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tv   Politicking  RT  January 25, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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seriously send us an e-mail the white house promises an immigration framework next week will it help or am down or further inflame the outrage immigration activist term we feel we'll talk about that on this edition of all. of the politicking on larry king on wednesday white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders said the trumpet administration will be releasing a framework for changes in u.s. immigration policy next week this after democratic lawmakers agreed to end the three day government shutdown based on a commitment from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to engage in immigration debate a move that outraged activists and doctor recipients one such activist joins us now erica and to go is she is
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a doctor recipient and previously worked as national press secretary for bernie sanders twenty sixteen presidential campaign she joins us from washington are you hopeful erick of all what this framework might be. well first of all thank you for having me in no i'm not i'm not hopeful i think it's it's really frustrating to see that you know first they ended in a way that hurt so many undocumented youth like myself but not only that they ended it to be able to use it as a bargaining chip to get more in forstmann to get more policy that's going to come after a family's loss in place that was going to you know they want to build a wall they want to do. a lot of a lot of what they have you wanted to do for years people in congress like congressman grassley and others and people in the white house likes to miller and others who are advice trump is so it's very unfortunate and it's also it's heartening to see that the chance that we had in congress to be able to force them
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to not do this you know through through the process of the funding bill. didn't go through because democrats just didn't did you know didn't do enough said the democrats changed what is it what did you want them to do. well the fact is we understand that they're not in power right now the white house is you know led by a republican a white supremacist congress and you know as a whole as liberal republicans but democrats do have some leverage when it comes to the funding bill and the fact right now is that in the house you would actually need i mean ryan right now is saying we want to pass immigration reform bill or any other bill i need the majority of the majority to be able to put it on the floor and so it's really difficult to put you know the dream by its own on the floor so for us democrats had the chance to be able to put in the spending bill as part of it to be you know us queen as possible was as we are asking for the dream act to be
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. but unfortunately they they lost that opportunity you know sure mark even as soon as he had a way out and it is this hard to mean and it's also very very frustrating for us to see democrats soreness under the bus once again as they did on in the past does it drive you nuts to know that ninety percent of americans support path to citizenship . over eighty percent of republicans support it if i can to get done. yeah i mean the dream act has been an issue that has had support from americans for many years once we started telling our stories coming out of the shadows people saw really becoming sympathetic to our stories but at the same time more and more members of congress and people in d.c. started using us as a bargaining chip sort of using us as a political football and it's unfortunate because you know we are human beings who are people who i mean i am worried worried of not only losing my dhaka but i'm also
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worried about a lot of young people right now who didn't have a lot of experience being undocumented us adults who were able to have a work permit and got a job and were able to contribute and now are looking into how they're going to live their lives you know going back into the shadows and it's not easy oh you you came here i was eleven. do you trust mitch mcconnell to take get the immigration next month this fall. i don't and i think a lot of americans will trust them he has lied many times in the past and other issues and unfortunately he he might do it again and you know like i said there's still a chance for democrats you know the the funding basically got extended so we're going to keep pushing on democrats to do the right thing i understand they're worried about their elections but when it comes to use enough for their elections i mean they're they're they're you know they they use their stories they use the dreamers to be able to get latinos in this trix where they want to win with the
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latino community or in community but when it comes down to this it's unfortunately that that they don't come through so we're going to keep pushing them to do the right thing through the spending bill because is the easy is in not the easiest but is the best way to get a clean dream act as we as we are pushing for it tells you the job says that he wants to turn the jake should doctors you believe that. well you know it's why would anyone really hard. if yeah i mean he said that that was the reason he ended it but it's hard to say because president trump seems sometimes like he's sympathetic to the dreamers when he talks about the new no dokken and the dream act but people around him you know once they've mellor is one of those those people in the white house who has been pushing against this and it's you know it's like he's bipolar trump comes one day and says that he he wants a bill of love and then a couple of hours later he uses twitter to say that he now wants a wall and that he's not gonna allow for us to have our our fix without the wall
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that's that's not love using us senator schumer announces he's taking back the office remade to trump the sun the border wall. what if we put it this way why not give them the wall again give them the wall a big ok to cost some money but we'll have a path to citizenship for you and other people doctor given the wall what's wrong with that. well you know it's it's really it's first learn to read to hear schumer say that now because it's a no again going back to schumer he basically found a way out of the shutdown and the way our wasn't actually getting something that could have had no wall by using his leverage and unfortunately he caved in and i don't think he believes mcconnell i think that he found a way out and say you know what at some point republicans are not going to meet
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their or their promise that we can blame them in the election center you know it's going back to the politics is going back to them you know using us as a ball a political football rather goes back and forth. and so you know right now him saying that he he's now now willing to do to give the wall to them for means it's a little too late we had a chance and hopefully he can prove that again in this coming you know c.r. or funding bill vote and that he just gets it done now he has the leverage he can do it aragon hope we call on you again i hope everything turns out well for you both thank you so much and the you for having me led spend some time with our panel lani chen joins me from stanford he's a research fellow at stanford's hoover institution he served in the george w. bush administration was also an adviser to the presidential campaigns of marco rubio and mitt romney and in washington democratic strategist julian epstein he
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said just chief minority counsel to the house judiciary committee and is a former staff director of the government oversight and reform committee he's. gentleman thank you for being with us what's your takeaway from the government shutdown lanny what do you what do you see the result. well you know larry we're stuck in this really unfortunate cycle of lurching from continuing resolution to continuing resolution without any real long term. solution inside i think unfortunately in this particular situation a little bit a pox on both their houses type feeling i think for many americans for the democrats i think the challenge was it's not entirely clear what they got out of the two days of the shutdown they got some assurances maybe that they'll be discussion on immigration but at the end of the day it seems to me that this was a much ado about nothing julian yeah i think he has it pretty much right and i
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think he was charitable towards the democrats i think if you look back at the government shutdown and into that in one thousand nine hundred five and two thousand and twelve thirteen. the republicans lost those battles because they were in charge of the congress and generally what we've seen with government shutdowns is the party was controlling congress gets the blame and i think chuck schumer the senate majority leader and went into this fight not knowing what cards he had and as it got into the weekend a lot of red state democrats the ten red state democrats democrats who won in states that trump also won started to kind of go south on him and so he was left. a little bit with an army not having an army behind him and so i think he got an out in front of his members i think he he didn't negotiated very well and i think you know i hate to say it but i think the republicans and i think the white house won this one that said this is a temporary this is a three month visit three week delay until the next showdown i think both parties
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look bad here i agree with lanny on that i think it is kind of a pox on both houses let alone the. years. donald trump said to me there's not a candidate then if there's a government shutdown the president has to be to blame to season judge to have anything to do blame with this one. well look i think all leaders share some responsibility to a certain degree i mean in this particular situation what it came down to was you know i do think that the democrats shut this government down in part because they want to have a discussion about immigration is a perfectly reasonable thing perhaps from their perspective but to to say that just because you were involved in the ultimate event that shut the government down doesn't mean that you don't bear some responsibility so overall i think certainly all parties in this situation have to bear responsibility and look the president could always come back and say we want to figure out some way to have
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a longer term solution here and that's what we want to work on so there are always ways out of this silly cycle that we're in now and it's really just a cycle of blaming and shaming and it's unfortunate because a lot of people end up living their lives somewhat precariously because we can't resolve our situations more permanently julian something puzzling every poles those eighty five to ninety percent of americans favor the dream is the doc is to have a path to citizenship. yeah and somewhere along the lines of some between two thirds and three quarters of republicans favor it as well but i think i think democrats have the upper hand on this argument and i think it has been the white house that has wanted to hold this up to leverage it to get other things like the wall. that nobody i don't even think congressional republicans particularly care about immigration experts don't really think the wall is going to do that much for border security there are many other things that we
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could be doing that would be giving us greater border security there's many other immigration reforms that i think conservatives are interested in employer verification for example that would be much more effective in stemming the tide of illegal immigration i think trump is just how hung up as he usually is on these these kind of avatars in these symbols of things he campaigned on regardless of whether or not they really make a difference in the everyday lives of americans this is just a symbolic fight for him and he wants to leverage the docket issue the dreamer issue so that he can get this kind of skull on the fence loni schumer says that the wall is also the table what do you make of that. well it was on the table a few days ago now it's off the table look i mean this is a this is a really difficult negotiation for chuck schumer if he's going to say on the one hand that he's willing to go out there and offer the wall and now says it's off he's got a similar problem to republican negotiators in the sense that you know both sides
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seem to be speaking out of both sides of their mouth a little bit here but but chuck schumer needs to figure out what is ultimately zisha is because on the one hand he's probably got a progressive base of folks whether it's camelot harris alysa both warren the senators from california and massachusetts respectively or others who are saying under no circumstances should he be out there talking about the wall and then there are some red state democrats to julian's point from earlier probably say look we don't say like the idea of a wall but we like the idea of being able to talk a little tougher on immigration because they might be in tough electoral races so chuck schumer needs to figure out what his negotiating posture and position is before he goes out there and makes these conflicting claims money julian stay right there we'll be right back with more moments after the break.
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we're told a secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine a candidate and then later president donald trump also we're told the f.b.i. lost text messages from members of the secret society which russia gave rapidly losing steam we now have f.b.i. kate. another tax reform bill next year just simplify and bring in a flat tax before you. will bring in a fifty percent tax rate across the board let's be the best possible solution to the. question in the u.s. . we'll go back to politicking we're talking with lani chin research fellow at stanford's hoover institution and in washington democratic strategist julian epstein to save just chief minority counsel to the house judiciary committee a former staff director of the government oversight and reform committee.
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republican lawmakers another trump supporters of stepping up attacks on the f.b.i. questioning their credibility and objectivity in suggesting there is a conspiracy in the at the eye to oust the president when they get educated i think it's a campaign of the flexion and mr action i mean i think that the republicans tried to do this on the steel dossier the famous dossier that the backgrounding on trump during the election and then it was discovered that it was a marco rubio a republican an issue aided investigation by this private organization and they tried to refer steele for a criminal prosecution the democrats put out the testimony of. a fusion g.p.s. and that kind of dissipated quickly there is now this new question about whether f.b.i. agents were sending each other to f.b.i. agents that were involved in the investigation were and also having an affair were
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sending each other texts that were very disparaging about the president and therefore they were somehow biased and the and the investigation was biased i just don't think that dog's going to hunt i don't think it's going to go very far i think that. muller removed these through individua. rules from office so i think if anything it enhances his credibility and i don't all for investigating and finding out if there were any people that were biased i mean everybody in the f.b.i. has a political view of one form or another you don't have to check your views necessarily just so long as you do your job as an investigator effectively but i don't think that's going to distract from the bigger issue here we know the russians interfere in the election we know that trump campaign members whether it was papadopoulos whether it was donald trump jr. flynn we know others had lots of meetings with the russians we know there were multiple lies and kind of cover ups about those meetings for example the cover up about the trump tower meeting where the president actually dictated
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a false cover. you know and those that i think that's going to continue to be the central focus and you know one thing i think that mahler's looking at is this efforts of obstruction the firing of komi. in particular and i think that's where the investigation is heading and i think all of these other efforts to mr direct from the central issue are really not going to work at the end of the day money as a republican does all of this can see you with what's going on. well you know the challenge when there are stories or allegations for example regarding the two f.b.i. agents peter struck was one of them who were expressing points of view about donald trump during the campaign you know obviously i think the right action was taken to remove those people the challenge is it lends credence to this narrative that there was this systemic bias against donald trump now whether you believe that or not there are some who can make that argument and this kind of gives them fodder for
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the fire at the end of the day i don't think it's particularly productive for republicans to be assaulting the credibility of the f.b.i. the f.b.i. is the finest law enforcement the finest law enforcement agencies in the entire world i don't think that gets them particularly far but i do think that there will be an increasing chorus of people who will express their concerns whether it's about the f.b.i. or about the mall or investigation generally and to the extent that these kinds of things are in the water it makes things that much more complicated and that much harder for robert muller eight to draw his investigation to a close but b. to draw to a close in a way that all sides are going to say what happened and the results of it are both impartial as well as as should be respected consuming that six trimly are just to add to that i think that's extremely well said what loni just said and eloquently stated the only thing i would add to it is the notion that the f.b.i. there's systemic and bias inside the f.b.i.
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when both komi and muller are lifelong republicans just seems to me to be a little bit of a stretch and i just think it's kind of i think they're republicans are divided i think there's a group of republicans like lanny who are very responsible here and want to get the facts and that's what we all want the end of the day we just really want the facts and then i think there are another group of republicans like maybe new news and a few others who are kind of a little bit like inspector clouseau here and going down a lot of rabbit holes with a lot of kind of these half baked theories to discredit the f.b.i. and i think it's very harmful to the country and very harmful of the republican party ultimately consuming the reported to the president in the porn star. people are wondering how the event jellicoe can can can continue to support mr trump and tony perkins head of the very conservative christian family research council says a vengeance bills are willing to give trump a do over on bad behavior like that alleged fear as long as he delivers on policy.
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connie is they have parker see here. yeah i mean look it's certainly bothersome the notion that you would be able to basically i think the interview said in the interview i think mr perkins said that the president gets a mulligan on this one and i you know that's not a slave the way that i see it from a personal behavior point of view but this brings to light larry a very important point which is that for many conservatives the behavior or the nature of the way president trump conducts himself has been separated or divorced from the policy and i think at the end of the day that is something which is a very important distinction because while people will continue to talk about the character and about the things that the president has done in his personal life the reality is what we're all left with as a country is actually a pretty conservative policy agenda whether on regulation or on on health care on
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taxes and certainly on judicial appointments so you know people will try to separate that out i personally am troubled by the idea that you can separate the two but at the end of the day we've got to look at what we're left with thank you both very much lonnie in julian we always love the new on. thanks larry thanks larry turning now to the world economic forum happening in davos switzerland donald trump's the first sitting united states president to attend the form since bill clinton nearly two decades ago what my president drum book published in davos and were potential pitfalls exists then for him those two of them of that with maggie the chief economist for the phoenix group. is in new york again how's it going to blame what do you expect through the president's visit doubles so i think the president goes there in part because he's probably long wanted to and this is a big opportunity also i think it's a muscle flex for him in many of his supporters the notion that
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a lot in the global elite who are kind of fetid infecting each other at davos had expected him to be. bit of more problematic for them than he turned out to be and he wants to celebrate what he sees as his successes which would otherwise be known to us in economics as the high points of the us macro economy and in fairness many of the basic metrics of the us macro economy are quite healthy now good stock market performance if not every day most days at a usually large number of days pretty good economic growth and some major perhaps overdue rationalization of regulation along with a lot of controversy and i think he wants to kind of celebrate himself and try to get these people who were doubters to celebrate having a record max how's the american first idea going to play. so look you don't go to an international organization and tell them that you love yourself more than you love them and that you think they should all love you more than they love themselves and be taken terribly seriously that appeals to people who feel like they're part of the group that would be first and it's just as unappealing to
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everyone else as you might imagine and this is of course a dedicated multilateralist jamhuri and so coming there with a unilateralist sort of self-love message is a bit risky. on the eve of his departure he signed an order slapping tariffs on solar panels and washing machine imports was the implication of that. so these are both pretty minor most folks think from a macro economic perspective it's a little bit of a test case to see what happens and what results occur i think it's very important to watch how it plays out kind of behind the scenes and in various editorials and newspapers it's always fun and beneficial in the short term to kind of unilaterally bluster and make self approving moves the big test of these moves is whether other people retaliate and sort of what happens when the dust settles my guess is we won't see an immediate retaliation but it will further chill the reception added already somewhat snow covered and cold davos switzerland canadian prime minister to
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doe use davos to announce that canada and ten other countries will reach an agreement on a trade pact this is sensitive to turn specific from pull out of that you think the timing of to those announcement was a slap at trump. so i think plenty of things going on at davos are there to position davos and its leadership as sort of the hundred eighty degree alternative to donald trump i think justin trudeau has sort of had that position in north america to some extent being the sort of young suave of open it immigrant welcoming leader to juxtapose to tribes relatively more stern approach to immigration and relatively more advanced age so i do think there's some of that love to tepee was an american program to counteract chinese global influence we pulled out of it and i think people are trying to say that there is a future for multilateralism without america and that is very much an attempt to reassure themselves and also pop their own chests out when they know that donald
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trump is coming there for a victory lap whether or not they particularly wanted to play host to that particular event. that the united states has been the victim move globalization is the right. i don't know if there's a single us effect of united states has gained much more than we've lost overall as an economy that being said trump and many other critics have rightly pointed out that globalization and trade have both winners and losers and we've had concentrations and who are the great beneficiaries and they have tended to be more affluent professionals on the coasts and we have concentrations of who are the great losers or the non beneficiaries from trade and that has been somewhat concentrated among the laboring classes in the midwest i think the electoral map speaks to that and i think that president trump mind a pretty rich vein of reasonable resentment about international trade in the u.s. but i do think we have gained more than we've lost and the by the flip of that is if the international order that presently exists is reshuffled pretty dangerous for
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the us if you're the top card and i shuffle the deck the chance that you fall in the deck is statistically non-trivial it takes over a whole of slogans playing well in davos. that. yes look i think i think that dollar trump has more fans than some might have imagined possibly even dollar trump might have imagined in the davos set in part because he has cut the individual taxes of the folks who tend to gather there as well as the copper taxes of the folks who tend to gather there and a lot of what people had feared was that a more kind of harsh populism maybe personified by some members of his cabinet would rule the day and what we've got is much less of that much more of a pro-business agenda with more pro-business legislation so there are probably a few folks even who will be critical of president trump who are privately benefited and far less critical and less sort of excitedly critical they might have been had some of the more populist rhetoric turned into legislation max what would
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constitute. a successful dumbos conference so to be honest i think the bar is not that high i think if there are no kind of off script harsh language if there's no diplomatic or personal phone or misconduct it will be very good in terms of the global reception at davos and by the media i think trumps in a very difficult situation on a deeper level which is basically rare that's the kind of guy who keeps people at davos up at night and is now pretty clear that he's the kind of guy who's really excited to be you know invited to spend all of it with the folks at davos and so he's got to sort of thread that needle carefully either one could be a problem but my guess bar is not that high as long as there's no incident here it's a chalk a ball as a when next thanks so much hope to call and even. my pleasure maxwell's chief economist of the phoenix group thanks for joining me on this edition of politicking
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remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking. if the security him and political polarization at count comes but if they come back then that will. provide them in the right circumstances that i can vitamin water the water ice is good a message again. truths seem wrong. but old problems just don't hold. me you will get to shape out he's going to come to educate and gain from it because betrayal.
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when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. please yes it was pretty hard with a large couple if you. remove the last election i believe the words are almost we were young and we were all suitable for you know one of them stood up in the bushes i saw. people coming to you from time magazine and you go you know what i was scouts move you to coach them we've seen on t.v. easy showed the reason you feel good. about. the procedure to the eye machine you can you get other cool things but then you
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tell my boss and you told me my so this mission. field turkey urges the u.s. to end its support for kurdish y p g fighters or risk a direct confrontation with the turkish forces in syria. donald trump meets the prime ministers of the u.k. and israel on his first day at the world economic forum in davos. put a reveals the scale of an alleged russian bought army which it supposedly influenced in the braggs of referendum. on the russian olympic committee slams the i.o.c. for excluding some of the country's top medal hopes from the upcoming winter games in south korea. the latest on these stories you can head to our team dot com coming up though a former iraqi lawmaker is at the guest on sophie and co talking about reconstruction and the defeat of feisal.


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