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demonstration and display the u.s. is not going to risk a big war with either china or russia but it will grandstand hence the ten thousand or so barrett fifty caliber sniper rifles to ukraine is grandstanding the same with rocket man in north korea it's a way of the u.s. boasting forcefully but what i would bring home i think is the contrast between forceful boasting of trump and the very much more successful forceful boasting of teddy roosevelt and the difference is that teddy roosevelt was announcing america's debut on the world stage and america had forty percent of the world's manufacturing today it's absolutely the opposite in terms of trends and direction ok let me go to christopher christopher year in iraq war veteran i mean if i could just ask you personally i mean it seems like we have the continuation of this mentality of empire in i mean for iraq it's been a disaster for afghanistan it's always
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a disaster but and you know and what's happening in syria hear it but we don't seem to learn any lessons here you would there do you see that what the problem is here . right i think there's a few different issues i want to try to address as many as i can i think that we're omitting several different things here we're overlooking several different things for one i think the president's actually moving away from nation building we're trying to get for example the iraqi security forces and the iraqi military's had significant gains against isis we've been trying to empower them to take the reins and to be able to do that kind of fighting themselves we've also admitted the fact that we've decimated the leadership of isis we've kept them in a constant state of confusion we've killed the some of bin laden there's several strategic victories that have occurred along the way we also for getting the u.s. military provide significant foreign aid to our allies we still provide a blanket of security across europe we're protecting south korea we've been in a global leadership role for decades and those kinds it is very focused there is no
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let me trying to have a united states that have been trying to assist me to intervene here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on washington's new defense strategy stayed with our. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just like everything with my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was is completely altered what i did was. to move the legal drugs.
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just because some things leak. all to see we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will call him and that steroids are a three. thousand zero zero zero zero hitter here i call russia. so i fly strike. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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yes i was pretty good with the police work couple but you know. the emperor in the last election i believe will do it so well most of them were young and we were all so you all but you know one of the stuff and little bushes i saw. i think you had time. to move you to the you know the middle of the sky it's more with you the blue coats believe you know t.g.v. easy show the reason you took the stage. he was one of the young educated. the prosecutor the irish do you can you get other cronies up on you the mob boss may be getting us all but you're using my suspension of us. welcome back across the uk or all things are considered i'm peter all about to
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remind you we're discussing washington's new defense strategy. ok let me go back to philip and percival right before we went to the red cross who is talking about our alliance as well you know alliances are a transmission belt for war we've seen this historically and i'm thinking of the situation that the united states is facing with its nato ally turkey and turkey is a legally invaded syria and where you know all of the entanglements that the u.s. has found itself there with the kurds and whatnot and it's a nato ally here i mean and then we had not too long ago we had a russian jet that was shot down by the turks then you have you know you know you have this article five kick in here it seems to me the united states is very dangerously involved in a potential war that it doesn't want to fight and then we can bring up the issue of
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north and south korea you know what they're talking that's a good start isn't it and then we have this bluster coming out of washington that maybe it's not enough i mean the south koreans probably know best about their defense than anyone else go ahead philip. yeah well i have i have to agree with the your premise which is essentially that america's alliances have in many ways outlived their usefulness the. russia does not threaten the united states there's not really threaten eastern europe it has a sphere of influence like every other country but this does not amount to a threat and nato is dangerous in a way because nato could very much involve the united states in a shooting war word doesn't want to be in it. and i would i would comment on the situation between turkey and syria turkey is indeed attacking syria but turkey has an interest in syria the terrorism problem and the kurdish problem for turks is
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very real the united state is illegally in syria so the united states shouldn't be throwing stones at at anyone when it comes to the situation currently in syria and this whole concept of a of a thirty thousand man border guard is just totally ridiculous the turks won't let it happen the syrians won't let it happen and then the iraqis won't even let it happen what do you mean you know michael you mentioned ukraine earlier here i mean what explain because i don't understand it what is in the national interest of the united states of america to be giving offensive weapons to ukraine when we know and our viewers that have been watching cross dog over the years know the importance of the minsk accord ok it's not perfect but it's certainly slowed things down cooled things down now we have legislation that is not reported in western media that the ukrainians have walked away from it unilaterally and now they're very happily taking offensive arms we have to be honest here the prospect of
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a ukrainian russian war is very real folks it's very real but you wouldn't know that and you would know that by reading magazines report go ahead michael the u.s. . that its alliances both nato and its key alliances in east asia in the western pacific are like lifelines to america's claim to germany so it is to american advantage to stir the pot in eastern europe and to create a situation where you know poor. helpless ukraine is being threatened with with deep violence by you know and this is an old metaphor going back to world war one frankly in the germans in belgium and it's a way for the u.s. to maintain the saliency of its position in europe which it no longer has
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economically and it in the instance of good relations with russia would would not exist in in the strategic sense but because european states especially germany are unwilling to. spend the money they need to on defense to do it themselves which they could easily easily then the u.s. . by creating yes i mean the germans could simply double their defense budget and it would be no larger percentage of their g.n.p. than it was during the cold war but the key here is that the u.s. is able to have it both ways it's able to assemble a kind of crisis in which the u.s. is the absolutely essential partner and its leadership is on question and frankly it can do that because of the general disinterest by germany in stepping up to
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taking over the leadership role in europe when it comes to strategic issues the u.s. is doing the same thing in asia with japan and japan is willing to be there as the side. of the u.s. under all circumstances and therefore the us is playing the same game using the fruits of its absolute victory over germany and japan in world war two to continue what will increasingly be the fiction of us world power in the future not not tomorrow but but fifteen years from now look at chris around i'm michael brings up a very good point i mean if you look at the g.d.p. of the european union is vast ok.d. equals the united states and japan certainly isn't a poor country by any standard south korea is what for its size and population is remarkably successful and very rich by the way why can't they just carry their load
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for their own security just because what did what does the us get out of it i mean if something happens in the us you think everyone's going to come to the us is aid from europe and south korea and japan i don't think so why would they go ahead. i think that's a great point i think president trump is challenge to nato and europe to put more financial resources into their own defense and i think that would be a thing that we should be supporting but i want to go back a step i think we're still continuing to emit many many different factors for example you know we sort of discuss the u.s. in this sort of dystopian light and the tone in this this vision people want to come to the united states people are risking their lives to try and they're dying trying to get out of places like north korea where their governments and their the way they behave is absolutely zero freedom no freedom of the press extremely dystopian and in the case of iran you have an entire government that stacked with clergy that's frankly extremely you have to. be crystal clear in that i mean if you're a second you know but that has nothing to do with the defense of the united states
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you're talking about values and i suppose that's all fine but has nothing to do about protecting the solver in this country of the united states the state department should deal with these other issues here ok i mean i'm i'm serious i mean it sounds nice but it has nothing to do with defense here let me go to philip here you know philip i was doing a little bit of research before this program you know i was looking at you know republican senator robert taft when nato was started and he was he was saying you know why should we get involved in this alliance because then we lose the right to declare war we're giving it over to an organization that you had mike mansfield and he in the one nine hundred seventy s. under the nixon and ford administrations he was heavily lobbying for ending american presence in europe because the war has been over there rich they can take care of themselves the reason why i'm bringing up this boring history for everyone is that where is the debate in the public in the media about what is being said in madison this report there's almost none i mean i read
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a lot of the reviews it's just well he this is what he said but there's no there's no distilling of what he's talking about it just passes it on is that these people are just in the media and don't question anything that is being written we are questioning it honestly on this program go ahead philip. yeah it's quite astonishing i mean the stories the stories on on this paper and on the comments by matt has disappeared within forty eight hours or hardly covered at all and yet this is as i said in the beginning this is a formula for off and this is a formula for the united states to exercise its leadership by military offensive and this is quite outrageous and also the question that way we have it in one thing all evidence against states that don't have them chris or you want to jump in there go ahead sorry christopher jump in there is where is worse where is philip worse russia north korea missile testing in north korea threatening. and making these
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aggressive stances does russia support north korea's continued nuclear proliferation and i can watching i can't i can't i can answer that question very clearly christopher if you had watched the proceedings that the united nations security council when there was a vote against north korea in which china and russia did participate and did vote for the sanction they also offered in alternative a freeze for a freeze in a go back you can watch it it's on you tube it's very thoughtful it's very thorough but you had all of the other countries saying north korea bad ok well i'm sorry that's not very intellectual it's not very helpful ok so i would answer you but russia and china have been extremely helpful in trying to diffuse those tensions but it doesn't get any coverage in the media because that's what people want to hear go ahead christopher. you know what should be covered i mean that's
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a fair point there should be more coverage but you look at these these oil transfers that china is in a position to really do a lot more of i think there's a lot of opportunity and a lot of optimism christopher to get someone who does this to united states sit down with the north koreans and have a conversation what's so hard about doing that you could actually say we went the extra mile instead of this rocket man nonsense that's not helpful ok if the united states really wants to show it's responsible in the world was it sit down and talk seriously if it doesn't like the deal walk away from it but at least you talked go ahead i'm just i'm just saying the obvious that's a fair point that's a fair point but i think i think we have a pro what we have a president that wants to see some results and i think unfortunately a lot of our goodwill and a lot of our diplomacy has had diminishing returns when you look at for example the iran deal and other things we're able to get a little bit of cooperation but we have this continued nuclear proliferation continued talk of aggression and the u.s. is continuing to provide foreign aid to continue to fund our our allies in europe
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and these sorts of other things so i think those talks should happen and i believe the u.s. is opening to talk to north korea but we need to see a sort of tone and center of cooperation and we're continuing to see boasting of continued nuclear proliferation in the region and remember that offensive curity strategy that's our document for us i there's nothing in there that is overtly offensive it is a document that is reaffirming our perspective well building up the military i mean christopher liberating relationship you're right christopher is written about the united states for the united states but the whole world is watching and and the reaction from a lot of capitals is this is a very aggressive in a continuation of an aggressive foreign policy the world does react to the most powerful country in the world are gentlemen i'm sorry we've run out of time many thanks to my guests in washington and in personal and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at the see you next time and remember.
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that's right the san diego hear from us and. our own. problem with a small. amount of good armor on our show at the fair are rather you know what are the four for medicare that are. only allowed to but i don't touch and then you cut them and keep an eye on what i have seen as a channel for truffle that it doesn't have. a lot of work then our modeling behind the show little subtle it does show that in their own mind the . members of the hay from the innocent to it.
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get the whole food place choice on yours or yours and theosophy to a mysterious said. someone else for the name after a while for mr hates it for jim and then oil for food are for him and of course. the. facts geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage through don't get carried away that's cause report. exists is holland kentucky. over all of this move the boy says it was very funny to. me.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the wisest said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the phone lines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. but i. will. be i.d.d. the minute i didn't i didn't get it look. at. that
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photo. russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities it's. true. times pray at the un as america blames russia for chemical attacks in syria regardless of who carried them out also this hour. the us government's a chief says the destruction in the syrian city of iraq is beyond description after america's devastating bombing campaign that against islamic state terrorists. early in remains silent on a deal to sell times to after germany's foreign minister condemns turkey's offensive against kurds in syria. and a prison standoff in france sees police under pressure from the gods after protests over a spate of violent attacks against them by inmates. is
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two o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international life lost to do with me in a day or two to welcome to the program there's been a fiery exchange between russia and america at the u.n. over who is to blame for chemical attacks in syria and how they should be investigated moscow says future probes should require independent experts to visit the sites of alleged incidents but that was rejected by the u.s. russia is complicit in the assad regime atrocities you are acting as judge and prosecutor russia is running from the facts your behavior exposes your true. russia has the audacity to lecture this security council this is a long political spectacle for not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth we should at least have taken a look at the draft before rejecting it russia all on its own killed the mechanism
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we had specifically tasked to identify those responsible. q what do you need an investigative mechanism for before any investigation you have in the syrian government of using chemical weapons. well that came during a debate on how to tweak the system used to assess chemical attacks in syria the emergency meeting was held after the us secretary of state claimed another attack took place in syria on monday he said russia should shoulder the blame for that and other incidents whoever conducted the attack russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims of these and countless other syrian targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria the problem is it hasn't even been confirmed that these attacks even happened let alone who's responsible and there are only two sources saying this and both are notoriously pro-rebel this whole blame russia game continued at the security council and it seemed he haley's statements were more
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about russia than anything else she even accused russia of killing the joint investigative mechanism but at the meeting russia said that the joint investigative mechanism became a political tool and called for an impartial investigation into all cases of chemical weapons use in syria including the joint investigative mechanisms new reports that we're not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth or that politicizes what must be an independent and impartial investigation to nationalisms the fact that the us dismissed our proposal right from the start reveals the truth that they do not need an impartial investigative mechanism so even though several other member states supported the proposal of a new impartial investigation the us rejected it saying that it's ready to bring back the old joint investigative mechanism quote but all other suggestions are unacceptable. so american reporting there well the mechanism she mentioned was
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established in twenty fifteen by the un security council along with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons together they drew up several reports accusing the syrian government of carrying out chemical attacks included one of the deadliest in can't shake coom in april last year however exposed did not actually visit the site before their conclusions the mandate for the joint teams investigation has now expired in moscow requests changes should be made particularly that site visits should be part of any future investigations so that samples can be taken directly it also underlined the importance of i witness accounts which have been having relied upon in the past by the un expelling from the serious solidarity movement points out that the timing of the new chemical attack allegations comes right ahead of expected peace talks we've seen that in the past day or two before geneva but negotiations would start there would be so flame up an atrocity and that again is what we're seeing happen happen here so
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it's really the the it looks like there's a possibility of ending the conflict in syria but evidently there are some forces that just want to prolong it and keep it going it's really sad just one for oh boy it's pretty stunning hypocrisy here moralizing from the united states which have actually just we only can't use nuclear weapons the world war two it used. massive amounts of chemical weapons. and in vietnam and massive amounts of we directly i mean iraq still the country that used chemical weapons to the greatest extent. among all countries is in no position to be more allies. with rex tillerson blaming moscow for the chemical attacks in syria all senior correspondent what ghastly effect said what responsibility washington should take for its involvement in the conflict. the end justifies the means they say some things no matter how
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horrible just have to be done because you're hard core fighters they have to be rooted out this is an ugly business but it is necessary business it's only after when the dust settles and you see what you've done that you start having second thoughts this is when you say damn what did i just do the devastation goes back as far as you can see it is almost beyond description how deep the damage is as many as a thousand strikes a month on record alone just strikes not including hillary tags and all that more than eighty percent of the city was deemed unfit to even by the un and city hall but raised so let's start with the obvious incredible work has to be done just to get people back into their homes except we won't pay here is the disclaimer
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stabilisation not reconstruction the us will help fix the pipes but someone else is going to have to sort out the rest of this mess no sir the coalition freed you you do the rest we humanity ariens including the un do not have access to iraq a city because of the presence of explosive hazard contamination which is endangering people trying to return to iraq a city and it's also endangering humanitarian access over two hundred people have died while trying to return to their homes and hundreds more have been injured from our understanding of the reports that we have only a limited number of neighborhoods in iraq a city have been cleared for returns and that's mainly in the outskirts. so who is going to pay to rebuild an entire city the guys who helped the straw it say they
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won't the civilians returning from tents in refugee camps the syrian government which doesn't even control raca who. thousands of protesters across europe are rallying against turkey's military operation against kurds in syria demonstrations were held in athens and london and people waved to kurdish. balance a similar protest took place in the german city of mannheim people they're angry that germany is sitting in a turkish dancing his peter. says the turkish military operation against the kurds in syria has caused some consternation here in germany however officials in berlin say that they're only somewhat concerned about the actions of ankara the military confrontation between turkey and the kurdish forces carries rich in. the last thing syria needs is another standoff imagine the surprise when german saw the
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footage of turkey's military offensive against the kurds and they saw german made leopard tanks as the spearhead of that offensive comes at a time when germany's foreign ministers the rio is pushing the upgrades for the tanks supplied by to ankara this includes things like upgrades to the mine protection abilities that they would have with rumors that other upgrades are in the pipeline for the hundreds of tanks provided by germany to turkey this is all seen is part of a charm offensive by the german foreign minister as he seeks to normalize relations between germany and. we are disturbed when we speak about nazi mentality but you do apply this type of mental. in germany. does you know it's effect without question turkish nazis comparisons must stop
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unfortunately we see that these comparisons have not stopped. however when it comes to questions over whether german tanks are being used against the kurds. and says from the german government the norm the ground there's no official stance from the defense ministry from the foreign ministry or from those who deal with exports at the ministry of economics here no tanks see no tanks speak of no tanks that's the lying coming from the german government at the moment but when it comes to the german people they don't seem convinced that they should be providing arms to turkey right now i don't think so why not. because war is bad and all. the harm has caused a disturbance in this region so i don't think we should sell him tanks but i think that's awful became phonetic to accept.


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