd prefer that you know you know you everyone should realize the question is coalition talks for new elections my take on this is very clear i don't think you elections are the right way for us but what would a coalition do for the ballistae how would the book the stagg look if
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a new grand coalition can be formed what it would do is it would meet at the social democrats who are no longer the largest opposition party that would go to the new kids on the block alternative for germany they would be the largest opposition party they would also get all of the or perks and traditions that come along with that including being the chair of the bundestag budget committee all new ground for the right leaning and t. establishment party a party in fact in which martin schultz and many other senior members of the social democrats have decried as racist before the election in september and said that they shouldn't be taking up seats within the bundestag well in an attempt to try and hang on to power for himself he may well catapult them up into the position of been germany's largest opposition here political analyst rainout ruff explained why the f.t. has gained so much support. i would say that the union use overseas you
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as left of the conservative positions of the they have turned somewhat roughly speaking into it and asked. and asked b.d. has lost much of its political standing because many of the topics were also covered by the c.d.u. so the after just came in to fill in. the blank space that. he has left. one of the stumbling blocks around the coalition talks has been migration policy with a number of new approaches being try to ease the crisis in the eastern city of copper theft taken matters into its own hands and banned newcomers altogether the move is in response to several recent incidents last week a teenager was stabbed by two syrians several days before that the german couple was attacked by a group of refugees however local near nazis have also been blamed for violence at
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illegal rallies with reports they attacked migrants we spoke to people in corpus and here's what they told us the states they make it look like asylum seekers or whoever attacked the germans but there are also cases where it happened the other way around for example three afghans were beaten up by a group of germans on new year's eve over the next few days though nobody reported on it only later thanks to the efforts of an activist group it was made public. because it's not a solution to the problem not accepting any more migrants doesn't solve the problem we have here and cutpurse in any case people don't feel as safe as they used to there is some insecurity here below the fish and i think there is a need for action in the city however the way the thordis are dealing with this situation might belittle bit questionable probably they could have looked at this case more deeply to see whether there are other options. three other communities in the region of lower saxony have also banned migrants michael. me and harvey
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discussed this with hugh profits and from the alternatives such a neat party the only been a handful of attacks by migrants in the us as well as some on migrants themselves isn't a ban excessive well not to the victims of those violent attacks it isn't there were about three thousand migrants who entered capas and mostly their young males from north africa and syria bringing with them a completely different culture of. conflict resolution. there's a breaking point for even the most tolerant of communities and apparently this breaking point has been reached that's your opinion locals certainly aren't all in support of this ban nobody saying that any violence is acceptable but some people suggesting that maybe more too is that this meets the eye maybe six of one half a dozen of the other and perhaps more options should be explored is that not a good idea. well i'm afraid it is
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a little to no time left to explore other options there's a big tension building up and many communities and cities are simply set up the german treasury has admitted that in the last year alone more than twenty two billion euros were needed to accommodate these one point five million migrants and this is of course a large sum of money to try to explain this to millions of germans who are living on the breadline having two jobs and trying very desperately to make ends meet therefore my cats and president has arrived in tandem mark even though he may be extradited back to spain a story and plenty more coming up after this break. thank you.
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when all the trophies seemed wrong in one old roll just don't hold. me to the world that you get to shape out this day to come out to it and in games from it because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. here's what people been saying about reject. me always show i go out of my way to watch you know what is there really. is the john oliver of our two year marriage is going to say we are very much better than. the see people you've never heard of. jack the next president of the world. very. seriously
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send us an e-mail. welcome back to the program deposed president carlos praised the man has arrived in the danish capital that's despite the risk of him being extradited back to spain to face charges just one hour after landing in copenhagen and requests came from the trade for an arrest warrant which a month later brussels back in october after being sacked by the spanish government is his first step out of belgian in almost three months he faces charges of rebellion and sedition after catalonia pushed ahead with an illegal independence referendum last year it led to violence and uncertainty across spain as the breakaway region declared its independence. the dutch city of groningen is home to one of europe's richest gas fields but locals are concerned about the environmental impact they blame corporations for the
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numerous earthquakes in the area the latest coming within the last two weeks on friday around ten thousand people marched against drilling in the area the protesters say the problem has not been taken seriously enough with quakes continuing to damage local infrastructure earlier this month one measured three point four magnitude the biggest earthquake in the netherlands for five years it was often up with you don't we have earthquake damage my home is damaged but in comparison with others it isn't that bad my house isn't. being held up with braces but i am worried i think it has to do with money and the lack of having good people who know how to deal with processing claims. this problem goes back many years the point is that people have been waiting too long to receive compensation for the damages that have been caused and they have been waiting too long for the drilling to stop it needs to happen now good luck just makes me sick that everything keeps breaking that no one is taking direct action. the university of groningen has
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published its own study into the issue of drilling it claims there is a direct connection between drilling in the northern gas field and the earthquakes specialists are also concerned about layers of sandstone in the region which they say could eventually lead to yet to more tremors happening a solution hasn't been found for decades already this map shows the number of earthquakes that have hit the region we can see that they've been occurring in those northern gas fields where the fault lines are concentrated around an area where sixty thousand people currently live the dutch economy minister says if the government had taken the problem more seriously but action could have been cut in half since twenty thirteen activists however still say these measures wouldn't be sufficient they are pumping gas out of our soil for decades now. in the beginning there were also earthquakes but they just deny that it's not an earthquake it's an airplane going going boom or something else but the last years
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it's obvious that the. real quakes that's what worries us very much putting gas out of our soul is easy money. and the government owns a lot of it and also exxon mobil and shell a lot and we are like a modern colony these days and we don't like that at all so it has to stop. now families in the west. country of mali is still searching for answers over a french airstrike that allegedly killed eleven million soldiers that were being held hostage it's been more than two months since the strike and officials from both sides still have conflicting versions of what happened r.t. has spoken to some of the relatives demanding the truth my nephew was taken prisoner during the attack on the no power security post there were people dead people wounded and people missing.
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i ask for anyone who can help us get out of here don't leave us in this place. the french intervened to destroy a jihadi camp during this intervention eleven million soldiers lost their lives. the operations are good so that sara's training camp and the notes on was the presence of mali soldiers established. there were eleven hostages found on this site and all of them died during this operation one day they tell us that the horse just were there during the bombing and the next day they tell us otherwise. i wanted to say that their levon mali and hostages that were at this site had joined the jihadi movement we consider that to be an insult to the memory of these men who lost their lives in
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the service of the nation. they were indeed hostages of terrorists and there should not be any ambiguity between our french friends and. our superior phoned me saying that after checking they found no evidence as to whether the car is dead or alive while waiting to receive news regarding our son. just to give you a bit more context into the situation france got involved in the mali and conflict back in twenty fourteen after islamist militants took parts of the country and around for five thousand french troops are involved in an anti terror operation that's still ongoing also just a week ago the u.k. agreed to bolster the campaign with its helicopters. and other news now doing the household chores isn't exactly everybody's idea of fun although one russian cosmonaut might buycott to defer these are pictures that you can see sent from the
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international space station showing him hopping around on a vacuum cleaner. around up all the top stories this hour don't forget to check us out on social media twitter you tube on our website r.t. dot com i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of the latest news so don't go away. like the many. so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families
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it's the age of the super manager will be their own is expected to do twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else really because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great to transfer. it's rather stand here from us and. our own move from what i saw. in our good armor on mars rover and our rather proud of our four for medicare. i'm going to let him but i don't cut him then you cut and and kick and nail i don't lose a child for truffle that it. was then now
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mind my michelle little subtle. mind. set up around the hayfield not doing. good for its whole foods but choice on yours or yours and theosophy time in syria has said. please she ought to give up somewhere else for that in africa will fuck around with mr hates it for jim and then wait for her folks that are for him and for. the money. this is harlan kentucky. boy you could carry. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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mines the fed. sees people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle well the four page memo detailing extensive fights of court abuse changed the course of what is known as russia gate also does the trumpet ministration syria policy make any sense. and who's the real boy from the media. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have alex christopher oh he's
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a director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dimitri bobbitt he's a political analyst with sputnik international our gentlemen as usual crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate let's let me go to you first this four page memo now if you watch fox it means something and it means something big you watch c.n.n. you might not even hear about it is this a partisan thing or is there is something they are there to be honest we don't really know yet do we i mean you have fox which is building it up as explosive scandal as bring down the obama administration is going to connect obama to the d.o.j. to the f.b.i. to the clinton campaign that they were spying on trump they were surveilling they were surveilling trump and you have c.n.n. m.s.n. p.c. who are saying there's nothing there i mean the the only thing you can really do is release that memo and glenn greenwald is calling to release that memo a lot of news a lot of people from toulon assad's everybody saying we got to release the memo because we don't really know laura ingram said on our show that there's one
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democrat who has read this memo which is located some secret room for classified information one democrat while all the republicans have actually gone through that memo and they're shocked and that's a quote they're shocked at what they read not what do you make of all this yeah it's hard to know what to make of it because of the part of the nature of the russia gate scandal that it concerns one thing we have to say that we can all yell hash tag release the memo it's so popular right now but it's the republican controlled congress that can release the memo or trump's white house that can order the memo declassified and released. that everyone if they want it released will then release it already stop trying to make a public theater out of it that's all you can it really is and you know it from what i understand they're going to go through a process that will take like nineteen days for it to be released ok well that's ninety days for this part of the. lunchroom fight to continue ok i mean it will
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see but you know one of the interesting things is that all while the new this new phase of bill the seven o two bill that allows the n.s.a. to continue this process of surveillance i mean the irony of ironies here because it was probably because. it allowed something like this to happen they renewed it trump signed it where was the debate no well. there's no doubt that the n.s.a. will continue spine and this whole russia gate story will continue. wiretapping of americans what what what what what what i am interested in is where will people understand that this is just i mean i keep my diary they cured rush of meddling in the elections in germany france serbia italy ladyship. and these were serious an american politician saying that it was not just on paper
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you know saying that all russia could possibly try to meddle in do elections in serbia well there are also smaller countries like most adorning and they're afraid that russia you know you can. convince our viewers right now that the united states and its security agencies are not trying to affect russia's upcoming presidential election absolutely. out of the question you know there are such beautiful people there. the story of. those who hears. only is there a racist. participant in this so-called russian marc. yes so he's he's considered by many other ways i don't feel liberal but he's quote unquote liberal leader of the anti putin position and anti-corruption chris a day as he has presented the last why it's been convicted for fraud of french government why has it been connected for fraud in shady business deals and they he
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has a problem with. the french perfume company and not with the russian only with russian companies however it's an interesting case when the united states decided to throw all they want with a nationalist with a racist you know this is a new technology. and they did it in ukraine they did it in the middle east but in russia they're probably doing it for the first time which will make this election cycle maybe interesting maybe because we go back to the trump issue which is interesting because for the last week when we hear about trump that he's unstable mentally that he's sick is he going to last you know off four years or eight years get on a scale and show us your way so that you have the whole media even despite that even if. this guy is going to be president physically mentally but they are given unlimited powers to spy and surveil they gave him an unprecedented military budget voted both by democrats and republicans so you can see going back to what you said the absurdity of it all well let's talk about another blank check here let's talk
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about syria mark you followed probably better than anyone i know. the more i read about what the u.s. is trying to do in syria the more i do not understand other than intentional destabilization. of the country forever that's what they've been doing for the last six years it legally arming training and salary militants allied with al-qaeda to overthrow the syrian government that trump administration finally after months and that obama policy but they doubled down on supporting the kurds which are affiliated with the white p.g. which the us has listed as a terrorist group largely because of its insurgent actions in turkey against the turkish regime. but what we're having now diem is that we have the us sowing the turks and the kurds under the bus the same bus i mean contradictions the more you
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look at it the more the contradictions are are jarring ok well the problem is they're trying to remove. my and their diversity who was actually not in syria before two thousand the united states and you have lost you which. you know a country at least four times more important than syria and iraq the us and they have already lost you know their polish it was just struck different not only destroyed syria but also destroyed their own released input it will continue oh it's one of the things is that if we look at what secretary tillerson had to say about syria which i thought it was like a visit to the twilight zone and could make a whole program on it but the the there will be a embargo a blockade a sanction against rebuilding syria the u.s. will actively push that for us the refugees that left that went to europe will not be able to come back because they'll be nothing to come
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back to so this perpetuates this problem. exactly and will it will actually see because it won't be any reconstruction more. war refugees flooding into europe i mean again who are the winners in all of this i don't see anyone just because the united states is trying to fight. assad iran and russia parties in europe the united states and they you hate so much i mean they will be asking these questions and then the mainstream media and they will say russians russians are sprayed an old and he was and it is so obvious i mean could you not of seeing that turkey would never ever in a million years allow any sort of kurdish state quasi state border security forces whatever they call it under their country a presence underneath turkey of thirty million kurds in turkey there was no way turkey would ever allow that in a million years they don't see this truck campaigned on ending the process of nation building ending the process that euphemism of democracy promotion and ending
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regime changes which he said as as counterproductive and destructive to u.s. policy across the middle east he also said what are we doing in syria if hillary clinton has her way we will be starting world war three with russia in syria over al-qaeda and this is the trump administration has compete clearly capitulated to the own guns and they're running trams foreign policy tillerson now sit and permanent in deafening as you open it with every occupation of syria their goals are now open to regime change once again back to the obama era confronting iran because iran is not allowed to have influence in syria no matter what damascus said i think tillerson should give us a list of the countries in the world that are allowed to decide who their allies are and which ones aren't because it's always complained in eastern europe that
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countries are allowed to ally with and join nato if they want but syria's not allowed to ally with iran he wouldn't say it isn't going to go i think we need to. wayne to our viewers who might not watch the news in the days what happened in syria what happened was a turkish invasion. it is a factor it is a fact that the russian forces have removed themselves from the area that is actually or but it was a response to what do the united states claim that they are going to create the huge so-called border security consulting the turks without even consulting the turks and the. sport you can ask now you can interview from the former you can better to syria peter ford who said the forwarding which i think is pretty exact the united states has been trying to prevent syria from stabilizing itself as huge interest over in state now they see and way of partially implemented by encouraging the formation of a kurdish state and so their response to it was of the. essential i think we have
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to explain to our viewers this is a partitioning syria permanently. shootout and an american at the same and at the behest i would say that the saudis and the israelis there is again we our viewers have to understand it's very clear the united states has no geopolitical national interest in syria and the american forces are there or are there illegally under international law there was no united nations security council authorization. in turkey is violating the sovereignty. if you don't stand that the u.s. making things was because they will provide economic aid only to the areas which are not under control of the syrian government that border ship or picture the presence of refugees in the countries like germany france so next time well merkel will be telling to you all there was simply.


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