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tv   News  RT  January 26, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i would see that and that's how it's happened. wiki leaks founder julian assange could walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london after five years we'll be live throughout the day for updates on the court hearing on his outstanding arrest warrant also to come this hour the u.s. schooled on turkey to deescalate its military operation in syria chris says there is a trust crisis in its relationship with washington. i don't want to shame that is think about all that this country has been through and now we're looking at another just rupture of promises which have never by united states it's really the trust. and the trust is missing to be with the u.s. national security agency after it removes the words on the state trust and on earth from its official mission statement online.
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hello they're coming to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international i will start this hour with the news that later today wiki leaks founder julian assange could walk free from london's ecuadorian embassy after being holed up there for over five years because in the coming hours and u.k. crown court will hold a hearing on whether to drop his arrest warrant for violating bail conditions will bring you more on this later this hour live from outside the ecuadorian embassy. washington is accused of destabilizing northern syria after ankara announced it's extending its military operation closer to positions held by u.s. troops in the region turkey's operation began last week and is targeting kurdish militias some of the groups are considered terrorists by ankara but allies by washington the u.s. state department has described what is happening in northern syria as
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a shame people now have to flee an area that was previously considered pretty stable and what a shame that is think about all that this country has been through and now we're looking at another destruction in northwestern syria because turkey has taken its eye off the ball isis and going after the p.k. at this time. the weapons have been provided to the white b.g. by the united states the promises which have never been kept by united states since man beach. statements saying that we won't give any weapons to any more even as he was saying that we are not giving up in last night's telephone conversation at the greed of the trust crisis. however the phone call between the turkish and american presidents mentioned by an korea's foreign minister there has been viewed differently by the two countries president trump relayed concerns the escalating violence and after in syria risks undercutting our shared goals in syria he urged
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turkey to deescalate limited military actions and avoid civilian casualties. the white house statement about the content of the phone call between trump and was probably drafted before the conversation took place because it did not reflect the truth of washington correspondents americana the deteriorating relations between the two allies. no matter how many times washington says encore its ally the reality is far from it as distrust between the true grows stronger u.s. turkish relations are headed south. turkey is an important nato ally we understand fully understand turkey's concerns should go to. america is in the process of creating a terrorist. america do not encroach on all borders do not provoke cos we will run outs of patient. this has led to consequences on the ground in monday if
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the turks and the kurds came so close to each other they were almost at each other's throats and then washington literally had to step in to prevent them providing but no lessons learned clearly especially considering the turkish campaign against the kurds in a free and right now. don't be friends of hers if you want to keep good relations isn't the only signal washington missed. the coup attempt back in twenty sixteen made things worse at the local one and turkish cleric living in exile in the us and grow things glenn orchestrated and demands that the us extradite him. and recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital didn't do their relations any good either and it even created an opening for heir to want to grab the throne as leader of the muslim world with the sense to walk. to look good. why are you backing israel whether it's ok patient terrorism is that what you were defending one would think that the us
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would take the theory of their ally into consideration before making any rash decisions but instead of treading carefully washington to cut aid to all of the countries opposed to the jerusalem seems the most important problem between upstairs and turkey is that is that there is no you know nobody you know trusts their other one this is the main problem for tricky especially talking people and government never rely on never trust in. you not to states and especially in middle east and issues. so whether this is all been delivered or not washington has only been tangling this not further and further. american journalists in the u.s. have no to stay quietly made at it to the official mission statement of the national security agency online it does turn out that the words on a state trust and openness and or go on the old core values used to begin with the
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word on this day saying the american people have placed great trust in the n.s.a. and therefore the agency promises to honor that with openness instead starts with the phrase commitment to service is how the n.s.a. explain the changes. it's nothing more than a website update that's all it is the effort to delete words that are that mean a lot to americans such as honesty and transparency and what have you has is something that. is important but if if the national security agency is deleting it i think that it means that they're getting more according to reality. as to just how these intelligence agencies work they are they're not called the deep state for nothing and. the only thing that they did agree that it did keep was the provision of. respect in the law and. but even there they fudge on there.
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that twitter has found no substantial evidence of russian interference during the u.k.'s twenty sixteen break referendum but the findings have left those looking into alleged russian meddling angered and pushing for a further investigation this is how the conversation went between twitter and the head of the inquiry. we found that one percent of the accounts in the data were rejected in russia could you confirm how many other accounts were being controlled from agencies in russia even if they were not registered there we do not have sufficiently strong evidence to enable us to conclusively link them with russia the failure to obtain straight answers is simply increasing concerns about these issues rather than reassuring people are the worst us government isn't happy with the fact that twitter has provided for them and the thrust of choice as message is that one percent of accounts that have been identified as sort of meddling in the e.u.
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referendum which are registered in russia and this all started when questions were raised late last year about whether russia had perhaps in to ferret in that referendum the problem was that there was no proof to back up these claims of russian interference online and through social media platforms take a listen to what the foreign secretary boris johnson had to say about alleged russian meddling. with music. is another of your. i. think of. the us. so with no facts and no evidence this was a topic that had still really snowballed into public consciousness it had drawn
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a lot of column inches and everybody very interested in it so the government launched an official inquiry into fake news and they are asked the big social media platforms twitter and facebook to provide evidence to them late last year when twitter and facebook came back to them the government said they weren't happy with what they had come back with a q.'s twitter of. stonewalling them and even threaten them with thanks and if they didn't cooperate properly. their will meanwhile social media platform facebook has agreed to dig deeper in an attempt to find russian links tiebreaks it their initial results though showed that less than one pound was spent on ads that may have affected voting author and journalist makes women feel does think that the russian favor doesn't need real evidence to cause impact this whole saga of russia gate it really represents to export russia gate to other countries during the run up to the
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breaks it felt we heard nothing about russian influence but once russia gate exploded in washington opponents of bragg's it seized on the concept of russian meddling gets enough toxicity in the political bloodstream that it damages their opponents and they don't have time to push back and by the time they disprove the narrative the damage is already done. north korea has called for breakthrough efforts to be made in what the country's leader has called her reunification with the south and it comes as an intern korea olympic team does prepare to compete at the upcoming winter games in pyongyang chang remarks a rare moment of tension too in the peninsula after a war of words between the north and the us with more on that his hugo she done. a man who couldn't think of anything better than to include a threat of a nuclear winter in his new year's speech and donald trump a man who couldn't think of anything better than to up the ante what ensued might
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one day come to be known as the battle of buttons. the entire us mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the button is always on the table in my office space you clearly know that this is certainly not a threat but rather a reality. please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it is much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works so everyone's beginning to get used to the two way berridge of insults but then unexpectedly kim starts cracking outlines from a very different playbook proposing a joint women's hockey team with south korea at the winter olympics for the first time in history who would have thought then on top of that the north korean leader invites the southern team to train at his luxury ski resort which is also rumored to be his vantage point for observing missile tests and those have reportedly been put on hold the notorious red button is away in the drawer and finally the
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desperate holds out an olive branch once again calling for the reunification of the peninsula we will courageously smash all of the challenges of the nation's desire for unification that all the koreans rise up in the peace keeping struggle against war to battle the reckless nuclear war moves of the us so what about his adverse or e. half the world away has trump now started trying to out flatter his arch nemesis well actually it seems this switch from war to love caught the american leader of god although he did claim that kim's change of heart was of his making or twice actually. sanctions and other pressures are beginning to have a big impact on north korea rocket man now wants to talk to south korea for the first time does anybody really believe that talks and dialogue would be going on between north and south korea right now if i wasn't strong and willing to commit to
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might against the north and since then for almost a month now nothing on the rocket man from trump i think this is his way of trying to my policy or pressure is having a new reality of the policy or pressure as though it had only made this more difficult to come into play and had the later that would have happened walk through in a row i think without trump in the picture and unfortunately i think there's only a temporary warming from the united states because due to the specific case of it being the olympics the thought of a better case. united states the now they're going to conduct the usual war exercises immediately after the impacts but after all trump has always maintained he can be flexible meaning that he can go from foe to friend with his north korean counterpart just like that so why the silence now well perhaps trumps brainstorming a friendly nickname it was done of. so in case you
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collymore special boots i will make it simple really simple. just inspired by the logo of your school they look really fantastic thank you thank you saw moche wish you all the very best in the future i'm going to send you some black flavorful fruits and see what you call. and you can watch the latest episode a bit later today or any time in fact at our website at r.t. dot com or are you cheap channel now still to come over the next few minutes a growing threat is being downplayed in germany according to the latest reports we'll have the details on that just after the break.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. you know when you don't. see. what is not true just best. left alone he. said. no term until i see that. you speak french. the same year
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the. new was born it is talk of soul was not taught to school. but again i wiki leaks founder julian assange may be able to walk free from the ecuadorian embassy in london this friday after being holed up there for over five years because the u.k. crown court is set to hold a hearing on whether his arrest warrant should be dropped and. joins us live now from them to talk more about this nasty good afternoon amazing to think that he could walk free after all this time but what are the chances do you think of that actually happening. well andrew this is definitely a crucial day and potentially the day that julian assange has been waiting for all of these years because indeed he has been holed up inside the secretary of embassy in london for over five and a half years are unable to leave fearing being arrested fearing being potentially
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extradited to the u.s. so today is indeed a very crucial day because there is a hearing going on in london that will determine whether or not to the arrest warrant still in place for julian assange could be lifted and this is exactly what julian assange is asking for now the reason this would allow him to potentially walk free is because the arrest warrant only exists because he had breached bail conditions at the time of when he initially went. into this embassy and assumptions arguing that since swedish authorities have now long drop to the sexual assault and rape allegations having been made against them in the first place this should mean that the breach of bail conditions should also not continue to be in place so this is a very crucial day we're going to be waiting to find out what the court decides it's key that our understanding is that a decision should be made around one pm local time now we have contacted the british crown prosecution service and they have said that technically hypothetically as they have said if this decision is upheld that julian assange his
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arrest warrant be lifted technically this means there are no legal reasons for legal problems for him in the u.k. as they put it so this could indeed potentially mean that he gets to finally walk out of this embassy because this was the last kind of burden for him legal burden to be able to walk out of the ecuadorian embassy in london and of course as we've said it's been over five and a half years that he's been in there he was first facing these accusations of sexual assault originally and then these extra breach of breaching bail conditions were put upon him by british authorities that said if he does walk out they're going to basically arrest him so there is no reason for him to try to even get out of the embassy and of course the biggest fear for julian assange is this whole time has been potential extradition to the u.s. where of course he's not very much appreciated for his works as we cue leaks founder for all the revelations that we can leaks have made throughout these years about the activities of the u.s.
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government so really crucial day we're going to certainly be here watching what happens what the court decides and whether potentially julian assange gets to walk out today here on as you say we should know about it perhaps in the next two or three hours things and to say that was one situation the first the ecuadorian embassy in london. the german media has revealed a growing concern in berlin over the increasing number of islamic extremists in southeastern europe those claims were based on classified documents obtained from germany's left party with more his peter all of. there's a growing threat from islamic extremism in europe based in the balkans and the german government is keeping it to itself that's according to a highly classified report that's being seen by some left party m.p.'s the media. the german federal government cannot discount the basic threat posed by individuals and splinter groups in the islamist scene in bosnia herzegovina the hush hush
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document goes as far as to claim that there's a direct link between radical islamic groups in bosnia herzegovina and people in germany but the true nature of what these heavily classified report says hasn't come out parts of it were redacted from the copy that was shown to the left party the federal government has been trying to downplay the growing islamist threat in public furthermore it's entirely unacceptable that the government continues to cover up the role of the gulf states my colleague charlotta been ski travel to bosnia herzegovina back in december she witnessed firsthand the situation on the ground there regarding islamic radicalization the local a mom is telling me that some of the residents have joined islamic state and it's one minute of the road and there are people who went to syria and forty on the side of i still but we tried to stop them. it looks like an ordinary sleepy village a few houses nestled between the hills not how you might imagine
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a cradle of terror. a local a man says he fears for his life after speaking out against those who joined eisel we do this in a parade of these radical elements are always unpredictable these people breed with me the aid at the same table as me and they want to shoot me this has been edited version of the report issued by the government raises a lot of questions over what exactly germany knows about islamic radicalization in the balkans and how bad the situation actually is as we see in the arts or to our parliamentarian question the german government gives the expert types expertize that it doesn't explicitly in the gate the possibility that single persons or groups work along to the islamistic scene of bosnia or else the governor could be a threat to germany and europe but in the same time the government indicts to speak
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about the financial transactions that are provided for example by the govt states or turkey to the bucket states as well as the sending of the moms. in contrary to the german secret service to snuff if. the german government tries to hide the fact of growing danger coming from them is the groups from the public. the raw over donald trump recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital is being brought up in the divorce economic forum being held in switzerland during a meeting between the us president and israeli pm trump said that palestine zaid could be cut unless it starts to become more respectful. be respected as a week ago by allowing our great vice president to see them and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in the support tremendous numbers numbers that nobody
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understands that money is on the table that money is not going to them unless they ship down and negotiate peace. president trump has directed the state department to immediately begin preparations to move the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and that the united states embassy will open before the end of next year here in jerusalem the capital of the state of israel was citizens of israel. i was well several weeks ago the u.s. did cut in fact in half its funding to the un palestinian refugee agency spokes
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person of the agency called the situation the worst crisis in history political analysts to me at all in belief such you know that from least from trump may harm the troubled israeli palestinian peace process. after the first year of donald trump. he's no longer a freshman any season people would have told him don't do it why don't you consult consider and then come up with a round up around the package which offers something for everybody not just in the letter alone which pleases some israelis but freeze us the prospects of the peace process. and that's how things are looking say faucet i hear an outing if they are cheated will be here at the top of the ad to keep you updated.
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we're told a secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine canada and then later president donald trump also we're told the f.b.i. lost text messages from members of the secret society which russia gave rapidly losing steam we now have f.b.i. gate. that's right the sand had to be here from us and. move from one house. and out of it that are on the run over there are rather across the top of the four for the americas a half. a million and i think that when i cut in then you can keep an eye on what i have to lose each other trough all that it will have been done. a long one and i
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