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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 23, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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but if you did and no one could leave for a week and the world realize that it could run itself without the business and political elites. over to france where prison stuff across the country are blockading detention facilities and calling for a complete overhaul of the system there are over one hundred centers have been affected the protests are now in their ninth day and began after a series of assaults against prison workers by inmates one of the hotspots has been the ferry jail near parra sits the largest in europe holding more than four thousand inmates it's also used to monitor suspected extremists among them is the salaam the faces trial of the twenty fifteen terror attacks stuff held demonstrations ites side the prison on friday filings broke. i. know just about as
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today we have all come here for a strike because discontent is spreading across france the crucial problem is the security of prison personnel on top of that there is the issue of islamic radicals for also kept in our jails who are not isolated from other inmates. it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition. or with the blockades and demonstrations spreading across france r.t. sharla dubin ski has been tracking developments we are day number nine this is the second week of the nationwide protests and we had the standard at least seventy prisons blockading yet again today now they started over a week ago because. three security guards at
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a prison in the north of france were attacked by an inmate a convicted terrorist now since that attack took place in these protests have been happening there have been more assaults of attacks on prison guards in prisons in france including two prison guards who were attacked on sunday evening now that the prison guards say that they would is incredibly dangerous they feel is sometimes to go to work they fear for their lives because of the types of prisoners that they dealing with they say that in some prisons like that largest prison in europe that sometimes the inmates refuse to go back to their jails and this is a prison with a high number apparently of radicalized inmates so these are just some of the concerns that the security guards have they also say that they are very very understaffed with the suggestion that sometimes in that largest prison in europe there is only one security guard for every ninety inmates now i've been talking to
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some of the security guards would be lining the other concerns. to tell you to go our work is very dangerous where weak teams of aggression and. experience marlon's which is not taken into consideration by the government. it has become more and more difficult for us to act i've seen physical aggression towards my colleagues every day it happens every time we open the doors of support in a city we denounce the working in dishes of our colleagues in the prison the security conditions the numerous acts of aggression against them we want salaries to be increased for those who face such risks that work as well as an increase in personnel and better security so what all the demands of the prison guards well they say they want more than the one thousand jobs that they've already been offered over the next four years by the justice minister they also say that they won't radicalize prisoners to be isolated in prisons for their safety and they want to have more secure. the services available to deal with situations we also know
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that the president might go on this said that he will unveil a runtime at the end of next month to reform the entire prison system in france but that still more than a month away and the question is ease action needed soon or the prison guards who remain blockading so many of the prisons in france say it is needed sooner because they need to have more secure conditions to work in immediately. can update on a story which occurred over the weekend several u.s. citizens work killed and injured in saturday's attack on. a hotel in the afghan capital kabul but has now been confirmed by the state department afghan officials say twenty two people were killed in the overnight siege curried out by taliban militants.
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those people at the mercy they were anybody who came in front of them to destroy the. best basically it was their fault you know it's a photo. will be exact number of the dead an intern american nationals is not yet known previously it was said the fatalities included fourteen foreigners from ukraine venice we elect has expanded in germany most are working for an afghan earline. ok let's talk some of your pressing issues on this story and joint. terrorism expert and author always welcome to the program toby i suppose this is
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a reminder isn't it of the of the continuing toll paid by washington in what is its longest war why do you think there aren't any tangible signs at least of resolution here. people have to lose their lives this is a situation that's continued to call to most of my viewers that just seven years ago exactly seven years ago decision or. two hundred plus people lost their lives in this in motels so there is bit of a problem with the crowd the security management system. this whole area is full of people serious it is the americans for instance we need to. just review you know what we really want to get out of this area and how. people you know to be able to move to the situation where the
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peaceful environment to live in you mentioned the hotel the intercontinental was attacked before it's now one of perhaps because about one of the most protected areas in kabul yet this still happened and so many people lost their lives how much of a failure considering the hotel was as well protected as it was supposed to be is this for the afghan government it is a failure because again we should remember that. this should be a system in place for crowded places this should be written it builds on the go. to terrorism. department of people who give advice to demi terms of how to ensure that. protection in place no we should remember that. in the last three years. in the month of january this is the forced or the
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forced months in the last three years that we've had more than forty people killed in the month of generally alone so that tells us that there is a feeling somewhere in terms of you know police management and how secure security security areas of this nature really dealt with and how did another aspect of this just to get your thoughts on afghan authorities are now being accused in fact of done playing the number of casualties it is feared that more than forty people were killed that's what some local media are saying why they died in suspicion over the figures do you think. i think that the politics of number can only be explained war way and that is the fact that they feel the security service is to actually. deceived security of our people. in all foreign country and of course you can't
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blame them a lot we have to blame order. to live good themselves involved in this have not and have not actually plan for discovery after i'm out of any. engagement in foreign lands. in libya. in syria if not for the help of the government is helping to know to get things back to normal so we need to again as a community world community look at how we engage with countries and how we help them. and invaded or get involved in you know crisis management in those countries on how to assure the people every to return to normal yes speaking on the tragedy of another deadly day in afghanistan terry topia loto terrorism expert on aurthur thank you. u.s.
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attorney general jeff sessions has announced the hunt for the tens of thousands of missing text messages sent by f.b.i. employees they were sent out the height of the agency's probe into alleged russian meddling during the last u.s. presidential election some of the exchanges that were seen raise serious questions about bias within the f.b.i. reporting in the aspect from washington you're samir account. months of text messages between two f.b.i. staffers linked to the trump of russia propane have gone missing one of the agency's peter struck he oversaw the investigation into alleged russian interference now he was also part of robert muller's team that was looking into suppose the pollution between trump and the problem prior to that the clinton e-mail investigation which went nowhere and then there's lisa page a lawyer for the department of justice who also worked for robert muller the couple payment to prominence back in december when their private text conversations were released to congress girls hillary should win. i know. and maybe your
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man just the way you are because you're a man to protect the country from that manifest. thanks it's absolutely true that we're very very fortunate and of course i'll try and approach it that way these text messages proved that both struck and page were biased in favor of hillary and the messages even hint at some nefarious political activity so when they wanted to dig deeper it turned out the rest of their conversation had disappeared the f.b.i. described the dates last misconfiguration issues related to rollouts provisioning and so for upgrades the conflicts with the f.b.i.'s collection capabilities but let's look at the time frame these text messages december fourteenth twenty sixteenth roommates seventeen twenty seventy and when did muller's investigation into question well you can start oh look may seventeenth twenty seventeen surprisingly convenient the timing is just too coincidental seems that they were trying to plant the evidence somehow as an insurance policy thinking that trump had
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no way of getting elected and then when he did scrambling in order to try to stop the election or to create the necessity of an impeachment of trump they were conspiring inside the f.b.i. to figure out how to catch trump on some sort of you know criminal activity having a russian connection russian money laundering being involved with putin in the in the russian trump collusion of which they provided zero evidence. yeah the disappearance of crucial data is not on common in the u.s. intelligence community the national security agency for instance recently revealed it accidentally erased surveillance information simply to free up space on its hard drives the data was related to the presidential survey aliens program or p.s.p. which included warrantless wiretapping insuring george w. bush's time in office the n.s.a. was ordered to preserve the information by a court as it was deemed important to
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a number of pending lawsuits the b.s.p. internet content matched criteria that were broadly used to delete dead of a certain type in response to mission requirements to free up space and improve performance of the backup system the n.s.a. has no reason to believe at this time that the continent data was specifically targeted for deletion. turkey's continuing military campaign against the kurdish militias in northern syria is causing tensions to flare as far afield as germany some amazing pictures coming up on monday pro kurdish activists protesting next to the turkish airlines desk at how an over erp court ended up fighting a mob sprawl with turkish almost two hundred people involved in it which was broken up eventually by police using pepper spray was
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. was was was . you know that was the checking area just a short while ago some background to this entre began its latest military operation against the syrian kurdish fighters at the end of last week it views them as terrorist under its concerns about the growing plants politician of power in northern syria and political commentator adel darwish told us that washington must take a clear position on the hostilities and help the two sides work towards a solution. would find themselves powerless against the might of turkey as we have see the unfortunate scenes from frankfurt and probably other places it could actually spill over and affect europe figure people who think far away it's very
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very hard actually to the american foreign policy at the moment first the americans have to explain to their allies of our worlds what if that is true of the g and the policy. do the will actually to have a peaceful bend in syria and keep the. the political integrity of syria as a nation state as these one of a number to do the actually and want to end the conflict and see peaceable. russia's defense minister has revealed that moscow is in talks with several nations over the purchase of a state of the art russian missile defense system and breaking down that story for us are to go it's acknowledged as one of the best air defense systems out there it can strike eighty targets at a time at
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a range of four hundred kilometers even if they're travelling at five kilometers a second i'm always about to say an hour but no a second so perhaps that's why there is high demand as four hundred isn't on develop technology still on the drawing board or sitting in a dusty warehouse it's on active duty in syria protecting russian units there. the russian army's top man hasn't revealed the names of the system's next buyers but he did mention the regions the middle east and southeast asia he's touring that
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part of the world right now mr scheuer who says whenever he's talking to army bosses from other countries there is always discussion about buying russia's defense technology so soon will find out who is next in line for the. four hundred i say next because turkey has already got a contract and when they signed the papers it was big news sure that's a nato member washington's key ally that's counting on russian engineering to keep its ties say somewhere else military might is all but depended on america is saudi arabia but a few months ago the saudis and the russians agreed on an ass four hundred deal as well china is getting it and india too let's see if the name of the next customer comes as a surprise. one of the largest consulting firms in the world ernst and young has
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been accused of multiple illegal dealings a former employee who sais he was fired for revealing the allegations the clothes that the accounting giant is involved in bribery money laundering and the cover up of alyssa gold purchases from conflict zones picking up the story you corset on of the story hidden in the court papers filed by this order to against his ex bosses could be one of the grandest smuggling scams greed money laundering and back door dealings measured in billions of dollars. is accusing one of the world's biggest auditing firms of covering up the tracks over dubai precious metals megacorp act one. ernst and young for an audit inspectors come to dubai and the first thing they see is a pile of moroccan gold buyers casually bundled up on a desk stacks of gold at a gold refinery could be business as usual except these bars are literally painted silver in order to sneak them into dubai four to five tons of gold gold bars
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coated silver smuggled old to more cool arriving in dubai cleared as gold when the team found the discussed it with with colucci the. admitted this is the way of doing business with the with these moral consult lawyers inspectors do some more digging and what they reveal brings us to act two some of the precious metal in colossus coffers could be blood gold shuffling through papers auditor's discover the refinery was more than happy to shake hands with small mining operations in sudan and the democratic republic of congo apparently colossi asked for no licenses offering cash in hand in exchange for gold proceeds from surge sales in conflict torn countries are known to directly fuel gang wars which are responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths soldiers naam group leaders see in control of the gold
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mines as a way to money guns and power for forty each other ruthlessly often targeting civilians in the process so ernst and young employees calm through colossus cash transactions that's when we get to act three apparently the company deals in cash almost as much as in conventional bank transfers that billions of dollars go into a legal black hole impossible to trace so the auditor's diligently record every failure of the dubai giant but there's no pats on the back for them from the boss we requested a meeting with the babies to get it or when they realized that we're not going to alter our findings or change them they went ahead and. changed it on good lines in such a way that our findings and or for their conclusions will not be made public ernst and young have denied allegations they were in cahoots with the group the dubai refinery is still in business saying there's been no material impact on their
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ability to operate or trade i'm just rehired the man who led the team and expose the alleged wrongdoings says the audit in giant branded him a troublemaker and sacked him so is blowing the whistle a noble thing or just a falls here and in this saga it's left up to the court. of r.t. . almost time to catch up with mark's report is in just a moment and i'll be right here in thirty minutes time with the global news headlines affecting your world today.
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this is the report we're a bit coy my enemy we were here a year ago never before it was like nine hundred talk to proctor said this was their year twenty seven team to go to all kinds of move crazy yeah it sure did they're experiencing a bit of a poll but. yes there is quite a little bit of a pullback if you want to call fifty percent correction and more. you and i are quite used to this we've seen this many times sixteen ninety percent corrections and the market so who knows it could fall even further it could the two hundred day moving average by the way is at eight thousand it could fall beyond that who knows but you know what has collapsed to nothing that is currently i'm the headline reads collapse of construction giant with forty three thousand employees globally sparks fear and may have so max you know karelian is
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a two hundred year old infrastructure company which builds hospitals schools prisons just to line in total the firm participated in four hundred fifty public service projects in the united kingdom this is part of the p.f. ideals of private finance and mission of this is just one of the companies a two hundred year old infrastructure company is collapse it's been liquidated i saw that shareholders might actually get between less than a penny and six back to the pound invested in the company remember the reason i bring this up is because bitcoin was birthed into the world january third two thousand and nine the genesis block and in that genesis block it mentioned the collapse of the banks and the u.k. that were being bailed out two hundred year old banks were being bailed out now we see two hundred year old. infrastructure companies being bailed out yeah it's great really juxtaposition of big boy and the crilly and story and as you point out it's
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echoes the two thousand and eight bank collapse that spawned the creation of bitcoin as a way to fight back against what is hyper financialization trillion is a victim of financialization and just like many companies in the u.k. and around the world private marketeers buy up lots of stock they load these companies up with debt while extracting equity and then they let the company cole lapse under the weight of it's own debt the p.f. ice games were over there in the u.k. it's a quasi government private sector deal it was all was an all is a slush fund we've actually been reporting on this for a member of years saying these deals will collapse as guaranteed now cruelly and house collapse as we predicted. exactly as we said to would collapse because you cannot grow trees to the sky like you try to do with trillions well by the way just so you know where we're here in miami where the brick cal area of miami and this is you might see some boats and stuff going by in the background and there's
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a bridge over there just so you might not be alarmed people get scared out there when they hear noises that they don't know what they are because they sometimes think we're on a green screen but they gather point about karelian all these other p.f. i companies are also getting whacked their shares are tumbling the government is actually looking at their balance sheets and seeing what's going on there one issue that arose with karelian as the share company's revenues were crashing they were having to borrow more and more short term money and what did you say these are private these are public projects the government of the united kingdom can borrow at all times four hundred fifty year lows can private companies know here's a tweet from joel benjamin karelian was trying to turn itself around while being charged a rate of interest of eight to. ten percent above libel or for its emergency loans this is why private companies should not deliver core services for chippewa
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a rated government able to borrow a point five percent madness of course you know the taxpayer was always on the hook for that ten eight to ten percent above why or that banks were right but let's take a look at this the genesis of this this was a way for the u.k. government i believe the start of the under. major john major and change debt off the government's balance sheet and to put her on the private sector to make the debt to g.d.p. ratio look healthier thus allowing the government to borrow more and of course this was a recipe for disaster it created moral hazard on an epic scale and guaranteed to collapse as it has collapsed and yes the entire structure this entire p.f. by sector is collapsing will the bank of england bail them out probably and again this is why people kind of rush to bed coining gold because you can't prove either of those well whether or not the bank of england bailed somehow is one thing they
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obviously have not stepped in the company is liquidation its collapse many of the biggest banks in the united kingdom are owed money over two billion pounds we don't know we're going to you know obviously what what was the warren buffett called these derivatives he called it like a speed get a you never and you never find the end of it well here. it'll obviously be in bankruptcy for quite a while who have to figure out what's what they actually own but one of the things that a lot of these companies do is they get the contracts they got these contracts by basically underpricing them to get it over you know be awarded the contract over the competition they couldn't deliver at the price but they had already flipped it they a lot of these companies flip it to foreign holders and offshore entities and wall street points out that karelian was one of four comp. the other three being balfour beatty interservice and cheer there pocketed over three hundred million pounds flipping p.f.
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i schools and hospitals to the highest bidder and other words many of karelians p.f. i assets are already in the hands of foreign investors meaning that while the government will have to take over many of the services karelian can no longer provide and may still have to pay leasing cost to the foreign owned firms that currently and sold out to otherwise those firms may sue the government for a lost profits this is a remarkable chain of events because you have u.k. companies are going to be privatized because the private sector is more efficient so they take it out of the hands of the government and then these assets end up in the funds of public pension funds or foreign governments to pay an interest income to foreigners supplied by u.k. citizens so it's a transplant of state assets with reliable income out of the u.k. to foreign governments you know we you and i have pointed out that these p.f. ideals have been very expensive to the u.k.
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taxpayer and on this bit for this headline then we're going to go on to another headline relating to this but for this headline with wall street dot com this is all happening at the chew cost of p s i is becoming apparent in april twenty seventeen a bombshell report by the national audit office warned that the price tag for paying five firms would reach eight point six billion pounds in twenty eighteen alone in total taxpayers oh a mind watering one hundred twenty one point four billion pounds on public projects that are worth just fifty two point nine billion pounds and the compound interest continues to grow i mean it's not a direct bailout in terms of ok the company went bankrupt and it's going under people losing their jobs pensions are being destroyed and the government stopped bailing them out at this hour but a lot of that debt will end up on the balance sheet of the bank of england they buy all. toxic debt and then they'll say there's no inflation so it keep interest rates ultra low which means no income for wages and no income for savers so it is
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a stealth bail out always a stealth bella they'll keep printing printing printing parts and printing the value for money continues to press against that point so now we're going to move on to the next headline about this and it's very very british i think it's good to end on this very british headline karelians highly inappropriate pay packets criticized the main lobby group representing u.k. bosses has savaged the highly inappropriate pay packets awarded to directors running the now collapsed construction giant karoly on the institute of directors also accuse directors and shareholders of the stricken firm of failing to provide appropriate oversight of the company which is involved in a host of major government projects and vital public services and slumps into compulsory liquidation so roger barker head of corporate governance at the institute of directors says it's highly inappropriate that these men were warded these massive bonuses throughout the basically collapse of this company they also a year ago did basically.


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